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Popular USA Majority songs & poems.
Pod Ruin America
Stray thoughts, Interviews, Debates, and Responses to criticism of 1791 Originals
Pod Ruin America
Pod Ruin America features editors and contributors from 1791, Diet of Worms. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Ladies Who Lovebomb is your glittery pink field guide to making life better during these dumpster-fire times. By that, we mean lovebombing: sending out love to smash a problem. Every other week, host Jill Hilbrenner talks to one amazing lady who’s creating positive change — empowering women to make a difference in their communities. And each episode, our guests make activism more accessible, with practical tips to stand up, spread kindness and spark change. is the blog site that advocates "shooting guns & having fun". We discuss training, MILSURP collecting AND shooting, tactical scenarios, current firearms projects, hunting and anything firearms related.
The Sibcast
Listen to siblings Jason and Katrina shoot the breeze with a metaphorical arsenal that would make even the NRA wilt. And weep. And vote Sanders. No format. No objectives. Essentially you’re listening in on an underprepared, overproduced, hour-or-so-long phone conversation (come to mention it that's exactly what you're doing) between a stylish, tall-spirited, put-together wife/mom and a beard-mage masquerading presently as a deadbeat. - Nary a dull moment! Now and then a crudely sharpened one ...
Join former U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara for a podcast about justice and fairness.
Thought Crimez
Thought Crimez showcases global issues from a Black perspective; focusing on Entertainment, Music, Hip Hop Culture, Comedy, the Global Government, The Federal Reserves, Police Brutality, our Constitutional Rights, Human Rights, and more. This channel is an alternative to all the other noise out there because we take Black Americans and those abroad concerns seriously. In addition to being all inclusive to the diversity, Black people hold at large. When you need real commentary on serious iss ...
Yawcs Talks
Arms Room Radio
Arms Room Radio, a weekly, two hour live Radio show filled with entertaining conservative commentary on Second Amendment issues from guys who have been there, done that.Arms Room Radio is more than just a gun show. Tackling issues like when should you defend your self? When do you give a statement after a self defense incident? What rights do you have? And what rights does the government have when it comes to you and your firearms? Find out from the guys that know.Arms Room Radio does on air ...
Newsbeat reads out fresh news articles for you, hand-picked from the web everyday. Download our App at
Guns freedom liberty 2nd amendment
At Odds
Political talk from two wise-guys Brian and Nate. Each host brings his own political perspective, allowing for thoughtful debate and analyses on all the latest news and politics. Live Thursdays at 8pm Eastern! Call in at 248-455-ODDS!Pick up a copy of their pro-gun children's book at www.myparentsopencarry.comThe show's theme song is titled "xTreme Duty", original music by The Loving Dead. Check them out on Facebook.
Best of Today
Snippets from today's ALT morning show.
Longtime New England broadcaster Michael Graham hosts a weekly podcast about life for conservatives trapped behind enemy lines in deep-blue New England. Graham is a Boston Herald columnist and Politics Editor for
A Human Spin on Divisive Topics.
Jay Talking
It’s a talk show for everybody. You don’t have to be a political junkie. You don’t have to be a sports fanatic. You don’t have to be an expert in anything. All you have do is care about the daily dilemmas that we all face as New Englanders.
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.
Rachel Maddow works with unmatched rigor and resolve to explain our complex world and deliver news in a way that's illuminating and dynamic, connecting the dots to make sense of complex issues. Join her every weeknight as she provides in-depth reporting to illuminate the current state of political affairs and reveals the importance of transparency and accountability from our leaders.
Welcome to the Vortex Nation Podcast. Brought to you by lovers of hunting, shooting, public lands, the Second Amendment and dang good food.
Next Generation America covers the latest current events and election news happening across America in the age of Donald Trump. Host Corey Foister delivers the latest headlines that are overlooked by the mainstream media. Corey Foister ran for U.S. Congress in 2016 and became the youngest nominee to ever run and win the nomination of a major U.S. political party (Democratic). Feel free to message the show at
Gun Talk
Tom Gresham's insight opens and educates the minds of people on all aspects of gun related issues.
mh on Narro
mh uses Narro to create a podcast of articles transcribed to audio.
NPR's daily top stories that you can't miss. Exceptional, moving, offbeat, or just plain funny. Subscribe to the Story of the Day podcast.
On Foodable Weekly
On Foodable Weekly is the Foodable WebTV Network’s mothership show, a catch-all, industry insider's WebTV show for the restaurant and hospitality industry. What makes the hospitality business work from the inside-out? To answer this question is our aim. This show features topics ranging from industry executive interviews to new policies affecting the restaurant industry, local event coverage, and much more.
Learn Me Something is a podcast that celebrates our ignorance as the beginning of the search for Truth. Every week we select diverse subjects outside our neurosphere and set out to teach/learn something about them. The intent is to learn/teach something, for all of us. Recognizing the evolving world we live in, our end goal is to teach critical thinking strategies to enable us to see past falsehoods.
SciTech Culture
Hosted by Steve Kern and Ben Warner, this podcast offers content that examines science, technology and culture in our modern, 21st century world and the way they are changing our lives.
QUEST MEANS BUSINESS is CNN's flagship business program. Each weekday night, Richard Quest masterfully manages to bridge the gap separating business news and entertaining television. Get informed, get amused, and get down to business.
Southern Sense is Common Sense Conservative Talk Radio. Hosted by Annie "The Radio Chick" Ubelis, a Top Conservative Host on ---->>>> ©Southern Sense is copy right protected
Podcast by Probably Wrong
Political TNT
Political TNT discusses politics with Tom & Nancy Troy
District of Conservation is a podcast highlighting the incredible conservationists who thrive and survive deep in or around "The Swamp." These are the policymakers, storytellers, trailblazers, and hardworking folks who go unnoticed but shape this region—whether they live or work here. In addition to guests, the podcast will also cover difficult and even controversial conservation public policy matters and news. You're invited to come explore this September 4th.
Classy Ladies
Join Teri Akuk and her friends as they do vodka shots (no chasers) and talk sh*t about pop culture, their lives and
C&M Freedom-Cast
Brought to you by Cross and Musket Apparel! Use promo code "doggo" for 20% off your entire order. Follow our social medias for new product updates and give-aways. The C&M Freedom-Cast centers around the overall theme and purpose of Cross and Musket Apparel: to create and promote personal freedom and financial liberation through entrepreneurship and the pursuit of passion. Hosted by Cross and Musket Apparel Founder Robert "Bobby" Esparza, guests featured will be business owners, business star ...
A weekly discussion about politics, hosted by The New Yorker's executive editor, Dorothy Wickenden.
This is the Task Force Neptune Podcast.
Problematic Women
Shining a spotlight on strong conservative women, current events, and the hypocrisy of the "feminist" left. Hosts: Bre Payton & Kelsey Harkness.
The world's leading small business growth experts share their very best strategies and tactics to help you explode your profits and simplify your life. Entertaining, fun, and ALWAYS full of money-making advice.
Truthdig Podcast - Interviews and spoken articles from a Web magazine providing expert in-depth coverage of current affairs as well as a variety of thoughtful, provocative content assembled from a progressive point of view.
Ban This Podcast
A podcast about all things taboo, forbidden, stigmatized, and why we can't resist them. Catch us while you can on your favorite podcast app.
Listen to Shootin' From The Hip every Saturday from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. on AM 1290 and News 95.7 WHIO.
Roland S. Martin is a nationally award-winning and multifaceted journalist. A nationally syndicated columnist with Creators Syndicate, Mr. Martin is the author of Listening to the Spirit Within: 50 Perspectives on Faith, and Speak, Brother! A Black Man’s View of America, and his newest book, “The First: President Barack Obama’s Road to the White House as originally reported by Roland S. Martin.” Mr. Martin is a commentator for TV One Cable Network and host of “Washington Watch with Roland Ma ...
Minion Death Cult
The world is ending. Your uncle is to blame. We’re documenting it. Political and existential clarity through bad Facebook content
Black Law and Legal Lies is a weekly podcast where Ann, an actual licensed and practicing attorney, and Dan, a middle-school dropout who is also an actual licensed driver, discuss various topics from legal and not-so-legal points of view. Subjects include trending topics, current events, black culture, anything taboo, and a whole slew of complete and utter randomness. Every episode will feature an Ask an Attorney segment where an attorney will attempt answering a handful of audience question ...
QUEST MEANS BUSINESS is CNN's flagship business program. Each weekday night, Richard Quest masterfully manages to bridge the gap separating business news and entertaining television. Get informed, get amused, and get down to business.
The FuMP
The Funny Music Project!
Raw Audio Politics
Raw Audio Politics brings listeners unedited audio of speeches and interviews to help voters make informed decisions.
CounterSpin is the weekly radio show of FAIR, the national media watch group.
The Don Smith Show
Don Smith is a business executive, and fiscal conservative. As seen on Fox News, CBS, PBS, and heard on various radio broadcasts around the country. Tune in every Saturday at Noon ET for great interviews and all the latest conservative news.
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The Nation In June 2016, shortly after Donald Trump secured the Republican nomination for president, Barack Obama’s ambassador to the United Nations flew to Berlin to make a speech. Like her boss, Samantha Power was more than just a political figure; she was the closest thing the foreign-policy world had to an icon. In the 1990s, Power had made ...…
Behavioral scientist Behavioral scientists and practitioners’ guiding light has always been “Nudge for good,” keeping consumers’ best interests at heart, much as the fledgling Google set out to do with “Don’t be evil.” Yet there is a darker side of nudging, commonly referred to as sludge. Sludge was defined by Richard Thaler, winner of the 2017 ...…
A lot to cover in today's show. We continue to unpack the 2018 midterm election results and look forward to the 2020 presidential election. Also we talk about Trump because he is unavoidable.
Bloomberg Have weed, will travel? Not quite. The relaxation of marijuana laws in more than two dozen states has resulted in overlapping—and occasionally conflicting—state and federal rules that air travelers may find perplexing. Airports in Denver, Las Vegas and Reno, Nevada, don’t allow pot on the premises—but Los Angeles International—the wor ...…
Dry weather and strong winds mean that what would have been small blazes in the past are now monster fires. And more people live in harm's way.
Bloomberg Malibu resident Georgienne Bradley, a deep-sea diver and conservationist who’s known for swimming with sharks, packed her belongings and prepared to evacuate her beachfront home Friday when confronted with the deadlier threat of an uncontained wildfire. “They say the winds are going to die down, but that’s all guesswork,” Bradley said ...…
The New York Times There was a time when America approximated other wealthy countries in drug spending. But in the late 1990s, U.S. spending took off. It tripled between 1997 and 2007, according to a study in Health Affairs. Then a slowdown lasted until about 2013, before spending shot up again. What explains these trends? By 2015, American ann ...…
The New York Times On election night at Fox News Channel, big red news alerts lit up the small courtyard outside Studio F where Bret Baier and Martha MacCallum were hosting the channel’s midterms coverage. The rain had just let up and Baier, the channel’s chief political anchor, sat square-jawed and sober, resembling a Dick Tracy cartoon withou ...…
Bloomberg Last month, I traveled to Vienna, the former seat of the Austro-Hungarian Empire and a fitting place to contemplate the approaching 100th anniversary of the conclusion of World War I. That conflict began with Austria-Hungary's declaration of war against Serbia in July 1914, following the assassination of Austro-Hungarian archduke Fran ...…
Brainpickings What makes the commencement address such a singular pinnacle of the communication arts is that, in an era where religion is increasingly being displaced by culture and secular thought, it offers a secular version of the sermon — a packet of guidance on how to be a good human being and lead a good life. It is also one of the few cu ...…
The New York Times Zhang Zhejun used a fat plastic straw to gently tap the pale yellow pharmaceutical powder onto a piece of silver foil that lay on an electronic scale. He made sure the amount was just right before he poured it into a clear capsule. When you’re making cancer drugs at home, the measurements must be precise. Mr. Zhang has no med ...…
The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act injected almost nine hundred billion dollars into the U.S. economy to help the nation recover from the 2008 financial crisis. Ninety billion dollars went to clean energy, with the intention of jump-starting a new green economy and replacing aging fossil-fuel technologies. Instead, the bill may have don ...…
Zocalo Public Square First it was sacks of rice. Then frozen chicken. Later, even a television. The goods were wrapped tightly in plastic bags and thrown in with the other trash in a truck. “It was simple,” Raj, a former employee, told me. “They were buying supplies and then just throwing them out.” Outside the American base in Afghanistan wher ...…
In a little-noticed hearing last week before the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals, attorneys for Special Counsel Robert Mueller laid out how much authority the acting attorney general has over the Russia investigation, with the ability to reject a proposed subpoena or scuttle an indictment. Although the hearing, on its face, had little to do with ...…
Cupofjo I turned to my husband in the kitchen this morning and said, “Huh, I think I’m going to have a piece of cake”… It was 6 a.m. and we’d been up for five hours already, wildly jet lagged from our recent honeymoon. (The cake was a mini version of the one from our wedding, which he’d surprised me with the day we came home.) He nodded, then s ...…
Axios In the largest examination to date of genetic material from ancient Americans, researchers found some genetic similarity among remains in Montana, Nevada and Brazil — showing there was likely a rapid migration of people from the tip of North America, Eileen Drage O'Reilly reports. Researchers want to better understand how people first mig ...…
Washington Post It seems that soldiers who were captured aren’t the only ones that President Trump doesn’t like. He also apparently doesn’t care much for the ones who died for their country. On Saturday afternoon, the president was scheduled to attend a ceremony at the Aisne-Marne American Cemetery, where 2,289 U.S. soldiers are buried — a smal ...…
Axios Last summer's extreme weather was a showcase of how global warming is altering our atmosphere, from a scorching heat wave that contributed to a spate of wildfires in Scandinavia and California to devastating floods and all-time record-high temperatures set around the Northern Hemisphere. What's new: A new study, published last week in the ...…
With so much focus on the hunting strategies and tactics that lead up to the shot, it’s easy to overlook the most important events that follow – picking up the blood trail. The sound of the hit, animal’s body language, and sign left behind like hair and color/texture of blood all dictate your next move to recover the animal. Jimmy, Mark, Paul, ...…
This week we cover a few viral stories surrounding the election, including: An America's Got Talent loser getting fired by ZZ Top for sponsoring a lib-triggering facebook post, plus, his totally-real story about getting accosted by "hot topic kids" at a Chili's. That guy who wore a confederate noose T Shirt to the polls, and how it's not racist ...…
In the past year, NPR's Leila Fadel has had to report on the mass shooting in Las Vegas, and last week's shooting in Thousand Oaks, Calif., that left 13 dead, including the gunman.
Tom talks midterm election results with former Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke, who is now the Senior Advisor and Spokesman for America First Action Super PAC. Plus, the absurdity of red flag laws. Tom Gresham's Gun Talk 11.11.18 Hour 1
Tom talks with Ryan Repp about #Operation100K - Brownells' fundraiser supporting three different veteran groups. Find out more at Plus, midterm election results, and gun confiscation goals from Dems. Tom Gresham's Gun Talk 11.11.18 Hour 2
Tom talks how young is too young to shoot, the woes of having dirty ammunition, and troubleshooting gun jams. Tom Gresham's Gun Talk 11.11.18 Hour 3
Tom, Jim, and Michelle discuss the pro-gun public relations battle, hard-to-find cartridges, reasons to carry everywhere, and new guns. Tom Gresham's Gun Talk 11.11.18 After Show
Synopsis This week on “Learn Me Something,” Aaron and Rich delve into the lost city of Atlantis. Is it myth or reality? Make sure to signup for Audible today to get your FREE audio book and 30-day trial. Please support our podcast by making a sustaining monthly donation. Please also check out our GoFundMe campaign as we’re trying to raise enoug ...…
People's Pundit Daily Editor Richard Baris joins me live to talk about the recent midterm elections. We'll have the latest update on the Democrat Party attempt to steal the Florida election, and highlight the key results and what it means going forward. Of course we'll also have our "Vets in the Fight" SITREP and all the latest conservative new ...…
Pain medications commonly used in labor present medical and mental challenges for pregnant women recovering from opioid addiction.
9:00 Deadly fires ravage California communities 9:03 Turnout among key groups for Democrats added to GOP midterm loss 9:09 NBC News: Trump likely faced indictment but for presidency 9:23 New Trump acting-AG tied to fraud scheme under FBI investigation 9:35 Florida again the scene of a post-election ballot-counting fight 9:47 Lawyers in pitched ...…
The Food and Drug Administration is set to ban sales of e-cigarettes at gas stations and convenience stores, which is where teens often go to buy them.
The New York Times The Chain of Office of the Dutch city of Leiden is a broad and colorful ceremonial necklace that, draped around the shoulders of Mayor Henri Lenferink, lends a magisterial air to official proceedings in this ancient university town. But whatever gravitas it provided Lenferink as he welcomed a group of researchers to his city, ...…
Jalopnik Glass explodes. Metal screams against metal. A car crash is a waking nightmare, but one that has become increasingly survivable—and we have piles of dead bodies to thank. At the Wayne State University campus in midtown Detroit, there stands an empty building once used by the school’s Biomechanical Engineering department. It was here th ...…
Bloomberg Lab-grown. Cell-based. Clean. In vitro. Cultured. Fake. Artificial. Synthetic. Meat 2.0. These are all terms that refer to the same kind of food, one that’s not even on the market yet. But the companies making it have already raised hundreds of millions of dollars worth of investor cash and earned the close attention of U.S. regulator ...…
Southern Sense is conservative talk with Annie "The Radio Chick" Ubelis, as host and "CS" Bennett, co-host. Informative, fun, irreverent and politically incorrect, you never know where we'll go, but you'll love the journey! Visit our website at In Life We Need Love And Laughter: Pastor Paula White, is the Personal ...…
Today we talk about the story most mainstream media outlets aren't talking about: the Republican women elected on Tuesday night. More Join the conversation and comment on this podcast episode: Podcast listeners: Now become a Ricochet member for only $2.50 a ...…
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Washington Post Scott Kendall, the chief of staff to Alaska Gov. Bill Walker (I), said the week after the Pittsburgh synagogue shooting was not easy for him. A Jewish Republican, Kendall had just spoken to his 7-year-old son about why it was important to continue to go to synagogue, so the “bad guys” wouldn’t win. Kendall had been to memorials ...…
The Atlantic The state of youth sports in America is either booming or suffering, depending on which box score you’re checking. You could follow the money. Kids’ sports is a nearly $17 billion industry, which makes it larger than the business of professional baseball and approximately the same size as the National Football League. Or you could ...…
Slate When Donald Trump announced his presidential campaign in June 2015, Clayton Keirns, now 29, saw an opportunity. “I was business-minded and kind of conservative, and I was like, wow, this is something I’ve never seen before,” Keirns said in an interview this summer, describing how he started a Facebook page called Donald Trump for Presiden ...…
Jason Heller talks about the decade that defined Sci-fi and the galactic influence it had on Rock.
The Atlantic When the psychologist Jessica Pryor lived near an internationally renowned university, she once saw a student walking into a library holding a sleeping bag and a coffee maker. She’s heard of grad students spending 12 to 18 hours at a time in the lab. Their schedules are meant to be literally punishing: If they’re scientists-in-trai ...…
On Tuesday, Texas voters did as Texas voters historically do: they sent the full slate of Republican statewide candidates back to office. Those candidates faced varying degrees of difficulty—Senator Ted Cruz crawled his way to victory, Governor Greg Abbott and Attorney General Ken Paxton enjoyed more of a brisk sail—but the result was the same: ...…
The Atlantic It would be easy to look at what the Democrats tried to do in the Deep South and forget about the incredible degree of difficulty. In Florida, Andrew Gillum aimed to become the state’s first Democratic governor in 20 years, and the first black governor in the state’s history. In Georgia, Stacey Abrams attempted to break the GOP’s m ...…
Latest episode of Pod Ruin America covers Antifa's attack on Carlson, Fantano's resort to mockery on Twitter, election fraud, and Red Dead Redemption — — — — Become a supporter of this podcast:…
Content advisory: references to sexual assaultReproductive health is in a sad state, and here's a song with quotes from a few politicians that need to keep their bizarre medical opinions to themselves and out of the law making process. Wanna see for yourself? This song comes with reference citations!…
Episode 114 of the John1911 Podcast is in the can! Here is what we cover: Freeze's Pistol Build is Loud! T91 Project is back from the 07. A BREN project update. Are we buying a x39 AR Upper? Ginsberg falls in Chambers. Jim Acosta gets the White House Boot! The best Murder Defense this Year! Hedge Hog MEME. Marky & Freeze "Shoot ...…
American Christian leaders did not like former Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who resigned the day after the midterm elections at the president’s request. Not just progressive Christians who abhor the Trump administration: Many of President Donald Trump’s staunch evangelical allies, along with more moderate conservative leaders, also found Ses ...…
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