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Tom McDonald previewed Peyton and Eli Manning's Monday Night Football broadcasts. Lisa Fixler shared about her skateboard, surfboard, and snowboard ministry called Love Your Motherboard. Jim Pieczynski discussed his book about Catholicism and baseball, The Double Day Code.
Fr Pat Driscoll addressed why it's so hard to forgive ourselves. Dr Johnathan Sanford shared about the Catholic intellectual life at University of Dallas. Rob McFarland discussed the upcoming SCOTUS hearing of Dobbs vs Jackson tomorrow and what it means for Roe v Wade precedent.
Tom Riello discussed Fr Dwight Longenecker's article, "Can we have Catholicism without dogma?" Fr Tad Pacholczyk shared his latest article, "Decisions of consequence" Archbishop Thomas J Rodi talked about what was discussed at the USCCB meeting last week.
Tom McDonald previewed Finch, starring Tom Hanks, airing on Apple Plus. Benjamin Wolaver shared about his family's faith based children's show, "The Wonderful World of Benjamin Cello" Fr Patrick Gilbreath provided our Sunday Gospel reflection for the 33rd week in ordinary time.
Zach Greenberg talks about the mission of FIRE and a cancel culture case at Emerson in Boston. Dr Jennifer Roback Morse shares why billionaire companies are mad at Texas Prolife Laws. Rob Herbst talks about a Texas village's effort to end homelessness and previews the Catholic Week
Donald Prudlo talked about St Dominic and the Dominicans. Dr Bridget Hannahan shared about how to find a child psychologist. Ellen Taylor discussed how people are carrying around so much anger and how we should deal with it in a Christian way. She also talked about how nursing homes are giving fake schizophrenia diagnoses to the elderly.…
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