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A game-by-game journey through the Shin Megami Tensei and Persona series.
Every Day's Great is a podcast where Caleb Zane Huett and Nick Splendorr laugh and cry their way through the Persona games, one day at a time. No Persona experience necessary!
The Velvet Room Podcast is a podcast dedicated to discussion of the Persona Video Game Series. We talk about the settings, characters, themes, et cetra. A new topic every other week. Depending on the discussion we also talk about other forms or pieces of media.
Plastered Personas
Welcome to Plastered Personas where we encourage everyone to flail drunkenly inside an arbitrary box of their own choosing! Remember to drink and diagnose responsibly!
Yo Persona
Podcast by Yo Persona
Piranha Persona
Piranha Persona
Third Person is a podcast about bringing the conversations of three enthusiastic friends to the light of day as they discuss fiction of every form.
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Welcome to Plastered Personas, a podcast where we encourage guests to flail drunkenly inside an arbitrary box of their own making. That guy I tried to record a podcast with a few months ago is back for more crackers! After a failed attempt to record, we're back to learn about Ben, my new plastered pardner.…
As we journey through a demon-haunted Taishō era Japan, we have an enigmatic encounter with the very-still alive Rasputin, do battle with the Marquis of Hell, and are forced to turn down an offer to let a corpse army kill the rich. Meanwhile, we learn more about the enigmatic red caped figure and learn more about the curse befalling Kaya Daidōji.…
Welcome to Plastered Personas, a podcast where we encourage guests to flail drunkenly inside an arbitrary box of their own making. My good friend Emily joins us this week to decompress and de-stress by means of discussing how stressed we are and how we handle stress and self-care.
Welcome to Plastered Personas, a podcast where we encourage guests to flail drunkenly inside an arbitrary box of their own making. We welcome Civil the Canadian this week as he tells us his tale of life and love en route to learning if he likes to play with fire. Bonus content, we learn how the Canadian Peso works in the current housing market.…
We jump back to the early 20th Century to join the adventures of apprentice detective Raidou Kuzunoha and his trusty talking cat. When a client in distress requests that Raidou and his boss kill her, they're ambushed by mysterious men wearing red capes who kidnap the client. Raidou is then thrust into a dimension-spanning investigation to get t ...…
Welcome to Plastered Personas, a podcast where we encourage guests to flail drunkenly inside an arbitrary box of their own making. Tyler joins us today to have a drink and determine his Schizophrenia status under guise of a simple MBTI test.
Welcome to Plastered Personas, a podcast where we encourage guests to flail drunkenly inside an arbitrary box of their own making. Ms. Rachel is with us today to decide if she can fulfill her destiny. Is she a leader, is she a commander, is Meyers-Briggs as arbitrary as we think? Probably; we're going to see if she's a pickle or not, I guess?…
This EP. Is about sleep.. Aka Zzzzz
Welcome to Plastered Personas, a podcast where we encourage guests to flail drunkenly inside an arbitrary box of their own making. In our very first full episode we have MoMo, the Bearded Catholic, joining us to see what his drunken identity is.
Welcome to Plastered Personas, a podcast where we encourage guests to flail drunkenly inside an arbitrary box of their own making. Meet JoJo and Peter as they explain the concept for their new show. Remember, drink and diagnose responsibly!
We conclude our coverage of Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers, which poses the question: can demons truly conquer a digital world? Or maybe they already have? Along the way, we get to the bottom of the Algon Soft mystery, wonder whether a planned city ever works out, and face off with one of the forgotten old gods, who may represent little more than ...…
We dig deeper into the secrets of cyberpunk city, Amani City, and its virtual reality counterpart, Paradigm X. Along the way we battle robot chimps, get sexy sax man Judah's devil-summoning saxophone, and face off with a dolphin. Show notes: Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner: Soul HackersKuzunoha Clan…
A new era of Megaten Marathon kicks off as Paul and new permanent co-hosts Alex D’Arata-Wolfe and Allisa James delve into Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers. As you may have gathered from the title, this is a game where you summon demons. But there’s a twist: the demons are invading a very ‘90s version of cyberspace! Alissa's Shin Megami Tensei 4 art ...…
Listen. Sometimes you set out on a walk without a destination in mind. Sometimes, there are detours. Other times, there are distractions. But the important thing is that you took a walk. We do talk about Persona in this episode.By (Caleb Zane Huett and Nick Splendorr).
Hace tan solo 10 años, Carlos Alvarado tocaba en una banda de rock mientras trabajaba además como asesor de comunicación política en el despacho de un diputado del PAC. La dualidad con la lleva su vida lo ha llevado a tomar grandes retos; Uno de ellos, el disputarse junto a otros candidatos, la presidencia de Costa Rica.…
Three relatively uneventful days in Persona 4 and one extremely tiring one in the real world combine for a very goofy episode. Load this save file for our first Genuine Gay Moment, yet another impromptu cover of Somebody to Love, and Nick's bad promise.By (Caleb Zane Huett and Nick Splendorr).
We accidentally watched the new Pokémon movie, which surprised us by also being a Persona movie! Get in the car with us after the cinematic event that changed us forever. Here comes trouble!By (Caleb Zane Huett and Nick Splendorr).
The Trash Boys are back in town! In fact, most of them are loitering in the Junes lobby. In this new era of the show, we’re doing fewer days at a time, so we can really savor each moment. Unfortunately, Yosuke really makes us question that decision.By (Caleb Zane Huett and Nick Splendorr).
We close out our coverage of Persona 5 with a journey into the collective unconscious, a battle with the Holy Grail, and a curious definition of "aesthetics".
Escuchar el llamado de su corazón y seguir la religión islámica fue lo que hizo Jenny Torres luego de vivir 33 años en la fe católica. Esta transformación hizo que viviera fuertes y difíciles experiencias, sin embargo ella asegura que fue la mejor decisión que pudo haber tomado.
Freshen up with a stick of Zebra Strip gum, because we’re about to hit The Club! We venture into Rise’s monotonously provocative dungeon, wrestle with Teddie’s Toy Story crisis, and put on new costumes so Kanji won’t recognize us.By (Caleb Zane Huett and Nick Splendorr).
Una historia llena de contrastes, llena de miedos y luchas. Sobresale y triunfa quien logra vencer las adversidades que la vida presenta. La familia, el trabajo, viajes y hasta la muerte han acompañado a este porteño que nos dice que el futuro no existe, uno lo construye.
Con tan solo 14 años, Dylan escribió su primer libro pensando en retratar sus sentimientos e ideas en una metáfora de vida. El encontró en ese espacio una forma de desahogar las confusiones de un transtorno psicológico que forma parte de su día a día.
Former major league player, Jack Perconte and Diamond Edge Academy owner, Sam Zagorac, give coaches and parents more much-needed advice. Little is more important in this day and age than knowing ways of avoiding sports burnout. Jack and Sam have been around numerous very good ballplayers who have reached the stage when playing is no longer fun ...…
If you are interested in running a travel team, this episode is for you. In this episode of Something Worth Catching, the ultimate youth baseball sports information podcast, former major leaguer and longtime youth coach Jack Perconte grills his partner Sam Zagorac, the owner and head instructor of the Diamond Edge Academy, about how he runs his ...…
The only thing worse than sleeping in the woods is the way Yosuke acts when we camp with him! This was a tough week, folks; we got pretty frustrated but managed to have a productive conversation about the crimes committed on the big school trip.By (Caleb Zane Huett and Nick Splendorr).
We embark on the seas of sunken Tokyo and infiltrate a ship full of elites, lying, stealing and fighting our way to get letters of introduction. Who is the Cleaner? The mysterious IT guy who never leaves his cabin? And what lies behind the golden door?
Put on a single-color outfit and join us for this Special Friday Episode! Let’s explore what friendship even is, all the ways food can awkwardly express love, and our pitch for next season’s hottest retail experience.By (Caleb Zane Huett and Nick Splendorr).
I want to repeat an often used phrase we used to use from the major league bench directed towards the umpire. This was a facetious comment, of course, and definitely not one that youth players should ever use. It went like this, “You’re missing a good game.” The reason I repeat that line, and once again something a youth coach should never use, ...…
Get it now In this episode of Something definitely, certainly, positively, unquestionably, undeniably, without a doubt, surely, clearly Worth Catching, Jack Perconte and Sam Zagorac discuss some fun topics from the major and little league levels. As a bonus, the long-time youth baseball coaches, former major leaguer Jack Perconte and Sam Zagora ...…
Which purse will YOU date? Shannon Strucci joins us on our summer break to talk about parasocial relationships and the therapeutic potential of gaming. Also, we watch the pilot of the Persona 4 Anime, which is a rough episode of television. Come on in!By (Caleb Zane Huett and Nick Splendorr).
Alex and Paul dig deep into the exposition fest that is this late-game chapter. In the interim, Akechi joins the team at long last, we learn some not-too-surprising twists, and get a glimpse of Sae's dark side.
Special guest Peter Reitz from the Now Kiss podcast joins us to talk about Kanji's Dungeon and a series of terrible conversations between horrible boys. Sleepy boy, umbrella student, and list guy form another investigation team behind the scenes.By (Caleb Zane Huett and Nick Splendorr).
BEWARE THE BEAUTY THIEF. Alex D'Arata Wolfe joins Paul to discuss our team's summer fun in Hawaii, get in an argument with our cat, and whether capitalism is the true Hamburglar.
What is… “real”? Real love? Real family? Real… food? We’re becoming experts on all of these topics: we embrace the throes of romance, dig deep into a family’s dark past, and try to eat… whatever it is Yukiko put in this lunchbox.By (Caleb Zane Huett and Nick Splendorr).
Pour yourself a glass of red wine (if it is situationally appropriate), and relax with this special late night excursion into Persona 4. We reflect upon Eri’s lingering gaze, Margaret’s risqué Persona ratings, and so much more.By (Caleb Zane Huett and Nick Splendorr).
Hope you like pyramid/desert levels. Plus Zelda-lite puzzles. In this episode, we save Futaba from herself, discuss why her Persona is the best of all, and learn more about why Sojiro is a creep.
Do you want to make sure you’re educating your young pitchers and catchers the right way? Join Former Major Leaguer Jack Perconte, Sam Zagorac owner of Diamond Edge Academy, Longtime pitching coach Marty Kobernus and expert catching coach Sean Osborne as they share over 80 years of baseball coaching experience in part 2 of this two-part series. ...…
MIDTERM TIME! Join us as we participate in a four-day school-wide lock-in. Nanako talks about joining a biker gang. We improve our ratings by trapping a bunch of Nielsens in the basement.By (Caleb Zane Huett and Nick Splendorr).
A week so jam-packed with days, it changed the world. Welcome to the Igorian Calendar! We use the new, longer week to uncover a major suspect in the case, watch as love blooms on the battlefield, and then… a fox gives us drugs.By (Caleb Zane Huett and Nick Splendorr).
AKECHI IS BAE. Or is he? As our Phantom Thieves enter June, we meet a famous boy detective, gain an important team member, and take on a loser yakuza boss ensconsed in a flying saucer bank. We also start what may be our creepiest and most inappropriate confidant link with a strangely familiar private maid.…
Welcome to our first annual Green Episode. Yosuke tells us where we can find the dank stuff, Marie has a little too much and starts reciting spontaneous poetry. Avery takes on way too much responsibility for one high school student.By (Caleb Zane Huett and Nick Splendorr).
Persona 4 ramps up the drama REAL quick. We watch as our closest acquaintances die, disappear, or confront manifestations of their personalities. Just high school things!By (Caleb Zane Huett and Nick Splendorr).
What if an evil painter rose to fame on the backs of underpaid labor? No, we’re not talking about Thomas Kinkade here; in fact Madarame is the toast of the art world. The Phantom Thieves are on the case, gaining a new member while they’re at it and sending Mona out on his own Mission Impossible mission. But what is the secret of the enigmatic S ...…
Get it now So much great information for youth coaches in this edition of Something Worth Catching. Jack Perconte and Sam Zagorac, owner and head instructor at the Diamond Edge Academy in Willowbrook welcome two coaching experts. Marty Kobernus, now the head pitching instructor at the Diamond Edge Academy, has been coaching pitching for over tw ...…
LET US START THE GAME. In the first month of Persona 5, things start out grim: our protagonist is a juvenile delinquent, the gym teacher rules the school with a mix of intimidation, sexual and physical abuse, and a mysterious app is sending us to a nightmarish parallel world. Along the way we discover a dungeon full of butt statues, forge an un ...…
In this first episode, we cover April 11th through April 13th, which includes dreams about trains, Melancholic Nanako, the Breakfast No-Scope, and lots of new friends.By (Caleb Zane Huett and Nick Splendorr).
THIS STORY IS A WORK OF FICTION. We join the Phantom Thieves and set out to steal hearts with our first episode on Persona 5. In this episode we go into our first impressions, mechanics, and talk about how Atlus's latest compares to previous Persona and SMT games.
Every Day's Great is a new podcast where Caleb Zane Huett and Nick Splendorr discuss the Persona games, matching the real and game world calendars as closely as possible. No Persona experience necessary!By (Caleb Zane Huett and Nick Splendorr).
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