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Sunday School and Sunday Evening lessons will be broadcast to spark in-the-home discipleship
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This afternoon we hope to have a podcast type episode for the families of students who couldn't make it to the Tuesday afternoon communicant's class.
PArt 2, heavily influenced by Tim Keller's "Reason for God". Isn't it arrogant to assume there is only one way?
Moving on, how do we rejoice in the cross? Paul told us to do this, but what does it even mean?
What exactly is the overall big idea toward living well as a believer in Jesus, in 2017? We are going through the popular book by John Piper of the same title
COVETING! Why you can't make a law against this, and what is this really?
Thou shalt not kill. Sounds easy, right?
For some reason; technical diffs in loading the others. BUT- here's the 3rd commandment from God to His people, Do not take the Lord's Name in vain. What does that really mean?
Suffering and the believer; what to think when it doesn't make sense.
We are getting into a new series on the 10 commandments; but first....let's talk about our obedience to God's Law. I've been reading from Thomas Watson's work on the 10 commandments and tried to condense it down.
Much of what is posted goes along with a chapter from 'Breaking Free'. This was a book written about addictions, particularly ministering to people with issues dealing with immorality. How can we avoid certain sin patterns? The answer might surprise you.
What kind of Master were you looking for? This idea really gets after who we consider Jesus to be in our lives. Is He the divine vending machine or the Lord and Master we are called to joyfully submit to?
Sorry for the first few minutes of chatty-ness. We do eventually get to the lesson. And it is as follows: Why did Jesus stop to talk to the lady when He was on His way to help save someone else? This passage is enlightening; we see that God doesn't make sense to us in His timing, but He is trustable nonetheless.…
Jesus said that happy are those who are about the business of making peace. What does this have to do with that song, 'Wonderwall' from the 90's?
Blessed are those who are pure in heart
Blessed are those who show mercy- why is that so hard?
What does meek really mean and what does it look like for someone to be meek in 2016?
Blessed are the sad. What does that even mean?
This final verse is a quote from Jesus Himself, "Let your yes be yes and your no be no." 3 ways we are tempted to have a weird relationship with the truth. 1. Telling people you'd love to hang out and then bailing at the last minute. 2. Stretching the truth 3. Saying you like something when you really don't…
Karl Marx used some of this subject matter to say that religion is the opiate of the masses. We are called to patiently endure persecution. How does this play out in a high schooler's life though?
There's a tad more left on the chapter- to be honest, I don't really remember much about this one, but I'm sure the Bible parts are really good.
What is the deal with this guy and the night time question asking of the Savior?
Where do fights come from? Packed full of examples from the early to mid 90's, this lesson is all about the anatomy of a fight.
The intro story was left out by accident. Today, the story is all about our words. They have power (no, not like the televangelist asking you to speak more money into your life). They have the power to destroy or build up. It's universal though. All of us have stories about words hurting us or our own words hurting others. James 3 speaks into that.…
"You see, we are justified by our works..." What???
a little practical step to use in pursuing freedom from others' opinion.
With some insight from Dr. Ed Welch's book of the same title, we explore peer pressure. Every action you take in life is based on your currents answers to: 1. Who is God? 2. Who am I? 3. Who are other people?
People in the middle of trials like to tell everyone about it. We also don't want to hear anyone who tries to tell us some truth in these trials. And we get angry during the trials. Hey! what's the last part of James about again?
The finale on social media and using it for the glory of God. Is it time to put the phone down once in a while?
After talking about the counting it all joy when we face trials, James moves and poverty???
Can we bow down and adore social media?
Count it pure joy when you experience trials of all sorts. Does this mean we put on a fake happy face when things don't go our way? Far from it- but we are told to do something when trials come our way. What is it? Oh you'll have to listen you silly goose!
Our sin nature always wants to pit us against "them over there". We exaggerate differences and flaws as a means to hide our own shame.
Does clicking on a cause = compassion?
A few things about the nature of sin. In seed form, it doesn't appear that bad, but left unchecked; it can be monstrous.
This episode explores the supposed control that social media can offer. Also, what about the way we sometimes use our fake, filtered self to hide our shame behind? (Please note thought that social media is not bad in and of itself, and can be used well, for the glory of God).
This lesson was from Sunday School and was all about the difficulties of social media. 1. It gives the mirage of control in relationships 2. It makes it easy to not be a part of peoples' lives. Beware social media user......BEWARE!
Living out your faith in a selfie-centered world. Based on the book by Craig Groschel
We are starting a new series on the book of Daniel. Here we meet the irony of a king named 'Wisdom' who can't figure it out. A conquered slave has to help him out.
This episode explores the aspect of God's law and our relationship with Christ. Some joyfully declare that they are done with religion and ready to embrace Christ. What does that even mean? Is there a place for the law of God in the believer's life?
What you take in visually and audibly, makes a huge difference in your daily life.
Heavily influenced by Craig Groechel's book, 'Soul Detox".
This is a single stand alone message; 1. There is now no condemnation. 2. Let your mind think on things of The Spirit 3. Kill sin
David begins to show signs that all is not well in his heart.
Nothing says 'Israel's future king' like a dude with how own spit running down his beard.
Let me go ahead and restate it- the intro story is something we can laugh at and was not at all the norm, and I believe, due to heavy meds for pain relief.
The king has fallen from his once high position
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