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Best Old Men On The Mountain podcasts we could find (updated January 2020)
Best Old Men On The Mountain podcasts we could find
Updated January 2020
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People telling stories that they'll one day tell their kids.
This podcast from the creators of the "Old Men on the Mountain", Jim Hall and Craig Massie, will chronicle the second series and beyond of Discovery Channel's "Gold Rush". Enjoy!
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Helloooo, Riffles!! This week, it's a VERY special episode! Craig Massie, co-host of the "Fool's Gold Rush" and "Old Men on the Mountain" podcasts fills in for Eric for this thrilling episode of "Jim and Eric Present: JIMERICA with Jim & Eric"! The boys discuss Jurassic World, Game of Thrones controversies, WWE Money in the Bank, a crazy story from…
It is the Finale! This time they somehow found a way to insult our intelligence almost as much as the "mother lode" from Season 3! Amazing!! Everything works out great for everyone! Yay! The best part though??? Jim and Craig came up with the BEST THING THEY SHOULD TOTALLY DO! "Extra Cheese" NEEDS TO HAPPEN!!! It's been a fun season of 'casting, Rif…
It's the PENULTIMATE episode of the season, Riffles. This week, Todd and Parker's stories are eerily similar and seemingly fake, while Tony's mishap is perhaps the most real moment of the season thus far! Also, wreslting. Send emails to: OldMenOnTheMountain@gmail.com
This week, Todd unfreezes his wash plant, Parker does just ok and Tony finishes his dredge. Jim and Craig do lots of silly voices. PODCAST!! Send emails to: OldMenOnTheMountain@gmail.com
This was a HUGE week for Parker, a par for the course week for Tony and a BAD week for Todd and Jack. Jim and Craig dissect ALL of the big issues this week and Jack has a real freak out! Get it! send emails to: OldMenOnTheMountain@gmail.com
After an emergency week off, Jim and Craig are BACK to discuss the last two episodes. They are pretty boring, but it was a very fun episode. Ya dig? Get it? Send Emails to: OldMenOnTheMountain@gmail.com
The HAUL (Hall) Road is in full effect! Todd's team is amazed to get an amount of gold that Parker would be bummed out by. Tony continues to build his dredge, with varying degrees of success. Jim and Craig go off the rails alot and talk about Wrestling a TAD too much. YEAH!! OldMenOnTheMountain@gmail.com…
BS Meters are going off BIG TIME this week, Riffles. Yet again, most of the main stories were spoiled by the Cold Open and last week's Next Time On segment. Tony has to work at his mine for some reason, Parker goes against Tony's wishes and Todd reluctantly listens to Dave. AW yeah. Send emails to: OldMenOnTheMountain@gmail.com…
Caulk! Jim and Craig are back and losing their minds this week. Parker needs more money, Tony needs more bolts and Todd needs more gold. All this and MORE in this exciting installment! Send emails to: OldMenOnTheMountain@gmail.com
HAPPY NEW YEAR, Riffles!! We are back and better than ever! Parker crashes his truck! Two of Todd's trucks almost crash and Tony crashes some dredge pieces to the ground. CAULK!!! Send emails in to: OldMenOnTheMountain@gmai.com
Jim and Craig are briefly joined by Jack Hoffman, "Dakota" Fred Hurt, Freddy Dodge and Award-Winning Actor Alan Alda in this VERY silly episode. Enjoy! Send email to: OldMenOnTheMountain@gmail.com Caulk.
This week, we officially say goodbye to James Harness. RIP old friend. Also, a bunch of equipment is dragged around. Parker finds more gold. Craig is still Jack's son. Andy Stinks. And we read YOUR emails! Send emails to: OldMenOnTheMountain@gmail.com
This episode was ok, but was it better than a peperoni pizza? You'll have to listen to find out! Also, was Parker wearing a "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" shirt??
Jim and Craig are back to document the slow, but steady rise in quality of this season of "Gold Rush." Also, one of Jim's predictions comes true this week! Aw AW YEAH!! Send emails to: OldMenOnTheMountain@gmail.com
This week, on a slightly better episode of "Gold Rush," Jim and Craig are joined by TV writer, Alex Muniz to dish on the latest offering! It was a fun time! For some reason, the audio is a little jacked up. Apologies!! Send Emails to: OldMenOnTheMountain@gmail.com
More like Viking "Shit" AMIRIGHT?? Another week, another bad episode of Gold Rush. In fact, this is probably the worst episode EVAR. Jim bitches a lot this week. As does Craig. Sorry for the negativity, Riffles, but it had to be done! Here's to better things next week! (We hope). OldMenOnTheMountain@gmail.com…
Apologies for a messed up stream in advance if you had problems last week! This was yet another lack-episode of the show we all know and love BUT the podcast was weirder than ever! See a correlation?? OldMenOnTheMountain@gmail.com
Make no mistake: This was a very boring episode of "Gold Rush." BUT GOOD NEWS! It was one of the BEST episodes of "Fool's Gold Rush"! This episode features voices aplenty, new and old. Enjoy it! Send emails to: OldMenOnTheMountain@gmail.com Don't forget to like us on Facebook and Review us on iTunes!…
Season 5 starts out in a promising fashion! Jim and Craig are BACK for everything you could possibly want and expect from impressions, inside baseball reality talk and even... humor. GET IT! Send emails to: OldMenOnTheMountain@gmail.com
THE END IS HERE! Well, for this season anyway. In our mind, the real end was 2 weeks ago, but hey, who's counting? Jim and Craig break down ALL of the big revelations. It's quite a good time! See ya next year!!!! Send emails to: OldMenOnTheMountain@gmail.com
It was a sobering and emotional episode of Gold Rush. The most important part, though, was that Jim was right. Word. OldMenOnTheMountain@gmail.com
It's ALL Parker this week, which not surprisingly, was GREAT! Tony Beats kicks some serious ass! LOTS of speculation about what the hell else the final 2 episodes will feature. Also, Star Wars. Send emails to: OldMenOnTheMountain@gmail.com
This was a GREAT episode of Gold Rush (finally) and an even BETTER episode of Fool's Gold Rush! Parker is the man, Dustin uses his balls and Todd gets what's been coming to him for a long time now. We loved it! Join us! Send emails to: OldMenOnTheMountain@gmail.com
It's the (we think) penultimate episode of the season! Jim and Craig we're too hot on this particular installment, but that's ok, that makes some of the best (we think) episodes of FGR! What do YOU think? oldmenonthemountain@gmail.com
It's troubling times for the Hoffmans this week. All they have are fires and motorcycle accidents and crappy diamonds. Also, Fred has to ABANDON Porcupine Creek, but is able to show Dustin where to dig up in Cahoon to salvage the season. Finally, Parker grow a pair. It's great. Send emails to: OldMenOnTheMountain@gmail.com…
Spoiler Alert! This episode was dumb. Jim and Craig bitch about how Gold Rush keeps giving away the end of every episode in the first minute of the show. Basically Todd gets bitched out, Parker prospects and Dustin has some really bad luck. Yes. They are also under duress as this is the 4th time in a row they attempted to record this episode, in an…
It's a VERY special mid-week FGR this week, riffles! It was a lackluster episode of the show, but in Jim and Craig's estimation one of the best podcasts ever! Yes. It's true. Todd sucks. Parker is trying hard. Dustin rules. Caulk. Send emails to: OldMenOnTheMountain@gmail.com
Bad news for Todd this week... He (maybe) can't mine in Guyana anymore. Fred and Parker both kick ass. But the best part this week was Chris Doumitt making his triumphant return, cigar and all!! OOOOH WEEEE!! Send emails to: OldMenOnTheMountain@gmail.com
Oh no! Dave's pump is stuck in the m(b)ud!!! Big Red is suffering blowout after blowout! Fred's water is simply too viscus!!! What are they gonna do?!?! Jim and Craig attempt to answer these and many other questions in this week's very insane episode. Listen... IF YOU DARE! Send emails to: OlMenOnTheMountain@gmail.com…
Gold Rush is back in 2014 and so are Jim and Craig! WARNING: Jim is feeling a little sick, but not as sick as Dave felt when he got stuck in the mud... again! Meanwhile, Parker needs a new wash plant and Fred is kicking ass down at Porky. Blessed. Send emails to: OldMenOnTheMountain@gmail.com
In the mid-season finale spectacular!!! Well not really, BUT a truck totally got driven into a huge puddle. It was awesome. Also Dustin is caught up Cahoon Creek while Parker is about to get his thumbs cut off and POSSIBLY eaten by Tony Beets. Caulk. Send emails to: OldMenOnTheMountain@gmail.com
Jim and Craig break down the latest episode of Discovery Channel's hit show, "Gold Rush." This week, Fred is being negative, Gene is Cheesed off and Todd does Todd things. Diamonds! Send emails to: OldMenOnTheMountain@gmail.com
This is a brief, yet important episode in the Fool's Gold Rush saga. Todd is in the dumps, Parker gives his crew a cut for their cuts and Fred uses his caulk to get disappointed. It's real, yo. Send emails to OldMenOnTheMountain@gmail.com
Jim and Craig return to Gold Rush after a lovely weekend in New Orleans! This week Dave tries to right the SINKING ship that is the Hoffman claim, Parker increases his gold collecting efficiency and Fred finally sees a sign of light at the end of the tunnel! Send emails to: OldMenOnTheMountain@gmail.com…
Excitement? Adventure? A Hoffman craves not these things... so he will go home?? Also Parker passes another class in the School of Hard Knocks while Fred takes a gamble in his Pool of Big Rocks. Dig it. Send emails to: OldMenOnTheMountain@gmail.com
Jim and Craig discover that, despite popular belief, there is a lot of mud in Guyana. Greg learns that you probably shouldn't ever throw ANY pay dirt away. Dustin learns that drills and cobblestones don't mix. Ben learns about proper grooming. Send emails to" OldMenOnTheMountain@gmail.com
Jim and Craig help "Gold Rush" to set the table for things to come this season. Todd is foiled by those damn illegal miners! Parker gets cursed at by Gene Cheeseman and learns how to be smaht. Fred soothes Dustin's HURT butt. It's VERY exciting stuff. Also, muff diving. send emails to:OldMenOnTheMountain@gmail.com…
OH YEAH!!!!! Gold Rush is finally back, and seemingly, better than it's been in a while. Jim and Craig return to discuss all that was seen on the show and could be read between the lines. Git em!! Send emails to: OldMenOnTheMountain@gmail.com
Now THAT'S what we're talking about!!! Welcome back to respectability, Gold Rush!!! We missed you! This teaser episode covers Parker and Fred's struggles to mine new land. It's pretty frickin' great! Send emails to OldMenOnTheMountain@gmail.com facebook.com/foolsgoldrush
This week, Jim and Craig put "Gold Rush" in the corner and give it the spanking it deserves. It's not pretty. Send emails to: OldMenOnTheMountain@gmail.com
Jim and Craig discuss a MUCH (in their eyes) improved episode of "Gold Rush: South America." Dave thinks it's crazy, though. Fudge Numbers. Mars. Get it. Send emails to: OldMenOnTheMountain@gmail.com
Jim and Craig are BACK!!!!!!!!! And to a lesser extent, so is Gold Rush. Todd and the boys face the "realities" of mining in South America. Send emails to: OldMenOnTheMountain@gmail.com
Jim and Craig angrily discuss the Live FInale of "Gold Rush" season 3. The "motherlode" is revealed, and it is NOT what was expected. Thanks for listening for the entire season with us and we look forward to a new direction in season 4! Hopefully with less BS this time! Send us an email! OldMenOnTheMountain@gmail.com…
Jim and Craig are back to discuss America's favorite show about gold mining! Todd manages to fail upwards, Fred gets Hurt and Parker just may be onto something. The guys also are really nervous about the live finale. It's a good one! For emails, send em on over to: OldMenOnTheMountain@gmail.com
Jim and Craig "Blowout" this latest episode of everyone's favorite Friday night reality program, "Gold Rush." Things are looking bleak for Parker, promising for Fred and Co. and frustratingly OK for 316 Mining Champion, Todd Hoffman. It's your frickin' life... live it... and listen!! Email? Send to OldMenOnTheMountain@gmail.com…
In this week's episode, Jim gets FIRED UP over Todd's lack of foresight! Also, Parker's fortunes take a turn towards the profitable and Fred gets a bunch of gold despite his best efforts. It's a go-od time. Internet. For emails and stuff: OldMenOnTheMountain@gmail.com
Jim and Craig are BACK! The boys (and lady) of Gold Rush spend this episode TAKING CARE OF BIDNESS. We're sick of the fake Todd drama, but LOVE Fred's story. Parker... well it's pretty depressing, but we shall see. Take a listen, won't you? For email considerations, send em on to: OldMenOnTheMountain@gmail.com…
A very interesting episode it was, indeed! Parker's slump continues, Dave continues to rule, Fred spends some money and Ray's reign of terror continues. Jim and Craig discuss, at length, all of these things and more! Also: Jason. EMAIL???? OldMenOnTheMountain@gmail.com
There were many casualties in the Dozer Wars. Some friends and family, other you've never met. Just know, that smell of diesel... it stays with you. Forever. Jim and Craig are back to discuss America's favorite gold themed show in this latest installment of "The Internet's #1 Gold Rush Themed Podcast". Things of note: Parker was proven wrong for a …
Jim and Craig are back from their holiday break. Unfortunately, it seems like "Gold Rush" was still taking a break this week. Even though the episode was boring, THE PODCAST WAS FANTASTIC!! Questions, Comments and Attitude can be sent to: OldMenOnTheMountain@gmail.com
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