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Best Orangemen podcasts we could find (Updated October 2019)
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The Virtual Tailgate
Covering ACC Football and beyond. We talk Atlantic Coast Conference football and NCAA news. Weekly recaps on the games, and predictions for the coming week are standard, and we branch out into conference realignment, players of the week, and award and draft chatter as they come up. Boston College Eagles, Maryland Terrapins, Virginia Cavaliers, Virginia Tech Hokies, North Carolina Tarheels, Duke Blue Devils, NC State Wolfpack, Wake Forest Demon Deacons, Clemons Tigers, Georgia Tech Yellow Jac ...
The best podcast for fresh takes on the world of high school and college basketball scouting and reporting.
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Corey is joined by Cleveland VASJ head coach Babe Kwasniak for a special Friday edition of the Triple Double Pod, talking about the tradition and long-term success of VASJ (2:00), military duty in coaching (12:00), fighting entitlement (13:15), giving praise for a fellow scout (24:00), fighting back against PTSD (36:00) and much more. This is o ...…
The power rankings are all over the place because no one can keep winning. Oh well.
Corey is joined by Lima Senior head coach Quincey Simpson, talking about his role in the game of basketball and being a mentor, while also discussing making it Lima Senior (3:00), getting respect from Lima (18:00), the role of coach and father (28:00), having fun while maintaining order (33:30), and much more!…
We try to (re)teach Jarred the fundamentals of comedy during the show.
(Late posting about last week!) Nothing to see this week, move along
Corey is joined by noted friend of the pod Chas Wolfe, back talking about credit card roulette in Vegas (2:30), remembering an Ohio legend (9:00), the 270 Fall League (13:00), recruiting for parents (19:30), pre-season preparation as a scout (49:30) and much more. Timestamps won't ever do an episode with Chas the right amount of justice, so you ...…
Corey is joined by long-time friend and 270 Hoops co-owner Zach Fleer, discussing the 270 Hoops Fall League (3:45), picking the invite division teams (15:30), standout talents so far (25:30), utilizing the open division (36:00) and much more!By Corey Albertson and Jason Morrow.
Is UNC for real? And what about all those other unexpectedly 2-0 Coastal teams? We all agree FSU's win shouldn't count, though.
We're recording so early the games are even finished this week. Thankfully it's just Louisville, and they regress to their (very low) mean rather quickly.
The guys are subjected to the best and worst takes of their past preseason picks in this retrospective game. Thank goodness football starts this weekend!
Corey is joined by longtime friends and Orangemen Elite AAU coaches Trey Dees and Randale Griffith, discussing how they got started (3:00) bringing Rayvon on (11:30), playing in the spotlight (16:30), and the social media age (25:00).By Corey Albertson and Jason Morrow.
The boys are back to talk some football and make some bold predictions!
An extra special of the TDP includes an appearance from fan-favorite Doug, talking about summer poker in Vegas (2:40), Doug’s airing of casion grievances (13:00), serving up White Russians and making omelettes (14:25), getting thrown out while telling stories about getting thrown out (19:10) and much more!…
Chris Shumate joins Corey this week on the TDP, talking about playing for a young Mick Cronin (2:45), getting into coaching at UC (6:30), the full Albertson story (8:15), the best shooters all-time in Cincinnati (18:00), and more!By Corey Albertson and Jason Morrow.
Corey is joined by longtime friend of the pod Chas Wolfe (@highmajorscoop), recapping the June Ohio camp (4:00), Peach Jam and Under Armour (15:00), the NCAA regional camp and live period discussion (20:00), with how coaches are handling it (25:00), Vegas and food (37:00), and ironing out the Cleveland State search (44:00).…
The TDP is back this week with Northern Kentucky assistant coach Eric Haut, talking about the new job and replacing a successful staff (6:30), recruiting on the fly (22:45), regional camps (29:00) and much more!By Corey Albertson and Jason Morrow.
A special midweek episode of the TDP is out, as Corey brings on 270/275 Hoops co-owner Zach Fleer to discuss the opening of 275 Hoops (2:45), 270 Hoops upcoming events (7:20), OHSBCA recap (10:10), the selection process (24:00), Jaxson Hayes (33:00), and the best jerk chicken in Cincinnati (39:50).By Corey Albertson and Jason Morrow.
Corey is joined by Ryan Fleming, the new head coach at Summit Country Day, discussing what its like being the coach’s kid (2:40), improving as a program every day (7:50), buying into the program (15:00), coaching versus running the progress (19:10), and much more!By Corey Albertson and Jason Morrow.
The Corey and Corey show is back, as All-Ohio Red's Corey Tucker comes on to talk making Peach Jam (1:00), 270/275 Hoops (3:30), NBA Draft talk (9:20), going overseas versus one-and-done (26:00), and scoring more than 15 in a game (33:00).By Corey Albertson and Jason Morrow.
Corey is joined by Miami (Ohio) assistant coach JR Reynolds, talking about the recruiting process at Miami (2:45), where to target (5:30), things to look at while evaluating (7:15), mid-major recruiting (13:00), team camps/elite camps (24:00) and much more!By Corey Albertson and Jason Morrow.
Corey is joined by Lakota East HS head coach Clint Adkins, talking about various topics related to building a program at the high school level, including talks on scheduling tough (5:00), the four phases of the season (11:00), helping players with recruiting (21:15) and much more!By Corey Albertson and Jason Morrow.
Corey is joined by recurring guest Kurt Stubbs of MaxPreps/JJHuddle, talking about the new season of the StubbsCast (2:20), importance of rankings (6:30), playing at low college levels (22:00), the Jaaron Simmons dilemma (29:30) and much more!By Corey Albertson and Jason Morrow.
After a week off for the live period, Corey is joined by fellow Corey, Rivals scout Corey Evans, talking about the strategization the live period (2:00), low and mid-majors schools in April (6:00), differing styles of play around the country (18:30), what matters in the dead period (29:00).By Corey Albertson and Jason Morrow.
Chas Wolfe comes back on the podcast to talk with Corey, this time discussing Final Four weekend (1:45), Texas Tech (10:00), Auburn (14:30), Ty Jerome (17:50), unsigned seniors playing AAU (20:30), NCAA Camps (26:10), Mick to UCLA (34:15) and a whole lot more!By Corey Albertson and Jason Morrow.
Fresh off of their national title win over Texas Tech, Virginia's Kyle Getter comes on the TDP to talk about his role in being the Director of Recruiting, how he ended up at UVA (4:20), Jack Salt and his leadership role (13:10), and an overview of working for Head Coach Tony Bennett (16:00).By Corey Albertson and Jason Morrow.
Former Wright State head coach and current UMKC head coach Billy Donlon joins Corey for a special Friday episode of the TDP, talking about building up somewhere new (6:00), ladership in coaching (16:30), graduate transfers (24:10) and much more!By Corey Albertson and Jason Morrow.
Celebrate the Cavaliers Final Four trip by listening to us fight over the Sweet Sixteen. Timely content, because we definitely don't forget to post shows after we record them.....
Corey is joined by LaSalle head coach and former Villanova assistant Ashley Howard, talking about him making the move to LaSalle from Villanova (2:20), recruiting and finding diamonds in the rough (9:50), defining a successful season (15:20), tough love and coaching (21:30), and much more!By Corey Albertson and Jason Morrow.
Corey and Jason tag-team a special duo episode of the Triple Double Podcast, recapping the OHSAA Final Four (2:15), NCAA tournament and Final Four predictions (18:00), the wacky world of the coaching carousel (23:00), and NCAA failures of recruiting calendar (31:30).By Corey Albertson and Jason Morrow.
Looking for regional tournament coverage of all four divisions? The TDPodcast has you covered this week! 270 Hoops' Zach Fleer, JJHuddle's Kurt Stubbs and NEO Spotlight's TJ Peatross bring their A-game, previewing all 16 regional tournaments, including a look at upsets in Columbus (1:45) Division I surprises in Cleveland (9:20), Stubbs on NW Oh ...…
After a week off, Corey is back on the Triple Double Pod with 247Sports' Brian Snow, talking questions about his shoe game (2:50), the great Zion debate (4:30), NCAA and the recruiting calendar (17:30), the state of college basketball (30:00), and much more!By Corey Albertson and Jason Morrow.
Back for this third appearance on the Triple Double Podcast is JJHuddle's Kurt Stubbs, talking about anything and everything related to the upcoming boys basketball tournament in Ohio, discussing all four divisions: Division I (3:40), Division II (30:00), Division III (39:30), and Division IV (48:30). Check out his predictions and more in this ...…
For one of the final pre-tournament episodes of the podcast, Corey is joined by Ohio high school coaching legend Wally Vickers, talking about coaching at small schools vs big schools (4:45) changes between kids now and the past (8:15), coaching and teaching at the same school (13:50), breaking down egos (20:45), building from early on (25:55) a ...…
A special gambling episode comes to the Triple Double Podcast, as Corey is joined by long-time friend Doug R, talking about topics like Vegas and poker (3:45), playing long vs. short term (14:00), the meaning of good (21:30), the mental battles with poker (24:20), and much more!By Corey Albertson and Jason Morrow.
On this Friday edition of the podcast, Corey is joined by Walnut Hills head coach Ricardo Hill (for his second appearance), talking about how his squad is faring through January (1:45), recruiting and Cincinnati (11:00), the strategy and process of district tournament seeding (20:00), parents and coaches riding officials and why it’s bad (28:15 ...…
For today's Friday edition of the podcast, Corey (Albertson) is joined by All-Ohio and Winton Woods basketballl coach Corey (Tucker), discussing the happenings from the past weekend at Flyin' to the Hoop (3:50),Ball in the Family (15:45), meeting college coaches for the first time (31:00), Madden and NCAA battles between Tuck and Morrow (47:45) ...…
For a special Saturday edition of the Triple Double Podcast, Corey is joined by former Xavier star Darnell Williams, talking about his journey from New York to Cincinnati (2:30), the park scene in NYC (4:50), and a recap of his playing days (17:00)By Corey Albertson and Jason Morrow.
Sorry for the posting delay all. We recorded this right after the game, so our takes may seem a bit stale, but worry not! We're gonna give a monthly off-season show a whirl!
Corey is joined by Brush High School head coach Chet Mason, talking about various Cleveland related topics and how he helps to giving back to the community (2:30), financial literacy (7:30), exposure versus wins (14:45), being a marked team (33:30) and much more!By Corey Albertson and Jason Morrow.
A very special time of year is on our doorstep, as the annual Flyin to the Hoop event is coming up in about a week. Corey talks to owner Eric Horstman about a variety of FTTH topics, including how it got started (2:30), Ohio versus the nation (7:00), the process of selecting teams (15:30), the Spire circus (20:00), talking about the 2019 field ...…
For the final episode of 2018, Chas Wolfe from Prep Scouting, LLC comes on once more, bringing a load of energy while discussing various topics like the pillars of evaluating (4:15), offense in high school (12:00), evaluating freshmen (22:00), using bloodlines to make projections (26:00), how to know when a kid loves basketball (37:45), and muc ...…
For this Thursday edition of the Pod, Corey brings on former Xavier player Brian Thornton, discussing his journey going from player to coach (2:15), building relationships through a coaching tree (9:00), loyalty in coaching (24:25), balancing coaching and family (37:30), and much more!By Corey Albertson and Jason Morrow.
Yet another Division I head coach comes onto the Triple Double Podcast, as Corey is joined by Stony Brook head coach Jeff Boals, and the two discuss various topics in the basketball world like Boals' early season surprises leading the Seawolves (4:00), being in a one-bid league (5:30), making the move to Stony Brook (10:15), social media and re ...…
For our final podcast before the start of the Ohio High School season, Corey talks to Withrow head coach Shaun O'Connell, discussing topics including: how he ended up at Withrow (1:30), coaching at inner-city schools (12:45), Cincinnati basketball as a whole (20:00), being at Dunbar (33:00), differences between AAU and high school coaching (39: ...…
Judge Jarred makes another worthy appearance and tells off some underperforming coaches.
We almost lost this show to the aether, folks. Thankfully Jarred was able to locate it, but of course, that meant it took me until Sunday to post it. Sorry folks, we'll be on top of our Championship picks this week.
Corey is joined this week by Bellarmine assistant coach Doug Davenport, bringing up his experiences of being a coaches son (3:30), working with Pitino (10:30), recruiting during the season (23:30), recruiting after a high school game (49:00), and much more! Tune in to hear Davenport's thoughts on everything about recruiting at the Division II l ...…
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