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Keto Kids
This is a podcast for kids who want to learn about keto and have a little fun in the process! Hosted by Karen Mangiacotti and Mark Miller.
No Sugar Added
This podcast consists of two hosts, with two different personalities, that discuss their viewpoints on today’s generations without any sugar-coating on how they feel.
Finding a unique balance between spending time with your friends and having quality time with your significant other can be nerve wrecking. You don’t want to piss off your friends, but you still want to maintain a healthy relationship with your partner. But what happens if you have that one best friend who’s single and all they want to do is hang with you 24/7? Who begins to become first in your life? How do you handle it?
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Is Toxic Masculinity a real thing? Why is it not ok for men to be vulnerable or show their emotions? Let's talk about it
Are you dating someone because you're scared to be alone ?
Do we ever hold our own Black People ACCOUNTABLE ?
Are the City Girls the new voice for black women?
This week we discuss the support of black businesses and why it's so hard to do so.
This week's episode we talk about the "Surviving R. Kelly" Documentary
A conversation about consent. Featuring Mr. Anonymous
Sometimes when you go to the fridge, it can be depressing. Nothing there to just grab and go. Not to worry! You can sometimes still just be minutes away from a yummy snack. Let’s talk about being clever.
This dynamic metabolic duo team up to provide nutrients, heal wounds, and all sorts of other great things!
Keto Kids There is a lot of talk about Carbohydrates in the Keto community, what does that really mean? We will figure it out together!
What do you do when it's time to Define The Relationship? Ladies how long do you wait before the guy you're dealing with decides to commit
Are you a kid who weekends away at your other parent’s house? Or maybe you spend time at a grandparent’s house. Either way, switching the way you eat is tricky. Trying to stay Keto is even trickier...
Could you date an up and coming rapper? Do you have the patience and lack the insecurity to go through their journey with them? On this week's episode we talk to the South African Atlanta rapper Pule as he discusses what to expect and give in a relationship with an artist such as himself
Hey kids! We know you are not always with your mom and dad, sometimes you are with a babysitter or other caregiver. Let’s talk about how you can talk to them about Keto!
Keto Kids A little tip for your back pocket. Keep it there for when judgement comes your way.
Boo, the reluctant ketonian of the Mangiacotti-Miller house discuss her journey from eye-rolling disgust to kind of acknowledging the benefits of the Keto way of eating. This is what Keto sometimes looks like between the ages of 13 and 16.
What happens when you begin to lose the romance in your relationship or marriage ?
This week, Mark and Karen talk about beat practices for kids. From lunch box tips to snack suggestions, it is easier to stay on track with a bit of planning!
Explore a menu with Cheyenne (17) and let's start thinking about what the menu may not be telling us...
Snack Packs! If you are on the go and want to keep your energy high and your brain firing on all cylinders, you are going to want a Keto Snack Pack with you on your journey. Let's talk about how to pack it. Come on, Vamanos!
Mark and Karen's children, Campbell (8) and Gia (9), role play situations that can come up when you are trying to make good decisions, but temptation happens...
What happens if you wait until marriage, and the sex is not good ? How would you handle it ?
Let's talk about what happens when you put some not-so-keto foods into your body. Maybe you had fries with a burger, or pizza at a celebration. Now what? Now we go on making good choices and forgiving ourselves, that's what!
This week we discuss the Battle of the Queens with Nicki Minaj and Cardi B, Nas and Kelis, T Marie and Akbar, and Brandi and Jason Maxiell
Sometimes people might think Keto is weird or bad, so let's talk about ways to deal with concerns without feeling badly. Peer pressure can be tough, but you are tougher. If criticism comes at you, step aside!
Is it possible to date a DJ and be in a long term relationship? Are all DJs hoes? Let's talk about it !
Food is fun and holiday food can be even more fun. We have two classic Keto recipes that can be altered for any time of year, and any event. What can you do to these to make them right for your holiday?
The Keto diet is high in fat and since many of us have been trained that fat is bad (which, btw is a big fat lie!), we might not know how to get more fat into our diets. On this episode of Keto Kids, we chew the fat about ideas to get more fat.
On this week's episode we do a VMAs Recap and the ongoing feud of Nicki Minaj and others
On today's episode we discuss safety in relationships and Muffy in particular has a safety message for women.
Chicken fingers?!?!? Tacos?!?!?!? Pizza?!?!?!? Dessert?!?!?!?! Those are just a few of everyone's favorite things, and thinking about giving them up, especially as a kid, can seem inconceivable! Fear not, young ones, all of these lovely things can be yours with just a switch here and a swap there - and you will love them even more than the orig ...…
Has R&B become extinct ?
Would a 3some be allowed in your marriage?
It's a lot of crazies out there in 2018 dealing with relationships. So we ask the question, is it ok nowadays to perform background checks on your significant other before it gets too serious?
What happens if your parents don't accept your significant other ?
On this week's episode we discuss materialism and how social media plays a detrimental part of it.
Muffy decides to get on her soapbox about Nicki Minaj's new single "Rich Sex"
What does "taking a break" from the relationship actually mean? And what are the stipulations?
This week's episode we talk about the phenomenal Netflix Series "13 Reasons Why" and discuss how it impacts and portrays what's going on in today's society.
"Slavery was a choice" --Kanye West
As kids, I think we all had the vision of being a doctor, lawyer, teacher, police officer (maybe not so much that one anymore) , athlete , singer, or rapper. Then once we start growing up and our parents put us in camps, or paid for those ballet lessons, we discovered going forward that maybe that original plan was not our calling after all. No ...…
Hey kids! Want to learn more about keto and how it makes you feel so good? Listen to this! It's just for kids!
Does cheating depend on your tax bracket? Is it acceptable to say that the more money you have, the more your significant other can expect or accept you to cheat ? Let's talk about it.
Cardi B's album is possibly one of the most highly anticipated albums of 2018. On Friday she dropped a new single "Be Careful" which is the anthem of a lover scorned. Amidst the speculations of Offset's infidelity, Cardi has always put her cards on the table. Today we look at the possible outcomes of this single. Will this be a new true women's ...…
It's No Sugar Anonymous Tuesdays, and today we have another letter from one of our listeners.
In today’s society one of the most common hashtags that is plastered across social media is “relationship goals” or “couple goals”. Which is usually under a meme , a celebrity couple’s picture, or a new love song like Plies new hit single “Rock”. But in all actuality, what are Relationship Goals ? Can it just be personified by a picture or a so ...…
How hard is it being Single in the City ? Whether it's Atlanta or even in your own town, how do you handle being single? What are the advantages or disadvantages of being single? Let's talk about it.
Every 4th Tuesday of the month we have our #NoSugarAnonymous day. This is where we read a letter from one of our listeners and discuss any issue or question they want our opinion on. Today's letter brought on the topic of Commitment.
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