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WWE, TNA Impact Wrestling, indy news, results, news, and spoilers. Plus your emails and phone calls. The fans phone calls, mp3's and emails make the show. Podcasting each week since 2005. Flagship podcast for
Bloomberg Opinion
Editorials and commentaries from Bloomberg Opinion
CNN Opinion
Listen to the writers who contribute to's Opinion section give their insights on the issues that are driving the news and animating conversations around the world.
Oakland Raiders talk year Round. For Raiders Fans who need their football fix any time, day or night. Stay on top of what is happening with your Raiders and the NFL. One of 5 Finalists for "Best Sports Podcast" in the 2006 and 2008 People's Choice Podcast Awards. UNCENSORED and UNAPOLOGETIC. Subscribe NOW! Automatic downloads of each new show - FREE! Check out Raider Nation Videocast too!
Unpopular Opinion
Comic and writer Adam Tod Brown hosts this weekly comedy podcast, the flagship show of the Unpops Comedy Network. Show your support and find more details about the network at
Real-World, Industry and Adoption focused Market Research and Intelligence on AI.
Sean Gerber and Mark Hughes meet every week to opine on popular culture. With keen insight and fresh perspective, the podcasting pair debate the hottest issues and topics regarding Marvel, DC, superheroes, Star Wars, genre films, what's streaming on Netflix and much more!
Second Opinion
An examination of medical ethics and the practioners who define them.
A unique podcast from an American Indian perspective on current affairs. Join Hosts Michael Kickingbear and David GreyOwl as they present an Indigenous view on American history, politics, and culture, and how it may impact Native American lives.
From the award-winning opinion pages of The Wall Street Journal, Mary Kissel and guests examine world news and foreign affairs. Get the information you need to understand the changing world, and its impact on U.S. and national interests.
An opinion podcast dedicated to the ups and downs of Arsenal FC.Follow us on Twitter @LeGrove
From the award-winning opinion pages of The Wall Street Journal, Paul Gigot and Kim Strassel discuss the latest political and government news from Washington. Get the critical perspective and analysis you need on developments out of the nation's capital.
Opinion announcements from the Supreme Court of the United States, presented by Oyez, a multimedia judicial archive at the IllinoisTech Chicago-Kent College of Law.
The RPO podcast teams Jim Rome and Trevor Pryce as they tackle the hottest topics from around the NFL every Monday of the 2018 -2019 season, starting September 10th and concluding after Super Bowl LIII, on February 4, 2019. This original content, weekly podcast will take you inside the league with one of the leading voices in the business and a two-time Super Bowl champion.
Podcast by Cork's 96fm Opinion Line
Established 2006, The Sonic Show Podcast welcomes you to a world of Sonic discussion and stupidity. Let us the varied and exciting world of the Sonic the Hedgehog community in the weird and wonderful way that only we know how. The perfect companion to our popular YouTube show! Gotta podcast fast!Sonicthehedgehog
ENT expert opinion
Each week Tom Stevenson shares his investment views, expectations and analysis of the markets and how this may affect your investment decisions.
We’re your first stop in second opinions. A fun and educational look at all things videogames!
Each week, host Sarah Leonard talks with people at the crossroads of the new American politics.
Your New Opinion
Your New Opinion is a highly inaccurate, factually twisted, and comically bent podcast. Join our hosts Nick, Ryan, and Mike as they take turns trying to persuade each other to opposing sides of hot-button issues. Topics range from discussions on pop culture, conspiracy theories, and even the deeply personal. Listen as our debaters try every trick to win in this funny, entertaining, and irreverent show! Now, a production of the Project Entertainment Network!
Opinion Overload
Opinion Overload is a show dedicated to bringing people the best and most interesting information in an entertaining way.
Even before the Great War turned the world upside down, Western civilization was being revolutionized at all levels: intellectually, philosophically, artistically. Noted positivist philosopher George Santayana published this volume on the eve of the War, trying to portray the status of philosophy and theology at that moment by analyzing six significant topics: 1. the intellectual "temper" of the age 2. the clash between Modernism and Christianity 3. the new idealism of Henri Bergson 4. the n ...
A Podcast where I say something stupid and you get mad about it. Mostly political and social issues, I'll also rant on certain topics. Available on ITunes and YouTube
Second Opinion is a reviews show about anything and everything under the sun. If we can experience it, we can review it.
Very Opinionated hostess bringing topics that affect my community as a black person, a woman, and a black woman. Weekly co-hosts weigh in on those same topics to validate, and mostly contest my opinion through knowledge and laughter!
SI MMQB NFL writer, Conor Orr, and NFL Network reporter, James Palmer, team up to take you through the latest national storylines and behind the scenes of the sidelines and press box across the entire league.
Public Opinion (1922), by Walter Lippman, is a critical assessment of functional democratic government, especially the irrational, and often self-serving, social perceptions that influence individual behavior, and prevent optimal societal cohesion. (Introduction by author)
Join the discussion on the hottest topics in national and South Florida news with the editorial board of the Sun Sentinel.
What is the state of information technology now? That’s the focus of each Inertia episode. The question is a broad one as tech intersects across many industries and themes: personal computers, portable devices from the iPhone to GPS systems, microprocessors, applications, social media, search, medical technology, broadcasting and TV, music tech, online commerce, graphics, cloud computing, security, storage, mobility, and enterprise hardware and software... and anything else that references I ...
Designing Opinion
Designing Opinion is a on-going discussion about the design industry and its’ many areas of application. All opinions expressed are those of the person saying them and do not represent the views of that persons’ employer. Unless their employer is on the show and expressing an opinion.
Opinion Havers
Welcome to the Opinion Havers Podcast where Tyler and Cody give their honest and hard hitting opinions on today's biggest films.
Whether you're a dermatologist in Seattle, a family practitioner in New Mexico, or a trauma surgeon in New York City, the issues in health care today just can't wait. That's why you turn to ReachMD for Second Opinion Live: we're here to give you a chance to be heard.Join two of our seasoned physician hosts, Dr. Matt Birnholz and Dr. Michael Greenberg, for the next Second Opinion Live, airing on ReachMD.Do you have a topic suggestion or a story idea? Share them with us at
Order Of Opinion
Two idiots who think their opinion is important. Listen in on us discussion whatever we want without regard for proper decency or what is just and good in the world. Follow: Twitter: @OrderOfOpinion Email:
SIDNEY PIKE is the retired President of CNN-International Special Projects. He worked for Ted Turner for 25 years (1971-1996). He was Station Manager of WTBS (1971-80). When the UHF-TV station was about to go bankrupt in 1970, Sid Pike stepped in and made it profitable. He led Turner to the purchase of the Atlanta Braves baseball and Atlanta Hawks basketball teams. Pike also saved the WRET-TV station in Charlotte, NC, which Turner later sold for $21 million, generating the seed money for CNN ...
Shaping Opinion
People, events and things that have shaped the way we think.
Carlos is barely an expert on anything, but he is not afraid to question the opinions of the so-called experts and intellectuals of today while sharing his own opinion on a wide range of topics.His views and principles are mostly conservative, somewhat libertarian, definitely Christian, but he is more than happy to discuss divergent views at any point.New episode recorded live (almost) every Saturday at 10:30pm (AEST, Sydney) on YouTube.
Podcast by Strong Opinion Sports
Optional Opinion
A gamer and awesome person to know
Second Opinion is exactly as the name implies - a resource for finding insights into a wide range of subjects relating to your health and general well being. From weight loss and high blood pressure to depressive disorders and pain management, Second Opinion will offer you perhaps the strongest medicine of all - information - in empowering you to take an active role in the management of your own health care so that you, along with your doctor, can chart a course that takes you where you want ...
That's Your Opinion! podcast with hosts Matt Barbuscio, Daniel Torres, Reed Lubin and Mike Constantino, the weekly show that discusses movies, TV and STUFF
A podcast for everyone.
Drunken Opinion
3 bartenders and a drinking buddy get together to vent about server life, drinks, music, movies, and random nonsense
Unpopular Opinion
Each and every Friday at noon, join DJ Flow, AJ Kimpson & Major Dobbins for a 60 minute discussion on all things "culture." The cast will examine and debate everything from sports to music, all the way to pop culture and entertainment. Warning however, you may not agree with what's said, you might even be offended, but nobody said our opinion was a popular one!
Difference of Opinion
The Most Stupidest Podcast on the Internet
Inform My Opinion
Inform My Opinion is a podcast series on various social, political, economic, environmental subjects and activism (mainly in London), featuring voices of people who are well-informed and those who want to speak.We aim to provide a comprehensive explanation of chosen topics as well as a range of opinions and arguments to kickstart discussions around the issues we cover.We value the truth and use progressive voices to spread it around.
Real Sports brought you by real people. Everybody has an opinion.
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2018-09-26 the Liam Miller match, Holy Communion, Food Poverty & more by Cork's 96fm Opinion Line
When people hear about the race for AI dominance, they often think that the main competition is between the US and China. The US and China do have most of the largest and most well funded AI companies on the planet, and the pace of funding, company growth, and adoption doesn’t seem to be slowing anytime soon. Read More ...…
Jeffrey is concerned about Matt Penney's contract status. Tommy is concerned about Almen Abdi's fitness. Paddy is concerned about his drinkware. James is concerned about skateboarding videos.
Pamela and Mary Anne Aden (The Aden Sisters), The Aden Forecast & Aden Research on the stock market...up? Or, down?
Could a Terror Attack In Iran Last Weekend Drag the U.S. Into a Larger War? Sina Toossi, National Iranian American Council (NIAC)
Trump Attacks Socialism During Speech at the U.N. / PLUS, the Supreme Court is the GOP's Goose That Lays the Golden Eggs... / AND, National Voter Registration Day - Kyle Lierman,
The Bloomberg View Senior Executive Editor David Shipley presents an editorial arguing that Shinzo Abe — who, having won a vote to lead Japan’s ruling Liberal Democratic Party, now looks set to be the country’s longest-serving prime minister — should prioritize economic reform during his final term in office. This editorial aired on Bloomberg R ...…
Hosted by June Grasso. Guests:Shira Ovide, Bloomberg Opinion columnist: "Shiny New IPhones Underscore Apple’s Growth Problem."Frank Wilkinson, Bloomberg Opinion editor: "Campaign Violations? The FEC Doesn’t Seem to Care."Conor Sen, Portfolio Manager for New River Investments and Bloomberg Opinion columnist: "A Democratic Wave Would Lift Hiring ...…
Bloomberg Opinion columnist Liam Denning explains that while the oil market focused on OPEC ignoring President Donald Trump over the weekend, the group's other, more important message was lost in the shuffle.
Will Brett Kavanaugh be confirmed? Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Friend of the show, cartoonist and Warner Brothers character designer Jim Soper joins the show to talk about cartoons, embarrassing moments in life, and his future with Bugs Bunny!Follow him on instagram @jimsoper85 and you can follow us on all social media. thanks for listening!
2018-09-25 It's "Liam Miller Day", Aaron McMahon is home and going to the game & more by Cork's 96fm Opinion Line
Adam welcomes comedians Tom Goss, Matt Lieb, and Jon Shefsky to talk about social media censorship, a crazy Stormy Daniels story, a two headed snake, and so much more Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Strong Opinion Sports Podcast by Zac ShomlerFollow Me On Instagram: zacshomler.SUBSCRIBE to Strong Opinion Sports On iTunes Strong Opinion Sports Videos on YouTube:’s a link to the Full Podcast on SoundClou ...…
Jim Rome and Trevor Pryce get together to talk about an absolutely crazy Week Three. The guys hit on Josh Allen's big Sunday, Trevor stands by his take on the Rams, the mess in Dallas, Matt Patricia and Bill Belichick's relationship, Rex Ryan, Patrick Mahomes, and much, much more. All that, plus One Man's Fantasy and Trevor's picks for this wee ...…
Donald Trump, Brett Kavanaugh and "Hostile Sexism" - Chauncey DeVega, / PLUS, If Trump is Only President Because of the Russians...What Do We Do?
Why Women Don't Report Sexual Predators, #BelieveSurvivors - Maya Raghu, National Womens Law Center / PLUS, What Happens if Trump Fires Rod Rosenstein? Stephen Spaulding, Common Cause
Joseph C. Sternberg and Hugo Restall on what winning a trade war with China means, and why Theresa May can't pick a Brexit plan and stick to it. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Bloomberg Opinion columnist Ramesh Ponnuru argues that Republicans’ weakness among women voters hasn’t been any more consequential than Democrats’ weakness among men. If the gender gap is a problem, it’s not for just one party.
The Bloomberg View Senior Executive Editor David Shipley presents an editorial arguing that President Donald Trump should not be trying to shrink trade with China, much less cripple its economy. This editorial aired on Bloomberg Radio.
The Bloomberg View Senior Executive Editor David Shipley presents an editorial arguing that the United Nations remains as indispensable as ever, despite the U.S.’s recent push for disengagement. This editorial aired on Bloomberg Radio.
2018-09-24 Health Insurance, the Good Shepherds development, Insurance scams & more by Cork's 96fm Opinion Line
Sarah talks with Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner, who is at the forefront of a wave of prosecutors aiming to end mass incarceration from the inside. Then, reporter Josie Duffy Rice challenges the notion that crime has gone down as a result of harsh sentencing and discusses whether electing progressive prosecutors in the best way to ...…
World-renowned concussion expert Dr. Michael “Micky” Collins joins Tim to discuss his pioneering work in the diagnosis and treatment of concussions, and the role that public education and awareness has played from the very start. Dr. Collins talks about myths, realities, how perceptions have influenced football and sports participation. Then he ...…
Native Opinion Episode 142 WE DISAPPEAR ONE STROKE OF THE PEN AT A TIME. How To Reach Our Show: E-Mail: Twitter: @nativeopinion Facebook: Our Website: Our Youtube Channel: _________________________________________________________ ...…
In this show Wes talked to Dave about PAX West, the PSOne “classic”, the good games of 2018, and the classing of Tell Tale games. These stories and much more await your download.
Matt and Pete talk about the postives and negatives of ANOTHER great win
Using patient satisfaction as a measure of quality can sometimes lead to bad outcomes.By (KCRW, Michael Wilkes).
Welcome back everyone to part 2 of The Beauty Of Video Games Vol.4. This episode, I finally have Sir Jesse White on to discuss this week feature on Art. We go over some gaming history, art styles we grew up with, digitization, FMV, Cel Shading, what we would like to see and A WHOLE side convo especially about Doom 3!! You can read more of this ...…
Strong Opinion Sports Podcast by Zac ShomlerFollow Me On Instagram: zacshomler.SUBSCRIBE to Strong Opinion Sports On iTunes Strong Opinion Sports Videos on YouTube:’s a link to the Full Podcast on SoundClou ...…
Brett Kavanaugh and due process. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
The GOP has become the anti-woman party... / PLUS, mobilizing to take back Congress in the midterms - Karthik Ganapathy,
Should Trump's stupidity on issues be considered a national security threat?
Shots fired in Ballyvolane, Trevor Welch on the Liam Miller Memorial Match preperations, we help a girl with autism get a dog friend and surprise a Rod Stewart fan with help from Peter Aiken.
Earlier this week, the Emmys gave out awards celebrating actors and their craft. And even though the boys have repeatedly mentioned awards are stupid, they have no problem using this one as an excuse to record a whole episode about acting! Featuring Bill from the Your New Favorite Movie podcast, another draft takes place, one in which the boys ...…
Cannabis expert Angela Bacca joins Thom in studio to take your calls and answer your questions
A Blueprint for Yourng Activists - DeRay McKesson, Activist/Organizer/Educator & Author, On the Other Side of Freedom: The Case for Hope
Should Christine Blasey Ford Show Up if Trump & the GOP Refuse To Get the FBI Involved? / PLUS, Has the GOP Locked the Door, Turned Up the Music and, Effectively, Gagged Every Sexual Assault Survivor?
The Bloomberg View presents an editorial arguing that President Donald Trump's decision to cut the number of refugees admitted to the U.S. to just 30,000 for the coming fiscal year is impressive in its heartlessness and cynicism. This editorial aired on Bloomberg Radio.
WWE Hell In A Cell Recap, Dean Ambrose "Nearly Died" During Injury, Impact Officials Meet at WWE Headquarters, Stephanie McMahon's Comment Raises Eyebrows, Renee Young's Promotion, WWE Wins Concussion Lawsuit, WWE Planning To Use More Managers and More. The All Wrestling Universe grades HIAC. Details on the new Ultimate Pick'em Championship.…
Joseph C. Sternberg and Elisabeth Braw on Poland's plan to name a fort after Donald Trump, and what 'deterrence' means in an age of cyber threats. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit
Are cops cracking down on school run parking in Ballincollig? Is Mike Tyson the right person to teach reinventing yourself? Have you any idea how long it takes to get a Guide Dog?
TOPICS: Segment #1: Raiders @ Broncos Postgame The Raiders played the Broncos tough in the first half in Denver, then lost by one point at he end to a Broncos game winning field goal. Raider Greg gives his thoughts. We also hear comments from Greg Papa from radio 95.7 The Game on Khalil Mack and Jon Gruden. Segment #2: Raiders @ Dolphins pregam ...…
Strong Opinion Sports Podcast by Zac ShomlerFollow Me On Instagram: zacshomler.SUBSCRIBE to Strong Opinion Sports On iTunes Strong Opinion Sports Videos on YouTube:’s a link to the Full Podcast on SoundClou ...…
Jeffrey is back but nothing has changed really. Evan is concerned about the effect of cooler water temperatures. Paddy was watching a different Forest game than the rest of us. James is a pedant about Scottish pronunciations.
Will half a million disenfranchised Georgia voters get their day at the polls after all? Greg Palast, The Best Democracy Money Can Buy
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