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Going Deeper
A podcast that explores the culture, practices, and people of Riverlife Baptist Church in Brisbane, Australia. Go behind the scenes with staff and key people, exploring the issues and ideas that unite us together as a family, embracing the Father's presence, releasing empowered people to declare and demonstrate Christ's kingdom.
Tutored by Aristotle, compelled to ascend the throne at the age of 20 when his illustrious father was assassinated, driven by a passion for expanding the borders of his tiny kingdom, Alexander of Macedon was one of the most towering figures of ancient history. He is brought to vivid life in this gripping volume by the American children's writer Jacob Abbott. In his short but eventful life, the young Macedonian king went on to rule over one of the most powerful and largest empires in the anci ...
Flower of the North finds Philip Whittemore on an adventure which takes him up the Churchill River of northern Canada to a land which he thought he knew. However, tucked in among the rocks and hills lies an unfamiliar outpost which he’s been told is called Fort o’ God whose inhabitants and history are shrouded in mystery. It is Jeanne D’Arcambal and her protector Pierre who have told him of this place, but there is so much which they haven’t told him, including who they really are, where the ...
WEEI Podcasts
Check out all of WEEI's podcasts including The Real K&C Show, Rich Keefe's #DORK, The Bradfo Sho and more.
Front Row
Live magazine programme on the worlds of arts, literature, film, media and music
WritersCast is the voice of writers. Host David Wilk interviews authors of new and forthcoming fiction, poetry and non-fiction books, talking with them about their work as writers, the stories they tell, the subjects they write about and the books they write. Writers reveal the thoughts and ideas behind their writing, and talk about a wide variety of topics of interest to their readers.
Two Latinas sip sangria while discussing murder. Follow us on Twitter @ASMurderClub and Instagram @AntiSocialMurderClub !
WNYC is telling the story of public housing in New York City through the lens of one family that has lived there for four decades. The Alstons arrived in the Queensbridge Houses in 1954, and many members continue to live there. This is part one of a four-part series. Chick Alston is sometimes called the mayor of the Queensbridge Houses. He has lived in the sprawling Long Island City public housing development, the country’s largest, since he was three-years old. He’s 62 now. The lanky patria ...
F*** The Chargers
Ex-Chargers fans Justin Halpern and Jono Zalay rant about their formerly beloved but always terrible NFL team. Games are recapped, grievances are aired.
Silver Award Winner for Most Original Podcast in the British Podcast Awards 2018.The Poetry Exchange shares the conversations we have with people about a poem that has been a friend to them, alongside special readings of these poems, made as 'gifts' for our visitors. The Poetry Exchange is recorded in a range of venues and settings around the UK and worldwide and features public visitors and special guests alike.
Interviews by Stephen Spitz, broadcast on New Mexico NPR affiliate KUNM.
The Encounters A Paranormal Experience is a Paranormal / Supernatural discussion between Amanda and Dakota. We seek to unravel the unexplained and unknown. Join us weekly as we step into the shadows to bring a little light on the unknown. Welcome to the discussion.
Join these Colorado lovin, football junkie, diehard Bronco fans as they discuss the Denver Broncos every week. Hear their postgame recaps, upcoming predictions, and uncensored opinions.
Whiz Kids
We talk everything San Diego Chargers related. From X's & O's to personnel. It's a football everything Podcast
Rush Hour Student Ministry at Ni River Community Church in Fredericksburg, Virginia. Sundays from 3:00 - 5:00 pm
This podcast collects the sermons preached at New Life Bible Chapel in Mississauga, Ontario.
Marlon Rios' Podcast
Valentino Kanzyani / Stephane Signore / Olivier Giacomotto / Mario Ochoa / Mauro Picotto / Reaky / Distek / D.A.V.E. The Drummer / Dj Heriberto / James Holden / Dusty Kid / Itamar Sagi / Pig & Dan / Fergie / Paolo Mojo / Nathan Fake / Christian Smith & John Selway / Cirez D / Deadmau5 / Perry O'Neil / Jim Rivers / Eric Prydz / Malente / Calvertron / NAPT / Sharam Jey / Philipe De Boyar / Noisia
A Short Account of the Destruction of the Indies (Spanish: Brevísima relación de la destrucción de las Indias) is an account written by the Spanish Dominican friar Bartolomé de las Casas in 1542 (published in 1552) about the mistreatment of the indigenous peoples of the Americas in colonial times and sent to then Prince Philip II of Spain. One of the stated purposes for writing the account is his fear of Spain coming under divine punishment and his concern for the souls of the Native Peoples ...
Food & Friends with Larry McIntosh
Can we change our futures by changing our story? Yup. Big Chew host Maria Theresa Stadtmueller and her guests take apart our culture's stories and look for ones without the stupid. Stories tell us what matters.The story that still runs our culture was created back when people thought the Earth was flat—by religions Westerners are leaving. That story says a god made us superior to all other creatures and our real home is "up there" in the sky—not here on Earth. When that old origin story comb ...
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Hour 2: Marc, Wiggy and Andy discuss Doug Farrar of USA Today's Top 100 NFL players list, which listed Tom Brady at 19, behind Philip Rivers. Wiggy handles Headlines.By WEEI.
Hip hop pioneer and art lover Fred Brathwaite, aka Fab 5 Freddy, hunts for the hidden black figures of Italian Renaissance art in a new BBC2 documentary, A Fresh Guide To Florence. He reveals some of the ground-breaking images he discovered of a multi-racial and multi-ethnic society that have slipped through the cracks of art history.Artist Lau ...…
We talk to people about the poem that has been a friend to them.In exchange we create a gift for them, a bespoke reading of their chosen poem inspired by the conversation. Our award-winning podcast shares these unique and powerful stories of connection with people across the world. In this episode, Farah talks about the poem that has been a fri ...…
Hour 4: Marc, Fitzy and Wiggy discuss the OMF vs Chad Finn fued as well as Lou vs Trenni. Marc and Fitzy have a sobriquet-off which Marc James completely blows it.By WEEI.
Hour 3: Marc, Fitzy and Wiggy discuss Brady's contract and why he should hire Sam Bradford's agent. Fitzy has a plot for Jimmy G to return to New England, and Wiggy ends the hour firing off Patriots takes.By WEEI.
Hour 1: Marc James, Fitzy, and Jermaine Wiggins kick off the show slandering different towns around Massachusetts and discussing vague restaurants in the greater Boston area before examining Tom Brady's lack of a new contract after this upcoming season.By WEEI.
Hour 2: Marc, Fitzy and Wiggy get into part two of Price v Eck, which reached it's apex last night on NBC Sports Boston when Lou Merloni and Trenni dropped the gloves.By WEEI.
This week, join your Hosts Amanda and Dakota as they profile the elusive and mysterious Man-Wolf of Wisconsin that lurks off of Bray Road. Sightings of the beast can be traced back to the 1930s (and some local lore can even trace the creature to Native American Origins and North American sightings of Dogmen). It is a return of the Canine Crypti ...…
The Buddha in Jail: Restoring Lives, Finding Hope and Freedom – Cuong Lu – OR Books – paperback – 112 pages – 978-1-682191-84-2 – $18.95 – April 2, 2019 – ebook versions available at lower prices. Foreword by Roshi Joan Halifax. I’ve studied and read and been around Buddhist teachings for a number of years. I’ve always been attracted to Buddhis ...…
Illuminated River is a major new art project on the River Thames claiming to be the world’s longest artwork. 15 bridges across the river will be lit up by a series of LED displays for the next 10 years. Kirsty talks to director Sarah Gaventa and light artist Leo Villareal.Twenty-five years since Disney’s animated film The Lion King broke record ...…
Guest host Sonia Manzano presents love the modern way in two stories and a selection of posts to OK Cupid. These are read by Giullian Yao Gioiello and Colby Minifie. Then Jill Eikenberry reads Elizabeth Crane’s "Ad," a stream-of-consciousness exercise for the Personals column, and love overwhelms the characters in Andrea Barrett's "The Littoral ...…
Like they used to say on The A Team, "love it when a plan comes together." Pitching! (From Sale! AND the bullpen!) Hitting! (Devers is a freak show.) Fielding! Nice weather! Josh recaps a pretty damn good all-around afternoon and does a deep-dive preview of the Orioles series. Audio from Sale (10k) and Alex Cora (0k).…
In a dark and fictional world, we meet the best Hollywood trainer money can buy. A trainer who specializes in the human body, but one body in his gym... isn't breathing. Snap spotlights "The Truth" podcast. We're proud to present Part one from their five-part series, “The Body Genius.” Starring: Chris Cafero as Evan Written by: Hunter Nelson Pr ...…
The Annie E. Casey Foundation’s annual Kids Count report has again ranked New Mexico last among the 50 states in child well being. The Foundation found that: 30 percent of our kids live in poverty whereas 22 percent of the nation’s children live in poverty; 12 percent are born to teenage mothers, compared with a US average of 7 percent; and 2 p ...…
Hour 4: Rich Eisen one-ups Florio as he places the chances of Gronk coming out of retirement at 100%. Marc, Wiggy and Andy also discuss what letter of the alphabet applies to Danny Ainge's plan with the current Celtics roster.By WEEI.
Hour 3: Marc, Wiggy and Andy duke it out over Price v Eck and Boston weighs in. Wiggy sheds light on how locker rooms view reporters.By WEEI.
Hour 1: Marc James, Jermaine Wiggins and Andy Hart discuss yesterday's rekindling of the David Price vs Dennis Eckersley feud, ignited in part by WEEI's own Alex Reimer. Wiggy picks a side.By WEEI.
Rob Bradford is joined by his former teammate at John Tomase, who now calls NBC Sports Boston his home, to dissect everything that unfolded Wednesday when it came to the drama between David Price and Dennis Eckersley. Tweets. Radio interviews. Press conferences. It had it all. After more than two years, it's a controversy that just won ...…
Even when the Sox win, it's an uphill walk carrying heavy Samsonite. David Price vs Eck Round 2 materializes out of nowhere, the bullpen has more hiccups, Toronto hits three home runs, yet Boston wins and gains half a game on the Yankees. Josh recaps, weighs in on Price, sprinkles around some cool stats and previews the series finale. Hear from ...…
More great books at LoyalBooks.comBy Jacob Abbott.
Rich Keefe & Ryan Davey give you a list of their favorite comic books that you may have missed. You won't find Watchmen, The Dark Knight Returns, or Old Man Logan here. Plus Area 51 Alien talk, This Week in #DORK, including Thor 4, Davey's Video Game Minute, and the Pick of the Podcast. Twitter: @DORKpodcast…
Jo and Scott interview Liz Walker about the effects of pornography in our hypersexualised world. Liz has devoted her life to educating people about the severity of the porn industry as well as adovating for a holistic sexual wellbeing lifestyle in individuals. She has consulted with governments and organisations and has also created platforms f ...…
Karina Canellakis will be launching this year's BBC Proms on Friday, conducting Janáček's monumental Glagolitic Mass. She talks to John Wilson about her approach to this daunting task, why she loves the spiritual drama of the piece and how since early childhood her head has been filled with music. Vicky McClure, Gemma Chan and Samantha Morton s ...…
Hour 4. Wiggy, James, & Hart are in on a Wednesday morning and Mike Florio joins the guys to detail why his source thinks there's a 40% chance Gronk returns and why he thinks it is even more likely than that.By WEEI.
Hour 3. Wiggy, James, and Hart are in on a Wednesday morning wonder if Chris Sale has the yips. Plus, we look at the near future of the NFL and decide where the Patriots should be placed in the power rankings.By WEEI.
Hour 3. Wiggy, James, and Hart are in on a Wednesday morning and they wonder, does Chris Sale have the yips? It sure seems like it and there is an intervention happening with all coaches watching Sale's bullpen sessions to try and help. Plus, ESPN put out NFL future power rankings for the next three years and the Patriots being ranked at No. 2 ...…
Hour 2. Wiggy, James, and Hart are in on a Wednesday morning and break down yet another disappointing Red Sox loss. The boys detail how this "carnival of errors" Red Sox season continues. Plus, a special edition of Headlines with Wiggy.By WEEI.
Hour 1. Wiggy, James, and Hart hold it down on a Wednesday and all watched the new Chris Herren Documentary and think it is gripping. Plus, Belichick is softening with age and the evidence is mounting.By WEEI.
Andrew Cashner's Red Sox debut is a clunker and the Sox got blasted by Toronto, 10-4. Cashner speaks, Josh looks for silver linings, and Alex Cora talks about what has to get better. Game three of the series is previewed, with a look at what appears to be good news (Eduardo Rodriguez vs 3-13 Aaron Sanchez.)…
More great books at LoyalBooks.comBy Jacob Abbott.
In this hour, true stories of taking center stage from a magician, a musician, a member of the underground resistance in Chile and a soldier stationed in Iraq. This hour is hosted by The Moth's Senior Director, Jenifer Hixson. The Moth Radio Hour is produced by The Moth and Jay Allison of Atlantic Public Media. Hosted by: Jenifer Hixson Storyte ...…
American composer Philip Glass is often cited as one of the most influential composers alive, combining minimalist, spare music with the harmonic tradition of Bach, Schubert and Mozart. Now, for the Manchester International Festival, he's teamed up with British performer and director Phelim McDermott to produce a very personal work with ten new ...…
Is trading Patrice Bergeron a radical idea? Yes. But that's Wiggy's point, in that the Bruins' need a drastic change to win it all. Wiggy is free to give his take here on The Skate Pod (free from Dale Arnold's censorship on the Dale & Keefe show) and he’s got two specific players he'd want to move Bergeron for.…
Hour 4: Dickerson doesn’t need 18 NFL games in a season and will Gronk come out of retirement?By WEEI.
Hour 3: Wiggy and Dickerson give their Madden ratings for WEEI on-air talent and Dickerson says he feels badly for Chris Sale.By WEEI.
Hour 2: Wiggy does Headlines and says he plays as himself in Madden. And he thinks Porcello won’t turn things around for the Red Sox.By WEEI.
Hour 1: Wiggy and Dickerson are in and Ordway said yesterday he is getting death threats but is he really? And they go through the pros and cons of an 18-game NFL season.By WEEI.
Rob Bradford is joined by Red Sox first baseman Mitch Moreland and Chad Jennings of The Athletic to reflect on the Eduardo Nunez, whose time in Boston has come to and an end. The trio remember the highlights, the struggles and the nickname he asked to always put on his cup of coffee.By WEEI.
More great books at LoyalBooks.comBy Jacob Abbott.
Two 5-run innings carry the Sox to a needed win vs Toronto. Josh rolls through the roll call of heroes then previews Andrew Cashner's Sox debut while also grumbling about the bullpen. Eduard Nunez is DFA'd so his Sox career is put in perspective on his way out of New England. Andrew Benintendi speaks after his big night; Alex Cora mets the medi ...…
Dominic Dromgoole, used to run Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre in London, he tried take a production of Hamlet to every country in the world (and very nearly succeeded), and he brought a year-long season of Oscar Wilde’s work to the West End. and now he's directed is debut feature film, Making Noise Quietly. It began life as stageplay, a triptych o ...…
Ken and Curtis react to the news that Gerry Callahan is done at WEEI.By WEEI.
Hour 4: The list of the three things Gerry loved and Gerry bared his soul on the air.By WEEI.
Hour 3: Gerry did a lot for the Jimmy Fund during his time at the station and he always expected the best from everyone he worked with. Also Mut tweeted a string of tweets about Gerry and Lucy does a dramatic reading of them.By WEEI.
Hour 2: The guys talk about their memories of Gerry’s reaction to Curtis’ announcement about being an alcoholic and the Aaron Hernandez death.By WEEI.
Hour 1: The Real K&C and Mut recall their favorite Gerry Callahan memories and Mut and Curtis recap their vacations now that they’re back.By WEEI.
A recap of a lost weekend -- the World Series rematch starts strong and ends poorly. Josh has the info you need from all three games; plus a detailed breakdown of new starter Andrew Cashner, then a look ahead to the Blue Jays series.By WEEI.
More great books at LoyalBooks.comBy Jacob Abbott.
People go on missions to save young girls from danger. But sometimes they get so caught up in the mission that it overshadows the girl herself.
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