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Nexus at Night
A semi-often podcast where we, the members of the team Nexus Corps, talk about all things Cardfight!! Vanguard related. Come in and hang out with us!
This podcast includes series of messages teaching through various books of the Bible taught by the teaching Pastor team at Calvary Nexus in Camarillo, CA.
Connecting the Great Commission Community
The Nexus Radio is a show dedicated to helping you create your best self by giving you actionable takeaways on movement, nutrition, mindset and recovery practices. Every episode is like sitting down with friends who are helping you realize you are enough but also coaching you to grow to new heights. All are welcome - join us!Nexus Radio operates out of CrossFit Nexus in Belton, MO.
PodKit is a show about Apple inclined Web Developers discussing web development and technology in general, with hosts Brian Mitchell, Brandon Johnson, and Ryan Rampersad.
Nexus Church
Welcome to the podcast of Nexus Church led by Pastor Jon Purkey. Nexus Church is all about spreading the love of Christ to a lost and dying world. Our mandate is to destroy the misconceptions that Religion has put in the minds of people concerning the true nature of God. To learn more visit our website at or download the Nexus Church app.
Second Opinion is a reviews show about anything and everything under the sun. If we can experience it, we can review it.
a Man-Thing Podcast
Welcome to Into the Nexus, a Heroes of the Storm podcast. Garrett Weinzierl and Kyle Fergusson will be taking you through the Nexus every week. Segments include news, strategies, and plenty of community interaction. Follow Into the Nexus on Twitter @ITNcast, catch the VODs on YouTube at, and email us at
Control Structure
Control Structure is a podcast about computer science, IT news, stories, opinions, tips, and tricks for programmers, testers, administrators of all types and more, for fun or for profit hosted by Andrew Bailey and guests. And also some other things, just because they are cool
Nexus Special
The Nexus Specials are for awesomely spectacular occasions and breaking news coverage.
A forensic, fast-paced and sometimes irreverent take on the news that you won't find elsewhere. Using a unique ten-screen studio, we'll break down the news through analysing the data, the facts, the videos and the digital noise.​
The Fringe – The Nexus
Chaque semaine
The Fringe is a collection of before and after show ramblings and actually intentional musings that are unstructured.
Official Podcast of Metal Nexus ( Dan and Jon bring you interviews with a wide variety of musical guests, takes on music news and offer their insight into the wide world of craft beer/spirts and coffees. Join Us!!!
seeking the nexus of truth and beauty
Lively and rousing weekly UK based podcast about all forms of technology, from the folks that brought you The Mobile Tech Addicts Podcast. Hosted by Gareth Myles, Jay Garrett, Gavin Fabiani-Laymond, Ricky West and Michelle Christine Visit us at
In Bootcamp
In Bootcamp podcast is about Matthew Petschl’s experience at a local coding bootcamp and journey to software engineer, featuring Ryan Rampersad with industry commentary.
Designed to challenge old-school business practices and the traditional business suit culture, on unsuitable on Rea Radio you'll hear industry professionals speak about meaningful, modern solutions to help you enhance your company’s growth. Hosted by Doug Houser.
The Extra Dimension features deep discussions on how technology intersects with other parts of our lives. Welcome to the heart of the technological convergence.
The Lawfare Podcast
The Lawfare Podcast features discussions with experts, policymakers, and opinion leaders at the nexus of national security, law, and policy. On issues from foreign policy, homeland security, intelligence, and cybersecurity to governance and law, we have doubled down on seriousness at a time when others are running away from it. Visit us at
The Pastor's Heart
Dominic Steele hosts a weekly live discussion about the heart of the pastor and leading to seek and save the lost. Each Tuesday at 2pm (Eastern Australian time) a different guest joins Dominic for a deep conversation about their heart and a different aspect of Christian ministry. We then upload the discussion to our website and on podcast.We share personally, pastorally and professionally about how we can best fulfil Jesus' mission to save the lost and serve th ...
Lively and rousing weekly UK based podcast about all forms of technology, from the folks that brought you The Mobile Tech Addicts Podcast. Hosted by Gareth Myles, Jay Garrett, Gavin Fabiani-Laymond, Ricky West and Michelle Christine Visit us at
This is the Cannabis Science Podcast, a show dedicated entirely to answering your most salient questions about cannabis, it’s uses, preparations, products, and constituents using the most recent and proven scientific data from both industry and academic sources. Join Dr. Ricardo Rivera, a faculty member in the Department of Pharmacology at the University of British Columbia, and Dr. Macarena Cataldo, a chemical engineer and activist based out of Vancouver, British Columbia. Together they wil ...
In today’s turbulent world, World Resources Institute (WRI) is working around the globe to turn big ideas into action at the nexus of environment, economic opportunity, and human well-being. We focus on seven urgent global challenges that must be addressed to reduce poverty, grow economies and protect natural systems: climate change, energy, food, forests, water, cities, and the ocean.
Mi3 Audio Edition
A weekly wrap of the “must-know” developments in Marketing, Media, Agency and Technology for leaders and emerging leaders in the industry. Veteran industry journalist and Mi3 Executive Editor Paul McIntyre talks each week with guest marketers who are in the know on what matters at the nexus of marketing, agencies, media and technology. Powered mostly by Human Intelligence (HI).
The Agile Wire
Show hosts discuss adventures and misadventures on their continuing journey towards Agility. From working directly with the teams to organizational leaders, novice to masters, we've got a little something for everyone.
Nexus Centre podcasts are meant to highlight interdisciplinary research initiatives at Memorial University, primarily within the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences.
E-COM Sales Tax
When it comes to sales tax in the US, E-commerce sellers face a tremendous challenge. Every state has its own rules and tax rates. Each state has its own idea of "nexus" or the point at which a business is required to collect tax in their state. Each state has their unique laws around the taxability of goods and services in their state. Some states exempt food products, and/or clothing, and/or, medical products, and/or digital goods. And these rules are constantly changing and evolving. E-co ...
Mission: Nexus
Your #1 Source For All Things Space Bacon
Weird West Radio
The western fandom is vast and diverse and here at the nexus of all thing weird we will chat about all things western related.
Nerd Nexus
Podcast site for our Youtube channel.
Nexus Night
Podcast by Nexus Night
Heroes 101
A Heroes of the Storm Podcast where Elite and High Ranked members of the Nexus Raiders community provide insights for higher levels of play. Nexus Raiders is an online gaming community dedicated to bringing a positive gaming experience to all of its members - regardless of skill, experience, or expertise. Learn more about Nexus Raiders @
At The Nexus
At The Nexus is the premiere weekly podcast of The Nexus featuring Ryan Rampersad and Matthew Petschl with discussion on Apple, Google, Microsoft, lawsuits, software, hardware, trends and technology news.
FREE Biz & Tax Elite Newsletter - Subscribe Now!The purpose of Tax Advisor & Biz Coach Success podcast is to share real estate, ecommerce, tax and accounting tips for entrepreneurs and small business owners with S Corp, LLC and Partnership. How to understand the IRS tax code for BSI and Sales tax and Nexus. Plus learn with expert guest that share my business insights into how to run a successful, stable and profitable company $. FREE Biz & Tax Elite Newsletter - Subscribe Now!.https://etbsfl ... is The Web's Favourite Cannabis Podcast, the home of free portable stonertainment for your drug-addled ears! Every Monday the Web's Favourite Cannabis Commentator, The Dopefiend, casts his beady red eye over the very latest cannabis news, and reviews the latest in cutting-edge stoner technology in the ultimate toker's talk show, the Dopecast. On Thursdays enter Lefty's Lounge for laid-back chat, cool music, stoner stories and comedy from the man with the Velvet Voicebox; or h ...
Podcast by Nexus 6 Marketing
Nexus Comix
A new take on pop culture including: the newest movies, our favorite TV shows, memorable comics, glorious games, and more. Tune in as we make fools of ourselves and have a great time discussing our favorite topics.
Weekly messages from Nexus Student Ministry services.
Eight Bit
Eight Bit is a show about gaming news, gaming hardware, gaming reviews, and pretty much anything that starts with gaming, hosted by Ian Buck and Ian Decker. is here to bring you the best electronic music in either continuous mixes or radio show style podcasts.
The weekly services of Nexus United Church of Christ- Butler County, OH
Party 101.9 Radio / Nexus TV is a lifestyle urban party music brand based in New York, NY. From our live radio stream to our news articles to our interviews with artists, Party 101.9 Radio & Nexus TV is your destination for urban music. Check out us by visiting us on FB/TW/IG: @Party1019RadioNew York's #1 Throwback Station!------Powered by Nexus Media Productions. Nexus Media Productions specializes in all aspect of video/audio ...
Just two guys who decided to open up a comic book shop on a whim. We talk about the finer points of nerd culture while telling stories and trying to get by in a world thats ever changing . With occasional guest appearances from other people from the Fredpire network and scooter, check us out.
The Nexus Scape
Jump into The Nexus.The Nexus Scape is a bi-weekly podcast, exploring the corridor between our world and others. Binding all the worlds of the Universe together this place must be protected, protected by The Curator and his Aged Wardens. Come and explore with us the truth as we travel to The Nexus and explore the worlds connected to ours.
Questioning the motive behind our programming and recoding to hack our habits for maximun potential.
Robots Will Steal Your Job, But That’s OK is an audiobook that explores the impact of technological advances on our lives, what it means to be happy, and provides suggestions on how to avoid a systemic collapse. Written by Federico Pistono and read by Ian R Buck.
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Kamala Harris has written a letter to the CEO of Twitter asking him to suspend Donald Trump's Twitter account. She says the President has gone too far over this whole whistle-blower scandal. Vocal Trump supporter Joy Villa says that's rubbish and seasoned Democrat Jim Manley says Trump's tweets are great… more evidence for the impeachment inquiry!…
Specialists: for a game that many consider niche, that has 24 clans- niches within a niche, if you will- Vanguard doesn't have a lot of experts. For the major personalities out there, your Differentfights, your SolemnVanguards, there are few who specialize in specifically one clan. A major exception to that trend is Living Proof, a previous gue ...…
Throughout history, Christians have made attempts to establish God’s law through legislation and conquest. While sometimes carried about by a sincere desire to see the world worship God, these experiments all failed and miscommunicated the heart of God. What does it mean for us as followers of Jesus to establish God’s law God’s way? In his firs ...…
In this episode Ted talks about Brexit with John Baxter-Brown. Links and Articles Mentioned in this Podcast Episode: Events at Missio Nexus Martyrs of Missio Nexus Twassistant: Text or WhatsApp the CEO Nigel directly at 416-877-8261 Music from Listen OnlineBy Missio Nexus.
Brandon got a new microphone! Brandon got a new microphone and the trio uses Skype. The parent of this Fringe episode is PodKit #52: Untitled PodKit Game, you should listen! Listen to more at The Nexus and follow us on Twitter and Google+ for our latest episodes and news.By The Fringe – The Nexus.
Do you know an Eeyore or are you, yourself, an Eeyore? In this episode, coaches Trey, Sam and Ashleigh visit the children's story of Winnie the Pooh. They establish why success preceeds motivation and how looking at the good things in life is important to your goals.
New economic nexus laws are coming into effect on October 1, 2019. Is your business or your clients ready to meet these changes head-on? Are you even sure of the challenges you might be facing? There are a half dozen states enacting new laws, and on today’s episode, I want to make sure that you know which states those are. Even if you are unsur ...…
Hello everyone and welcome to the Nexus of All Realities – a Man-Thing podcast. Today on the program I will be discussing an appearance of Man-Thing in Master of Kung Fu #19. How does a master of Kung Fu come to be in a Florida swamp? You will find out the answers to this question and more on the program! Also on the program I talk about the 19 ...…
Brian Mitchell gives a quick 12 minute review of the new Apple Watch Series 5. Overview Apple Watch Series 5 – Apple 00:00 | Intro 01:08 | New Features 05:40 | New Cases 07:50 | Thoughts 10:36 | Outro Attributions Free Music Archive: Beat Doctor – Organic (electric edit) Copyright Second Opinion is released under a Creative Commons — Attributio ...…
#IndependentContractor vs #Employee #Taxes? Like and Share #Special StartUp 1099 Package, Custom Excel,Payment Vouchers & 30 minutes private phone consultation with Liz $499 limited offer.
With Jay Behan set to become the first bishop of the new Anglican Diocese in New Zealand, he sits down with Dominic Steele to spell out how the principles and difficulties behind responding to theological revisionism. Plus the lessons learned in New Zealand and how they might apply in the Australian context. New Zealand Bishop elect Jay Behan w ...…
It’s May 17, 2017. White House Counsel Don McGahn is in the Oval Office with the president. McGahn’s job is to represent the office of the presidency, which isn’t quite the same as representing the president personally. It’s a delicate line to walk, and Trump hasn’t made the job any easier. McGahn is supposed to act as the point of contact betw ...…
Corey Unger, guitarist for Blood Has Been Shed, is the guest on this episode of the BREWtally Speaking Podcast!!Corey joins co host Jon on the heels of the headline making chat with Light The Torch/Blood Has Been Shed singer Howard Jones, to talk more in depth about the legacy of BHBS, what's going on with this unreleased album, what it sounds ...…
At his rally in Minneapolis earlier this week, President Trump received voluntary security from an unexpected source: the Oathkeepers, a far-right militia associated with the white supremacy movement. This isn’t the first time that the Trump administration has crossed paths with such groups, which have become more active in recent years. To lea ...…
As more countries begin to open their markets to cannabis, a group of products stand to become the next multi-billion-dollar segment of this industry. Topical cannabis is big business in the modern era, but its uses go at least as far back as 2000 BCE and likely much earlier. Salves, creams, ointments, and bars are just a few of the cannabis-in ...…
Coming in hot off Network Ten’s Upfronts, Mi3’s Executive Editor Paul McIntyre talks to CEO Paul Anderson and Chief Content Officer Beverley McGarvey on marketers’ return to TV’s top-of-the-funnel brand credentials, fixing Ten’s 2020 first-quarter audiences and moving the market on from overnight ratings.…
Encryption and going dark splashed across the headlines in the wake of the 2015 San Bernardino attack, when the FBI and Apple went to court over access to an encrypted iPhone recovered from one of the perpetrators. Since then, little progress has actually been made on the encryption issue. Privacy advocates and technology companies are locked i ...…
In a special edition of The Pastor's Heart, from the Indonesian capital Jakarta, Dominic Steele speaks to graduates of the Compassion Australia child sponsorship program Krisna Bagus Prasetyo and Liberty M.D. Astuti. We speak about growing up in extreme poverty, finding a safe community with Compassion and meeting Jesus. These children are from ...…
Consulting firms or private equity will acquire, break-up and spin-off new creative-media agency networks within a few years, says the deputy chairman of $90bn investment firm Magellan and veteran WPP global agency executive Hamish McLennan. He talks with Mi3’s Executive Editor Paul McIntyre.By PodcastOne Australia.
At some point, if you’re a business owner, you’ll have to think about trading your business in for retirement. And when it comes to identifying an exit strategy, you can either liquidate, keep it in the family, sell it to the highest bidder, or get your employees involved. Ted Lape, a partner with Lazear Capital Partners, joins unsuitable to te ...…
Julee Everett is a Professional Scrum Trainer with and one the Lean In Agile 100. More detailed shownotes are located at Jeff Bubolz & Jeff Maleski.
It’s March 7, 2017. The Senate Judiciary Committee is holding a hearing on the nomination of Rod Rosenstein to be the Deputy Attorney General. Rosenstein’s whole career has been leading up to this moment. He’s a non-partisan sort of guy. He’s served under both President Bush and Obama. Now he’s being elevated to the role of running the day to d ...…
Briton Bond vocalist of Wage War is the guest on this episode of the BREWtally Speaking Podcast!!Briton joins co host Jon as they reflect on the bands set at this years Sonic Temple Festival, and being the band that sets the tone for the bigger bands playing after them. We talk about the bands latest album, Pressure, and the emphasis the band p ...…
The US Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has recently submitted a special report due to the alarming increase in severe lung disease caused by the use of e-cigarettes. It appears that what is today commonly known as vaping, may not be as innocuous as once thought. Dr. Cris Alves discusses Part 2 of the report from the CDC and the ...…
In 1975, labor union leader and American icon Jimmy Hoffa went missing. Forty-four years after Hoffa’s disappearance, the crime remains one of America's greatest unsolved mysteries. One of those frequently considered a suspect in Hoffa’s murder is Chuckie O’Brien, Hoffa’s longtime right-hand man. O’Brien also happens to be the step-father of La ...…
Trump advisor says the president is the real whistleblower and the CIA whistleblower is actually a saboteur part of a deep state plot to take down the president. Professor Scott Lucas begs to differ. We also hear from a former CIA operative Lindsay Moran and Erol Morkoc, a spokesman for Republicans Overseas who says the president will win out i ...…
With Gareth Myles and Ricky West RSS Link: iTunes Stitcher Tunein Spotify Show Notes News Huawei Mate 30 Pro iPhone 11 Pro Max Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Huawei Watch GT 2 PocketVision Bargain Basement Iphone XR now £629 on Apple site ASUS ROG2 Gaming Phone 4G Phablet 8GB RAM 128GB ROM International Version - ...…
With Gareth Myles and Ricky West RSS Link: iTunes Stitcher Tunein Spotify Show Notes News Huawei Mate 30 Pro iPhone 11 Pro Max Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Huawei Watch GT 2 PocketVision Bargain Basement Iphone XR now £629 on Apple site ASUS ROG2 Gaming Phone 4G Phablet 8GB RAM 128GB ROM International Version - ...…
It's time for another review! Except this time it's not a set review: with Bushiroad releasing a new Vanguard game for the Switch and the PS4, Matt took the liberty of playing the game extensively, and now he's got something to say about it. Is Vanguard EX the savior of Cardfight Online's fallen legacy, or is it just another half-baked project ...…
This episode is about as standard as it gets, new Apple hardware, new React news and updates, and Twitter Followees! Episode Summary 00:00 | Intro 00:33 | Untitled Goose Game Untitled Goose Game Party Hard – the video game about stopping parties. Press-kit. 04:14 | New Apple Hardware Nexus Special #66: Apple September Event 2019 › The Nexus App ...…
The first two years of the Trump presidency were tied up with the Russia scandal. Now, there’s another scandal involving Russia’s next-door neighbor: Ukraine. The revelation that President Trump and his envoys pressured the Ukrainian government for information about debunked claims of Biden family corruption in Ukraine have brought Ukrainian do ...… Subscribe: Feedburner | iTunes We’re almost through with our Harry Potter series. Join us as we discuss the penultimate film and Matt makes some terrible predictions about the ending. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – ...…
Dr. Cris Alves discusses the latest in cannabis science and industry news. Today he reviews a very interesting paper from Harvard Medical School. The paper titled; Flavonoid Derivative of Cannabis Demonstrates Therapeutic Potential in Preclinical Models of Metastatic Pancreatic Cancer published in the journal FRONTIERS IN ONCOLOGY. Additional i ...…
The global agency holding groups are challenged, the consulting firms are making moves but brands are not backing new indies and start-ups, despite their frustrations. Or are they? Mi3 Executive Editor Paul McIntyre talks to the CEOs at Bastion Collective, Lavender CX and the listed RXP group for a reality check in the first of a new series on ...…
Road safety is a worldwide epidemic. WRI's Claudia Adriazola-Steil (director, health & road safety) and Amit Bhatt (director, integrated urban transport, WRI India)talk with our host, VP for Communications Lawrence MacDonald, about a life-saving new law in India.By World Resources Institute.
There was a time when the word “manufacturing” would conjure up images of “dark,” “dirty,” and “dangerous” work. But these days, business owners and leaders in the field are working hard to repair the industry’s reputation. Dustin Raber, principal with Rea and director of the firm’s manufacturing services team, has witnessed the strides compani ...…
There’s a key problem in Sydney’s Anglican churches with a drop in the number of newcomers. The trend is downwards across the board. It’s massively concerning. In 2013, the Diocesan mission set a goal to raise the number of newcomers to Church to 12% by 2020. However, as of September 2019, it is looking like we will fall well short of this goal ...…
It’s January 26, 2017. Sally Yates is the acting Attorney General; she’s leading the Justice Department until Jeff Sessions is confirmed by the Senate. Yates has just learned some alarming news. The new National Security Advisor Michael Flynn has lied to FBI agents. He’s told them that he hadn’t discussed sanctions in a call with Russian Ambass ...…
John Marino, vocalist for Circle Back is the guest on this episode of the BREWtally Speaking Podcast.John joins co host Dan to do an track by track commentary for the bands latest album, Terminus. Listen in as the two break down the lyrical themes and concepts for the new album and some of John's inspirations vocally and much more. Intro Music: ...…
Earning your way in life is usually seen as a positive value in the human condition. However, in the Kingdom of God, we see that there is no possible way to earn your way in. The foot of the cross is level and all humanity is equally in need of a Savior. Through this study, we will discover our need for Jesus to be our Savior.…
Ryan reviews the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ review: it's a great big phone, it looks better than any previous model, the headphone jack does not matter and so much more! Preordering BestBuy changed their preordering process this year; this was a bummer because I prefer to buy local (economy, returns, etc) Bought through Samsung’s website this year ...…
At the Texas Tribune Festival in Austin, Texas, Benjamin Wittes sat down in front of a live audience with Judge John Bates, a senior district judge on the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia. Bates has served on the court since 2001, and from 2009 to 2013, he served as the presiding judge of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance (F ...…
Just how many times has Canada's PM worn blackface? He doesn't know, and claims he didn't know it was racist at the time! This scandal would normally sink a world leader. With an election just weeks away, will Canadian's punish him at the polls or will his surname and charm see him win another term?
Acting Director of National Intelligence Joseph Maguire appeared before the House Intelligence Committee to discuss his handling of the whistleblower complaint that alleges inappropriate conduct by the President related to his interactions with the Ukrainian government. In the hours preceding Maguire’s testimony, an unclassified copy of the com ...…
The White House has released a memorandum of a July 25 call between Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and President Donald Trump. The call is at the center of the new impeachment inquiry into the president, and is reportedly also the subject of a whistleblower complaint that the Department of Justice has prevented the Acting Director of Na ...…
Over a year ago, we did an episode talking about front triggers (episode 97 if you're interested), and how they weren't going to affect the game much. Well here we are a year later, and our opinions have changed. So join our trio of twats as they talk about how a new revealed Nova Grappler grade 3 really made them change their view. Also they g ...…
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