Best Pentecolism podcasts we could find (Updated January 2019)
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This is a program that defends the Christian Faith from attacks from both inside and outside of the visible Church. Think of this program as theology on roller blades. We name names as well as expose errors and heresies. We also try to have a little fun along the way. Topics include, apologetics, doctrine, and the Good News that Jesus Christ is God in Human Flesh and that He Died for the Sins of the World.
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00:08:15 Prophecy Open Mic 00:41:33 Katherine Rounala Season of Divine Acceleration 00:20:30 Kenneth Copeland 2019 Prophecy 00:59:10 Joel Osteen Kiss It Goodbye 01:16:23 Sermon Review: Living From the Third Heaven by Matt Sorger
Guarding the Flock by Phil Johnson
00:08:04 Mattie Nottage Prophetic Year of the Lord 2019 0016:53 Cindy Jacobs The Year of Joyful Increase 01:15:13 Sermon Review: Making THIS Year Your Best Year Ever by Nicole Crank
00:10:22 Jennifer LeClaire Year of the Decree 00:18:49 Patricia King 3 Prophecies for 2019 00:53:23 Steven Furtick Come Through Drippin 01:20:15 Sermon Review: How to Wonder-Fill Your Life by Keith Craft
00:07:47 Nate Johnston Invitiation into Your Suddenly 00:20:09 Cindy Trimm Walking Out Your Destiny 00:42:06 Greater Purpose Church Jesus Was Killed by White Supremacists 00:56:54 Brandon Robertson Spews Pomo Buzz Phrases 01:05:27 Sermon Review: Tech Wise Culture by Stacie Wood
Slaves and Masters 3 by Alastair Begg
00:09:18 Phil Clemens Blessing Blockers 00:36:18 Terri Savelle Foy Audacity to Pursue Impossible Dreams 00:51:16 Kris Vallotton A Closer Look 01:16:32 Sermon Review: Called to Resurgence by Dana Adams
00:08:08 Lou Engle & Michael Koulianos Guides Jesus’ Image in Uber Strange Fire 00:13:20 Belinda Williams The Chucky Prophecy 00:32:10 Perry Stone Discusses His Personal Angel 00:40:22 Michael Koulianos Guides Jesus’ Image in Uber Strange Fire 00:44:41 Banning Liebscher White Washes Bethe’s Grave Sucking 01:20:23 Sermon Review: Its a Wonderful ...…
Slaves and Masters 2 by Alastair Begg
00:10:14 Tevor Baker Overtly Disses The Word of God in Favor of Experience 00:24:39 Ron Carpenter Supernatural 00:44:48 Tak Bhana God of Miracles 01:16:50 Sermon Review: How to Come Back From Emotional Burnout by Rick Warren
00:07:59 Che Ahn Writes About the Restoration of Apostles 00:15:03 Jentezen Franklin The Anointing Makes the Difference 00:43:25 John Maxwell Mountain Climbing With Jesus 01:11:52 Sermon Review: A Word About Faith: What’s the Dream by Adam Houschka
00:07:17 Valerie from Chiswick Christian Center Winter Tree “Word of the Lord” 00:15:21 Bill Johnson Prophecies are Weapons of Warfare 00:39:57 Steve Long The Presence of God 01:12:55 Sermon Review: Chosen to Choose by Keith Craft
Is Man a Machine? by Dr. A.E. Wilder-Smith
00:06:38 Jen Hatmaker Preaches About Inclusion 00:53:42 Church of the Highlands Montage of Subjectivity 01:11:17 Sermon Review: Everything Must Go by Sarah Jakes Roberts
Time and Creation by Dr. A.E. Wilder-Smith
00:10:06 Jennifer LeClaire Does a Prophetic Emily Letila 00:47:03 Daniel Zelli False Kenotic Christology 01:05:53 Ben Fitzgerald Why Do Diseases Return When People Are Healed? 01:12:59 Michael Brown Rebukes Bill Johnson’s False Doctrine? 01:28:05 Sermon Review: Supernatural Series 03 by Daniel Hagen
Design and Logos in Biology by Dr. A.E. Wilder-Smith
00:11:00 David Wagner Thomas Glowed Like a Light Bulb 00:48:14 John Gray is Now a Vision-Casting Leader 01:05:41 Randy Feldschauul Making Room for Miracles 01:27:26 Sermon Review: Supernatural Series 02 by Daniel Hagen
The Origin of Life by Dr. A.E. Wilder-Smith
00:10:13 Amanda Wells Thomas Glowed Like a Light Bulb 00:22:14 Kat Kerr God is Commissioning Weather Warriors 00:34:03 Lucas Connell Lost In Religion 00:46:56 Daniel Zelli We are NOT Sinners Saved by Grace 01:19:56 Sermon Review: New Apostolic Reformation: Paradigm Shift by Danielle Dixon
00:07:29 Thom & Krista Shirley Inadvertently Admit They’re Not Hearing From God 00:22:03 Ben Lim Five Mantles of the New Breed 00:40:52 Sermon Review: New Apostolic Reformation: Old and New Wineskins by Danielle Dixon
Building Up the Church by Gervase Charmley
00:08:01 Ryan LeStrange Where are the Wells? 00:34:06 Andrew Wommack God Wants You Well 01:05:10 Brian Houston Paupers to Princes 01:25:10 Sermon Review: Here to Make A Difference by John Cameron
Rosebrough's Ramblings on Exodus - Unilateral or Bilateral Covenant?
00:08:14 Katie Souza How to Take Dominion in Your Region 00:21:08 Georgian Banov Heavy Hemorrhoid Issues 00:53:50 Rod Parsley & Coy Barker Anatomy of a Money Scam 01:26:05 Sermon Review: Accessing Heaven by David McCrackens
The Biblical Case for Cessationism by Phil Johnson
00:08:24 Miranda Nelson Loses All Control of Herself 00:19:14 Charlie Shamp Dream of Harvest Angel 00:38:29 Jennifer LeClaire Delilah Spirit Seeks to Blind Seers 00:51:25 Banning Liebscher Release the Supernatural 01:21:34 Sermon Review: Visions & Revelations PT2 by Bob Jones & Mike Bickle
00:12:10 Patricia King Discusses the RESTORATION of Apostles 00:42:56 Brian Simmons The Church is the Re-Incarnation of Christ 00:51:26 Asher Intrater & Ron Cantor The Big Errors in Apostolic & Prophetic Ministry 01:12:29 Sermon Review: Visions & Revelations PT1 by Bob Jones & Mike Bickle
Redemption: The Eternal Plan of God by Martyn Lloyd-Jones
00:11:50 Ed Young Life Is A Circus 00:43:17 Victoria Osteen Realign Your Focus to Stay On Course 00:58:20 Joel Osteen The Chain Breaker 01:14:59 Sermon Review: Let Your Anointing Pop by David Crank
00:07:58 Kathie Walters Water Spirits 00:21:22 Andy Piggot Being A Kowhai Tree Church 00:47:46 Michael Maiden Curse Breakers 01:13:21 Sermon Review: The Gift of Doubt by Jason Morris
Original Pollution by Martyn Lloyd-Jones
00:10:09 William Tapley Q Anon Can’t Explain Trump’s Strange Blackout 00:17:31 Steve Cioccolanti Prophecy News Watch 00:37:13 Katherine Rounala Speak Life Over Your Circumstances 00:52:49 Beth Moore A Memorial in the Middle 01:08:29 Sermon Review: Giant Killing Grasshoppers by Matt Speer
Rosebrough's Ramblings on Exodus - Fight the False Narrative
00:07:49 Real Talk Kim Raising Dry Bones 00:22:41 Neil Smith Creating Room 00:56:12 T.D. Jakes Playing Catchup With Your Dreams 01:16:34 Sermon Review: Igniting Hope When You’re at the End of Your Rope by Tyler Gramling
00:09:22 Kay Nash How to Go to the Next Level 00:36:08 Kris Vallaton Claims Agabus Was an Inaccurate Prophet 00:54:12 Perry Noble Claims God Talks to Him In the Shower 01:12:00 Sermon Review: The Art of Emotion - Centering Prayer by Adam Houschka
The Character of a False Teacher & The Apostolic Warning by Gervase Charmley
00:06:57 Micelle Corral The Gift of God-Given Greatness 00:22:10 Cindy Jacobs The Crucible Season00:43:59 Sadhu Selvaraj Four Critical Words For the Church00:51:04 Phil Pringle Vision Builder01:15:47 Sermon Review: Mission Impossible by Kerrick Thomas
00:07:46 Che Ahn Who Are the Apostles00:22:45 Jennifer LeClaire Warning of Water Spirits00:54:08 A.R. Bernard Claims White Privilege is Real01:18:15 Sermon Review: Live Fearless by Sadie Robertson
Come Holy Spirit by Lonnie Frisbee
The Danger of False Teachers & The Prophecy of Enoch by Gervase Charmley
00:07:23 Patricia King How to Open Heavenly Portals 00:47:39 Paula White Destiny Doesn’t Happen Overnight01:00:41 Craig Groeschel 4 Essentials of Innovation01:19:10 Sermon Review: What Makes You A Wonder by Clay Scroggins
Rosebrough's Ramblings on Exodus - The Trinity is Non-Negotiable & Nor Shall You Be Partial
00:06:38 Katie Souza Open Up the Ancient Gates 00:35:24 Bryan Cutshall Season of Acceleration 00:53:11 John Cameron Decision Pending 01:15:04 Sermon Review: Achieving the Path to Greatness: The Warrior Spirit by Andy Wood
00:07:32 Krista Shirley Numbers From Heaven 00:24:06 Jentezen Franklin Beware the Traveler 00:51:31 Sid Roth's Supernatural Product Scams 01:22:09 Sermon Review: Pregnant With Possibility by Buddy Cremeans
Watch Out for the Dreamers & The Pattern of Treachery by Gervase Charmley
00:06:46 Joel Osteen Hearing In the Spirit 00:45:48 Jeremy Foster If You Will God Will 01:03:12 Joyce Meyer How To Defeat Your Giants 01:22:09 Sermon Review: Dream Again by Chris Hodges
Rosebrough's Ramblings on Exodus - The Failing of the West
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