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Sermons by The Church of Pentecost Ghana, Headquarters
Andrew Murray opens his Introduction to the book with these words: "The message which this little book brings is simple but most solemn. It is to the effect that the one thing needful for the Church, and the thing which, above all others, men ought everywhere to seek for with one accord and with their whole heart, is to be filled with the Spirit of God."Jesus said "He that believeth on Me, as the Scripture hath said, out of his heart shall flow rivers of living water". In Murray's words, it ...
Despite our good intensions we are often left with a lukewarm relationship with God.
Nonfiction. Appalled by the savagery of World War I, Owen Wister in 1915 published an attempt to move the United States out of neutrality into joining the Allies against Germany. His aim was the quicker defeat of that nation. (Wister: “the new Trinity of German worship – the Super-man, the Super-race, and the Super-state.”) He was but one of many literary personages who joined in this effort. A moving quote: “Perhaps nothing save calamity will teach us what Europe is thankful to have learned ...
No one, absolutely no one, knows us like God…yet he still loves us!
You are witnesses not in the passive sense but to proclaim what has happened.
Based on Isaiah 50:4-10, James 3:1-12, Mark 9:14-29
We are going to study the Word of God, King James Version. We will talk about Jesus and have guests, music, and more. This is an Apostolic Pentecostal ministry, One God, speaking in tongues and anything else God wants to do is permitted and suggested! God bless you, thanks for listening.
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Study it out, baptism in Jesus name is for you!
Get saved, walk in holiness and be obedient to the Holy Ghost. Seek diligently the Kingdom is Heaven!
3 segments. Glory to God for the direction of the word of God. Sorry if i jump around a bit in this one.
Talking about Jesus! Our Lord and Savior!
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