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Navy SEAL Motivational Speaker David Rutherford ignites audiences to embrace fear, forge self-confidence and Live the Team Life with his motivational philosophy called Froglogic Concepts.
Navy SEAL Podcast
Navy SEAL Motivational Speaker and Author, David Rutherford, is the host of the first Navy SEAL Podcast. David's vibrant, fun and inspirational approach will have you jumping out of your seat. He is determined to entertain, inspire and help people around the world by supplying powerful motivational training programs, self-help books and memorable interviews. Each month he will be bringing you motivational news, his top daily dose columns, and awesome interviews with friends from the SEAL teams.
Join us for a fun show of interesting interviews, candid conversation and timely resource information. Pour that cup of tea and keep us company! ...or listen in during your morning commute! Laugh, Learn, Relate! Notable: Selected as one of BTR's top 300 shows, top 2% (13')!
TPC - Navy
The Pentagon Channel's coverage of the Navy's mission from all over the world.
This collection was a joint effort by the chaplains of the US Army and the Navy to meet the needs of divine services conducted in the Army and Navy, and for, in the compilers' words, "the upbuilding up patriotic citizenship."These 20 hymns from the book were selected by the singers. (Summary by Kevin Davidson)"Fairest Lord Jesus" sung by Kimberly Krause and TriciaG"Safe in the Arms of Jesus" sung by by Dulcimergirl and Kimberly Krause
Navy by Nature
The Official Podcast of Pro UNC Alternate Uniform Enthusiasts and Critics of the Bachelor/BacheloretteOkay, so we're just two guys that like to watch and talk about UNC sports and Bachelor/ette. The problem is that Julian is in grad school at FSU, and Gray works in Raleigh. So we're using this podcast to surmounting the geographic chasm so we can continue to talk about the stuff we like to talk about, and apparently (as a pleasant side-effect) bring you entertaining commentary.iTunes link:ht ...
This collection was a joint effort by the chaplains of the US Army and the Navy to meet the needs of divine services conducted in the Army and Navy, and for, in the compilers' words, "the upbuilding of patriotic citizenship." These 20 hymns from the book were selected by the singers. (Summary by Kevin Davidson)
The official podcast of the Navy Yard Notes blog covering the Washington Nationals and Major League Baseball
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Instant reaction to the NLCS game one loss versus the Cubs featuring a special guest. Includes reactions to the game one loss, some pessimistic outlooks from Paul, and prognostications about game 2.
Joe and Paul discuss the dwindling DL list, focusing on Jayson Werth and Trea Turner and the guys they are replacing, Howie Kendrick and Wilmer Difo. Plus, Giancarlo Stanton... as a Nat?
After a successful move to the West Coast, Paul and Joe are finally back to talk Nats. Specifically, they debate how confident they feel in every piece of the Nats roster going forward, with an eye towards the playoffs.
Apologies for the poor audio quality. But the podcast is in transition to the West Coast! That won't keep Joe and Paul from comparing Tanner Roark's struggles to Gio Gonzales' pristine ERA. Plus some bullpen banter, of course, and discussion of Scherzer's dominance and standout performances from the Nats bench.…
Joe and Paul lament Adam Eaton's injury. They discuss the impact it will have on the Nationals and debate how the team moves forward. They also get into the Nationals' approach to injuries versus the Mets' rash of injuries. Plus some bullpen banter because, of course.
Joe and Paul talk about what they are excited for after the first two weeks of the season, including Ryan Zimmerman's hot start and Bryce Harper's health. Conversation quickly drifts to analyzing the bullpens terrible start to the season.
Wondering what all the new Statcast data means? Casey Boguslaw of RO Baseball joins Joe and Paul to explain the new catch probability stat, it's benefits and short comings, and how what it tells us about the Nats outfield defense. Plus an update on the Nats prospects traded away in the Adam Eaton deal.…
The 2017 preview series continues, shifting focus to the Nationals pitching staff. In depth breakdowns of the starting rotation plus a debate on the make up of the bullpen and who will the "closer" and a quick peak into the minor league depth of the Nats.
The only 2017 preview series you need! Joe and Paul kick off the preview of the 2017 season with a position player preview. Starting with the outfield and working their way to catcher, they analyze the Nationals position players and project their 2017 performance. Be sure to come back for the next episode: Pitching Preview.…
Paul and Joe are back. They break down the signing of Matt Wieters, with different views on the deal. Discuss how Adam Lind fills a need on the Nats bench. Talk about what to watch for during Spring Training.
Top Podcast host, David Rutherford and SVP and Head of RIA and Bank Trust sales at Pioneer Investments, Paul Marino discuss the power of fear in the investment world. Join these two experts as they go through David's Froglogic motivational training program on Embracing Fear and how it can be applied to financial investing.…
David Rutherford, Navy SEAL, Motivational Speaker, Author & Coach, Paul Marino, Head of Sales RIAT & Bank Trust for Pioneer Investments & Joe Morgart, Client Portfolio Manager at Pioneer Investments Topics: Joe and Paul will discuss what Insurance-Linked Securities are and how Pioneer incorporates them into their portfolios.…
Paul and Joe search for Nats baseball news by discussing Greg Holland not signing with the Nationals. The conversation quickly shifts to non-baseball topics including Maryland Terps basketball, Caps, Wizards, planning a Nats weekend trip and even a few minutes of politics. Sad!
The Navy Yard Notes New Year's Eve award show is back for its second year! MVP, LVP, Most Underrated Moment and Best Post Game Interview awards all included, then some. Danny Espinosa definitely didn't win any awards.
Paul and Joe compare notes on the Nats big trade for Adam Eaton, discuss the return of Derek Norris and mourn/celebrate the trade of Danny Espinosa
Jeff Todd of the MLB Trade Rumors website joins Joe and Paul to give the inside scoop on potential Nats moves this offseason and walk through MLBTR's top 50 free agent predictions
The 2016 season is over and the offseason is upon us. Joe and Paul discuss the playoffs and the state of Chicago following the Cubs win. Then they get down to business and address the big questions facing the Nationals as they prepare for the 2017.
Welcome to the Schwab IMPACT Conference series hosted by Navy SEAL Motivational Speaker, Author, Radio Host and Coach David Rutherford. This live Podcast series is brought to you by Pioneer Investments. The 3rd episode of the series David and Paul Marino, SVP Head of Sales RIA and Bank Trust with Pioneer welcome Senior Asscoate Dean of the Harv ...…
Welcome to the Schwab IMPACT Conference series hosted by Navy SEAL Motivational Speaker, Author, Radio Host and Coach David Rutherford. This live Podcast series is brought to you by Pioneer Investments. In the second LIVE show David invites SVP Paul Marino to join him so they can have discussion around heritage, product innovation, a changing a ...…
Welcome to the Schwab IMPACT Conference series hosted by Navy SEAL Motivational Speaker, Author, Radio Host and Coach David Rutherford. This live Podcast series is brought to you by Pioneer Investments. In his first show David will discuss the first concept in his motivational training program titled Froglogic Concepts. David Has been exploring ...…
Game 5 is here! Joe and Paul talk about their emotional state heading into the do-or-die showdown with the Dodgers then break down their expectations for the game. Plus an important PSA about getting to the ballpark for the game and #NatsRide
Joe and Paul preview the Nats-Dodgers NLDS matchup. They break down the rosters, discuss the Nationals injury problems, and debate the strengths and weaknesses of the Dodgers. The guys then welcome on (40:00) Marcus Pond from RO Baseball for an in depth preview of the Dodgers plus his prediction for the series (we must have done a good job in c ...…
Joe and Paul address the pessimists in DC. They debate all the reasons to doubt the Nats in the post season (poor recent results, injuries, bullpen woes, etc.) and how well these fears hold up to scrutiny to determine where Nats fans should really be worried come playoff time.
Joe and Paul welcome Washington Post's Dan Steinberg to the podcast. Dan talks about the origins of the Post's blog, The Sports Bog, what it's like being a full time blogger, the backlash from parts of the industry, and some of his favorite teams and players from the 10 years of coverage at the Bog. Plus, the progression he has seen in the Nati ...…
Paul and Joe banter quickly about Tim Tebow's attempt at baseball before breaking down the Nationals' young players. They debate the pluses and minuses of Lucas Giolito and Reynaldo Lopez, gush again over Trea Turner, and give AJ Cole some props.
Joe and Paul are feeling pretty good about the Nats and look ahead to the remainder of the regular season, talking about Jayson Werth's on base streak, Trea Turner's hot start to his season, the pitching rotation, and the bullpen.
Rob Arthur from joins Joe and Paul to break down Bryce Harper's struggles this season based on his research, what might be behind the season long slump and what it could mean for the rest of the season.
With the trade deadline looming, Joe and Paul discuss who the Nationals could target, who could get dealt away, and what kind of internal options Mike Rizzo could call upon to improve the team.
Joe and Paul welcome Fangraphs, Beergraphs and ESPN writer Eno Sarris to the podcast. Eno talks about his new book "A Baseball Lover's Guide to Craft Beer" and ranks his favorite cities for baseball and beer. Eno then gives his take on Max Scherzer and the injuries to the Mets' pitching staff.
Joe and Paul quickly recap the recent Nats news. Then they pass out first half awards like MVP, LVP, and worst podcast predictions. Plus, Paul has an apology for Danny Espinosa.
Joe and Paul welcome Kate Morrison and Russell Carleton of Baseball Prospectus on the podcast. Kate and Russell recently published a four part series examining the challenges of working in baseball at BP and joined Navy Yard Notes to discuss their findings. The group discusses what it takes to get a job in baseball in today's environment, the c ...…
Joe and Paul review the successful series Cubs series. They debate the struggles of Ryan Zimmerman and Bryce Harper. Then talk about bullpen management and trade theories on how to approach the trade market. Plus the debut of a new podcast segment.
Joe and Paul welcome friend of the podcast Ryan Sullivan from NatsGM on the show. Ryan runs down the scouting report on Trea Turner, who is expected to get the call up to the majors soon. Ryan also runs through some other highlights in the Nats minor league system.
Joe and Paul breakdown the last week of games versus the Mets. They analyze Matt Harvey's struggles, grade Stephen Strasburg, and talk about the new and possibly improved batting lineup.
Joe and Paul debate the merits of Stephen Strasburg's new extension with the Nats. Then they take a look at the NL East standings before talking the recent Nats' road trip and wrap up talking Bryce Harper's choice words with an umpire
Craig MacHenry of and Nats Talk on the Go joins Joe and Paul to review the first month of the season talking outfield, infield, and pitching. Plus some talk about former Nats greats.
Join us for this episode of The Military Spouse Show! On today's show we tackle Part Two of the Knowing/Doing Gap show. Have you ever felt stuck trying to accomplish a goal or task? Listen to this show for strategies on how to get into action. Thank you for listening!
Join us for The Military Spouse Show! The Knowing/Doing Gap And how to jump over it gracefully, if you are a military spouse seeking success! Don’t become stuck in the divide between knowing and doing. Follow these five steps and before you know it, you’ll be well on your way toward success! Thank you for listening!…
In the first podcast of the regular season, Paul and Joe talk Ben Revere's injury and its impact on the lineup, Jayson Werth's early season struggles (16:00), thoughts on Dusty's first week and a half in the dugout (20:30) and their opinion on the new double play rule (24:45).
Paul and Joe are pumped for Opening Day 2016. Today's podcast reviews the Nationals' Spring Training, the status of the bullpen and starting rotation(10:00), thoughts on the position players and potential batting lineups (19:45), get sidetracked with a Strasburg debate (29:00), and make predictions for the season (33:45).…
ABC's Jonathan Karl joins Paul and Joe to talk about his experiences on his recent trip to Cuba, his Nationals fandom, Bryce Harper, and outlooks for the 2016 season.
Paul and Joe settle on who could win the naming rights to Nationals Park. Then, with the season less than 2 weeks away, the guys preview the Nats competition in the NL East starting with the Phillies (4:30), Braves (18:00), Marlins (25:00) and close with the Mets (38:15).
Are you on Periscope? Join us as Tara chats with Larissa Traquair the powerhouse behind Periscope's @Gr8tfulChickRis and Chief Inspirational Officer of the Gr8tful Tribe. We're talking about faith, community and finding your tribe. Join the conversation by using #mymilitarylife on social. Thank you for joining us and for listening! Find Gr8tful ...…
Paul and Joe welcome James Wagner of the Washington Post on to the pod for an update on Spring Training straight from Viera. They talk about the makeup of the new bullpen plus Papelbon's presence in the clubhouse (5:50) and touch on Bronson Arroyo and starting rotation (14:00). They discuss the position battles in the infield and outfield (18:0 ...…
Today’s show is about creating a special place in your home that can attract success. Our surroundings strongly influence our moods, directly impacting our productivity and ability to travel along our roads to success. Therefore, designing spaces that serve our greater good and give us positive vibrations will help us move forward with ease. To ...…
Paul and Joe do a quick recap of Spring training news covering Ian Desmond and Dusty Baker's struggles with names. Then, (7:00) Paul and Joe discuss their best bets for over/under team win totals and World Series winners and close (37:30) with some Nationals specific prop bets.
Episode 186: Today we’re very lucky to be interviewing Jennifer McDonald author of You Are Not Alone: Encouragement for the Heart of the Military Spouse. Jen McDonald is a military spouse, military mom, homeschooler, and the content editor for friends and supporter of our show She has been published several times including ...…
In the final Spring Training preview, Joe and Paul break down the outfield depth chart discussing Bryce Harper, Ben Revere, Jayson Werth, Michael A Taylor and more. Only one bad Jayson Werth pun was dropped. Don't miss our previous episode reviewing the pitchers and catchers Part 1 of this episode covering the infielders!…
As position players get ready to report, Paul and Joe break down the Nationals' infield depth chart. Health is a major discussion point and, as expected, the guys debate Danny Espinosa vs. Trea Turner. Don't miss Part 2 of the episode, out tomorrow, for the analysis of the outfielders.
This topic is important because the Language we use is a reflection of the thoughts that we have. If you don’t like what you are thinking about, change your inner and outer voice and listen to positive words. AND if you are around negative words, and can’t quiet your gremlin voice then a great first step is to change this internal dialogue and ...…
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