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Do you ever think paper is like weeds? You think you have taken care of a pile of papers, but within minutes, hours, or days they are back! With over 20 years of experience as a business owner and community Leader, Kathleen realized that most individuals, businesses, and families need some help organizing their time, living/working environments, and information.
If ever there was an internationally renowned D.J. with a prolific pedigree it is Leomeo, a well established talent who, from his base in Paris, has touched virtually every continent in the world, destinations including Montreal, New York, Sydney, Shanghai, Istanbul, Rome, London & many in between. With roots firmly in Asia, but with Europe being his first real playground, making Paris his home saw his early steps in D.J.'ing inspired & encouraged by his then mentor, Claude Challe of Buddha ...
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Issue 989 - October 17 2019 In the Station of Light with Orem and experience Joy with Golden Light Galactic Beings.By Omega Communications.
Issue 988 October 10 2019 Continuing the assistance from Orem and Galactic BeingsBy Omega Communications.
Issue 987 - October 3, 2019 Orem and Ulea assist you with conscious realisation and expansion and acknowledging your participation in ascension. A powerful session.By Omega Communications.
Issue 986 - Septemer 26, 2019 Orem and Ulea explaining your ability to cleanse yourself of disturbing energy fields or intrusions. Council of Light communicationBy Omega Communications.
Orem explains your presence activating the shift in consciousness - and more...By Omega Communications.
With the Council of Light in the Station of Light, be uplifted and cleared of limitations and bring in Light #984 Sep 12 2019By Omega Communications.
Issue 983 - Sep 5 2019 Orem and Mineeta speak about energy rays and changes and upgrades.By Omega Communications.
Beam up to the Station of Light for this experience, activating your potential and experience different existences with this beautiful, joyful Being.By Omega Communications.
Ulea in the Station of Light brings new insight. What holds you back from the newer light civilisation?By Omega Communications.
#970 Aug 15 2019 In the Station of Light with Ulea and Galactic Council.By Omega Communications.
Issue 979 Aug 8 2019 Through the Station of Light, preparation for transformation to be in a Star Base with Orem and Ulea.By Omega Communications.
In the Station of Light with Galactic Councils for more dimensional unfoldment. Issue 978 August 1 2019 10 amBy Omea Communications.
Issue 977 25 July 2019. Earth Station of Light, Cmdr Orem reminds us to eat pure food, a restorative experience...By Omega Communications.
Issue 976 - July 18 2019, 2.30 pm Earth Station of Light energy experience. above negative conditions...Torsion field portal to alternate reality, purification, restructuringBy Omega Communications.
Visit the Station of Light and Upliftment - energy element upgrading us.By Omega Communications.
Station of Light experiencing emotional clearance and balancing to enable us to absorb higher light spectrum... and more.......By Omega Communications.
Experience energy expansion with Cmdr Orem and Ulea in the Station of Light. Feeling The shift? Connection with point of originBy Omega Communications.
Earth Station of Light, supported in a higher resonating field supporting you in all your manifested aspects - and more ....By Omega Communications.
Energy beams around planet, Beings observing expansion. In the Station of Light B'Lu, vital essence, point of origin importance, harmonise conscious mind with higher dimensional field consciousness.By Omega Communications.
In the Station of Light experience patterns, ancestral & civilisation clearing. Remember Multi-dimensional self, alternate civilisations, raise your energy above 5GBy Omega Communications.
Council of Light in Earth Light Station, Galactic Beings strengthening star bases, Earth shift in dimensional time ... and more ...By Omega Communications.
In the Earth Station of Light, Council of Light and filtration portal, sharing info through light elements, Crystalline light spectrum, dimensional portals, shifts, light spheres, and moreBy Omega Communications.
Prime intention, energy spheres, Agarthan Mineeta, dimensions interchange. Council of Light and clearance portal and changes, you active in the Command Station of LightBy Omega Communications.
Àgarthan Being, Light Spectrum changes, manifesting light civilisation, In the Station of Light continuing clearing energy field, resonating with Crystalline Light Cities.By Omega Communications.
Timestream shift, soul aspects, Council of Light, mission. Orem, Station of Light, reveal your galactic support team in creating new livingness.By Omega Communications.
Star Base, Light Cities, Time slip through time - Orem, Earth Station of Light, explains the process of releasing old data & Beings observing through us ... and more to experience in this powerful visitation.By Omega Communications.
Earth star bases, crystalline core, bio-plasma energy, time slip. Orem, Station of Light, brings you back to your core essence, creation through a time-slip. What is your reality?By Omega Communications.
Bio Plasma energy, overlay star matrix energy. Potential to deprogramme your life, reconnect pure aspects, motivation, restore pure elements from birth, and moreBy Omega Communications.
Orem and Ulea. Time travel creating energy device, Beings observing. Immersion in energy in the Station of Light ..Are you changing?By Omega Communications.
Here is 70mn of my set that i will spin on the TERRACE of the M.E.A.T party in NEW YORK CITY WORLD PRIDE from 10pm to 4am.. 6 hours set NON-STOP !!!!By LEOMEO.
Ulea, Council of Light, more Starfield Energy & you, Earth and water element. clearing old data.and rechargingBy Omega Communications.
Into cone or pyramid for body adjustments, expansion of time, energy DNA, and more to deeply experience.By Omega Communications.
Welcome to Mono Club in Moscow.. Enjoy this journey from House music to Circuit House / Добро пожаловать в Mono Club в Москве. Наслаждайтесь этим путешествием от House music до Circuit House.By LEOMEO.
Info about ancient civilisations surfacing, and taken to when Earth was being prepared by Beings in habitats. Core Essence of You and the Planet. More Starfield energy integration in your matrix. B’Lu appeared.By Omega Communications.
Extra-dimensional Beings see you as already fulfilled your Purpose; more integration of Star Field Matrix, and energy through Earth Portal.By Omega Communications.
Extra-Dimensional Beings appear to you in the Station, Starfield energy activation, Earth alignmentBy Omega Communications.
Council of Light - Deep immersion into dimensional coordinates, absorbing greater informationBy Omega Communications.
Chillout & Lounge music from Arosa Gay Ski Week in Switzerland.. Selection of the best track than i play during the Zenith Sun at 2000 meters altitude..By LEOMEO.
Energy of Star Matrix Field through Solar Portal from Central Sun beamed into Earth's core. Stabilisation. Energy removed from earlier civilisations. Council of Light present.By Omega Communications.
In the Station of Light Orem speaks about Starseeds, Starfield energy and energy nutritionBy Omega Communications.
Are you a Starseed? Stabilise energy systems, weather, drawing from other realities, Star system linkup, receiving data ....By Omega Communications.
Aspect of you in the crystalline light civilisation sphere, raising vibration/consciousness. Untangling attachments. Council of Light modifying your vital essence. Ulea assistingBy Omega Communications.
In the Station of Light, your field of potential, receiving vital essence for you and Earth - and more.....By Omega Communications.
In the Station of Light today, In a sphere of energy transported through time, bringing devices to Earth. Council of Light validates your presence. Vital information.By Omega Communications.
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