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First of all Creation by Nick Kunze
What does the Bible mean when it calls Jesus "First of all creation"? It's not what you think.
The second part of understand what Exodus is talking about seeing God the way the Mormons are telling us.
When a mormon talks about seeing God face to face, what really happened in the book of Exodus.
What does the Bible mean when it calls Jesus the Son of Man?
What does the title "Son of Man" mean. Lets talk about it.
Is Mary eternally virgin? Was she sinless? Does the Bible condone or condemn the idea of praying to the saints? Lets take a look on this episode of the Next Generation Saints
In this second installment of the study into the LDS scriptures
Let's take a look at Mormonism and see how reliable it is vs. The Bible and Biblical Christianity.
Next Generation Saints is a Biblical Christian Apologetic ministry to help equip believers to share their faith and challenge non-believers belief in the hopes that they will come to Christ.
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