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Opinion Central
Focused on the opinions of The San Francisco Chronicle Editorial staff as well as interviews with local, state and national politicians on current issues and legislation. The podcasts feature Opinion Page Editor John Diaz, Deputy Page Editor Lois Kazakoff, Columnists Marshall Kilduff, Caille Millner and Josh Gohlke, and Assistant Editor Spencer Whitney.
Opinion Havers
What happens when two of the biggest names in underground podcasting join forces to make their own show? You get Opinion Havers baby! Join Cody, famous for his love of all things indie and his vast knowledge of movies you've never heard of, and Tyler, famous for being the only guy to have bought the Transformers 4 Steelbook blu-ray, as they review todays biggest movies. Or, you know, whatever they watched on Netflix last night.
Real Sports brought you by real people. Everybody has an opinion.
A podcast for everyone.
Editorials and commentaries from Bloomberg Opinion
Christian call-in talk show, where you can ask any question, share your opinion and even express a disagreement with the host, all in a freindly open atmosphere.
Driving While Awesome is an audio podcast starring Lane Skelton, Warren Madsen, Bryan McQueen and Art Cervantes. Experts in personal automotive opinion, long time friends discuss topics on cars of all type, heavy on fun and cheap sports cars from the 80's, from a podcast studio in Santa Cruz, California. New episodes uploaded every Thursday and Sunday.For more look us up anywhere @drivingwhileawesome us on Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook @drivingwhileawesome
You've saved and invested for a good retirement and you've done well, but market uncertainty mocks your progress. Will you have enough? When will the next correction come? To everything there is a season. Now it's the time to plan for the next financial season of life, that time when your money must not only grow, but provide permanent paychecks for you and your spouse. Immediate liquidity, a shield from calamity, and the loving legacy you hope to leave. Retirement is the season of confidenc ...
Fully-automated luxury podcasting. 5 Jews, 1 opinion on capitalism. We were never really American. Twitter: theshondeh, democracyexpert, working_class_0, uraniumorr.
Discussions and lectures by the best and brightest thinkers from Boston University
The Forum
Discover world history, culture and ideas with today’s leading experts.
The ”in good shape” studio discussion: each week we invite an expert to the studio to talk about issues concerning health and well-being. Topics include alternative or conventional medicine, exercise, nutrition and wellness. That and more on ”in good shape” every week on DW-TV.
Gregath & Hooks
Gregath and Hooks is a high energy sports talk show that feels like two friends sitting around talking sports. Tune in everyday from 9-11am to hear the best coverage of your Nebraska Cornhuskers. You will also get plenty of NFL, fantasy football, and NBA talk. This is “your teams, your town, your show.”
The Autosport Podcast is the official podcast of Autosport, the world’s leading authority on motorsport. Visit us at to Autosport Plus for more expert opinion, analysis and technical insight from the world's best motorsport journalists. Subscribe at
Hosts Thomas Linder and Kyle Belback take a look at a movie from years past, celebrating its 5, 10, 25, 50, etc. year of release. They discuss their memories of the film, and their opinion of the movie.
Sport + Life
The Thought Show
Brings together in a single hour The Why Factor; More or Less and Trending.
Bloomberg Opinion columnist Barry Ritholtz looks at the people and ideas that shape markets, investing and business.
The Popcast is hosted by Jon Caramanica, a pop music critic for The New York Times. It covers the latest in pop music criticism, trends and news.
Commoners Podcast
The transatlantic politics plus podcast bringing you news, discussion, and opinion, from the crossroads of politics, science, religion and philosophy. Join Jon and Adam, an atheist American and a Calvinist Scot, as they come to terms with a year that did not go as planned and plot a course to help them weather the next.
Long Distance Call
Eliza Harvey is an Australian journalist who moved to Indonesia from Australia in 2015. Each week she phones her Mum -- ABC broadcaster Geraldine Doogue -- back home in Sydney. Both women are news junkies and mothers and avid Netflix fans. But Eliza is a Millennial and Geraldine's a baby boomer, which leads to a different take on life. Tune in for half an hour of laughs and conversation.
The Friend Zone
Listen along every Wednesday as Dustin Ross, HeyFranHey & Assante explore mental health, mental wealth and mental hygiene, because who in the hell wants a musty brain?Send inquiries and questions
New episode every single day at 8:30 AM EST!
Opening Arguments
Every episode, legal expert Andrew and comic relief Thomas will tackle a popular legal topic and give you all the tools you need to understand the issue and win every argument you have on Facebook, with your Uncle Frank, or wherever someone is wrong on the Internet. It's law. It's politics. It's fun. We don't tell you what to think, we just set up the Opening Arguments.
We talk about being human at work; complete with tips to be successful when facing common issues in the modern workplace. It's a common misconception that leaders manage people. Management is a job title. Being a leader is a set of applied skills and the example you set... a journey, not a destination. Many times leadership qualities are found in individual contributors. We want to share what we've learned as we grow our own leadership skills.
Real-World, Industry and Adoption focused Market Research and Intelligence on AI.
Opinion writer Jonathan Capehart talks with newsmakers who challenge your ideas on politics, and explore how race, religion, age, gender and cultural identity are redrawing the lines that both divide and unite America. 'Cape Up' is a podcast from Washington Post Opinions.
Matt, Toby and Joey discuss funny, controversial, and personal stuff with guests from the music business, leaders in the Christian world, and interesting folks from well outside of the Christian world. In other words... REAL TALK. | Bad Christian The language and topics used in this podcast are for mature listeners. Listen at your own discretion.
Are you an average joe who's interested in crypto? Then join us on HODLcast, the cryptocurrency show for new investors. Each week we dive headfirst into blockchain technologies that are decentralising the world as we know it.'HODL' tight as we explore innovative projects and the people behind them. We won't promise the moon... Or a lambo... But we will have you hooked on crypto.
Newsbeat reads out fresh news articles for you, hand-picked from the web everyday. Download our App at
Daily chat, nonsense and extra fun after every Radio 1 Breakfast With Greg James.
Whitto, your average cricket fan takes your through the cricketing week. Spurned by his friends, silenced by his girlfriend and shunned by his family, he takes it all out on the cricketing gods. Full of metaphors, silly sounds and a few swears this podcast performs a function none out there do. If you want a lighthearted, possibly funny and opinionated look at cricket then this is for you.
Fellow Passengers
Join us for a fly-on-the-wall conversational podcast where we talk with interesting people who we know or meet about who they are and what they do. Covering everything from politics to vegetable varieties and everything in between. Hosted by Glenn and Al Produced by Displace Studios
The Sopranos Show
Gavin and Hannibal are best friends since Kindergarten who really love The Sopranos. Join them as they recap all 86 classic episodes in order, on a weekly podcast which salutes and celebrates the greatest TV drama of all time.
Knowledge, Devotion & Service is an Al-Maqasid podcast powered by SeekersHub global. The Maqasid (purposes) that are foundational to life of the believer are (1) Knowledge, (2) Devotion and (3) Service. It is through these purposes that we are able to truly fulfill our duty on Earth. Join us on this podcast as we explore these purposes which carry the meanings of the Prophetic inheritance.
Thank you for joining me. And helping me bring more episodes people want to hear. Guest are welcome. Please help me out by making a small donation to help me continue to move forward and grow. Promote your product here. welcomeTwitter: @canwekeepitrea2 Become a supporter of this podcast:
Chatham House, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, is an independent policy institute based in London. The institute is a world-leading source of independent analysis, informed debate and influential ideas on how to build a sustainably secure, prosperous and just world for all. This feed provides our latest podcast content
Generations Radio
The latest feed from Generations Radio on
Closing Argument with Walter Hudson, every weeknight from 9p-11p on Twin Cities News Talk AM1130 and 103.5 FM!
News, opinion, debate and analysis of the big golfing issues, including interviews with leading players and golfing personalities/celebrities, with Iain Carter and Andrew Cotter.
Listen in if you want an honest, genuine opinion on films, filmmakers, film techniques, and film theory. We're going to bring you filmmaker retrospectives, ideas on filmmaking, and discussions on controversial topics sorrounding filmmaking.
Jews with opinions
Because Jews will give their opinion whether you asked or not
A young soul with an opinion about trending topics across social media.I keep it real.
The occasionally educational podcast that proves you’re not totally alone in your ACCA journey, even when it feels like it. Learn more:
I will be answering questions on discrimination and giving my opinion on this topic.
Hi. I’m Paul Adamson, the founder and editor of E!Sharp, an online magazine about the European Union and its place in the world. These podcasts are me “in conversation with” personalities that I think have interesting things to say and who may not be known to wider audiences. The conversations are deliberately informal and are designed to be illuminating as well as, hopefully, entertaining.
History Rocks
Welcome to History Rocks! These podcasts are designed for those studying or teaching A level History. They are packed full of advice from experienced examiners! The contents are the opinion of the presenter and are not endorsed by any UK exam board. See website for details.
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An international migration pact adopted by the vast majority of the world’s nations aims to better handle rising flows of migrants worldwide, explicitly upholds national sovereignty, and is not legally binding. Why, then, is much of Europe freaking out over it?The United Nations Global Migration Compact, signed this week by 164 countries, has b ...…
Vox2018 has not been an easy year in many ways.The headlines have been unrelentingly bleak. The president of the United States declared war on migrant families, separating parents from children and firing tear gas on crowds with families and toddlers. His lawyer confessed to federal crimes, implicating the president in the process. The governme ...…
Commercials and subway ads for the latest season of Doctor Who, which ended Sunday, bore a straightforward slogan: “It’s about time.” The show is, literally, about time, specifically time travel, but the joke was in the tagline’s second meaning: The Doctor, for the first time in the sci-fi series’ 55-year history, was played this season by a wo ...…
The New York TimesThe millions of dots on the map trace highways, side streets and bike trails — each one following the path of an anonymous cellphone user.One path tracks someone from a home outside Newark, New Jersey, to a nearby Planned Parenthood. Another represents a person who travels with New York’s mayor during the day and returns to Lo ...…
The 19th century was a time of great innovation in plumbing. Cities got the first modern sewers, whose tunnels snaked for miles underground. Houses got bathrooms, with ceramic toilets, tubs, and sinks that you would easily recognize as such today. And, not to be left behind in this time of infrastructure overhaul, psychiatric hospitals got hydr ...…
In this fourth lecture on Imam Muhammad ibn al-Husayn al Sulami’s (d. 412 AH, 1034 CE) book Kitab al-Futuwwa, Shaykh Yahya discusses the virtue of not finding fault with another Muslim. As an example, it is mentioned how the great inheritors of the Prophet, sallallahu alaihi wa salam, although blessed with inner sight, look for what is the best ...…
Adele was hiding in what she thought was a ‘bilberry’ bush as she attempt to surprise another special listener in Radio 1’s Festive Feeling - It was actually a blueberry bush. Plus, comedian Greg Davies was in the phone room speaking to callers who claim to have sold him a filing cabinet and a pair of swimming goggles.…
Josh Johnson played Madden to learn his teammates names -- Syndergaard to the Yankees? -- Rockets interested in J.R. Smith -- Steph Curry doesn't think we've been to the moon.
Senior Executive Editor David Shipley presents an editorial arguing that the U.S. can end the turmoil at the southern border by processing asylum applications in a timely and compassionate fashion. This editorial aired on Bloomberg Radio.
NatureNuru was prepared for the worst when she went to get screened for HIV eight years ago. After caring for her mother in Uganda, who died as a result of the virus, Nuru moved to the United Kingdom to study, and decided to take her health into her own hands. “I was ready to be told I had HIV,” she says. “I felt, ‘That’s okay. I’ve looked up t ...…
Donald Trump is, infamously, not the sort of man used to getting no for answer. And while the frequent demurrals from candidates for administration jobs must have started to accustom the president to rejection, Nick Ayers’s decision not to take the White House chief of staff position must still come as a bitter shock.Ayers has been the presumpt ...…
Right before the awards ceremony at RADwood LA, we sit down with some RAD! guests to gush over RADwood. Thanks for listening! Please rate and review the show on iTunes.By Lane Skelton, Warren Madsen, Bryan McQueen, Art Cervantes.
A year ago, Doug Jones became the first Democrat elected to the Senate from Alabama in 25 years. He discusses what the past year has been like, the Mueller investigation and Trump's fascination with tariffs.
A new MP3 sermon from Generations Radio is now available on with the following details: Title: The Battleground of the Christian College - Evangelical Crisis Shows in Colleges Speaker: Kevin Swanson Broadcaster: Generations Radio Event: Current Events Date: 12/11/2018 Length: 34 min. Overview: The evangelical crisis is showing i ...…
Today's deep-dive Tuesday tackles a viral oral argument before the Supreme Court in Timbs v. Indiana regarding civil forfeiture -- and a delightful question (that inspired the graphic for the show notes) about whether the state can seize your Bugatti for speeding. Oh, and we check back in on the Ann Coulter v. Berkeley lawsuit that was recently ...…
20181210 - (1 Hr) The Narrow Path - Steve Gregg - 00:54:45By
British Prime Minister Theresa May announced on Monday that she was postponing a scheduled parliamentary vote on her proposed Brexit deal. The 11th-hour decision follows weeks of speculation that the agreement was doomed to suffer an overwhelming defeat at the hands of British lawmakers in its current form.What remains unclear is how long the v ...…
The New York TimesWe are, once again, experiencing one of the greatest housing booms in United States history.How long this will last and where it is heading next are impossible to know now.But it is time to take notice: My data shows that this is the United States’ third biggest housing boom in the modern era.Since February 2012, when the pric ...…
The AtlanticBefore last week, few people had heard the name He Jiankui. But on November 25, the young Chinese researcher became the center of a global firestorm when it emerged that he had allegedly made the first crispr-edited babies, twin girls named Lulu and Nana. Antonio Regalado broke the story for MIT Technology Review, and He himself des ...…
MIT Technology ReviewThe world relies on encryption to protect everything from credit card transactions to databases holding health records and other sensitive information. A new report from the US National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine says we need to speed up preparations for the time when super-powerful quantum computers c ...…
BloombergA decade after Bernard Madoff was arrested for running the world’s biggest Ponzi scheme, the bitter fight to recoup investors’ lost billions has astounded experts and victims alike.While no one will ever collect the phantom profits Madoff pretended he was earning, the cash deposits by his clients have been the primary objective for Irv ...…
Hosted by June Grasso. Guests:Al Hunt, Bloomberg Opinion columnist: "George H.W. Bush: A Nice Guy Who Finished First."John Authers, Senior editor for Bloomberg Markets and a Bloomberg Opinion columnist: "Seven Things Investors Should Know About AMLO."Faye Flam, Bloomberg Opinion columnist: "Gene Editing Can Make Us Different, But Not Better."Sa ...…
BloombergThis is the time of year for annual reckonings and predictions by strategists and analysts, illustrating little more than that they know what pleases their employers and that their powers of prognostication are nonexistent. And yet, full of bravado and confidence, they explain what stocks to buy, when a recession will come along, what ...…
BloombergAt the sprawling Huawei Technologies Co. campus in Shenzhen, the food court’s walls are emblazoned with quotes from the company’s billionaire founder and CEO Ren Zhengfei. Then there’s the research lab that resembles the White House in Washington. Perhaps most curious, though, are the three black swans paddling around a lake.For Ren, a ...…
BloombergMeng Wanzhou suffers from hypertension and struggles to eat solid food. She has a sleep disorder. She’s willing to put up a couple of multi-million-dollar homes as collateral.Those are some of the arguments lawyers are wielding in a closely watched attempt to free the Huawei Technologies Co. finance chief. Her arrest Dec. 1 unsettled g ...…
Senior Executive Editor David Shipley presents an editorial arguing that, if France and Germany cared about efficient and equitable taxation, they’d drop their proposed “Google tax.”
The New York TimesCourtney Dauwalter specializes in extremely long races. But her success in winning them has opened a debate about how men’s innate strength advantages apply to endurance sports.At 1:40 in the morning, running through the woods near Lake Tahoe, Courtney Dauwalter began hallucinating.She saw live puppets playing on a swing set o ...…
The New York TimesDuring more than five years as a housekeeper at the Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, N.J., Victorina Morales has made Donald J. Trump’s bed, cleaned his toilet and dusted his crystal golf trophies. When he visited as president, she was directed to wear a pin in the shape of the American flag adorned with a Secret Servic ...…
The QuartzNews about the natural world has not been great this year. Ice sheets are melting at unprecedented rates, greenhouse gas emissions are accelerating like “a speeding freight train,” insects appear to be disappearing. But in the midst of all this bad news, there’s a tiny bright spot: the scads of new species discovered in 2018.Scientist ...…
Greg has one last Harry Redknapp story time and catches up on Theresa May’s rubbish Christmas lights countdown. Plus Radio 1 launches its Festive Feeling with a big surprise for a very special listener, who thought he was getting a call from his nan.
QuartzTalking about how many hours you work is not impressive. Far from being an indication of industrious achievements or alpha status, it should be seen as a professionally embarrassing sign that, quite frankly, you have nothing else to boast about.Showing off about overwork is now so ubiquitous it’s difficult to remember a time when lack of ...…
Karun Chandhok, Ben Anderson and Jonathan Noble join Edd Straw to look back on the the 2018 Formula 1 season – and also argue about it!
A new MP3 sermon from Generations Radio is now available on with the following details: Title: Stephen Colbert — a New Testament Christian? - The Local Church Matters Speaker: Kevin Swanson Broadcaster: Generations Radio Event: Radio Broadcast Date: 12/10/2018 Length: 33 min. Overview: Stephen Colbert, host of the -Late Show- cl ...…
"High performer" individual contributors don't always make high performing teams. The skills that make people good at their job before coming manager are the same skills that make a great leader. What are the signs and what can you do about it?
‘Marco Polo’ is the last of five scripts Michael Imperioli wrote for ‘The Sopranos,’ and he definitely ends his run on a high note. Gavin and Hannibal examine the factors that push Tony B past the point of no return, and Carmela and Tony S into the pool. Plus your hosts point out how this great story gives Gandolfini, Falco and Buscemi ample op ...…
LA Autoshow, RADwood LA, and narrowing down Bryan's car choice. All on the 409th episode of the DWA! Podcast. Thanks for listening! Please rate and review the show on iTunes.By Lane Skelton, Warren Madsen, Bryan McQueen, Art Cervantes.
Army navy story behind the uniforms each year the army and navy football teams have been wearing different uniforms to honor the different branches of the Armed Forces. This year army is wearing the big red one. In honor of the 100th anniversary of the 1st division. The Navy is going with its traditional Billy did go on it's helmet and cleats s ...…
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