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Specialist and mainstream audiences alike rely on the Health Report to bring clarity to health and medical issues from social, scientific and political points of view.
Specialist and mainstream audiences alike rely on the Health Report to bring clarity to health and medical issues from social, scientific and political points of view.
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According to a report from Mindgardens, a Sydney-based neuroscience alliance, the economic cost of brain and nervous system disorders, mental health issues and substance abuse in Australia is $74 billion per year.
A leading researcher is calling for action in remote Australia to deal with a preventable epidemic of sexually transmissible infections.
According to a new report from the Grattan Institute, two million Australians who need dental care avoid or delay going to the dentist because of the cost.
What if you could transfer the principles of high intensity interval training — short spurts of exercise that get the blood pumping, to this incidental movement we do every day?
Join the stairs club, get fit? A universal dental care scheme. STIs in remote Australia. The burden of brain disorders.
Editor's Summary by Gregory Curfman, MD, Deputy Editor of JAMA, the Journal of the American Medical Association, for the March 15/19, 2019 issue
The Health Report would like to share with you a story from the ABC RN program Science Friction. Lolita had one of the world's first uterus transplants — then what happened?
Many men mistakenly believe that having their prostate out via robot surgery is better than radiotherapy, when it comes to treating prostate cancer.
A new analysis suggests it's beneficial regardless of when you begin taking the drug.
While its use remains illegal here, Canada is one country where cannabis is legal and widely available.
Getting a good amount of fibre reduces your risk of bowel cancer, diabetes, heart attacks and strokes.
Fibre has huge benefits, and we're not getting enough of it. Cannabis and depression in young people. Statins safe, effective for older people. Prostate cancer, robots and radiation.
It's a growing multi-million-dollar market: more and more women are using apps to track their menstrual cycles and fitness bands to monitor their health.
60 per cent of Australian medical students are women, and yet women account for just 13 per cent of specialist surgeons.
Self-testing could be key to eliminating cervical cancer. Breaking down the barriers for women in surgery. The women’s health tech boom: How private is my period data?
Why are women still dying from one of the most preventable and treatable forms of cancer? And what can be done?
Two Australian doctors are at the forefront of an international effort to consign a horrific childbirth injury to the past.
Globally there are millions of avoidable deaths each year from respiratory diseases, other infections, lead poisoning, high and low indoor temperatures and fires.
Artificial intelligence, machine learning and radiology. The links between housing and health. Australian doctors work to eliminate devastating childbirth injury.
Bias, transparency and explainability are issues thrown up by the adoption of artificial intelligence into medicine.
They say the changes won't help those who most need it, and that what we need is more team-based care.
A new drug for breathlessness. Critics lash proposed mental health changes.
Breathlessness is a debilitating condition that affects thousands of Australians.
Macquarie University researchers say hundreds of journal papers in the transplant field don't follow ethical guidelines in declaring whether or not their research includes transplants from executed prisoners in China.
Balance exercises are good for preventing falls in the elderly, and Tai Chi seems to be effective too.
Subacromial pain syndrome is common and debilitating, often affecting sleep.
Do you really need an annual clean at the dentist? Surgery for common shoulder problem doesn't work. The exercises that work to protect older people from falls. Organ transplants from executed Chinese prisoners and research ethics.
The dentist's scale and clean doesn't seem to make a difference to gum health. But that doesn't necessarily mean you can skip a check-up.
Doctors can spend up to half their time taking notes about patients — and that prevents them from actually providing face-to-face care.
Many smokers are wary of going to the doctor when they develop respiratory symptoms, because they’re worried about getting ticked off for being a smoker in the first place.
Endometrial scratching can be painful and expensive — but it was thought to make it easier for women going through IVF to conceive.
IVF 'scratching' doesn't work. Smoking, stigma and solutions. Scribes help doctors see more patients. Disrupted genes cause disorders of sex development.
Different constellations of behaviour seem to affect children in different, and sometimes unexpected, ways.
About one in every 150 Australian children will be affected by autism, with boys more likely to have it than girls.
Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, or SIDS, is a tragic condition where a baby unexpectedly dies, often while they’re sleeping.
A hot button issue for new parents — when to introduce solid foods to a baby.
Early solids help babies sleep. A challenge to SIDS research. High levels of distress and depression in young people on autism spectrum. Parental risk factors for anxiety, depression in children.
A large review of the evidence has turned up a few substances that could be the subject of further research.
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