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Join award-winning journalist and best-selling author James Andrew Miller as he uncovers bold beginnings of success stories in the worlds of television, movies, sports, music, and business. Experience all the unpredictable moments, pivotal junctures, and strokes of luck that turn great ideas into formidable realities -- as told by the insiders who were there from the start.
The Original stories, fairytales, and legends that inspire the Disney films.
Lost Origins
Lost Origins explores all things ancient mystery, alternative historical theory, extraterrestrial phenomena, and lost civilizations. Every week, Andrew chats with experts, researchers, and authors on esoteric history and mind bending mysteries.
Mick Thyer and Jason Joel discuss creative icons of the past and speak with present day guests who are willing to share the ups and downs of their creative pursuits. Holding firm in the belief that creativity comes from action, this weekly podcast has already inspired thousands to go out and create.
Origins is a podcast about Limited Partners, the firms and institutions that invest in venture capital funds. Through a series of interviews, we explore what has historically been an opaque corner of the startup ecosystem and learn how the people behind the capital make decisions. This podcast was created by Alex Lines and Nick Chirls, partners at Notation.
From James Andrew Miller, creator of the innovative hit podcast Origins, comes Origins Originals—full-length podcast interviews with celebrated subjects featured in “Origins” Chapters – from Larry David, Cheryl Hines, and J. B. Smoove, to Bill Simmons, Michelle Beadle and Keith Olbermann -- and many more. Origins explores the beginnings of significant phenomena in television shows, films, music , even human relationships; Origins Originals will showcase the discussions from those shows in th ...
We all know about the Marvel Cinematic Universe that was kicked off in 2008 with Iron Man. But what about the Marvel films and TV movies that came before the MCU and that aren't technically a part of it? In this podcast, we take a look, sometimes with excitement, sometimes with dread, at the films and TV movies that are part of what we have dubbed the "MCO" or "Marvel Cinematic Origins".
Dungeons and Disorder is a fun Live Play podcast of the newest version of the Dungeons and Dragons. Join us in laughs and bloodshed as we explore Fifth Edition.
Ryan Daly and a rotating selection of guests read and review issues of SECRET ORIGINS, an anthology series published by DC Comics in the 1980s.
Smart conversations about today’s most interesting topics - a history podcast for everyone, produced by Origins from Ohio State's Department of History
Origins of Nature
In this series of talks and events we seek to further our understanding of what makes us 'human' and the meaning of life. This series is presented by Sophia Europa Oxford and the Faculty of Theology in the University of Oxford.
Literary topics taken from the textbook "Time Machines". vol. 1, CIDEB, read by Maria Grazia Tundo
Origins: The International Writing Program Podcast is an interview series with writers from around the world addressing the origins of their creative works, the literary and social cultures in which they write, and the art of language.
The full title of this book is The Origins of Christianity with an Outline of Van Manen’s Analysis of The Pauline Literature. Willem Christiaan van Manen (1842-1905) was a Dutch theologian. The vast majority of van Manen’s radical criticism of the New Testament and Christian origins has never been translated into English. In this book, Thomas Whittaker outlines the arguments of van Manen for an English-speaking audience. Van Manen’s work is not now generally known, but his views obtained not ...
Origins Podcast
Origins Podcast
Casual discussion of current topics in the world of Parkour. Hosted by Rene "Res" Scavington and Tom Coppola of Origins Parkour.
"From the Origins to the Middle Ages".Readings of literary essays taken from Upper Secondary School students' texbooks, 3^Maria Grazia Tundo
We jump into the DC Animated Universe to breakdown the episodes of Justice League and JL Unlimited. This review podcast gives you a view into that world.
Reframed Origins takes us back to the fossils that improved our understanding of human evolution over the past 6 million years. Each episode focuses upon a fossil, how it was discovered, how human evolution was understood at the time and how it helped palaeoanthropologists to see our evolution in a different light. The series will also take on larger themes, such as dating techniques and species concepts. Famous and less well-known fossils will feature in this series. With the help of Nick, ...
The Origins Life Podcast seeks to discover the Origin Life moments of everyday people. Who am I? What is my purpose? Why am I here? These are questions that all of us have to face. This podcasts seeks to share the stories of individuals as they reveal the events that shaped them into becoming the people they are today. We all have a unique individual story, but we all share a common human story.
ORIGINS: A Speaker Series About Food, Its Source & How We Eat. "Once in your life you will need a doctor, a lawyer, a policeman, a preacher but everyday, three times a day, you will need a farmer.� Quote by Brenda ShoeppOrigins, a speaker series, aims to elevate the conversation about food, its origins and what we are doing with food and food systems on this planet. The focus for this series is the food of the mid-Atlantic region, centered around Maryland and the Chesapeake Bay watershed. ...
Smart conversations about today’s most interesting topics - a history podcast for everyone, produced by Ohio State's Origins: Current Events in Historical Perspective.
It's not about who you've been, it's about who you are becoming!
Origins Podcast
Podcast by Origins Podcast
Origins Greenville
Sermons from our Sunday Worship Gatherings
Michael Yo and Jo Koy host their amazing podcast! Follow Michael Yo: @MichaelYo Follow Jo Koy: @jokoy
Welcome to the Nerds' Domain – Origins. The podcast that not only welcomes but celebrates all the nerds in the world! Here is where you can dive headfirst into your imagination and become whoever or whatever you ever wanted to be. Here, future nerds of the world come together and discover their…origins.Listen as 6 middle school students, led by their 7th grade math teacher, embark on the beginnings of their role playing adventures in Dungeons and Dragons.*The first three episodes have poor s ...
Welcome to the BLUE SKY THINKERS: ORIGINS podcast, where amazing things happen.
My name is Shelly Rollison. I'm a singer-songwriter based in Denver, Colorado, and I create music to create safe spaces where people feel seen and inspired, so that they can find the drive to pursue what's possible. O R I G I N S is a podcast where I tell the stories behind the songs on my Cardiac Flashback EP and how they were created.
Current events in historical perspective. Each issue offers an analysis of a particular current issue, political, cultural, or social, in a larger, deeper context
Two young comic book enthusiasts come together to discuss the world of comics; past, present, and future
Origins Australia is a podcast series hosted by Ross Greenwood, the series takes a look at Australian brands that took on the world and won. Hear the stories behind the names including Smiggle, Canva, Budgy Smuggler and more. Tune in each week to discover new episodes
The weekly sermons from Origins Church in Tupelo, MS
Welcome to Origins of Innovation, a brand new podcast from Innovate Mississippi that takes you behind the scenes of Mississippi’s most innovative Startups.The highs, the lowes, the concepts, and the execution. Join us each episode for a look into the Origins of Innovation!
A study of the beginning and basic theology of the Christian faith
ORIGINS: A Speaker Series aims to elevate the conversation about food, its origins and what we are doing with food and food systems on this planet. The focus for this series is the food of the mid-Atlantic region, centered around Maryland and the Chesapeake Bay watershed. The series is held within the intimate confines of Artifact Coffee, one of the restaurants owned by Spike and Amy Gjerde and their partner, Corey Polyoka. Spike Gjerde recently received the 2015 James Beard Foundation Award ...
The origin of the celebration of Christmas.
Do you know the difference between sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic rocks? Are you interested in their geologic origin, chemical composition or how each type affects the landscape? Do you know the differences between limestone, granite and marble as building materials? You will find these and lots of other interesting facts about rocks in this second edition of "Rocks and Their Origins" published in 1922. The author, Grenville A. J. Cole, was an English geologist, Professor of Geology in ...
Origins: 101
Your cheat sheet PODCAST to all things geek! Views of charter origins by someone who knows it and someone who doesn't.
D&W Origins
Podcasts of the portable designed serie : Dragon and Weed : Origins.
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Here's a fun one! Jason has an idea for a show he wants to write. Mick has been teaching writers workshops for years now. Can these two confidants hash out a TV show on the podcast? Let's find out!
Doesn’t everybody win two Emmys after their first year on SNL? Well, Chris Redd did — a primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Original Music and Lyrics, and an Emmy (along with the entire show) for Outstanding Variety Sketch Series. Get used to Chris Redd. He’s going to be on SNL, and elsewhere, for a long time because he’s funny and talented as ...…
As Heidi Gardner begins her sophomore season at SNL, she shares her journey to the show, and what is it like when fans stop her in the street.
Our newly formed group teams up to prepare for the invasion of the zombie pirate ship! With hours of planning before they zombies get to the beach, what ingenious defenses will they construct to fend off the invasion!?By (Dylan McCann).
Kenan Thompson is SNL’s longest serving cast member, and in this Originals interview with Jim, he ponders what else there is for him to do on the show and what may lie beyond life at 30 Rock.
You know Caveman Steve, right? Well, now you'll know him and some of his crazy ideas. But one of those ideas might be all it takes to take humanity into the future.
Joan Nathan is the author of eleven cookbooks including her latest work, “King Solomon’s Table: a Culinary Exploration of Jewish Cooking from Around the World,” released by Alfred P. Knopf in April 2017. Her previous cookbook, “Quiches, Kugels and Couscous: My Search for Jewish Cooking in France” (Knopf), was named one of the 10 best cookbooks ...…
Colin Jost talks anxieties, sleep deprivation, and other hurdles that go along with being a head writer on SNL in his sitdown with Jim.
Michael Che has a calm and rational approach to SNL’s role in the age of Trump and it probably will surprise you. He shares it and other reflections on the new season here...
Andrew & Cody talk about the history of Aquaman and their experience with this regal character!
David Tisch is a founder and managing partner of Box Group, the most prolific angel and seed investing firm in NYC, where they're investors in companies such as Pillpack, Flatiron Health, GroupMe, Plaid, Roman, among many others. He previously co-founded Techstars New York, a fixture of the NYC tech community for many years, and is the head of ...…
Jim sits down with the incredible Melissa Villaseñor and peels back the onion a bit to take an in-depth look at her life on and off the SNL stage.
Episode 1 – An Onion Walks Into a BarOur motley band of adventurers gather once more to save the day. Old friends unite, new friends meet, and an odd friend joins!By (Dylan McCann).
Lorne Michaels sat down to reflect on SNL’s past season and what lies ahead for Season 44. Note to file: Jim’s been interviewing Michaels for more than 20 years, and has never walked away disappointed.
Jim sits down for an atomic interview with the one and only Alec Baldwin to discuss his portrayal of President Trump and what we can expect from him in season #44 of Saturday Night Live.
Comparing and contrasting Disney’s “Bambi” with the novel “Bambi A Life in the Woods” by Felix Salten. Produced By Vaughn M. Dennis, Tracey Hansen, and Kathleen Hale Music “Autumn” by PureComposition “Cinematic Danger Background Music” by Royalty Free Music “Dark Tension Rising” composed by Mattia Cupelli “Melody of my Dreams” composed by White ...…
WHAT REALLY HAPPENED? chronicles documentarian Andrew Jenks as he examines and contextualizes famous figures and historical events, while discovering untold stories and unraveling newfound narratives. With today’s technology, access to information, the ability to communicate from all parts of the globe, and cross-reference historians, Jenks tak ...…
What does a typical week look like at SNL? Hear from the producers, writers and cast to see how the show comes together from the first brainstorming sessions in the writer’s room on Monday, to the after party in the wee hours of Sunday Morning. Plus, learn how the show finds new talent and where the cast and crew see themselves and the show hea ...…
Rona Kobell is a science editor and writer with Maryland Sea Grant, where she produces the magazine Chesapeake Quarterly. She’s been covering the Chesapeake Bay for 14 years, starting at the Baltimore Sun and then at the Chesapeake Bay Journal.By (Full Service Radio).
We jump into a little bit of the science behind genius and reveal 10 questions to answer whether or not you're a creative person. Of course, we already think you are. But this might help convince you as well.
How did SNL producers, writers, and cast recover after the end of last season, and how did they get themselves ready for Season 44? Cast members Aidy Bryant, Michael Che, Heidi Gardner, Colin Jost, Chris Redd, Kenan Thompson, and Melissa Villasenor – along with Executive Producer Lorne Michaels and show producers Steve Higgins and Lindsay Shook ...…
Since its beginning, Saturday Night Live has tweaked and taunted presidents from both parties and of all shapes and sizes. It’s fair to say, however, that Donald Trump is a more challenging figure for the show than any of the presidents who preceded him. Here, SNL creator Lorne Michaels, actor Alec Baldwin, Update coanchors Michael Che and Coli ...…
Breaking down the How, What and Why of your creative pursuits. Where do you start and what do you do? Maybe first answer why you want to do it.
Rob Mazzoni is a principal and one of the earliest members of the TrueBridge investment team, an alternative asset management firm founded in 2007 and focused on the venture capital industry. Rob first worked with TrueBridge co-founder and general partner Mel Williams at UNC Management Company, Inc. (UNCMC) as an investment and performance anal ...…
Host Christopher Merrill talks with London-based Singaporean writer Sharlene Teo about her award-winning novel Ponti. They discuss how her novel utilizes the Southeast Asian mythical creature of the Pontianak, a cannibalistic entity that kills and eats men, to explore a cultural reassignment of fear.…
Existential fears of “losing” what is seen as “Western Civilization” have animated many within what is considered the alt-right. However, the valorization of “western civilization” is often rooted in romanticized notions of ancient Greece and Rome, which alt-right groups have appropriated and promoted in recent propaganda. Why and how do nation ...…
We lost, perhaps, the greatest American playwright a little over a week ago. So many careers were launched and forged by the tools that were his words. How did Neil Simon become the greatest comedic playwright of our time? Simple. He tried to do it.
#70 Ethics & Morales by Origins and Adaptations
Tom Rinaldi covers sports and studies individuals who make it all happen. One of his favorite subjects in Nick Saban, and it shows.
Happy Birthday, Jason. What does the other side of 40 look like when you're chasing your creative pursuits? Time to hang up the spurs? Dismount and pick a new metaphor? As the philosopher once said, "Age ain't nothin but a number."
Joe Girardi regards Nick Saban as a major force in his own development as a coach and manager. In this Origins Original, Jim asks Girardi how that came to be.
Jim’s interview with Terry Saban is Exhibit A for getting to know an extraordinary woman, while understanding just how much value Nick Saban’s wife brings to his life, and Alabama football.
Only one man has quarterbacked a Nick Saban coached team to an undefeated season and a national championship. Greg McElroy explains how he came to be that man, and what life was like playing for Saban … and beyond.
Paying homage to the Queen of Soul. She earned everything she got and deserved a whole lot more. From two humble guys, here's a little more respect for Aretha Franklin.
Why can’t our politicians be as believable and compelling as former All-American Barrett Jones? And no, Jones wasn’t privy to any questions in advance. He’s just that good.
Welcome to Kiffinland, a place like no other in college football. There’s a powerful duality to much of what former Alabama Offensive Coordinator Lane Kiffin shares in this interview — somehow throwing respect and shade at Head Coach Nick Saban at the same time. Note to file: That's not so easy to pull off.…
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