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AJ Sports
Two guys chat about sport for a while. Hope you enjoy.
This New Testament was translated from the Greek by a Christian Universalist evangelist who later fell out of the faith. He was the last person jailed for the charge of blasphemy in the United States, and had many radical views that forced him to question his further involvement in the American Universalist movement. (Introduction by Mark Penfold)
This is Warner's contemplative and humorous account of the wondrous and mysterious workings of a garden he tended for 19 weeks. After this is a essay of remembrance for Warner's beloved cat, Calvin. (Summary by Mark Penfold)
The seventeenth book of the King James Bible, Esther recounts a tale of two queens. Queen Vashti is the loveliest woman in the land, but when she refuses to come to her husband's banquet, she is banished from the kingdom. Hadassah is called to take her place - a beautiful young woman with a secret. Hadassah is Jewish, but her guardian warns her to keep her identity hidden. Taking on the name Esther - which means "hidden" - she moves in to the palace, but when a wicked man hatches a plot to r ...
Warner's thoughtful and often humorous memoir of his life as a young farm-boy in Charlemont, Massachusetts. (Introduction by Mark Penfold)
This is the Apostle Paul's first letter to the church in Corinth, Greece, a seaport filled with a diversity of not only people but religions. This letter gives advice, teaching, and stern warnings to his fellow Christians, especially warnings against sexual immorality. Paul also discusses division within the assembly and addresses some difficult issues surrounding such things as marriage. (Introduction by Mark Penfold)
>The Off Topic podcast is a sister show to the SuperHappyFunTimeShow and focusses on the current events of the past week. Hendrix AKA Pat McTie, Bloodshot Robot AKA Chris Champlin and Chris Penfold AKA FM Luder
The record of the numbering of the nation of Israel, as well as the beginning of their "maturity" as they near the "promised land" of Canaan. (Introduction by Mark Penfold)
The Book of The Judges is a record of the Israelites' pattern of continuing disobedience to God, and their salvation by God through judges chosen to lead the people. (Introduction by Mark Penfold)
This second letter from the Apostle Paul to the congregation of believers in the bustling port city of Corinth gives us a much more personal understanding of Paul's apostleship. He defends it rigorously, convincing his followers of his authority from God and his rights under that authority. His appeals to patience and understanding display a great emotional vulnerability in the seasoned preacher and missionary. He discusses the need to support the congregation in Jerusalem with their gifts, ...
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Subscribe to AJ Sports!Send us your feedback in the comments below!In Episode Two of The AJ Sports Podcast, we talk about Frank De Boer's sacking as manager of Crystal Palace and his likely replacement in Roy Hodgson. Also, we talk Rafael Nadal's victory in the US Open, Formula 1 drama and what could happen in European football in the future... ...…
In Episode One of The AJ Sports Podcast, we discuss the biggest transfers throughout Deadline Day.Will Sanchez leave Arsenal? Where is Riyadh Mahrez? And what the hell do Chelsea want with Danny Drinkwater?Plus we review Mayweather v McGregor, and talk whether Formula One could actually be competitive this season.Like if you enjoyed!Jed's Insta ...…
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