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Obi Wan's Beard
A Podcast! Get Your Geek On!
Podcast by Obi Community Church
Comic duo radio presenters on The Juice ( Mr Voltaire and RKJ get busy talking about lifes issues.
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Pastor Dave talks about the four things to look for in overcoming temptation.
James: A Field Guide for Life | Week 1 by Obi Community Church
Summer Mixtape: Week 8 | Psalm 145 by Obi Community Church
a sermon on how great the art of worship is to God and How vital true, big and beautiful worship is.
a sermon about the struggles that Asaph went through when he forgot about the spectacular characteristics of God and how he changed his mindset completely
Summer Mixture: Week 4 | Psalm 139 by Obi Community Church
a sermon through the transformation of Asaph's state of mind as he realizes how truly blessed he is with God on his side.
Summer Mixtape Week 1 by Obi Community Church
Risky Faith: Week 7 | Give Up or Press On by Obi Community Church
Risky Faith: Week 6 |Safe Or Risky by Obi Community Church
a sermon that describes the culture we live in and how us as Christian are supposed to advance in our world.
Risky Faith: Week 4 | Win or Lose by Obi Community Church
A Sermon about how to pray and to find out what we really need in life.
A sermon that reveals how we need to be bold and display our faith in risky situations.
Dave talks about faith and how we should live it out on a daily basis.
A sermon based off of the prophet Jeremiah who had to prophesy on the destruction of Israel and how difficult that was for him.
a sermon discussing on what Jesus actually finished when he died on the cross and the love we have been given when everything was fulfilled
a sermon on the Everlasting forgiveness of Jesus Christ and how much we should forgive everyone else as we are forgiven.
A sermon about why bad things happen to good people and our understanding of it.
Dave talks about where we place ourselves on a scale of 1-100.
On Mission - Week 6 by Obi Community Church
A sermon on learning about our mission to be with people.
On Mission: Week 4 | Go And Tell by Obi Community Church
On Mission: week 3 | Love Your Neighbor by Obi Community Church
A sermon about practical ways to be on mission in our daily life.
On Mission: Week 1 | All Play by Obi Community Church
A sermon about the six character traits in Phillipians 4 and how they affect your life.
The Battle plan us Christians should take in order to defeat Satan and the evil lies he tries to give us.
Dave talks about a declaration of dependance on God.
a sermon that wholeheartedly explains that God is there to help you every step of the way and that we need Him every day.
Simply Irresistible Christmas | Week 4 by Obi Community Church
A Simply Irresistible Christmas | Part 3 by Obi Community Church
A sermon about the impactful journeys of the characters of the Christmas story
Simple Irresistible Christmas | Week 1 by Obi Community Church
a sermon based off of the smile story of Jesus' birth and how it affected the world through simple steps
describing different results in the story of adam and eve
Dave talks about the cross and the ultimate sacrifice Jesus made and why it was Him that had to make that sacrifice.
Dave talks about the story of Noah and what would have happened if Noah had said no.
Lifehacks: week 8 | Worship by Obi Community Church
A Sermon that goes in depth on the true purpose of generosity and how important it truly is
Pastor Dave talks about why it is so important for all of us to serve.
Dave tells us why its so crucial for us to be actively engaged in community groups.
LifeHacks: Week 4 | Unplugging by Obi Community Church
Lifehacks: Week 3 | Prayer by Obi Community Church
Dave tells us the importance of not just reading the Bible that we take something away from His Word when we do.
Lifehacks: Week 1 | Spiritual Disciplines by Obi Community Church
Brody talks about how Elijah and how through him God brought his people back to him.
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