Best Numb3rs podcasts we could find (Updated January 2019)
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JLG Numb3rs Podcast
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What Happending?
A podcast where Jon, Ari, & Carlos watch only the pilot and series finale of TV shows.
Alex and I talk about interesting topics.
The Night Time Show
The Night Time Show Podcast is a talk show where Comedians Stephen Kramer Glickman, Matt Walker, Mike Black, and Mike Glazer interview influential people, comedy gurus and blatant liars. Tune in for entertaining celebrity stories and secret behind-the-scenes dirt straight from Hollywood.
Media Nite Radio
Celebrity interviews and topics about the media industry
Series Finale
In the Golden Age of Television there is just too much to watch. Three Boston comedians cut to the chase and just watch the series finale of a show they never saw. They are generally confused, often critical, and always funny.
Unwanted Answers
In Unwanted Answers Adam and Tyler delve into the world of Yahoo Answers, finding the ripest and sometimes most classic questions just begging to be answered. Who are we kidding, no one asked for this. But here it is!Enjoy, as two unqualified hosts read the hilarious questions and give questionable answers!
Sexy Vegan Radidio
Chef and author Brian L. Patton presents vegan cooking tips, recipes, and interviews with prominent cookbook authors, personalities, and foodie-type peoples. Don't let the "V" word scare's just (mostly) food!
A weekly web series where host Rick Yaeger gets the golden opportunity to speak with a celebrity and then wastes it all on some random question.
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Bates Motel is a show about the movie Pyscho. Its got a real weird and made Zach and Jack very scared while watching it late at night. John Paul really wasn't afraid but was conflicted because of the beautiful relationship Norman Bates and his Mom.
Special guest star Hideo -- What Happending’s first-ever English co-star -- helps our American hosts understand the British cult classic character Alan Partridge, as well as many other things about his strange and distant homeland. Catch phrases, Jordy shore, Cluedo, BBC, Joey Chestnut, Vin Petrol, and Peter Purvis are also discussed…
The boys discuss fake news, fake studio laughs, and the truth of Alex Jones. The boys debate whether or not Alf is a lame square or a comedic genius.
It's one of those dark sitcoms set in LA or NYC featuring struggling thirty-somethings! And DJ Qualls! How to do proper accents, Road Trip, extra Pat Connaughton, Richard Rucolo’s IMDB metadata, TV commercial IMDB, and cookie trees are also discussed.
Some closing thoughts from Alex about 2018.
The last of our dive into religious tv we watched the Canadian show Little Mosque on the Praire. This was not a very good show but we learned a lot about Islam. They are opposed to high interest which is pretty cool. Zach contemplates the switch.
Matt was dressed in costume, screaming, yelling, and jumping up and down to get Stephen's attention, and when he finally did he convinced him to get Jonathan Mangum on the show. We talk about when he met Wayne Brady, his time on The Drew Carey Show, performing Improv at a high level on Whose Line is it Anyway, and get all the inside scoop on Le ...…
Happy Christmas everybody. The boys are joined by Sean Sullivan of Live at Gotham (Comedy Central) fame to discuss the 1964 television special Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer. Sean reflects on being left on the cutting room floor of Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn and his own dreams of being a dentist.
Were back with our 2nd Unwanted Christmas Special In this episode we answer holiday questions such as How can Santa be more environmentally conscious What if your favorite shirt stops being sold just before Christmas What if youre living in a Christmas decoration overloaded nightmare Find out in this very special and very unwanted episode Also ...…
Nothing could be more rad than to interview a cartoon shake and the star of a legendary 80s film in the same night. We talk to Dana Snyder about his time on Your Pretty Face Is Going to Hell, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, and Squidbillies, and even get (poorly) serenaded by Dana on the ukulele. Then we get Bill Allen, Cru Jones himself, to bunny hop ...…
Jennifer Garner and co. take five seasons to get to Mongolia and find Sloan’s red ball of infinite life that floats in the air when you put a magical toilet seat under it. Rufflin’ Mark Ruffalo, Ahmad Rashad, Dustin Johnson, Blue Bloods, sad jaw guy, and the Renaissance man of Mongolia are also discussed.…
We speculate about the paternity of the Brady children and the anatomy of motorcycle riders. They dissect the Jimmy Smits Universe hypothesis.
We're thinking of you, Joey Fatone, and when Stephen Glickman said, "I want you back on The Night Time Show," you told us that we'll never have to be alone on stage at the Hollywood Improv. We were able to spend a little more time on you, and it's tearin' up my heart that you were cut out of a Star Wars prequel. I know that when I eat at Fat On ...…
Ari makes his triumphant return with the conclusion of TGINovemtoberspooktacular! And the season eight finale! Jon’s animatronic cat, ASMR, jaw guys, and pay phones are also discussed.
We talked about who wrote the Bible. The similarities beetween Kevin Spacey and Jesus are more than you would think. We also rebrand the podcast and its now called Presviously On
Today is a good day to die. But not before listening to this podcast episode, because we got to interview the great Klingon, Worf, played by Michael Dorn. You'll hear about his early career on CHiPs and guest starring in 80s sitcoms, how he got the role that changed his (and Matt Walker's) life forever, and what's next for him. We also present ...…
The boys talk about there problems with Dahli Lama. We listen to our fans, and finally get back to Starz programing. We talk about Dave Mathews and his involvement in a top 3 genocide.
If you want to hear about all things creepy, get some creepy people together to discuss their work. We did just that, bringing to LA Comic Con Dave Stewart & Will Carsola (creators of Mr. Pickles and TripTank), Kirby Bliss Blanton (Green Inferno), and Brian Witten (Final Destination, Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th). Find out how you g ...…
Guest star Kelley and our hosts watch a reality show in a fake town where real kids build a fake nation! Poor Jimmy. Half-burnt DVDs and 3:10 to Yuma are also discussed.
This is a special week where the boys decided to go over the life and times of the greatest Sketch Comedian and Actor of our time Chris Farley. John Paul has a lot of envy and it comes off in the podcast but if you read through the subtext its John Pauls cry for help. Zach and I talk about our favorite sketchs and our love of our favorite comic ...…
By the power of donuts, we have the podcast! And joining us on this episode recorded at LA Comic Con is Tom Cook, artist and animator whose work you've seen in He-Man, She-Ra, The Jetsons, SuperFriends, Blackstarr, and many more fantastic cartoons of the 70s, 80s, and 90s. Find out how he went from bus driver to animator in the span of three we ...…
A spooky storm descends on a small island in Maine. The boys discuss whether or not they would save their children from a Demon. Also, this is written by Stephen King. The boys discuss their childhoods and Zach teases an Andrew Dice Clay joke.
Alexander tells the best story
Erin Sanders (Zoey 101), Kenton Duty (Shake it Up), Sammi Hanratty (Suite Life Of Zack & Cody), Sterling Knight (Sonny with a Chance), Josh Sussman (Wizards of Waverly Place), and Tanya Chisholm (Big Time Rush) join Stephen, Matt, and Mike for a conversation and LIVE Q&A at LA Comic Con about working for Disney and Nickelodeon. Find out about w ...…
Vampire Diaries is a show where killing woman is very popular. Hell Fire comes up a lot and its not about Zachs FARTS. We talk about spitting in peoples faces. John Paul goes very nerdy explaining to us about DC comics
Everyone loves seeing someone in a great costume, and we have an expert in great costumes on the show today. Recorded in our booth at LA Comic Con, we interviewed famed cosplay model Liz Katz about her life, and learned how you turn pro in something we didn't know could be a job. It's nitty. It's gritty. For the rest of that you'll have to go t ...…
The boys unearth the real secret as to why Howie Mandel won't shake hands. They discuss Ferris Bueller's rough day off and other great stuff.
Brian Volk-Weiss may be one of the top producers of stand up comedy specials in the business, but his real passion has always been toys. Currently in production on it's third season on Netflix, The Toys that Made Us is a hit show receiving critical acclaim. Brian shares with us the toy stories from his youth and what drove him to create such a ...…
Spooktacular mid-October to sometime in November continues with the cult classic Buffy the Vampire Slayer! Girl power! Penn & Teller, Phil Helmuth, 24, Tru Calling, Raw Reality, Sprung Monkey, fighting jeans, and Mount Mazama are also discussed.
On this episode we talked about Melrose Place. Show about sexy people fucking with each other. Theres murder sex and a crazy ass funeral.
In episode unlucky 13 we tell stories about begging for 4 dollars introducing yourself as Bob and some longlasting pottery trauma We even enthusiastically sign up for MySpace live on the podcast Also we urge everyone to take the role seriously when you dress up as a black widow watch some odd videos andas two grown menimitate a babytalking pers ...…
The boys discuss spooky spy show The Americans. They make predictions for the upcoming Conor McGregor fight. Jack reminisces on his fraternity days and John Paul waxes poetic about the fraternity of CVS workers. Zach makes everyone laugh and trashes newscasters yet again.
As part of our October theme of self-torture, we entered the Octagon again to fight Ryan "Rubber Man" Murphy! There's red devil boys and green meanies. Tony Danza’s motorcycle skills, Brock Holt, Jeff Bagwell, Rod Carew, and neck beards are also discussed.
We talked about Murphy Brown a show with an old woman who tells the news. So we talked alot of health issues in America Colonoscapies Manograms. If you use a squatty Potty you will be excited to hear the origin stories
Hold on- we got Carnie Wilson to come to our show at the Improv? Yes we did. And I bet you can't wait for Matt to say "Release Me" to this episode. Well once he does, you'll hear Carnie talk about her career and what it's like be a major pop star after growing up in as the daughter of one. Then Sean Giambrone stops in to talk about The Goldberg ...…
John From Cincinatti was a show about surfers who lost at it all and then try to redeem themself. Almal Clooney comes or better known as George Clooneys wife.We recall our past as extreme sports fan.
Sometimes our live shows allow us to meet people we never would otherwise, and this episode certainly did that. It starts off with the legendary Fred Willard, who tells us all about his work with Martin Mull and Christopher Guest, how he ended up on a show with puppets, and why he's most proud of his work on Laverne & Shirley. Then we get to sp ...…
Minneapolis in the ‘70s. Shit is about to go down. Kowabunga man, Ron Burgundy, pocket combs, chain wallets, shag carpet horrors, and couch hiders are also discussed.
Zach is super mean to me while the Patriots loose and John Paul tells us what Tom Brady likes sexually. And we explore the myth that men who have sex with a lot of woman are proabbly gay.
If you're a sweet transvestite, you'll definitely be filled with antici...pation for this episode where we interview Barry Bostwick, who you may know as Brad Majors in The Rocky Horror Picture Show. We find out about his early career in The Klowns, originating the role of Danny in Grease, why singing to dogs is a bad idea, and what it was like ...…
You will never guess what show we watched! Zach talks about office gags and Jack says some dirty stuff about how he entertains himself. John Paul doesn't believe in Jesus, but he does believe in the power of Emo Punk.
When does a wish at 1111 come true Is this guy from WalMart my longlost brother Thats right were back and more honest than ever for season 2 this time with new segments where well let you know what happened on this day in history present a rap thatll teach you how to prepare the perfect fast food burger and even show just how Star Wars Prequel ...…
Post-Raw, mid-Klumps, pre-Norbit Eddie Murphy teams up with Phil Morris to mash it up for the claymation smash hit — grab a 40 water and listen! Bull, uncle stories, Phil Knight, clay floating, and Neti Pots are also discussed.
Your favorite podcasters have a special bonus episode with Glickman telling stories about falling down, sex with robots and allergic reactions, Matt's complaints about the lack of products for redheads, and Mike laughing at both of them.
The boys discuss a telenovela, La Rubi, in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month. John Paul accuses Zach of being a covert geriatric. Zach talks about his distrust of local newscaster Jonathan Elias. Jack expresses serious confusion as to what and who a Hispanic is.
A quiet lane in a peaceful suburb. Or is it?!? A plumber. Or is it?!? A triplet. Or is it?!? Don Knotts' foyer, Log Lady, steam pipe kitchens, dad plumber skills, neck beards, honey mussy, Snow Dogs, and Vanilla Ice are also discussed.
The boys sail the ocean blue. They talk Black Sails a Starz show that no one watched. Arghhhh put ur peg foot forward and join us on an adventure
It's part 2 of our live spectacular with two fantastic guests. We start with the legendary Dave Foley, who regales us with tales of Andy Dick, how the Kids in the Hall got a TV show, and his favorite sketches. Then we're joined by Britney Young, one of the stars of GLOW. She campaigns for a superhero role, and tells us why we should all be watc ...…
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