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The OTR Podcast
Broadcasting old-time radio shows for the 21st century.
The Sound of Adventure! All-new, full-cast adventure and mystery radio drama programs, plus more goodness inspired by the classic programs and styles of radio's golden age.
Three middle-aged high school buddies (Noah, Bubba, and Sean) drink beer and talk about popular culture, examining the noteworthy, the weird, and the flat-out awful in movies, music, TV, video games, comics, sports, and pro wrestling. All purposeful discussions will eventually go off the rails. Not for children, people with delicate sensibilities, or Aquaman apologists.
Brunch with the Brits is a weekly podcast devoted to Old Time Radio (OTR) comedy, drama, panel shows and music from the BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation). Your host is Matt Cox. The show has been on the air since 2008.
Various Public Domain Old Time Radio Shows of yesteryear for the public's entertainment.
Sasquatch Syndicate is dedicated to promoting the research and discovery of Sasquatch. Expand, Explore, Engage the truth is out there. Visit our website for more details and please follow us on Social Media for the latest updates.
Remember the good old Days, when we could just sit down and listen to a good ole story, the days of glory and honor, come join us at the living room and listen to some fun times. How we could let our hair down and relax. ENJOY THE OTR
The Terry Bonadonna Show features Old Time Radio (OTR) programming from the Golden Age of radio. From 2007 to 2010, and occasionally thereafter, it aired Friday nights, 9:00 pm-midnight, on WXAV, 88.3 FM, the college radio station of Saint Xavier University in Chicago. The show features several genres: comedy starring radio greats like Jack Benny, Fred Allen, Jim and Marian Jordan (Fibber McGee and Molly), Bob and Ray, Burns and Allen; mystery programs (Suspense, The Whistler, I Love a Myste ...
we deliver the best of old time radio shows to your door fresh daily. shows like the shadow, fibber mcgee and molly, boston blackie, the green hornet, X-minus one plus so much more.
My daily experiences of being a OTR trucker.
X minus one
X Minus One was a science fiction radio series on NBC that aired April 1955 through January 1958. The show featured stories written by some of the big names in 1950's science fiction like Ray Bradbury, Robert Heinlein, and Issac Asimov. X Minus One followed another great science fiction series called Dimension X that was broadcast in 1950-51. Some of the X-1 shows were rebroadcasts of Dimension X. X Minus One holds the record for the longest running science fiction radio series ever produced ...
Horror, Sci-fi, Crime, Mystery, old time radio from 30's 40's and 50's "Listen To Dead People"
Experience Radio's Golden Age!
Pendant Productions
Presenting the biggest legends of Hollywood starring in "Suspense," radio's outstanding theater of thrills! Each week, we'll hear two chillers from this old time radio classic featuring one of the all-time great stars of stage and screen.
Gunsmoke Podcast
Gunsmoke, on radio from 1952-1961, is perhaps the greatest radio drama of all - not just the best western radio drama. It is a perfect example of all the elements of creative broadcast radio coming together week after week to create a place and time in your mind (Dodge City, mid-1880's or so), populated with living people who you grow to know personally and care about. Chester, Doc, Kitty and Matt Dillon, US Marshal, "the first man they look for, and the last they want to meet." become as re ...
On The Ropes Network presents numerous Pro Wrestling Topics such as News, Rumors, Predictions, and we reach out to the Independent stars of the Midwest! The 'On The Ropes' Network is also the exclusive home of Dynamo Pro Aftershock! Podcast!
Boxcars711 Old Time Radio Pod originates from the 'Heart Of Historic Germantown," Philadelphia, Pa.Bob Camardella began podcasting at Podomatic in October 2005 and at the Radio Nostalgia Network at in January 2006. From 2006 through 2009, in addition to the top ranked Boxcars711 show at Podomatic and Libsyn, "Humphrey/Camardella Media Productions" commanded a top ten slot at Podshow (1.5 million downloads per month), a top 10 ranking at Libsyn (1.7 million downloads per month) and ...
Welcome to my fabulous podcast. Tune in every week for my take on real life issues, being single, gossip, and more stay tuned! Enjoy 💕 Cover art photo by Become a supporter of this podcast: We are techno.
Zero Hour
The Zero Hour was a 1973-74 radio broadcast hosted by Rod Serling. The Zero Hour featured well known actors and actresses. The stories were exciting and action-packed and will keep you on the edge of you seat, as we approach the Zero Hour.
One driver's insights and sometimes humorous views of truck driving and the trucking industry… and anything else he feels like dumpin' on ya
Welcome to Allen Smith's: Ask The Trucker "LIVE", the #1 Trucking Show on Blog Talk Radio. Focusing on Driver Health, Careers, Regulations and the Important Issues facing the Industry.
Cubs Out Loud
Cubs shouting out their thoughts to the world.
Know the city | Know the industry
Ron’s Amazing Stories is a weekly podcast. We play classic short stories, old time radio and much more. Do you have a story that you want to tell? Ron will read it on the show or you can tell it for yourself! Also, we do interviews with authors, radio personalities, actors and even an NBA all-star. Tune in each week to find out what are Ron’s Amazing Stories!
Physical Therapy Private Practice Success
A classic style radio drama, updated for today with a full sound design and a large cast of actors. This audio drama focuses on a group of survivors in a world on the brink of collapse.
Family Theater
Family Theater presents programs that are family friendly. From the early days of radio you will laugh, cry, sing and be glad that you listened to a radio show that filled a small amount of time with joy. These shows deal with every day experiences and time has not diminished the relevancy of these show. Get you children around the tv on roku or via mp3 and allow them to expand their imaginations.
Mostly Broncos & Nuggets, but we've never been good at staying focused. Podcast from @chillducey & @aktgodiTunes:
M Radio SIG
After 15 years, we're back!
Science Fiction Theater presents the best of Scifi, horror,fantasy from early days radio. Each show will take you into the world of the unknown, a place that is as strange as the unknown can be, it is only limited by you imagination. Enter the fantasy world of Science Fiction.
Exclusive boxing radio interviews from show hostess Jenna Jay. Also the latest boxing news, past weeks fight discussion, boxing fan mailbag and upcoming fight predictions! Follow the On The Ropes boxing radio show on twitter @jennaontheropes
Join hosts Oscar Rendon, Duns, and Tim Roth as they discuss the world of wrestling from WWE to the indie scene! Along the way listen as special guests stop by and give their life story and connection to wrestling.
Fibber McGee and Molly was a radio show that played a major role in determining the full form of what became classic, old-time radio. The series was a pinnacle of American popular culture from its 1935 premiere until its end in 1959. One of the longest-running comedies in the history of classic radio in the United States, Fibber McGee and Molly has stood the test of time in many ways, transcending the actual or alleged limitations of its medium, form and concurrent culture. Join us as we ret ...
The REPS Presents Podcast features classic entertainment from the Golden Age of Radio. The thrilling mysteries, the legendary comedians, Hollywood guest stars, adventure shows, historic broadcasts and more. And also presenting full cast audio entertainment produced by REPS. “REPS Presents” is hosted by Jenn Ollivier.
The British Hero Bulldog Drummond is a fictional character created by H. C. McNeile, as the hard boiled no nonsense-style detective. The stories followed Captain Hugh "Bulldog" Drummond, D.S.O., M.C., a wealthy former WWI officer of the Loamshire Regiment, who, after the war, spends his new-found leisure time as a private detective. Drummond is a proto-James Bond figure and was a muscular man with a group of followers who helped him in his adventures. They rounded up crooks and took them to ...
Pilot Talk Podcast
A couple millennials navigating your podcast airwaves bi-weekly. Topics range from: hot takes, political incorrectness, and music opinions (to name a few). Join in on the convos on social media by using the hashtag #PTPodcast. Come catch a flight with your favorite Hip-Hop Hippies!
Mystery Old Time Radio comes alive in those chilling tales of mystery as told by early radio. Each show takes you to the world of mystery storytelling that comes alive in the imagination of the mind.
Philadelphia station featuring indie artist all genres & advertising indie businesses organizations affiliates Follow on iheartradio itunes WMIH Radio IG @wmihradio Twitter @dealmgt email to get in rotation for live broadcast phone or in studio interviews radio promo sponsorship and partnership opportunities.
Dragnet was created and produced by Jack Webb, who starred as the terse Sgt. Friday. Webb had starred in a few mostly short-lived radio programs, but Dragnet would make him one of the major media personalities of his era. Webb was a stickler for accurate details, and Dragnet used many authentic touches, such as the LAPD's actual radio call sign (KMA-367), and the names of many real department officials, such as Ray Pinker and Lee Jones of the crime lab or Chief of Detectives Thad Brown. Drag ...
The British Hero Bulldog Drummond is a fictional character created by H. C. McNeile, as the hard boiled no nonsense-style detective. The stories followed Captain Hugh "Bulldog" Drummond, D.S.O., M.C., a wealthy former WWI officer of the Loamshire Regiment, who, after the war, spends his new-found leisure time as a private detective. Drummond is a proto-James Bond figure and was a muscular man with a group of followers who helped him in his adventures. They rounded up crooks and took them to ...
Johnson Says
Johnson Says is a podcast show that chronicles the life, times, and randomness of it’s host Johnson. Three years in to his move to NYC he will be discussing the trials and tribulations of getting adjusted to city life as well as sharing moments of growth and lessons from his southern roots that has aided him in his journey. Johnson has always been told he’s a great story teller and is using this platform in hopes of helping, inspiring, and bringing some form of joy to his listeners. Send que ...
Good Dads Podcast
There’s more than one way to be a good dad. Tune in as Josh-the-Dad and Dr. Baker talk about what it means to be a 21st century dad. Laugh and learn as you listen to soon-to-be dads, brand new dads, over-the-road dads, dads with twins, single parent dads, divorced dads, and many other real-life dads. Don’t expect perfection. Do expect to learn something new or be reassured about what you’re already doing. It’s all here on the Good Dads Podcast.
Enjoy the fun and excitement of listening to thrilling Old Time Radio mystery shows. Experience a professional cast of actors, great scripts and thrilling suspense. Please visit our website ( for more great shows like these. If you like this podcast, you'll love our Old Time Radio file sharing club. 48,000 shows in .mp3 format currently available for download. All genres available. If you enjoy this podcast, please rate it on iTunes. Thanks!
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The Big Job (Aired April 27, 1950) Friday offered voice-over narration throughout the episodes, noting the time, date, and place of every scene as he and his partners went through their day investigating the crime. The events related in a given episode might occur in a few hours or might span a few months. At least one episode unfolded in real ...…
Murder By Blueprint (Aired July 9, 1935) Calling All Cars was one of radio’s earliest cop shows, dramatizing true crime stories and introduced by officers from the Los Angeles and other police departments. The narrator of the program was speech professor Charles Frederick Lindsley, and the only other regular voice heard on the program week afte ...…
For all of 2019, I am saying “Nah” to anything that disturbs my peace. I encourage troopers to join in on this mission to make peace a priority in your life. iTunes Google Play
A friend of Rocky’s asks to stay with him, but a black-haired from Brazil has a score to settle with him. Original Air Date: September 11, 1949 Support the show monthly at... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
The Secret Word Is "Window" (Aired November 30, 1949) Contestant teams usually consisted of one male and one female, most selected from the studio audience. Occasionally famous or otherwise interesting figures were invited to play (i.e., a Korean-American contestant who was a veteran and had been a prisoner of war during the Korean War). After ...…
reminiscing on the best VJ moments //discussing the new coaching staff //HUGE Nuggets discussion //
Dr. Morton discusses the concern for teen vaping and the latest in vaping... "jeweling."
Spanish @CircularLimited releases an EP by Norite-label head @ForeignMaterial. Monument premieres the closing track "Nyx" of Theophaneia EP, which is out on January 31st.
Confession Of Guilt (Aired April 30, 1957) The first radio Morelle was played by the acerbic and distinctly toffish Dennis Arundell - a Fellow of St John's College, Cambridge, who later starred in many West End productions. A second series featured the even darker tones of Heron Carvic, later to write best-selling mysteries of his own, featurin ...…
Hostages with Virginia Gregg (Aired February 7, 1979) Sears Radio Theater (SRT) was an anthology series of radio drama which ran weeknightly on CBS Radio in 1979, sponsored by the department-store chain; in its second year, 1980, it moved to the Mutual Broadcasting System and became the Mutual Radio Theater; the MBS series was repeats from the ...…
The Case Of The Wandering Fingerprints (Aired October 2, 1948) The feel of Michael Shayne over the years was arguably most noticeably evolved over Radio. Wally Maher's portrayal of Michael Shayne was not only the first over Radio, the longest running over Radio, but it was also the most fully developed over Radio. Aided by Cathy Lewis in her ro ...…
Richard II Act I, part 2 --Please leave us a rating on iTunes!-- Website: Twitter: @pendantweb Facebook: Tumblr: YouTube:
Director George Linfield, assistant director Joel Rowan, and dramaturge Landon Beall with live commentary on Richard II - Act I, part 2
A Piece Of Rope (Aired December 5, 1949) MGM produced Crime Does Not Pay shorts through 1948, at which time WMGM began airing the Crime Does Not Pay radio program. While some of the Film version themes found their way into the Radio version, almost all seventy-eight Radio Crime Does Not Pay topics are original to the series. Many have theorized ...…
In this episode of Cubs Out Loud, the guys decide to beat the winter blues with some playtime…board game style. With some help from online resources, the cubs test their wordy wit in a few rounds of Scattergories! Pick a letter and name something in every category before the time runs out. ...…
Judy's Party (Aired January 6, 1948) A Date with Judy began as a summer replacement in 1941 but quickly became popular as listeners followed the growing pains of Judy and her friends and the exasperation of Judy's parents. Teenagers could relate to Judy and her problems with school, boyfriends and parental rules and adults enjoyed remembering t ...…
What happens when you are asked what you want for a gift? Dr. Baker discusses with J and Josh-the-Dad about how children ask for gifts. What about giving gifts? Good gift-giving is knowing the person you are giving to.
The Boxcars711 Overnight Western "The Six Shooter" - Thicker Than Water (Aired March 14, 1954) Though The Six Shooter wasn't the first popular adult western to air over Radio, a case can be made that it was the first to thoroughly legitimize the genre over the medium. Not only were The Six Shooter scripts--and casts--the equal of any of the fir ...…
A wealthy man with a poor physical appearance asks Chuck’s help, alleging that the wealthy man’s new bride and her brother tried to kill him. Original Air Date: 1952 Support the show... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
Hate Song (Aired December 31, 1952) I Was a Communist for the FBI was an American espionage thriller radio series with 78 episodes syndicated by Ziv to more than 600 stations in 1952-54. Made without FBI cooperation, the series was adapted from the book by undercover agent Matt Cvetic, who was portrayed by Dana Andrews.The series was crafted to ...…
The Case Of The Carved Ham (Aired April 8, 1951) Like Boston Blackie, a long, lucrative and convuluted career in film, radio and television soon followed, as The Falcon's occupation and even his name were changed from medium to medium. Regardless of the date of his first literary appearance, The Falcon was first brought to the screen in a 1941 ...…
The Fugitive (Starring Henry Fonda) Aired July 12, 1951 Screen Director's Playhouse is NBC's answer to Lux Theater and Screen Guild Players, both prosperous ventures on CBS. The rehash of old movies doesn't necessarily make the most vivid of radio plays but there seems to be no doubt that it attracts listeners by the hundredweight. And associat ...…
Unfortunately, pain is a part of life. Today’s episode the positive in dealing with your greatest pain. iTunes Google Play
The Community Chest Fund Drive (Aired October 29, 1946) In 1936, Mel Blanc joined Leon Schlesinger Productions, which made animated cartoons distributed by Warner Bros. Blanc liked to tell the story about how he got turned down at the Schlesinger studio by music director Norman Spencer, who was in charge of cartoon voices, saying that they had ...…
How do you teach your child to appreciate the gifts they are given, and taking the time to write a Thank-You note? The little things you can do, can make others feel special.
The newly-founded imprint @Koslif, a sub-label of Greek ambient label @CosmicLeaf, presents its first release. The Koslif Vol. 1 features three deep techno tracks that define the sound of the new label. Monument premieres Atypikal's track "Thyamis" from the V/A that is out on February 1st.
The Robbery (Aired May 31, 1936) In the Name of the Law was a True Crime radio show from 1936. It says "In the name of the law, we bring you another of the thrilling stories in this exciting series, taken from actual police case files. "In the name of the Law, we bring you another of the thrilling stories in this exciting series, taken from act ...…
Mister Keen investigates when a wealthy man is found murdered in an abandoned well. Original Air Date: August 10, 1951 Support the show monthly at Support the show on a... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
Mission Of Mercy (2-Episodes - COMPLETE) Aired 03-25-52 and 03-28-52 The original Tom Corbett series was published by Dell Comics beginning in their 4-Color series. The 4-Color series was used to try out new story lines on the public to obtain feedback. If successful the series would be spun off to form its own title. Tom Corbett won his own ti ...…
Entreprenegro ft Caption Any Photo by Pilot Talk Podcast
In this episode Ed talks about 2018, going over the best and worst of the year. Also Ed talks about OTR’s future. Recording Date: Jan 04, 2019 at the WPRK Studios in Winter Park, FL The post Ep 166- New Year, New OTR appeared first on Orlando Tourism Report LLC.
Corpse In The Cab (Aired February 5, 1944) Nick Carter, Master Detective, with Lon Clark in the title role, began April 11, 1943, on Mutual, continuing in many different timeslots for well over a decade. Jock MacGregor was the producer-director of scripts by Alfred Bester, Milton J. Kramer, David Kogan and others. Background music was supplied ...…
Mr. Boyntons Parents (Aired May 14, 1950) Our Miss Brooks, an American situation comedy, began as a radio hit in 1948 and migrated to television in 1952, becoming one of the earlier hits of the so-called Golden Age of Television, and making a star out of Eve Arden (1908-1990) as comely, wisecracking, but humane high school English teacher Conni ...…
The Weakling (Aired January 3, 1943) The Whistler is one of American radio's most popular mystery dramas, with a 13-year run from May 16, 1942 until September 22, 1955.The Whistler was the most popular West Coast-originated program with its listeners for many years. It was sponsored by the Signal Oil Company: "That whistle is your signal for th ...…
Svreca is back on his @SemanticaRecords imprint with four dark and textured cuts, of which Monument premieres track FRUE. An Unfolding Portrait EP is out in mid January.
Food For Thought (Aired January 22, 1939) Opened for the Butterfield Theaters chain in 1968, the Wayside was designed by Louis Wiltse and could seat just over 1000. The Wayside's most famous feature was its enormous screen, measuring 56' by 24', at the time the largest indoor screen in the US. The lobby was designed to resemble a comfortable (a ...…
Rocket From Manhattan (Aired February 11, 1972) WyllisCooper left the show in 1936 and Oboler was given the job. Oboler lost no time establishing himself as the new master of the macabre. Between May 1936 and July 1938, he wrote and directed more than 100 Lights Out plays. To follow Cooper was a challenge: he was "the unsung pioneer of radio dr ...…
On The Trail Of A Killer (Aired January 5, 1954) Both Frank Sinatra's and Ava Gardner's careers were approaching critical junctures--a publicists dream, but rapidly dimming any possibility for a continuation of Rocky Fortune, or any other such Radio vehicle for Frank Sinatra. NBC had auditioned two other such detective genre vehicles for Sinatr ...… The Horror features a story from the CBS Radio Mystery Theater this week. From July 10, 1975, here’s The Ghostly Rival. Download TheHorror897
The Peerless Fire Matter (Aired May 5, 1957) The guest stars and supporting casts were always first rate, attracting the best radio actors in both Los Angeles and New York. Pat McCracken was played by several actors – most frequently, by Larry Dobkin. Particularly noteworthy was the work of Virginia Gregg, who played many roles, including Johnn ...…
This week on the MNMT podcast, we present Ineffekt, a 17-year-old talented Dutch artist, based in Breda.Read more:
His and hers hard-boiled detectives return to Decoder Ring Theatre in this audiobook adaptation of their second book-length adventure! This week, chapter 15, which may also feature a beloved secondary character who shall remain Freddy. Read by Andrea Lyons
The Mystified Mind (Aired August 13, 1945) Father Brown is a fictional character created by English novelist G. K. Chesterton, who stars in 52 short stories, later compiled in five books. Chesterton based the character on Father John O'Connor (1870–1952), a parish priest in Bradford who was involved in Chesterton's conversion to Catholicism in ...…
Private Collection (Aired March 18, 1983) NIGHTFALL was a horror series heard over the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation first from July 4, 1980 to May 22, 1981 and then from November 20, 1981 to June 24, 1983. Thirty shows were selected from the first season to be rebroadcast on NPR from October 2, 1981 to June 25, 1982. Since it is a fairly m ...…
Friday and Smith investigate a store robbery. Original Air Date: March 23, 1954 Support the show monthly at Support the show on a one-time basis at... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
The Automaton (Aired July 27, 1953) Many episodes were rather frightening. If the dark, desolate atmospheres didn't get at your nerves, the down-beat endings usually did. A common scene occurred at night, with the crickets chirping in the background. The two protagonists would be lost or running for their lives (or both!). They would hear a far ...…
The Rushlight Diamond Caper (Aired July 4, 1948) The Adventures of Sam Spade was a radio series based loosely on the private detective character Sam Spade, created by writer Dashiell Hammett for The Maltese Falcon. The show ran for 13 episodes on ABC in 1946, for 157 episodes on CBS in 1946-1949, and finally for 51 episodes on NBC in 1949-1951. ...…
Someone in Las Vegas asks Johnny to help straighten out a tense situation over an inheritance where murder is possible. Original Air Date: May 27, 1962 When making your travel plans, remember... [[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website for full links, other content, and more! ]]
The most gifted people in the world often forget to celebrate themselves. I want to encourage troopers to make it a point to celebrate yourself, often because most likely you are being great. iTunes Google Play
Rent Money (Aired April 18, 1947) My Friend Irma, created by writer-director-producer Cy Howard, was a top-rated, long-run radio situation comedy, so popular in the late 1940s that its success escalated to films and television, while Howard scored with another radio comedy hit, Life with Luigi. Dependable and level-headed Jane Stacy (Cathy Lewi ...…
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