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The Origins Podcast features in-depth conversations with some of the most interesting people in the world about the issues that impact all of us in the 21st century. Host, theoretical physicist, lecturer, and author, Lawrence M. Krauss, will be joined by guests from a wide range of fields, including science, the arts, and journalism. The topics discussed on The Origins Podcast reflect the full range of the human experience - exploring science and culture in a way that seeks to entertain, edu ...
Origin Mysteries
There are countless mysteries through out history and who doesn't love a good story? Origin Mysteries brings you some of the best crime, ghost and paranormal stories around! Every two weeks a new episode is released featuring two different stories! So what are you waiting for? Hit that subscribe button so you never miss an episode! Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/originmysteries/support
Have you ever wondered why it rains "cats and dogs" or why someone you like just told you to go "break a leg?" Check in weekly with your hosts Scott and Steve as they reveal the fascinating and sometimes bizarre origins of the words and phrases we use every day.
Word-Origin Wednesday is the weekly podcast that walks you through a word origin in five minutes or less.
“Truer, but also darker.” This is the real origin story behind America’s decision to go to the moon. The story we learn starts with Sputnik, then President Kennedy’s challenge, and ends with triumph: an American flag on the lunar surface. But in the 50 years that have passed since the moon landing, as presidential documents have been declassified and secret programs have been revealed, a wilder story has begun to emerge. “Moonrise,” a new Washington Post narrative mini-series, digs into the ...
Shadowrun Origins
A Shadowrun Actual Play podcast exploring the iconic Shadowrun adventures which contain much of the lore of the Shadowrun world.
Madison & Jamie take you on a tour of the best of Netflix Originals.
Journey into the Improbable
Lost Origins
Lost Origins explores all things ancient mystery, alternative historical theory, extraterrestrial phenomena, and lost civilizations. Every week, Andrew and CK chat with experts, researchers, and authors on esoteric history and mind bending mysteries.
We do podcasts about how we think things came about... Every week we delve into a new topic and all the weird tangents that come with it. Contact us at contact@originstories.fyi. Follow us on Twitter @OriginStories_.
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Journey into the Improbable
Origin is about creativity. What drives an artist to create. These Conversations are about history, passions, and plans for the future. Guests include award-winning and best selling authors, comic book creators, and graphic artists. I also will host conversations with creators still seeking to make a mark.
Indie Originals
The best unsigned local musicians and bands from all over the world! Check out our live in-studio interviews and performances before they end up on the Grammys. Broadcast radio proved to be way too limited for this insane show. Airs nationally Friday nights at 9 Eastern. www.indieoriginals.com
Has Hollywood ruined your favorite comic book franchise? Don't fret, because Not Another Origin Story is here to critique the plot-holes, commend the casting, and certify the source material. Comedians Ben and Pogues, along with a passionate guest or two, assemble with their best jokes and sharpest opinions to take on every comic book film one by one. Subscribe today so you can download, listen, comment, and argue with us!New episodes Thursdays.
Sermons from our Sunday Worship Gatherings
Origin Church Sermons
Original Thoughts
The Original Thoughts Podcast with The Noisy Boys breaks down relationships, everyday news, pop culture, science, psychology, and dating.
Join award-winning journalist and best-selling author James Andrew Miller as he uncovers bold beginnings of success stories in the worlds of television, movies, sports, music, and business. Experience all the unpredictable moments, pivotal junctures, and strokes of luck that turn great ideas into formidable realities -- as told by the insiders who were there from the start.
The most common question creative people get asked is, "Where do you get your ideas?" That's what Originality is all about: exploring the wheres, hows, and whys of creative genius with K Tempest Bradford, Aleen Simms, and a diverse assortment of guests from a variety of fields. Hosted by K Tempest Bradford and Aleen Simms.
Chatting about the graps otherwise known as professional wrestling
What The Folklore?
A comedy podcast that exposes the absurd side of folklore. Each week we read a story, fix plotholes and create new ones, and invent unintended connections between tales.
It's not about who you've been, it's about who you are becoming!
The Origin of Things or TOOT for short is a podcast hosted by Deepak Gopalakrishnan AKA Chuck. You might have heard him on another IVM show called 'Simblified', but on the much shorter and crisper TOOT he focuses on the origin story of various things. For starters, we're going to be looking at the origin stories of world famous brands. But there's a catch -- Chuck will tell you the fascinating story, little by little dropping some hints, but the brand is only revealed at the very end. Will y ...
The Original Cast
From Broadway to off-Broadway to the West End, this is a podcast about original cast albums and the people who love them. Every musical theatre fan has that one album that changed their life and playwright-filmmaker-professor Patrick Flynn is out to find it. We talk to the people you see at the theater be they on-stage, backstage, or in the house.
Original Content
Each week, TechCrunch's Anthony Ha and Jordan Crook talk about what's new in original streaming shows, movies, comics and more. Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime – if it's new, original, and available to stream on the web or mobile, you'll hear about it here first.
Word of the Day
In this podcast, we highlight fun but underused words, explain their usage and origin, provide real-life conversational examples for each, and generally have a good time.
NT Pod
Podcast about the New Testament and Christian Origins. Condensed comment from an academic perspective for everyone interested in historical approaches to the New Testament. By Mark Goodacre, Frances Hill Fox Professor of Religious Studies, Duke University.
Original vs Remake Movie / Film Reviews! Hosts Buzz Meade and Eric Little take Original and Remade Hollywood movies and throw them into a boxing style brawl, comparing everything from scripts to actors to the music used. Which will come out on top? Tune in to find out!
One of the original business news podcasts. Mirrored after the popular Wall Street Journal column. Get caught up on your commute Monday through Friday. Listen as our journalists cover top stories and share timely insights on business, the economy, markets, and politics.
Maia and Adair love Disney Channel Original Movies. They also love drinking and over explaining their opinions. Every other week they will be adding the two things your childhood entertainment was missing: whiskey and running commentary.
StartUp Podcast
A series about what it's really like to start a business.
Every week, get ready for another bone chilling tale from the depths of despair as your host, The Teller, brings your inner fears to reality.If you enjoy our time together, make sure to become a supporter on our patreon.https://www.patreon.com/user?u=16554059 Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/eerietalesfromthedarkness/support
Origins Podcast
Origins Podcast
Episode reviews and discussion for various Netflix original shows.
ConcordTV is Concord New Hampshire's Community Media Center! We not only create our own original video/audio content we help community members tell their own stories! Follow this podcast channel for "Community Conversations", "TV, But For Your Ears" and other original content!
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"'A podcast about the internet' that is actually an unfailingly original exploration of modern life and how to survive it." - The Guardian. Hosted by PJ Vogt and Alex Goldman, from Gimlet.
Origin Ventures Podcast
The Origin Ventures podcast discusses all things tech, startup, and venture capital with startup founders and executives, experts in our network, and other investors. Origin Ventures is a Seed and Series A venture capital firm investing across the United States and Canada. Visit originventures.com for more details about us, to sign up for our newsletters, and other content!
Millions have been encouraged and inspired by the words of the #1 best-selling 365-day devotional "Jesus Calling." Watch powerful video interviews with authors, musicians, celebrities and other Jesus Calling readers who share their personal stories of the impact their faith has had in their lives. Jesus Calling AUDIO podcast => https://apple.co/2NXnT9p
Streaming Audio is a podcast from Confluent, the team that built Apache Kafka®. Host Tim Berglund (Senior Director of Developer Experience, Confluent) and guests unpack a variety of topics surrounding the Apache Kafka and Confluent ecosystems. The show also features the segment "Ask Confluent," in which Gwen Shapira (Software Engineer, Confluent) and guests respond to a handful of questions and comments from Twitter, YouTube and elsewhere. Apache®, Apache Kafka, Kafka and the flame logo are ...
A weekly podcast dedicated to theme parks, roller coasters and thrill rides.During each show, we talk about the total theme park experience. We'll have interviews with the people making decisions at your favorite park, reviews and ratings of the newest rides and attractions, discussion about everyday park experiences and chances to win tickets and merchandise from parks around the country!
Arizona Originals
Arizona Originals is the podcast focused on Arizona's leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs from every walk of life. This podcast allows them to tell their own stories in an effort to inspire, teach, and give practical advice to listeners.
Vince and Jo Vitale lead this weekly podcast which focuses on listener-submitted questions on meaning, morality, origin, and destiny. Ask Away is designed to be a place where can you ask your biggest questions and find answers.
Tungsten Originals is a multi-platform production company that celebrates and elevates the brightest young creators. Our podcast features talks about all things art with creators we love, from industry professionals to developing newcomers. Hosted by the founder of Tungsten Originals, West Givens.
Two Transfer College Students from New York move to Los Angeles to continue their college career by faith. They land in Hollywood in the effort to pursue and accomplish what they've always strived to do.
Inside Star Wars
From the creators of Inside Psycho, Inside the Exorcist, and Inside Jaws, comes a new immersive audio biopic about the making of the original 1977 Star Wars. It was a movie made on a shoestring and dumped into a handful of movie theaters. And then it changed the world. This is the story of George Lucas and his dream. We take you inside the stories of the people who struggled to make the original classic and the people who did their very best to stop it dead. Now playing in all galaxies.
Origins is a podcast about Limited Partners, the firms and institutions that invest in venture capital funds. Through a series of interviews, we explore what has historically been an opaque corner of the startup ecosystem and learn how the people behind the capital make decisions. This podcast was created by Alex Lines and Nick Chirls, partners at Notation.
Fashion Originators is the podcast for fashion entrepreneurs who do things differently. Each episode, guests share their wins, losses and wisdom – all to inspire your career and personal goals.
Standard Orbit is a Trek.fm podcast dedicated entirely to Star Trek: The Original Series. Not an episode review show, Standard Orbit explores specific elements of TOS with hosts Ken Tripp and Zach Moore.
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Almost Cancelled give their reaction and recap to 3x08 of GLOW from Netflix. FULL SPOILERS patreon: https://www.patreon.com/mildfuzztvtwitter: https://twitter.com/Mild_Fuzzfacebook: https://www.facebook.com/mildfuzznetworkAudio: https://netflix-mild-fuzz-tv.pinecast.co UK Merch store: https://shop.spreadshirt.co.uk/mild-fuzz-tv/US Merch store: ...…
Lei White and Paige Petersen joined us to discuss Lei's senior thesis film Cutthroat, which is about a runway model navigating the fashion industry by any means necessary. We discussed how they came to work together, Lei's inspiration for the script, and the most ambitious aspects of the project. Links below: Cutthroat IndieGoGo Campaign! Cutth ...…
My fathers return to the place that changed his life forever. A cemetery unlike anything I have ever seen. Join us on this experience that changed us forever.Should we return at night? Let me know by commenting us @originmysteries on instagram!Thank you guys so much for listening!I am really interested in what you think about this episode so pl ...…
Things are about to blow up inside the Association Para Nobilis Headquarters. The team has managed to keep everything frosty up until now, but the APN leadership is bearing down on them, now. Let’s tune in and see how they handle the heat?By Opti.
A person on a government support program is given no choice but to join a new self-employment initiative, which will make them part of the growing gig economy. The job involves having a mess hub...By Alan V Hare.
Ben and Pogues are back for a mini. They riff and then tell you what movie is up next. THIS IS MINISODE.By Ben Chapman & Matthew 'Pogues' Metzger.
At age 16, Cyntoia Brown received a life sentence for murder. After 15 years of rebuilding her life, Cyntoia was granted clemency and walked out a free woman in August 2019. But she says, “It wasn’t until I came back to God and I just let Him take over—that's when I was free.” Cyntoia’s husband Jamie joins her to share the miraculous story of h ...…
Kings Island recently announced that they would be closing their iconic Arrow Looping Coaster "Vortex" after 32 years of operation. The coaster has given over 46 million rides. So even though it's not one of the world's best, it still means something to most people. On this week's show, we ask our listeners to name a roller coaster that they wo ...…
Awesome indie music hosted by Chuck Fresh! Station list, streaming links, and contest information at www.indieoriginals.com. Featuring music by: A Second Life, SoftWave, The World Over, Sarah Christine, Seven Story Fall, Oh Be Clever, Perfect Mark, Axl Arth, Adam Exler, Aude Ray, and JJ Como.By Indie Originals.
Steven Sherrill has been making trouble with words since 8th grade, when he was suspended from school for two weeks for a story he wrote. The post #133 the inspiring genius of Steven Sherrill appeared first on .By podcast.
Weekly Wrestling Wrecap #156 Vince lays the Smackdown on Bischoff | WWE 2K20 is for PS2 Vince fires Eric Bischoff from WWE - #WutIFink WWE 2K20 is looking well interesting and the marketing campaign for this game has definitely been grass roots. What is this game and why are we looking at what could be called an unfinished product - #WutIFink G ...…
The everyday meaning of "sympathy" has shifted over the years, but it's always had some connection to its Latin and Greek roots.By The Grammar Geek.
When a Jewish school team is in trouble, their only hope may come from where they least expect it: tired racial tropes. Maia and Adair break down Full-Court Miracle. This is a movie that taught us it’s ok for your child to want different things in than you, age-blind casting is apparently a thing, and that at least one of your hosts doesn’t und ...…
DC Metro Theater Arts editor and publisher Nicole Hertvick is here for an emo telling of the 7th President of the United State's rise to power that fully commits to its premise. Topics include: Emo, Spring Awakening, the Trail of Tears, and (somehow) Cats. We talk about Cats for a minute. And I don't remember how we got there but there it is: C ...…
This week only two thirds of the #NoisyBoys are here to give their #OriginalThoughts. Don't worry though, Azzam texted in his thoughts on a few items like the World Record breaking sub two hour marathon, his European Affairs, the Backwards Law, would you date a virgin, and more! Subscribe to listen to a new episode every week!…
A story about a dress, a college tour and an awards night. You can listen to this show and other awesome shows on the IVM Podcasts app on Android: https://ivm.today/android or iOS: https://ivm.today/ios, or any other podcast app. You can check out our website at http://www.ivmpodcasts.com/By IVM Podcasts.
Join us this week to witness an angry and belligerent Dawn who seems to get stopped at just about every checkpoint she goes through. Stick around after the rage to hear all about why we journal. How it helps keep us on track, quantify progress, and just get all the nonsense out of our heads. Let us know what you got for your birthday at contact ...…
No matter what your taste, whether you are a family or a couple, a group or travelling solo—The Travel Corporation offers something for everyone. Our multi award-winning portfolio ranges from luxury hotels and boutique river cruises, to independent holiday package companies and a variety of guided travel experiences. As a worldwide travel exper ...…
Standard Orbit 288: Lee Plays Old Games Poorly Star Trek Video Games With Lee Sargent. This week on Standard Orbit, host Zach Moore is joined by Lee Sargent from Lee Draws Stuff to discuss Star Trek video games. Not only is Lee an artist, he's also a video game aficionado and on his YouTube series Lee Plays Old Games...Poorly has been working t ...…
October 13th, 2019By Matthew Elrod.
The guys take “Undead October” to Cinemark Theaters to catch the 2019 version of “The Addams Family”. Check back all month for Halloween themed episodes. www.battleremake.com
Ideas are coming at you every day from all directions. How can you process it all? You can start with The Next Big Idea. Host Rufus Griscom and legendary thought leaders Malcolm Gladwell, Adam Grant, Dan Pink, and Susan Cain, will be your personal “idea” curators. Open your mind and get ready for something big, because the right idea--at the ri ...…
This episode focuses on words and phrases that start with the word "black." Listen now to hear the fascinating origins of the term "Blackmail," and some historical examples which all seem to involve Dukes and courtesans. You'll also find out why the moniker "Black Sheep" has a negative connotation and which member of the first family was nickam ...…
Certain moments in one's life can influence or drastically change the trajectory of the years to follow. Experiences have the power to shape and mold who we become, what's important to us, and the questions we ask. In the case of Jeffery Sortino, this becomes resoundingly clear. In this week's episode of Lost Origins, Jeffery joins Andrew and C ...…
This week, we review "The Politician," Ryan Murphy's new series for Netflix, with a first season focused on a high-stakes high school election. We also talk about the highlights of TechCrunch's recent conference Disrupt SF. If you'd like to skip ahead, here's how the episode breaks down: 0:00 Intro 0:37 Disrupt recap 9:30 "The Politician" revie ...…
Prepare yourself to make some bad decisions, fill in that well in the backyard, and join Madison & Jamie as they discuss the Netflix Original film 1922. Film link: https://www.netflix.com/title/80135164 Contact us via email at: navigatingnetflixoriginals@gmail.com Hit us up on twitter: @NNOPodcastBy Navigating Netflix Originals.
This week, I have the pleasure of interviewing Natalie Grogan the founder of ALL EYES, a fashion trend forecasting and consultancy company based right here in East London! While there are a lot of agencies in London, what makes ALL EYES different is their focus on scouting trends at ‘street level’ and sharing this knowledge, professionals from ...…
Conferences are essential places to meet new people and expand your creative community, so in this episode Tempest and Aleen talk about their recent experiences at XOXO and why creating intentional community spaces at conferences like it matters. They also dive into the focus of many talks at the festival: getting attacked online, and how peopl ...…
Our guest this week is Phil Boas, the editor of the editorial pages of The Arizona Republic. Before that, he was editor of The Republic’s Sunday Viewpoints section and editor of its Community editorial pages. He joined The Republic in 1999. Before that, he was metro editor at The East Valley Tribune and a reporter at the Los Angeles Daily News. ...…
Learn more about the upcoming Wicked FIT 5k run!By ConcordTV Original Podcasts.
Bumper stickers and PhariseesBy Origins.
Lawrence joins astrophysicist and science communicator Neil deGrasse Tyson in his office at the Hayden Planetarium in New York City to discuss Neil’s background, science communication methods, creating the perfect science sound bite, and much more. See the exclusive, full HD videos of all episodes at www.patreon.com/originspodcast immediately u ...…
Ken finds himself in a fake reality, where everything is a bit off. After he discovers his fridge is full of organic vegetables, he assumes Leaf is behind the strangeness. But when Ken goes to...By Alan V Hare.
Fabrice Grinda is the founder of FJ Labs, a company co-creation and investment firm, focused on marketplace businesses. FJ Labs has invested in companies such as Flexport, Shippo, Lime, Brightroll, among many others. Fabrice is also a serial entrepreneur, previously founding three companies - Zingy, Aucland, and OLX - All of which scaled to sig ...…
Big Progressive Mix for the Fall of 2019 including tracks and remixes from the likes of: Hernan Cattaneo, Henry Saiz, Tiger Stripes, K Nass and many more.By Raje.
This week we sit down with Actress, Writer and Producer Talia Tabin. She is someone who certainly knows how to make those around her Laugh Out Loud and so we share her journey of Acting and how she got into Comedy, her performances with Dave Franco and the behind the scenes of it all, as well as her introduction into Improv at the Upright Citiz ...…
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