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Some folk, carping on about gubbins, not because we should, but because we can. Mostly music talk, listening to albums and deciding whether or not we like them. NOT SUITABLE FOR KIDS.
Simply Salacious Parties started life in a small bar in South London in 2004 and from there we have held some of the most talked about house music parties in London.Over the past 10 years we have hosted parties at numerous venues including Ministry of Sound, Bar Rumba, The Whitehouse, Hidden, CC Club, Babalou and many more...Our residency at Market House, Brixton is now the longest running Friday night house music party in London and takes place on the 1st Friday of every month.In 2015 we wi ...
Twin Cities Selfie is a photo booth rental company serving the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro areas. A picture is worth 1000 words!
This podcast follows a 17 year old Canadian speed skater and his thoughts about the daily goings with training, school, goals and expectations. Interviews include people that have expertise with either the high performance aspect or the social side of being a student athlete
Parties Aside
Bad at Parties
Host Andy Zook sits down with artists of all mediums to talk about projects, their brains, and other conversations he wishes he could have at parties.
Not Fun At Parties
Let’s talk about why I’m not fun at parties (an audio journal podcast).
Fun at Parties
Each week we choose a different 90's cartoon series to frame a discussion about life, love, the economy, gerascophobia, & kittens.
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In this episode I talk with provincial record holder Brad Heit about his love for the sport, his take on university degrees, his goals for his career, what life after skating looks like, and his favorite memories and races from his career so far in the sport.---Social Media---Brad: B_rad.heitDade: dademeinert…
Jenny talks about external coping mechanisms such as hiking, VeganMoFo, & organization.
In the pilot episode I interview a close friend Ally about her university soccer scholarship, training to make it to a national team, what's it like playing soccer in Canada and balancing school and training.
In this episode I talk to fellow provincial team skater Annika as we talk about getting funding, doping, training with boys, trying to get out of Saskatchewan and our love for the sport.
Discount episode. Use the unique message that we made available to listeners.
In the pilot episode of NFAP, Jenny talks about her mental health issues and accidentally wearing transparent leggings-as-pants to work.
We’re talking about the way we do selfies here at Twin Cities Selfie.
If you want a photo booth rental in the Twin Cities Metro Area choose Twin Cities Selfie!
Twin Cities Selfie Photos uses a combination of high quality & premium studio equipment to best serve our customers.
The Twin Cities Selfie Experience has so many layers.. where do we start
Brand new celebrant Georgina Prior is looking for here first wedding
Chris Hanson of Cedrus is Bad at Parties!For the final episode of 2017, Chris and Andy talk about Chris' current project, Cedrus - goods and design team creating products from sustainable and renewable plant-based material, while also hashing out their friendship, distance, and growth!Click here to connect with Cedrus & learn about upcoming eve ...…
Ricky Turner (R. Turner) is Bad at Parties!Ricky and host Andy Zook meet up in Anacortes to talk about being part of a small town record label, finding and losing and finding God, and having a band while having a Family!R. Turner - Records - Hall at Kennelly Keys ...…
Recorded live at Shipping House, in the heart of Salem, OR for the Future Ghost Tour. Live songs by both Andy Zook and Branches Company, Conversation with Brandon Conrad of Branches Company.Branches Company -
Kate and Kayley chat to Dana Morris about her gifting company
Rebekah Fink is Bad at Parties!Host Andy Zook and Rebekah (Bekah) Fink sit down to talk about podcasting The Bachelorette! Traveling to interact with your art community and your own curiosity! Exploring multiple mediums! Getting lost in Portland (13 bridges is a lot of bridges)!…
Brigette Nelson, of The Garden City Projects, is Bad at Parties!As part of the Future Ghost tour, Andy and Brigette connected the day after a show in her space to talk about skating! Glasswork and Jewelry! Australia! And, taking chances with your community!Brigette Nelson…
Recorded live at The Garden City Projects, just outside of Boise, ID for the Future Ghost Tour. Live songs by both Andy Zook and Pure Ivy, Conversation with Kait Hendrix of Pure Ivy.Pure Ivy - Garden City Projects -
Abigail Swanson is Bad at Parties!Host Andy Zook and Abigail talk about her new book "More Plain Things" (which comes out September 14th! - link below), as well as growing up in a small town and making peace with it, the joy of an experiential work that only exists for a limited time, and how respond to a drunk text."More Plain Things" - Book R ...…
Kate and Kayley are joined by Ben and Steve, the founders of 'Cynget Sabres' - a company that sells sabres specifically designed for opening wine! Check out their website at:
Kate and Kayley are joined by Mercedes Sarmini, florist and entrepreneur to discuss her life and business. You can see more of Mercedes work at
Josh Tigges is Bad at Parties!Josh discusses his upcoming project "Humanity in Earth Tones" - set to come out at the end of September, early October, along with conversations about fracturing and learning to repair relationships with a sibling that was also his bandmate, and seeking how to be a better singer.…
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