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Best Nu Metal podcasts we could find (Updated October 2019)
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Trasa 66 is a Polish radio show (broadcast on Radio Kampus in Warsaw, every Monday, 11:00 PM (CET)), where you can hear all the latest metal bands from different metal genres (metal, metalcore, post-metal, nu-metal, djent, hardcore, mathcore, experimental, progressive, industrial). Variety is the goal. So if you're a tolerant and open minded person, not sticking to one genre, tune in!
The P.O.D. Kast
Keep on rollin', baby. It's a monthly podcast where Bryan Quinby (Street Fight Radio) and John Cullen (Blocked Party) dissect a classic nu-metal album and wonder why they just can't give up thinking nu-metal is good. Probably because it really, really is.
The Roach Koach Podcast
Chaque semaine
Lorin Kozlowski and Jennifer Bloomer go in depth on your favorite rap-rock albums of the late 90's and early 2000's to create a Nu Metal Canon. Engineered and recorded by Matt Naas.
We Should've Gone to University
Podcast about 3 guys who grew up listening to early 90s/00s rock and metal''s in depth dive into the reasons why they decided to skip over university and instead, go head first into bands and all the problems that come with it. Also, a "re-listening" of albums from this era. Including System of a Down, Faith No More, Slipknot etc.
The weekly podcast looking into the history of metal
Nu Dudes
The nu dudes listen to a different nu metal album each episode and talk about how it makes them feel inside.
Heavy Metal Historian
The weekly podcast looking into the history of metal
You Can't Kill Me
Every Slipknot song one by one
Podcast - Heavy Metal Over a Six Pack hosted by a local Musicians Anthony, Markus, and Dave from Massachusetts. We are a talk program focusing on all forms of rock and metal both locally and nationally as well as a local and nationally craft brew beers and spirits. We have a semi serious approach to life, music, and entertainment and a semi serious approach at comedy and beer! Artist interviews, featured music, and special guests frequent the show regularly! Like, Share, Listen, Repeat... Ch ...
Devin and Hell
What the hell is the appeal of metal music, anyway? Comedian Devin Mackenzie is about to find out, or fall in league with Satan trying. With devoted metal enthusiast and fellow comedian Fraz Wiest as his guide, Devin learns all about metal's intricate tapestry of sub-genres, bands, album art, and so much more! It's hilarity and brutality. It's educating and disturbing. It's Devin and Hell!
Friendlyjordies Podcast
The official Friendlyjordies Podcast! A weekly podcast.
Error Machine Podcast
The Error Machine Podcast consists of a random mishmash of Dustin Thomas, Luke Roberts, Chris Cramer, and Chris Schram, four friends that occasionally get together to talk mostly about video games, but they also dabble in pro wrestling, making references to The Simpsons, making fun of 90s Nu Metal bands, and other fun stuff.
A music commentary podcast hosted by Trial and Error Collective, a music blog that also features artist interviews, concert photography, and much more.
North Mollywood
North Mollywood is the weekly altered reality pop culture recap that you didn't know you needed. Hosts Alex Pappademas and Molly Lambert love the 90s, outer space, and underwater sea creatures. They dislike most new technology, can agree to disagree on anything medieval, and they may or may not be stoked about nu metal. North Mollywood is about all of these things, and weird AF. Listen? North Mollywood is a proud member of the MTV Podcast Network. You can check out other great shows includin ...
The podcast version of the New Orleans-based movie review website
What is The Best Show? It used to be The Best Show On WFMU for thirteen years. Now we are on our own and making our way through the world! The show is comedy, call-ins, music and fun. It's Scharpling and Wurster and everyone else! Tell your friends that we're back and we're coming for your children!
Old Skool Music
In this Podcast you can free listen these styles: Techno, House, Breakbeat, Hardcore, Gabber, Drum and Bass, Electro, Acid, Psytrance, Trance,Hip-Hop, Soul, Funk, Disco, RnB, Industrial, EBM, SynthPop, Rock, and other good music.Sign in: -Apple/iTunes: Podcast: you have any doubts:-Email:
A heavy metal podcast featuring indie, unsigned, and small-label bands from across the globe, many of which are played here for the first time anywhere. Crank it up and rock out!
Battle of the Bands
Tri-Rock Radio presents the Battle of the Bands (Christian Rock/Metal), playing 2 categories of 50 bands in both. 1st Category is Classic Metal and the 2nd Category is Nu Rock. This airs on Tri-Rock Radio every Weds 9am, 12pm, 3pm & 6pm all PCT. Website for our station to listen from anywhere is - How to LISTEN:1. COMPUTERS: Go to our website to listen and see what is playing.2. SMART PHONES: Listen in your CAR now or where ever you go... you can ...
WHERE ROCK'N'ROLL IS OUT LOUD Durante dos horas, NU ROCKS repasa de manera muy exhaustiva toda la Actualidad del Hard Rock, el AOR, el Rock Melódico y el Heavy Metal, en todas sus vertientes y colores. Tendrás Muchas novedades, primícias, Clásicos, Notícias de última Hora, Repaso a la Agenda roquera, Entrevistas y Especiales que iremos montando. Son dos horas con la mejor de las etiquetas musicales que conocemos; Hard & Heavy! Xtra Hard, Xtra Heavy!!
Love Songs with Spike Eskin is a podcast about music.
Podcast by Jeremy Zierau
Zero Positivity
Weekly podcast about critical analysis of music, the music community, and the industry, from a leftist perspective.
I Flumskolan studerar vi böckerna som lär dig något om världen utanför klassrummet. Ett samarbete med satirtidskriften Galago och Aftonbladet Kultur som spelas in live på bland annat Södra teatern i Stockholm. Studierektor: Johannes Klenell.
In the Mix
Steve and Dave love music, probably a little too much. So they and their friends get together and make mixes. 10 songs from one theme become a freeform conversation about music, life, and whatever else comes to mind.
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show series
Britnee & Brandon travel back in time to wage war with the vampires of the nu-metal era, with a particular focus on Queen of the Damned (2002), Underworld (2003), and Dracula 2000 (2000). Enjoy! Swampflix.
Leprous - Alleviate;Torche - Admission;He Is Legend - White Bat;Killswitch Engage - The Signal Fire;Slipknot - Solway Firth;Shadow Of Intent - Dirge Of The Void;Vale Of Pnath - Accursed;Pijn and Conjurer - Endeavour;Baroness - Borderlines;Tool - Fear Inoculum;By Piotr Gebethner.
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New to the Best Show? Check out Best Show Bests, the greatest hits of The Best Show! In February of 2017, Greg Cartwright came by the studio to play some songs and chat with Tom. Enjoy!
Become a patron for early access to the pod and other rewards: the discussion over on the FriendlyJordies Podcast Discord: Friendlyjordies.
A.P Mike, Jason and Pat fill in for The Best Show with SLICE OF LIFE! Special Guests include longtime F.O.T.'s Geneva and Jason Sims discussing the topic of MOST EMBARRASSING MOMENTS!
This week on the Roach Koach podcast we talk all about SOiL and their breakthrough album, Scars. Is it the rare nu-metal album to overcome 9/11? Did SOiL create a new song for the dumped? Most importantly, are they worthy of the Nu-Metal Canon? Also, we recap Jenny’s wedding day, talk Robb Flynn vs Dope, go over Guano Apes feedback, and continu ...…
Headlines... Metallica's James Hetfield checks into rehab, Victory records goes away, and Flaw has Flaws in their writing styles... AND! We have music from 3 awesome bands and Underground Album Reviews continue! Like, Share, Listen, Repeat! Check out the bands below! Headlines: ...…
Do we hear a song differently after an artist has gone through a public scandal? Do our own expectations change the way we perceive music? For the tenth episode of the T&E podcast, your hosts Mike and Parisa take on Part 2 of the Context & Continuity topic, focusing on the "I'm big in Japan" phenomenon, public scandal, early death, context of t ...…
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This week we smash open a can of Spineshank and drink the ridiculously nu-metal flavored liquid that is, The Height of Callousness. Track by track we talk about the album and you can also give us your thoughts at weshouldhavegonetouniversity@gmail.comBy We Should've Gone to University.
Vol. 88 LIVE (House, GarageHouse, DeepHouse, HipHouse)By DJ Edertech.
This week on the Roach Koach podcast we listen to the wild men of Amen and their self-titled album. Does Casey Chaos have an equilibrium problem? Are a lot of these songs about pee? Does the United Kingdom think of the United States as their ex? Most important, does Amen deserve entry into the Nu-Metal Canon? As well, we go over Family Values 2 ...…
Tom takes calls on “What Is The Worst Movie You’ve Ever Seen?” A call from BRYCE! Plus, ANDREW SANDOVAL calls in to chat about the new Kinks “Arthur” release! A CLASSIC BEST SHOW!
With much regret but well wishes, this episode will be the last episode with our long time Co Host Jay... Jay will be focusing on other endeavors and will be leaving the show full time but I can say, you should definitely reach out and speak out his art and writing, its definitely worth a look! However, Jay did take the lead on this one, and ch ...…
The Dillinger Escape Plan - One Of Us Is The Killer (Easy Girl Remix);Benjamin Weinman - It Is Nothing;Tides From Nebula - Dopamine;Rosk - In Nomine Pestis;Uneven Structure - Creator;Car Bomb - Fade Out;Car Bomb - Vague Skies;Devin Townsend - Hear Me;Opeth - Charlatan;By Piotr Gebethner.
This week we listened back to Australian rock band "Silverchair" and their 3rd album, Neon Ballroom. We also talk about general life in Japan, As I Lay Dying, Post Malone, Rugby World Cup, how to deal with being fired from a band. email the show with your comments or album suggestions at Twitter and Instag ...…
New to the Best Show? Check out Best Show Bests, the greatest hits of The Best Show! In this episode, Tom gets a call from Ricky in Outer Newbridge!
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This week on the Roach Koach Podcast we talk Spike 1000 and their lone release, Waste of Skin. How did an album with such great f-word usage get lost in the shuffle? Does it give voice and perspective to an underserved female nu-metal audience? Is Spike 1000 worthy of the Nu-Metal Canon? As well, we talk Substance D feedback and dive into Who’s ...…
The show where Tom gives everybody a trophy! A call from ZANDER IN D.C. and much more!
In this brand-new monthly podcast from Street Fight Radio's Bryan Quinby and Blocked Party's John Cullen, the two men sit down and wax poetic about their favorite genre of music: nu-metal. Each episode will be focused on one nu-metal album, and this month, they tackle Korn's "Korn". Widely regarded to be the album that started nu-metal, John an ...…
EP 73 will focus on headlines... including the story of Wal Mart calling authorities for individuals in "Heavy Metal" clothing. Headlines and beers! Like, Share, Listen, Repeat! Cheers!Heavy Headlines: ...…
Live från bokmässan I panelen: Gustav Fridolin, Mats Jonsson, Jenny Lindahl, Linda Skugge, Programledare: Johannes Klenell. For information regarding your data privacy, visit
Britnee & Brandon are joined by special celebrity guest star Mark "Boomer" Redmond to discuss feature-length movie sequels to television shows, with a particular focus on Downton Abbey (2019), Da Kath and Kim Code (2005), and Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (1982). Enjoy! Swampflix.
This week on the Roach Koach Podcast we continue our journey to create the Nu-Metal Canon by listening to some of that new-Nu-Metal with Cane Hill and their album, Smile. We talk mouth stuff, bops, Queen of the Damned vibes, Skeet Skeetles, and a classic case of corpse fucking. Also, we decide if Cane Hill belongs in the Nu-Metal Canon. As well ...…
Tom gives sage advice to callers struggling with a variety of life's problems! DARREN FROM WORK calls and much more!!!
Sectioned - Annihilated;Sectioned - Release;God Mother - Tar Mirror;Pijn and Conjurer - Endeavour;Pijn - Denial;Cult Of Luna - Nightwalkers;Alcest - Protection;Tides From Nebula - Ghost Horses;The Number Twelve Looks Like You - Gallery of Thrills;The Number Twelve Looks Like You - Ruin The Smile;By Piotr Gebethner.
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It has been a while! We have finally found some time to get together and chat about the new nu-metal releases. We also dive into what we have been doing personally, as a band and as fans of music. Damien talks about his many trips around the world this year, Jamie hits on the Japanese pension service whilst Ashley talks about the erotic ebay we ...…
New to the Best Show? Check out Best Show Bests, the greatest hits of The Best Show! In this episode, Tom gets a call from Gregg Turkington AND Tim Heidecker!
This episode is dedicated to "Smashed Banana" Album Reviews but... for bands ... maybe considered hidden gems?!? These bands are from the underground and even better... thank you to the artists.. they have allowed us to share some tunes as well! Please check out the artists featured on today's episode and see for yourself!! Like, Share, Listen, ...…
Vol. 83 LIVE (Hardcore, Breabeat, Techno, Trance, Ambient)By DJ Edertech.
What are THE SECRETS OF LIFE that you know the answer to? Tom and the callers share all the secrets that make our lives easier! Plus, a debut song by our friend SIMON O’CONNOR'S (Simon Doom, MGMT) new band SPIRAL HEADS! It’s a great song and a great show you will love it!
This week on the Roach Roach podcast we prepare for Jenny’s wedding and listen to our first EP, Society Anxiety by Sunk Loto. These Australian boys were as young as 13 when they made this album. Is it worthy of the Nu-Metal Canon? Also, we talk Who’s Emailing, WWF Forceable Entry feedback, and an update on the Genius List. Rate and review Roach ...…
William Duvall - 'Til The Light Guides Me Home;Alter Bridge - Wouldn’t You Rather;Alter Bridge - Take the Crown;Killswitch Engage - I Can't Be the Only One;Pijn and Conjurer - The Pall;Cancer Bats - Dog Parks / Switchoff;Domination Inc. - The Sickening;Domination Inc. - Culling;Shadow Of Intent - The Dreaded Mystic Abyss;…
James & Brandon attempt to answer the age-old question "Just who, exactly, is Jason Statham?" To solve this complex puzzle, they look back to the supposed action star's early-aughts rise to fame[?] in films like The Transporter (2002), Crank (2006), and The Bank Job (2008). Enjoy!…
This episode is entirely dedicated to Tool, after 13 years of waiting "Fear Inoculum" was released, and with historic event we decided its time to Talk Tool all day... Special Guest host called in, good friend of the show, lead vocalist to New England's premiere Tool Tribute "Undertow", David Korona calls in to weigh in on the topic... Like, Sh ...…
Phones ring on the topic: WHO THE F ASKED FOR THIS? Tom does not one, but TWO special SOUND COLLAGES! Plus some great calls and a whole lot more... A great show!
This week on the Roach Koach podcast we discuss one of the most infamous nu-metal albums of all time, Machine Head’s Supercharger. Was this album the victim of bad timing or is it no good any time of year? Was Robb Flynn on one when he made this album? Are his raps still divisive? Most important, is this album worthy of the Nu-Metal Canon? As w ...…
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System of a Down - Spiders;Slipknot - Spiders;Shadow Of Intent - Dirge Of The Void;Shadow Of Intent - Chthonic Odyssey;Tool - Descending;Cult of Luna - Lay Your Head to Rest;Brutus - Cemetery;Brutus - Horde V;Thrice - The Earth Will Shake;By Piotr Gebethner.
Opening this episode we are delighted to share the newest single from our favs from Texas, Cutthroat Conspiracy, the track "Realize" that was released on Aug 30th, 2019.We haven't done a tournament in a while so we put our World Class Rating System in play to the 32 top Nu Metal Bands according to the Rating site to come up with ...…
In this brand new monthly podcast from Street Fight Radio's Bryan Quinby and Blocked Party's John Cullen, the two men sit down and wax poetic about their favourite genre of music: nu-metal. The hosts intend to dissect one nu-metal album per episode, and first on the docket is Limp Bizkit's Significant Other. Seen by both men as the pinnacle of ...…
New to the Best Show? Check out Best Show Bests, the greatest hits of The Best Show! In this episode, Tom gets a call from Thor with special in-studio guest James Murphy!
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