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'Jimmy Kimmel Live' on-air personality and the host of "Cousin Sal’s Sure Thing," Sal Iacono breaks down the world of gambling across a variety of sports, including NFL, NBA, NHL, UFC, boxing, wrestling, and competitive hot dog eating. Each week, Sal offers up odds analysis as well as his best bets, and brings on celebrities, Vegas experts, and his pack of degenerate friends, who are shameless about discussing their latest wins and losses (mostly losses).
The Star Wars RPG Podcast - The Edge of the Empire Live Play Podcast
The home of Mitch and Dr. Kev's Tipping the Odds Las Vegas Podcast
Against the Odds
Against the Odds features the true stories of real-life bands of brothers who exhibited unparalleled bravery, solidarity and endurance on the battlefield to come out on top in a fight against impossible odds. Reliving battles from World War II, Korea, Vietnam, and Iraq, these are true stories of the harsh realities of war, as told by the veterans who survived to tell.
Early Odds
Joe Ostrowski shares his insights and speaks with the top sports bookmakers and sharpest bettors around to analyze the latest point spreads, totals, futures, and prop bets. The Early Odds covers the NFL, College Football, MLB, NBA, NHL, PGA and horse racing. Joe is a Chicago sports radio host on 670 The Score that you can track down on twitter: @JoeO670
Odds and Evenings
Playing around with maths and puzzles was something that the two hosts spent their time at university doing together. Now in their late twenties with proper grown up jobs, Alaric and Alex carve out the occasional evening to sit back and smell the numbers. Not all of the mathematics is entry level, but they envisioned this podcast for those people whose science degrees may be long behind them, but who still get a kick out of recreational numbering. If this is your first time listening, episod ...
“Beating the Odds” is a podcast full of inspiration and advice from minority entrepreneurs that have overcome obstacles to build successful businesses. Each episode details their journey to success, and the issues that can sidetrack a business. Many of the challenges are unique to minority entrepreneurs while others are faced by all business owners. Some of the companies featured are large, some are small; but each story provides valuable lessons and inspiration to anyone who wants to succee ...
A football podcast that discusses Ohio State Buckeye football, College Football, and the NFL.
The Success Caribbean Style Podcast is a show that gives you hope and make you into a believer of fulfilling your dream. It is a medium where immigrants from the Caribbean share their personal journey of leaving their homeland to pursue a better life in a country that has more opportunities. You will discover how you can achieve your goals as you hear about some of the lessons learned by these immigrants. You will also have some myths dispelled as it relates to some of the stories you may ha ...
Online advertising is a game of strategy. Plain and simple, he who spends most, wins. BUT, he who spends most while doing it right wins more. This raw podcast dives straight in and helps businesses avoid being a one trick ad pony! We hate boring, and say it like it is. If you want just another podcast about advertising, or online marketing filled with fluff this podcast isn’t for you. Bryant Garvin and Jay Leishman have over 25 years combined experience running ads and marketing. Not only th ...
Presenting inspirational stories of people who made "it" happen through their own determination, talent and leadership. This conversational and casual format illuminates how successful people think, what challenges they faced and the tools they employed to overcome tremendous adversity.
At Odds Show
Forget what you learned in school, never mind what your parents told you, disregard what your friends say. From now on the only people you need to listen to are these guys.
“Jimmy Mac Picks” stars Jimmy Mac from Jersey (“the only state you don’t have to say the ‘New’!”). Once a recurring handicapper on CRN radio’s “PM Show,” this former bookmaker’s popularity demanded he have his own show! His over-the-top yet lovable personality make him a kick – and his knowledge of sports and picking games (especially football) make him a hit. Plus, you know he’s the real deal with a cadre of recurring guests including actual people known as Fast Eddie, Big City Dan and more ...
Matt Perrault started in sports talk in 1996. Pushing The Odds with Matt Perrault originates from the Las Vegas Strip every week day. Never shy to voice his opinions, Perrault is known for owning the ears of his loyal fans. His honest approach to sports talk radio and engaging style have attracted an audience that enjoys interacting with him every night from coast to coast.
Two men with vastly different opinions. One loves all things Ohio sports, the other hates them with a passion. Fiscal Conservative vs Progressive. Controversial vs Straight-Laced. We are the At Odds Podcast!
Dr Maat Muhammad is more than just the first wife of the CGIC of the Revolutionary Black Panther Party but she speaks on polygyny, motherhood, veganism, homeschooling, Islam and Spirituality .... and so much more ....
Believed to have been written by Chicago socialite, Emma Murdock Van Deventer, this detective story set at the World's Fair follows Carl Masters as he is in pursuit of international criminals Greenback Bob and Delbras. Conmen, lost handbags, jewel robberies, an adventuress... not to mention two missing young men and a murder, all come under the detective's eye. ( Lynne Thompson)
The Camp Fire Girls books is a series of fiction novels written for children by various authors from 1912 into the 1930s. (Wikipedia)
Odds and Ends
A mixture of Music, niche News and scenic views of various countries visited
At Odds
Political talk from two wise-guys Brian and Nate. Each host brings his own political perspective, allowing for thoughtful debate and analyses on all the latest news and politics. Live Thursdays at 8pm Eastern! Call in at 248-455-ODDS!Pick up a copy of their pro-gun children's book at www.myparentsopencarry.comThe show's theme song is titled "xTreme Duty", original music by The Loving Dead. Check them out on Facebook.
Podcast by Vernon Barnett
Get a boost of inspiration with practical advice and tips. Enjoy intimate conversations and interviews with influential guests and experts. Gain insights and information ranging from mindset and personal development, to business growth. Hosted by Francesca Anastasi, the Succeed Against the Odds podcast gives you the information and strategies to help you unleash and ignite your passion, to live a fulfilling life... both on a personal level as well as in business. Francesca Anastasi is a succ ...
Odds and Ends
A mixture of Music, niche News and scenic views of various countries visited
You could make a fortune betting against our weekly picks
What Are The Odds?
Have you ever asked yourself, “What are the odds?” Brishette Mendoza hosts this fun and engaging podcast for anyone interested in this classic question as it applies to a variety of everyday topics, social issues and fascinating oddities. Areas of exploration include science, health, travel, crime, politics, education, economics and much more.
Three best friends take their love of fantasy football and share tips, tricks, and advice for you to win your league and have a great time doing it.
Welcome to DEFINING THE ODDS where we speak about real life situations. Hoping to reach and bless as many as we can creating this PODCAST was Divine.
Odds & Ends
Odds and Ends is an exploration of the human experience through an unlikely medium - things. Each fortnight a new guest discusses their most treasured possesions with host Grace Chapple.
What Are The Odds? NBA Edition is a podcast which focuses on one NBA team every episode, and how their upcoming season looks like right now during the off-season. Join Jon as he breaks down all 30 teams on What Are The Odds? NBA Edition!
A podcast by two blokes that like a punt and now have a point to prove.
Tackling The Odds is a weekly sports betting podcast featuring the nation's number one documented sports handicapper, Justin Michael. The show covers a variety of sports including the NFL, NCAA Football, NBA, NCAA Football, UFC, and more. Justin Michael has been a professional sports handicapper for 15 years. With a 70% success rate the last 5 years. ALL documented. Premier customer service. At Justin Michael Sports winning is everything!
Hello internet! My name is Trevor Whatevr. I host a weekly electronic music show on WRFL-FM called Whatevr Works, but occasionally I do other things too -- you'll find them right here.
Not at Odds
Where armchair directors find comfort.
Welcome to the Overcoming Odds podcast, where you get a glimpse into the stories of individuals who have overcome adversity, suffering, and struggle to achieve their personal success.
Even The Odds
I never want to be just positive or negative because I need Balance, so I evened the odds. Even The Odds is about learning to balance life and live in the moment. This is also known as living in the Now. I am an old soul sharing my experiences about life, spirituality, meditation techniques, holistic healing, health and fitness, which have all lead me to a more balanced mind, body and soul.
This is a five part series from The National Library of Medicine, the world's largest medical library and a component of the National Institutes of Health (NIH). The speakers and panelists addressed an audience of high school students on a variety of subjects related to careers is global health at the opening program for a new interactive exhibition, "Against the Odds: Making a Difference in Global Health" Wednesday, April 16th, on the NIH campus in Bethesda. "Against the Odds" presents stor ...
Through my personal experiences, I teach an honest approach at defying lifes challenges, by making empowering decisions one moment at a time.
Against All Odds
Podcast by Jenell Harris
Odds On Podcast
This is the Odds On Podcast, a brand new show from Andrew Stanley, Ryan Cullen and StatMaster David Reilly for the UEFA Euro 2016 Football Tournament! Each day of games, Andrew and Ryan will make bets on the matches (to a limit of €10) and discuss their bets, their predictions, and the matches that have passed, and those to come.​ You can find the show on Twitter @OddsOnPod where you can share your own bets and predictions with the lads. You can find their Twitter accounts below. Andrew Stan ...
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How to bet The Open Championship......outright winner, top 5, top 10, match-ups, DFS Barry Rozner is back to preview The 147th British Open in Carnoustie, Scotland. Twitter: @JoeO670, @Barry Rozner iTunes: Art 19: Stitcher: https://www.stitcher.c ...…
Matt begins the third and final hour discussing the viewership numbers for the Home Run Derby and viewership in sports in general. Matt welcomes Tony LaRussa to the show to discuss his involvement with service animals and the recent firing of St. Louis Cardinals manager Mike Matheny. Tony gives his opinions on some of the top new head coaching ...…
Matt welcomes Tony LaRussa to the show to discuss his involvement with service animals and the recent firing of St. Louis Cardinals manager Mike Matheny. Tony gives his opinions on some of the top new head coaching hires in baseball.
Matt starts the second hour with breaking news that Orioles plan to deal Manny Machado to the Los Angeles Dodgers before discussing whether or not Le’Veon Bell will be a Steeler after this season. Matt welcomes Roy White to the show to give his opinion on the All-Star Game, shifts in baseball, and the DH. Matt welcomes Jeff Brantley to the show ...…
Matt welcomes Jeff Brantley to the show to give his take on the Home Run Derby, low batting averages, increase of salaries, and the DH rule. Jeff talks about Joey Votto as a player and a person.
Matt welcomes Roy White to the show to give his opinion on the All-Star Game, shifts in baseball, and the DH.
Matt opens the show giving an update on the Kawhi Leonard situation. Where will he be suiting up this coming season? Matt moves to the biggest stories of the day. It’s time for The Hard Four. From the Hard Four to the Opening Line. Matt recaps Bryce Harper winning the Home Run Derby in front of his home crowd. Will this help Harper when negotia ...…
Matt is joined by Ivan “Pudge" Rodriguez to talk about the Bank of America Fan Fest at the All-Star Game and the atmosphere at the Home Run Derby.
In this edition of the Opening Line, Matt examines what Bryce Harper winning the Home Run Derby in front of his home crowd means to his future. Will this help Harper when negotiating where he plays next year and will he get a record deal?
Cousin Sal and the Degenerate Trifecta travel down to the National Fantasy Football Convention in Fort Worth to discuss the dos and don'ts of fantasy football etiquette, some sleepers to watch out for this season, and more from the convention floor. Then, ESPN fantasy football guru Matthew Berry joins to run through the top fantasy story lines ...…
Matt opens the third and final hour talking about the starting pitchers for the MLB All-Star Game before switching gears to Terrell Owens not attending the Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony. Jessica Kleinschmidt from MLB Cut 4 joins Pushing The Odds to give her take on the Home-Run Derby, the All-Star Game, and the 2nd half of the 2018 season. Ma ...…
Jessica Kleinschmidt from MLB Cut 4 joins Pushing The Odds to give her take on the Home-Run Derby and the All-Star Game. They continue with predictions of teams that could slide into playoff contention and possible trades as we approach the deadline at the end of the month.
Matt begins the second hour with the expectations for the Lakers in 2018-2019 and what plans Magic Johnson has for next summers Free Agency period. What will happen if the Lakers miss the playoffs this season? Keith Smith from Real GM joins Matt to continue discussing the Lakers chances, the Golden State dynasty, and the Boston Celtics. Matt gi ...…
Keith Smith from Real GM joins Matt to continue discussing the Lakers chances, the Golden State dynasty, and the Boston Celtics.
Matt opens the show with the four biggest stories of the day. The World Cup Final, the Boston Red Sox dominance this season, the St. Louis Cardinals managerial firing, and Terrell Owens not attending his Hall of Fame induction make up this segment of The Hard Four. In today's edition of the Opening Line, Matt explains why the Boston media is no ...…
Matt welcomes Red Sox Broadcaster Dave O'Brien to the show to talk about the Boston media and the team as a whole.
In today's edition of the Opening Line, Matt explains why the Boston media isn't sold on the Red Sox success so far this season.
“Where there’s a will, there’s a way.” A mindset that allows us to get through life’s toughest obstacles. A mindset that allowed JT McCormick to overcome racism, poverty, and abuse to achieve the American dream. A dream that taught JT the importance of not being defined by your past. He said, “My name is JeVon Thomas McCormick. I’m half white, ...…
It isn’t shocking to say that sometimes goals don’t work out. What is less accepted, however, is the idea that your mindset could have played a large role in the outcome. My guest this week, Carla Rieger, knows all about the importance in mindset, even going as far as creating a whole business around it. More at…
On today's OK episode we do our usual thing, with a little less zing then our previous episodes.
Welcome back All-Stars! On this edition of the What Are the Odds? Podcast the guys discuss players that are just too expensive in the draft and player set to perform that you can get at a value. Stay tuned for the first edition of the What Are the Odds after show game!
This Week on WATOs?! - What’s up with Sydney?! Can (never-back-to-back) Tex drive Adelaide back into finals contention? Will Melbourne ever be more than flat track bullies? Can we trust the Giants or the Eagles with our hard, cold cash... and of course a full Round 17 AFL Preview and the guys Feature Bets for the weekend! All brought to you buy ...…
Cousin Sal is joined by comedian Brandt Tobler to discuss his life in gambling and how it affected his relationship with his father. Then Ian Epstein calls in to talk about PropSwap, a secondary market for sports bets.
How to bet The World Series, divisions, MVP, and Cy Young awards midway through the season The man behind The ZiPS Projections, Dan Szymborski, joins Joe to update all of his picks and discuss Manny Machado's impact to a new team, disappointing clubs, and regression candidates. Twitter: @JoeO670, @DSzymborski iTunes: ...…
What defines a great leader? A question that some, if not most of us, seek an answer to. A question that more often than not will lead you on a life-long journey of trial and error in figuring out what makes you an effective leader. For Jim Johnson, it was no different. He said, “Leadership can be learned… Like anything in life you can become b ...…
How many of us have felt the burnout of a once passionate career path? Now imagine our jobs impacted the next generation and not just ourselves. My guest this day is dedicated to helping teachers and students never feel the ramifications of any of this. Dr. Marquita Blades is an amazing speaker, educator and all around powerhouse. She was lucky ...…
The boys both have problems which involve complicating the process of adding. Also snakes. Odds and Evenings Twitter - Website - Topics discussed FRACTRAN Negative Bases Polycube Snakes Show Notes FRACTRAN Adding in Negative Bases Quarter-Imaginary Base Fascinating Turing Comple ...…
On today's episode we interview Doug @epicesquire at approx min 23 and lots of other good stuff email us
The pundits say footy is stuffed, but Baz says let it be! After a Round 15 of Bad Beats the boys break down Brisbane's recent rise in form, Bevo's rev ups, Geelong's ageing legs, a shout to Taylor Walker, the impact of West Coast's trio of missing talls and whether or not we should just give Richmond the Cup now... Plus a full and thorough Roun ...…
In this episode the WATO Crew is down a member due to work obligations for Mr. Nick Busch. Matt and Garret carry on valiantly by themselves to bring you six tips for having a successful draft along with potential bust and break out players for 2018.
In their very first podcast the guys invite you to learn a little about themselves, their league, and the goals of this show. They also break down some need to know information as you prepare for your 2018 fantasy football season. Welcome to Episode Zero!
Cousin Sal is joined by the Degenerate Trifecta to discuss the latest news surrounding the World Cup before tackling the best value bets in the MLB. Then the guys give their best bets for the week.
Abuse. An act he simply couldn’t escape during his early years. He said, “I grew up in a fear-filled, violent background. My father was physically abusive to me, my mom was as well… I didn’t know what a loving family looked like, but I knew from a very early age that what I was experiencing was wrong.” An environment that made him feel unsafe.A ...…
One of the most important things on the path to business, and personal, success is confidence. It seems simple enough and yet so many of us struggle every single day with an aspect of confidence. My guest this week, Alyssa Dver, is here to help with just that. Interestingly enough, through helping her son with his neurological condition, Alyssa ...…
On today's episode we discuss my cruise, Kevin's Views, a particular boss in DC and eventually bring up Vegas Next week we are interviewing Doug @EpicEsquire and will discuss our Oceans 14 AC trip Betty in the Sky as discussed
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