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(Order of stories changed to match how they originally aired each day, with stories from previous 6 programs included afterwards. See for details.)Morning Edition takes listeners around the country and the world with multi-faceted stories and commentaries every weekday. Hosts David Greene, Steve Inskeep, Noel King and Rachel Martin bring you the latest breaking news and features to prepare you for the day.
The Mind Renewed is hosted by Dr. Julian Charles (UK) and dedicated to understanding the world in which we live from a Christian worldview perspective. We are acutely conscious of propaganda in the mainstream media, and of the bewildering mass of information in the alternative media. We therefore seek to address matters of concern to people (whether they be 'people of faith' or none) in an unsensational and informed fashion, in the hope that truth will be uncovered and that bridges will be b ...
A New World Order
THE WORLD IS A MESS! BUT WHO CAN WE TURN TO TO FIX IT!? THE UNITED NATIONS? THE DALAI LAMA? THE LONG-LOST HEIR OF THE RUSSIAN EMPIRE!? Frankly, all of those options would probably be better than listening to three white guys from Australia wax lyrical about how everything in the world would be better if they were the one and only supreme dictator. And yet, here we are.
Political scientist Janice Stein is one of Canada's - and the world's - foremost authorities on global affairs. Each week on the Disrupting the Global Order, Stein leads a conversation with an author about an ideology, event or issue that affects our opinions and perspective - or could have a significant impact on world order.
Always Bet On Geek
A Podcast! All things Geek! Like so many others but with a Southern Flare from 2 guys who aren't famous in the leastAlways Bet On Geek - Now on The New Pod World Order
Team Never Quit
Two Navy SEALs who’ve known each other for years sharing their amazing life experiences in a humorous, heartfelt and entertaining way. Never before have two people brought such substantial backstories to anchor their ability to pull the best out of the people they interview. Marcus Luttrell and David Rutherford are committed to their mission of helping people face their greatest challenges in order to learn the Never Quit mindset. The TNQ Podcast is the most authentic, positive, and inspirin ...
Freedomizer Radio is a unique network home to several shows focused on news, activism, and of course, FREEDOM!No constant Republican-Democrat fighting. Just the REAL news the Lamestream does not want you to know about. Find show schedules, host bios, a chat room and more at our home page www.FreedomizerRadio.comAnything and Everything against the New World Order!
CrossPolitic (Christ over Politics) Podcast and Show mixes the taboo formula of faith, culture, and politics in order to bring the clarity of the gospel into muddle America. We are a community of Christians who desire to see the Lordship of Christ in every corner of our culture, reigning over every politician, and changing every individual for our good and His glory. Our hosts are made up of pastors, deacons, filmmakers, and more, and long to see our nation once again recognize Jesus as the ...
What will life look like in 2038? Twenty years from now is not the stuff of science fiction, but it still sounds like it: flying driverless cars, an internet cold war, a Chinese world order. Given the pace of change we are currently living through, the world really could look dramatically different from today. Remember, twenty years ago, social media and iPhones and the Tea Party did not exist, Barack Obama had just started dabbling in state politics, the Clinton administration was loosening ...
This podcast will deal with topics considered taboo in order to educate people and erase stigmas.
Lost in Nostalgia
A limited podcast presented as a mix of old and new recordings, 1997 and 2017, outlining select late 90's arcade games with a Namco-leaning focus. The podcast is a 25-episode series plus one introductory Day 0 episode. Each episode may include the following: *Simulating booting a newly arrived game and discussion of game elements. *Redemption Roundup: A feature on a ticket-based game and summary of new prizes items that have arrived at the arcade (every 2 episodes). *Incorporation of stories ...
Scott Radley is a seasoned journalist, who has written a column for over 15 years in Hamilton. He will ask questions that you want answers to. He will bring an inquisitive mind and a unique perspective to daily news that will push the boundaries in order to make people think and to challenge the norm.
Phoenix Edge is a podcast devoted specifically to role playing games, both old and new. Each week, Hat and Eric take an in-depth look at various RPGs in order to analyze them, discuss them and compare them to other games in the genre. The show can also be found on YouTube by searching Phoneix Edge an RPG Podcast.
#PaxEx Podcast
Airline passengers are mobile, social and vocal! And airlines know they must keep pace with the demands of these tech-savvy, always connected travelers in order to stay relevant. Hosted by industry expert Mary Kirby and aviation veteran Max Flight, the #PaxEx Podcast takes a studied look at how the airline passenger experience is quickly evolving. Featuring interviews with thought leaders in the space, the #PaxEx Podcast addresses everything from the latest changes to loyalty programs, airpo ...
Former World Championship Wrestling producer Neal Pruitt - perhaps best known to fans as the unforgettable voice of the New World Order - discusses the previously unheard stories behind the production of a variety of classic WCW Nitro moments, including: Roddy Piper's trip to Alcatraz; The creation of the nWo logo; Hollywood Hogan's initial heel 'promos'... And much more! This podcast focuses on the magic created behind the camera during an iconic period in professional wrestling. In an unpr ...
It’s Hot In Here
Student DJs at WCBN created It’s Hot in Here in 2008 in order to provide environmental journalism with positive, infectiously pop culture and counter culture energy. Placing the wealth of knowledge at the University of Michigan's School of Natural Resources and Environment in conversation with Ann Arbor and the world, It’s Hot in Here ushered in “a new era in envi­ron­men­tally themed college talk radio with a focus on soul and r&b.” Over one-hundred live shows later, a seed that started off ...
CrossPolitic (Christ over Politics) Podcast and Show mixes the taboo formula of faith, culture, and politics in order to bring the clarity of the gospel into muddle America. We are a community of Christians who desire to see the Lordship of Christ in every corner of our culture, reigning over every politician, and changing every individual for our good and His glory. Our hosts are made up of pastors, deacons, filmmakers, and more, and long to see our nation once again recognize Jesus as the ...
Can you arrange a list of Rocky Horror actors by age? Do you know who the first queer Nintendo character was? Or what’s in a Sex On My Face cocktail? Play along with Queers, Questions and Cocktails: the Pop Culture Trivia and Cocktail Recipe LGBT Podcast. SHOTS: Five questions that relate to alcohol, cocktails or our drink of the episode; NEWS: Three questions in Queer, Canadian and Cosmopolitan news; WHERE IN THE WORLD: Players guess which country we're looking for from facts and tidbits; P ...
The format of the podcast has changed. If you are currently following me, I trust you will like the new content. If not, I have enjoyed our time together and I wish you the best. My husband and I work a small farm and are building a farmstead creamery. We practice sustainable living and produce farmstead and artisan cheese, hand-made in small batches. You can find more information at This podcast focuses on experiencing life with wisdom and grace. In order to accom ...
The Third Degree
The Third Degree podcast (formerly the Serious Sound Off) provides lively and informative commentary on the biggest news stories of the week.This podcast will not attempt to be another boring and dull news podcast but instead choosing to shoot straight in order to present a fresh, fun and no-nonsense approach when tackling many different issues and topics along with lots of variety when it comes to guest interviews.No beating around the bush. The Third Degree will just call it like it is.
Naked Conversations
We can all lose ourselves sometimes in the expectations and responsibilities of “growing up.” Naked Conversations is about breaking free. Finding your voice. Speaking up. Reconnecting with who you really are. Creating a life that matters and lights you up. Join me (Sage B. Hobbs, author of Naked Communication) as I share stories and advice from inspiring, real women who have successfully broken free from fear and old patterns in order to create incredible relationships and impactful lives. E ...
Are you frustrated because you want to quit your 9-5 job and build passive income but you don’t know HOW to do it? This award winning podcast teaches you how. No gimmicks, no fluff. Hosted by Morris Invest Founder Clayton Morris, this podcast publishes three times a week and has a laser focus on buy and hold rental properties in order to create passive income. Inc Magazine named this podcast one of the best business podcasts in 2017. Clayton retired from his 9-5 job at 40 years old and teach ...
Brand & New
Brand & New is a podcast produced by the International Trademark Association (INTA) and focused on innovation. Our host, Audrey Dauvet, shares a new topic every two weeks, on Tuesday—to inform and inspire listeners. Each podcast consists of an open dialogue with experts, visionaries, and influential people from all over the world in order to learn more about the evolution of the legal and intellectual property ecosystem, its concepts, and all actual or potential consequences. Because we cons ...
Skillwise On Air
SkillWise on Air is a show made by and for the clients at SkillWise.The show airs on the last Thursday of every month at midday and features SkillWise news and events as well as stories, music, reviews and jokes.SkillWise (SPAN Chartiable Trust) is an organisation that facilitates work and education opportunities for people with mild to moderate intellectual disabilities.The aim is to provide a choice of stimulating opportunities for people with an intellectual disabilityin order to particip ...
Author and radio personality, James L. Paris, discusses news, politics, Bible prophecy, Bitcoin, UFOs, conspiracy theories, survival and preparedness, and a wide array of Christian financial issues. Paris' popular books are Executive Order 11110 - Did The Fed Kill JFK, How To Pray For A Financial Miracle, And Exposing The Ponzi Masters.
Soar Above Cancer
Soar Above Cancer is a podcast dedicated to helping cancer survivors - in active treatment or post-treatment - to thrive in their cancer lives. Gabrielle and Alex, cancer thrivers themselves, discuss various topics on the show related to one’s cancer journey. Everything from the physical hardships to the mental health aspects of one’s battle with cancer is up for discussion. More importantly, Gabrielle and Alex believe that one’s cancer story, the central component to one’s cancer fight, mus ...
Red Pill or the Blue Pill. Independent Radio for Independents The most dangerous politician is the uneducated voter. Let's knock out the New World Order, one libtard at a time.Monday through Friday 10 AM CT
Ben Emlyn-Jones
HPANWO- Hospital Porters Against the New World Order. Tune in for all the latest news views and reviews from the world of Government cover-ups, g
HEY, GB! Radio
NEW WORLD ORDER - Its components and the deception of an entire world.
They tell you to pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. At Freedom's Wings Radio Network we do! Your home for common sense in politics and the supernatural! The Freedom's Wings Show airs Tues & Thurs 6-8pm ET and Sat 2-4pm ET and features conservative libertarian irreverent political analysis of the news and the New World Order. Winner of the 2011 & 2012 Red State Talk Radio Excellence In Broadcasting Award!
Out There
Out There Radio is a weekly journey into the world of conspiracy theories, the occult, hidden history, the paranormal, and other bizarre undercurrents of the human psyche. Covering topics like secret government, the new world order, 9/11, assassinations, magic, Paganism and secret societies, Out There Radio is an ever growing source of interviews, rants, discussions, and diatribes. It’s a strange world… Out There.
Welcome to "Unraveling the Secrets." My name is Dennis Crenshaw. My co-host is Rick "Oz" Osmon. For the past 45 years we have been researching the connecting links between all things having to do with the secrets and pernicious deeds of a group of secret society outlaws who are working together behind the scenes to create a completely controlled world society with them as bosses and you and I as slaves to their system. This continuing scheme is popularly known as the New World Order, or the ...
I'm an American that is voicing his opinion about travesties within our political and economic systems. One that finally realizes that 'We The People' are responsible for the way we are governed and the people who govern us. One that will not say or accept as a response 'There's nothing I can do about it". One that is not afraid to see the ugly reality of our what our government has become and to envision the evolution that our society could and should embrace in order for all to live a life ...
Download the latest documentaries Investigating global developments, issues and affairs.
Anderson Cooper brings you highlights from CNN's premier nightly news program AC360.
An inside view of how Israel can warm your heart and make your blood boil. It’s a show by a journalist, a professor and an NGO professional who live in and love Israel even though it drives them crazy, and who each week discuss the latest in Israeli politics, culture, and society.
To the Point
A weekly reality-check on the issues Americans care about most. Host Warren Olney draws on his decades of experience to explore the people and issues shaping – and disrupting - our world. How did everything change so fast? Where are we headed? The...
Noam Chomsky
Innovation Hub
Innovation Hub looks at how to reinvent our world – from medicine to education, relationships to time management. Great thinkers and great ideas, designed to make your life better.
Daily baseball statistical analysis and commentary
It’s the English class you didn't know you missed and the meaningful conversations you didn't know you craved. Join Vanessa Zoltan and Casper ter Kuile as they bring thought, reflection and laughter to Harry Potter; not just as novels, but as instructive and inspirational texts that will teach us about our own lives. Relive the magic chapter by chapter as they explore themes such as commitment, revenge and forgiveness. This podcast creates time in your week to think about life’s big question ...
Inquiring Minds
Each week Inquiring Minds brings you a new, in-depth exploration of the place where science, politics, and society collide. We’re committed to the idea that making an effort to understand the world around you though science and critical thinking can benefit everyone—and lead to better decisions. We endeavor to find out what’s true, what’s left to discover, and why it all matters with weekly coverage of the latest headlines and probing discussions with leading scientists and thinkers. Produce ...
The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer: The command center for breaking news, politics and extraordinary reports from around the world. The Situation Room airs weekdays 5p-7p eastern on CNN. In this podcast you will get the 6p-7p hour Monday through Friday.
THC is an interview-based show that seeks to explore topics of conspiracy, the paranormal, the psychedelic, & the esoteric with the best researchers and authors in the game.
Your number one source for right-wing talk radio and the hottest of hot takes on politics, pop culture, current events, economics, ethics, philosophy, and much more!
Major Technicality was founded in November 2011 by Jared Goldstein in order to bring professional opinions about the technical world to the public in an accessible manner. We also strive to bring the latest news on technology to our readers. Our podcast strives to be informative, easily accessible, and entertaining with a focus on technology and science.
In-depth conversations on news and culture, with host Kerri Miller.
India Explained
In a world of fake news, the real deal.
Trend Lines
A podcast on global politics brought to you by World Politics Review
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show series
Famed broadcaster Sue Prestedge joins Scott Radley, to share her insight on the top stories of the week. Get ready for the weekend and the bad weather with the Brightest Conversation in Hamilton! Guest: Sue Prestedge
A major snowstorm is expected to hit parts of Southern Ontario this weekend. Scott is skeptical, but famed broadcaster Sue Pretedge is almost hoping for the storm. Did you get prepare for the weekend's weather? And if you are trapped in doors with Netflix, what are you going to watch all day? Guest: Sue Prestedge…
Muller Spokesman: Buzzfeed "Characterization Of Documents And Testimony" In Report That Trump Directed Cohen To Lie Is "Not Accurate"; Buzzfeed: "We Are Continuing To Report And Determine What The Special Counsel Is Disputing. We Remain Confident In The Accuracy Of Our Report"; Buzzfeed Editor In Chief: "We Stand By Our Reporting...We Urge The ...…
Ben Lindbergh and Jeff Sullivan banter about the Yankees signing Adam Ottavino and the Angels signing Cody Allen, super-pens vs. improvised pens, and Manny Machado, Eric Hosmer, and Mike Trout, then (15:19) bring on Baseball Prospectus writer Sung Min Kim to talk about how the Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) has increased its popularity among ...…
In this week’s Trend Lines podcast, WPR’s editor-in-chief, Judah Grunstein, and managing editor, Frederick Deknatel, discussPrime Minister Theresa May’s latest Brexit defeat and the broader implications for the U.K. and European Union as the deadline for Brexit approaches. For the Report, Stewart Patrick talks with WPR’s senior editor, Robbie C ...…
Happy Friday! It looks like Papa John is back from exile and looking to exert control over his Alt Right pizza company, teaching us all a valuable and important lesson about the virtue of resilience. Never give in. Never give up. We'll also be getting into how the governments of the world use the Federal Reserve to fund the displacement and dem ...…
First, whether it’s FDR reassuring the nation through radio or Trump talking about hamburgers on Twitter, new technologies have always impacted American politics. Historian Jill Lepore walks us through the interactions between the machine of government and the tech we think can make that machine run better. Hint: it rarely works out as we antic ...…
There has been a continuous problem, dating back to founding of the United States, according to Jill Lepore, a professor of American history at Harvard University. Lepore, the author of “These Truths: A History of the United States,” says Americans have had tremendous faith in the notion that technological innovations could heal our divisions a ...…
Trump directed Michael Cohen to lie about Moscow project, BuzzFeed sources say. Secretary of State Pompeo is to meet with his North Korean counterpart. March for Life will kick off its annual rally.
Without a paycheck, many federal employees affected by the partial government shutdown have had to resort to emergency measures to support themselves and their families.
Gasoline prices have been dropping steadily for months; they're averaging right around $2.25 per gallon nationally. Enjoy, but don't get used to them, analysts say.
David Greene talks to Suzanne DiMaggio of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace about reports that Secretary of State Mike Pompeo will meet his North Korean counterpart Friday in Washington.
Two years ago, Donald Trump promised voters a long list of things he would do as president. As he completes his second year in office, we check the president's progress.
Finding out that Darth Vader is Luke Skywalker’s father probably didn’t have any practical implications for your life. It didn’t translate into a raise at work or help you lose 15 pounds. So why do we care so much about the fates of fictional characters? William Flesch is the author of the book “Comeuppance: Costly Signaling, Altruistic Punishm ...…
The BBC reports that Maria Parry searched for her cat for three days before finding it. She climbed up the tree to comfort the cat and realized she was too terrified to climb down.
It turns out, 2018 was the most volatile year ever for the U.S. stock market. But while the market's ups and downs may be nerve-wracking, there might be less cause for alarm than one would think.
David Greene talks to William H. Macy about playing the degenerate father on the award-winning dark comedy Shameless. The show, which follows a working-class family in Chicago, is in its 9th season.
David Greene talks to Clint Watts, a former FBI special agent, about developments this week pertaining to the investigations into connections between President Trump's 2016 campaign and Russia.
Anti-abortion rights activists gather once again for the March for Life in Washington, D.C., Friday. This year, they are fresh off the swearing in of conservative Justice Brett Kavanaugh.
The migrants are encountering crowded shelters, strained resources, and residents who are not as generous as they were with a previous caravan that was making its way to the U.S.-Mexico border.
Despite the shutdown, the National Weather Service is putting out forecasts and helping local officials prepare for dangerous weather, even as employees worry about making ends meet at home.
In 1963, more than a dozen girls were jailed for about two months in an old, squalid stockade in Georgia for protesting segregation. At StoryCorps, some of them talk about the experience.
Steve Inskeep talks to former British Foreign Secretary David Miliband, who believes it's time for a second Brexit referendum after Prime Minister Theresa May's plan was defeated in parliament.
Four months after an election dominated largely by the issue of immigration, Sweden has a government. Social Democrats and the prime minister hold on to power while the right-wing party is excluded.
The department, looking for training help, posted the Facebook request on Wednesday and was flooded with volunteers. On Thursday, a department comment read, "At this point we have enough volunteers."
Rappers Big Boi and Travis Scott have agreed to perform at the show while many others have rejected the NFL's request due to its handling of the Colin Kaepernick kneeling controversy.
Trump appears to be retaliating against Nancy Pelosi for suggesting he delay his State of the Union speech amid the government shutdown, by postponing at the last minute, her trip to Afghanistan.
The Justice Department made it harder for asylum claims based on domestic abuse and gang violence cases to succeed. A young woman from Nicaragua was one of the first migrants to be denied.
The African Union is calling on the Democratic Republic of the Congo to hold off declaring final results of the disputed presidential election. African leaders have "serious doubts" about the results.
A new story in Buzzfeed News says President Trump directed his former lawyer to lie to Congress. Anthony Cormier, one of the Buzzfeed News reporters who broke the story, talks to Steve Inskeep.
Welcome to How To Build a Tent. YouTube/Facebook/Periscope/Twitter Video Release * 12pm PT. Business Plan Contest. Submit your plan by 3/31/2019 to Win an interview and HTBT swag bag. See Episode 90 & Official Rules for more details. New Perk! Become a Crosspolitic Member click here, scroll down, and put “HTBT” in the ...…
Welcome to How To Build a Tent. YouTube/Facebook/Periscope/Twitter Video Release * 12pm PT. Business Plan Contest. Submit your plan by 3/31/2019 to Win an interview and HTBT swag bag. See Episode 90 & Official Rules for more details. New Perk! Become a Crosspolitic Member click here, scroll down, and put “HTBT” in the ...…
Democrats slam Trump for canceling Pelosi's trip, call his actions "petty" and "like a fifth grader"; White House preps strategy to deal with Mueller report as Giuliani concedes Trump campaign may have colluded; Cohen says he paid thousands to rig online polls for Trump; Tells CNN: "What I did was at the direction" of Trump; Self-proclaimed sex ...…
What is a professional shoplifter, and how do businesses handle shoplifting in general? Why are employees often not allowed to intervene? And what can be done about the seeming shoplifting problem at the LCBO? Guest: Stephen O’Keefe, Retail Security Consultant - Ward 9 Brad Clark joins @radleyatthespec to talk about why City Council's discussio ...…
Scott relays three strange, entertianing, and only mildly unnerving stories from the news. Which one will be dubbed the Story of the Day?
WH Delegations Cancels Davos Trip After Trump Pulls Military Aircraft For Pelosi War-Zone Trip; Follows Her Request For Him To Move To State Of The Union; Cohen Says Trump Directed Him To Pay For Poll Rigging; WSJ: Computer Specialist Says Cohen Agreed To Pay Him $50k; Guiliani Contradicts Trump Team's "No Collusion" Claims; via Knit…
Welcome to the Proof Negative Radio Show! We have been on air since January 2010. We focus on alternative news, independent politics, & health and wellness. We reserve the right to go off topic and have fun on air as well. Freedomizer Radio does NOT embrace socialism, or pursue what the 1% global elites want us to do or think. We do not monitor ...…
We welcome once again the author K. Gordon Neufeld, one-time member of the so-called Unification Church of Sun Myung Moon, who joined us in 2014 to speak about the history, beliefs and practices of the Moonies, and to share with us from his experiences of joining, serving and eventually leaving that organisation.This time he joins us to speak a ...…
Today on Politics and Prophecy: 3:33 The Edwards Notebook (bottom of every hour) The Gillette Ad: The War on Men Is a War on Trump More TSA Workers Citing 'Financial Hardship' As Reason For Calling Out Of Work The goal in government “is to do nothing,” say federal workers who are crying crocodile tears over a single missed paycheck Government S ...…
Allison Kaplan Sommer, Noah Efron, and Don Futterman discuss three topics of incomparable importance and end with an anecdote about something in Israel that made them smile this week. Never Netanyahu? Labor Party head dares and double-dares the heads of other parties in the center and on the left to swear on a million bibles that they’ll never ...…
Are you spending a lot of time in your own political bubble? Is it a struggle for you to hold a conversation with your political opposite? You're not the only one.
Having my doula on the show today and talking all things placenta! From encapsulation, how it supports breastmilk, benefits - understanding this more so that we are prepared. Continuing in the home birth talks and I just know you can all learn so much from this amazing momma! It has never been m ...…
Vanessa and Casper explore the theme of “failure" in chapter 18 of Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. This week we come to you live from our Cambridge show. We discuss whether Angela Johnson fails as a quidditch caption, what Hermione learns from S.P.E.W, and the brilliant women of the DA. We were so very lucky to have our dear friend a ...…
Kirsten Gillibrand, Tulsi Gabbard and Julian Castro have announced their bids for the 2020 Presidential elections. What sets them apart from the rest?
President Emmanuel Macron has recently done something unusual for a French President – he made a declaration recognising that torture was used by the French military during the Algerian War of Independence. He described a system that allowed people to be arrested, interrogated and sometimes killed. Many families still don’t know what happened t ...…
Wholesaling houses is the foundation of all real estate investing. If you’re interested in turning a quick profit in order to build wealth or expand your portfolio, wholesaling might be the right strategy for you. On today’s show, we’re going back to basics to discuss the fundamentals of wholesaling. Tom Krol, the best wholesaling coach in the ...…
Poll shows cracks in key parts of Trump's base. A judge in Chicago will decide whether 3 police officers covered for a colleague in the shooting death of a black teenager. Syria bombing raises alarm.
On Jan. 17, 1994, a 6.7 magnitude quake rocked the suburbs north of Los Angeles, leaving 57 dead and causing more than $43 billion in damage. Officials worry LA isn't ready for the next big quake.
Welp folks this is the last of the banked episodes from months back.. recorded 5? ^? months ago the geeks talk about the new fan made Star Wars table top RPG using D&D rules.. This is also the episode where ''the living dead'' formerly known as Marshall has to tap out early due to..... well you'll hear.. next we record an actual new current epi ...…
For a new podcast, member station WNYC has been asking: What scares you? Samin Nosrat, the Iranian-American food writer behind the cookbook, Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat, talks about some of her fears.
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