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May is Mental Health Awareness Month! Josh and Nayanci are joined by Nayanci's science professor/public health professional Isabel Rodriguez, and one of our favorite local NY comedians, Lucas Connolly. We talk about the state of mental health and addiction in our communities after COVID.By Josh Carter and Nayanci Lopez
In this episode, we discuss the intricacies of cultural appropriation, what's acceptable and what's over the line, and if there is a line at all. We definitely have a heated conversation about hip hop and compare the differences between Eminem, Lil Dicky, Iggy Azalea and what they are each doing for the culture if anything at all. One of our favori…
Nayanci discusses Aristotles theories on relationships with comedians Dante Nero ("NBC's The Blacklist," Relationship Guru), Josh Carter and Brooklyn College Philosophy professor Christine Vitrano. They talk about all types of positive and negative friendships and relationships.By Josh Carter and Nayanci Lopez
Nayanci brings up Plato's Crito and poses the questions: Should we always follow the law? Are there immoral laws? Are there illegal actions that are moral? Comedians Josh Carter, Francisco Aldorando and Felicia Madison chop it up and bring their perspectives.By Josh Carter and Nayanci Lopez
In the Season 1 Finale, Josh and Nayanci are joined by comedian and podcast host, Chrissie Mayr. They talk about the philosophy of conspriacy theories and also discuss all their favorite conspiracy theories including: the origin of AIDS, Vaccines, Chrissy Teigan, 5G, Lizard People and MOREBy Josh Carter and Nayanci Lopez
Nayanci and Josh welcome SF State Ethnic Studies Philosophy Professor Larry Saloman and comedian and host of "In Hot Water" Geno Bisconte and they talk about philosopher Albert Camus' book "The Plague" and how it relates to Corona Virus in our society (recording date is July 1 2020)By Josh Carter and Nayanci Lopez
Nayanci and Josh are joined by comedian Gastor Almonte (comedy special "Immigrant Made" on Amazon Prime, "This is Not Happening" on Comedy Central) and homeschool coach, Dan Louzonis and discuss John Holt's philosophies on learning/education and why traditional schooling may be a thing of the past.By Josh Carter and Nayanci Lopez
Josh and Nayanci are joined by comedian and host of the podcast: Vox Celeste, Celeste Joseph Jennings and Brooklyn College Philosophy Professor and Philosopher, Matthew Lindauer. They discuss what's really going on in these protests, why some are violent and why rioting is happening in the first place - it's not what you think!…
Josh and Nayanci are joined by musicians: Reformed Whores, AlexXx P3 and Chulita Mija Sarah to discuss the Aristotle and Nietzche's philosophies of music. The discussion is followed by a listening party of each guest's newest hit. Listening Party: AlexXx P3 - No Love Allowed Reformed Whores - Whorny Chulita Mija Sarah - Hola Stranger (first 3 min)…
Josh and Nayanci are joined by a couple of Josh's favorite NYC comedians, Ashley Hesseltine (Host of "Girls Gotta Eat" Podcast) and Napoleon Emill (Winner of Caroline's March Comedy Madness Competition). They answer some of Socrates and Plato's questions on love and dating.By Josh Carter and Nayanci Lopez
Nayanci's philosophers of the week are Charles Mills and Naomi Zack, the subject is race and reparations; guests Todd Montesi (HBO's Crashing), Haley Strong (NYC Comedian), Jessica Munoz (Small Business Consultant for the Bay Area latino community) join and bring their perspectives.By Josh Carter and Nayanci Lopez
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