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A shame-free space where people talk about their struggles, difficult past memories, and what it's like to live with mental illness. Common topics include depression, anxiety, abuse, and trauma. No matter the story, it will be met with compassion. Season 2 is now airing. Engage with the show and host Joel Kutz online at
This series of free audio Spanish lessons focus on the basics and have been designed for beginners who want to get the fundamentals of the Spanish language, from the alphabet and numbers in Spanish, to frequently used grammar structures, while getting the building blocks required for using the language on everyday situations frequently faced by students and travelers.
Holy motherforking shirtballs! This is the official comedy and entertainment podcast for NBC's TV show The Good Place. Subscribe and you'll get weekly behind-the-scenes stories, episode and performance insights and funny anecdotes. Hosted by actor Marc Evan Jackson (Shawn) with a rotating slate of co-hosts and special guests, including actors, writers, producers and more, this podcast takes a deep dive into everything on- and off-screen. Follow: @nbcthegoodplace NBC Entertainment Podcast Net ...
Happy Place
Fearne Cotton talks to incredible people about life, love, loss, and everything in-between as she reveals what happiness means to them.
Dark Secret Place
Get all the news, politics and in-depth military talk that you literally can't find anywhere else on radio with the Dark Secret Place with Bryan Suits! Listen live every Saturday night from 8-11 PM Pacific Time on KFI AM 640 and iHeartRADIO.
A Sunny Place for Shady People is a music podcast featuring interviews of some of the most interesting up and coming bands -- some local and some on tour. Whether recording in the ASPFSP studios or out on location at shows and festivals, Tommy Dubs, Mike McAfee, Doug Kunnath, and Dylan bring the best in new music by getting away from standard question/answer interviews and give you the opportunity to get to know these talented guests.
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Last Place Podcast
Podcast by Last Place
Forkin' Bullshirt is a weekly podcast in which your hosts Vivienne and Jason discuss NBC's comedy 'The Good Place'.
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The weekly podcast dedicated to fans of American muscle cars! Join us each week to discuss muscle cars news and trends, get your questions answered, and share YOUR personal story! Hosted by Rob Kibbe of The MuscleCar Place:
There's No Place Like Terra has been the #1-female hosted-caffeine and alcohol fueled -Stargate- watch/rewatch podcast. I mean, we're just assuming... There's not many out there that can check all of those boxes.We also have a Patreon!
1951 Down Place
The Place for Hammer Films Discussion
Why Is This Place So Haunted? explores locations that for reasons apparent, and not, tend to be host to unusual paranormal activity. Destination America and The Hauntist ask you to join host Rachel Black and experts and witnesses of unexplained phenomena to try to explain, Why Is This Place So Haunted?
Deep conversations about divination, magick, art, and living a spiritual life in the modern world. { Hermits }
This is The Gathering Place, a podcast from Blessed is She. We will gather together with you at the table to talk about what YOU want to talk about, ask about, share about. Let's take a seat at the table next to one another, dive into prayer together, and grow in love as daughters of the King.
In this new kind of interview show, Randy Cohen talks to guests about a person, a place, and a thing they feel strongly about. The result: surprising stories from great talkers. Learn more at
Work From Your Happy Place is the podcast that equips you with the tools, know-how, and motivation to live your dreams and find your happy place. Entrepreneur, Best Selling Author, Speaker, Trainer, Consultant and Podcaster, Belinda Ellsworth brings you conversations with others who have found their happy place in work and in life.
In this show, Natasha Koo, Life Purpose Coach, helps you and other ambitious women to confidently thrive in major personal and professional life transitions. Natasha doesn’t share tips and tricks to make things slightly better, but guides women to realise their biggest ambitions without the draining masculine ‘push and pull’ struggle of forcing things to happen. Even if you feel stuck and overwhelmed with no idea what to do next, Natasha’s work brings forth true and lasting changes with a fe ...
A Place Called
A place called is a podcast that documents peoples personal stories in an attempt to discover what home means to us.
The Place We Find Ourselves podcast features private practice therapist Adam Young (LCSW, MDiv) and interview guests as they discuss all things related to story, trauma, attachment, and interpersonal neurobiology. Listen in as Adam unpacks how trauma and abuse impact the heart and mind, as well as how to navigate the path toward healing, wholeness, and restoration. Interview episodes give you a sacred glimpse into the real-life stories of guests who have engaged their own experiences of trau ...
The latest ambient, electronica, techno, drone, shoegaze and chillout mixes from
No Place Like Home
A podcast that gets to the heart of climate change through personal stories. Hosted by Mary Anne Hitt & Anna Jane Joyner & Produced by Zach Mack.
The official podcast of the Supreme Council of Scottish Rite Freemasonry, Southern Jurisdiction.
A Podcast featuring crime fiction authors in which we discuss the genre in print and film, art, and life.
Welcome to the Career Revolution where Dr. CK Bray leads the charge to help you cultivate a CAREER and life that provides purpose and fulfillment. Dr. Bray will lead you step by step to fix, change or create your best career. Dr. Bray is a world renowned expert in career development who for the last 20 years has helped individuals deal with all aspects of corporate life; such as how to get promoted, how to deal with being fired or laid off, how to find a job, leadership development and manag ...
The people, places and stories that make Northern Ireland unique, presented by Anne Marie McAleese.
Cultivating Place
In Cultivating Place: Conversations on Natural History and the Human Impulse to Garden we will speak with a wide variety of people passionate about plants, gardens and natural history. We will explore what gardens mean to us and how they speak to us. We will delve into the who, what, where and how of these interconnections, as well as into the why. The intention and universal impulse of the why is so often what drives the power and meaning of a garden and a gardener.
Angie and Mike watch and discuss every episode of The Good Place. Angie has seen every episode. Mike is watching for the first time.
Our Place
Here is where you will find the show notes for each episode of Our Place.This Podcast will consist of sound seeing tours, technology reviews, in fact, anything of interest audibly that we can find.
The Gentle Healing Place featuring the Psychic Trio is a show hosted by Michele Woodward M.A., Psychic and Embassedor of love, joy, and compassion.... dedicated to facilitating personal growth, awareness and spirituality in the gentle way. The Trio is made up of Michele Woodward, Lia Roselli psychic, intuitive, clairvoyant, gem stone healing practitioner and spirit channel and Jim Angle psychic clairvoyant , poet and author . The trio hopes to provide a safe place for people to come to discu ...
Chris and Paul discuss the Christian Rock genre and the bands and albums that go with it, as well as just about anything else.
Realise is a University of Liverpool podcast series aimed at investigating major global challenges through the eyes of researchers in the arts and sciences. Listeners will learn about research projects that aim to improve our understanding of global cultures and common issues that face communities all over the world, such as health inequalities and life-enhancing technologies.
The only Place to Be for great wrestling podcasts!
The Worldwide Leader in TV Discussion
This Must Be the Place is a podcast-in-the-offing hosted by David Nichols (University of Melbourne) and Elizabeth Taylor (RMIT University). It’s a podcast about space, place, culture and society. It’s kind of like the Urbanists (a community radio show on RRR, about urban planning type issues in Melbourne) but it’s a podcast.
A Midnight Oil podcast hosted by Darren Foulds and Robin Harbron. In preparation for the Great Circle Tour 2017, Darren and Robin are listening through the entire Midnight Oil catalogue. In each episode, they will dig into an Album and explore the music, lyrics, historical and social content. In addition to each of the Oil's albums, Darren and Robin will discuss some of Midnight Oil's EPs, live albums and video releases.
Place to Be Nation's Pop Culture podcast feed featuring shows on comics, science fiction, sports, movies, TV, and much more!
Munger Place Church is the East Dallas campus of Highland Park United Methodist Church. Worship services include both the best of the old and the best of the new. The music is rock and roll-based, sermons are both live and on video, and dress is casual. But at the same time, the services draw from 2,000 years of Christianity by incorporating some of the beautiful old hymns, prayers, and responses.
Welcome to the Healing Place Marriage and Family podcast, where families are equipped to reflect God’s redeeming love. This podcast gives biblical wisdom and encouragement for a wide range of marriage and family issues.
Dorothy's Place
A conversation about rebuilding community and creating a moral economy. Catholic-flavored but ecumenical, kinda radical, lots of books mentioned. Intro/outro: Nobody's Fault but Mine (RocknRolla Soundsystem edit)
Pensado's Place
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Unofficial Sesame Place Podcast
Kings Place
Welcome to the Kings Place Podcast. We'll be meeting acclaimed artists who will be discussing everything from our upcoming events to behind-the-scenes at Kings Place. Sit back and enjoy! Kings Place is a young, independently-funded arts and conference venue in the heart of King’s Cross, whose programme is as diverse, engaging and innovative as the city we live in. At Kings Place, we aim to explore an idea from multiple perspectives, through a diverse offering of music, spoken word, festivals ...
Welcome to the MULLY'S PLACE podcast. Having lived in Japan for the past 2 decades I've racked up quite a few stories on life here in the Land of the Rising Sun. Join me and my wife, or me and my friend Dave, discussing various things that go on in our lives. Hope you enjoy the show.
Hello health coaches! I'm here each week, candidly answering your questions based on my decade of experience in the field. Topics include marketing, branding, strategy, mindset, list building, coaching skills and technology know-how. Ask YOUR questions at
Welcome to the Healing Place Marriage and Family podcast, where families are equipped to reflect God’s redeeming love. This podcast gives biblical wisdom and encouragement for a wide range of marriage and family issues.
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Welcome to the Marvel Age Master Class Podcast! Each month, former Marvel Editorial Director of Digital Media Ben Morse joins with a member of PTBN Comics' very own Sarcastic Four (Nick Duke, Tim Capel, Russell Sellers or Todd Weber) to take a closer look at the year previously highlighted in that same month's Marvel Age Podcast! Ben brings his ...…
“Art-making is like a religion,” says splendid this dancer and choreographer. When his brother Azel ceased believing, it threatened their intimate connection. Can we love and speak honestly to to someone who no longer shares our faith? A conversation at New York Live Arts.
Tonight on the Dark Secret Place, China cracking down on decadence, Russian spy blunder. Bryan's thoughts on Soledad O'Brien as well as what is going on with the Kavanaugh testimony. That and more on the Dark Secret Place.
A welcome return to our Balearic maestro, Rich-Ears, who keeps the dwindling connection I have with the white isle going strong all these years later. Now I’m on the other side of the world, I like to live vicariously through Rich-Ears' mixes, coming straight from the heart of Ibiza (the right side of the island I should add) as he enjoys summe ...…
First they were making the cut. Then they made the cut! And now... Aaron and JT are covering the gamut of wrestling, pop culture and beyond because... it is time to get NO HOLDS BARRED! In this episode, the boys temproarily take the show in a new direction as it is all about the PTBN GWWE: Tag Team project! The boys have decided to submit a joi ...…
Mild-mannered reporters by day, Greg Phillips and Nick Duke share an intense love of comic books that has made them the Hard-Traveling Fanboys. Over the course of their travels through comicdom, they have encountered numerous stories via the wonder of trade paperbacks and graphic novels. Once a month, Nick and Greg will review one of those coll ...…
To India via Lisburn, fishing in the River Bush and Loughgall's Orange Tree Festival.
In this episode T. Susan Chang plays host to interview me about my new deck from Llewellyn – The Orisha Tarot. We talk about my 18 year journey with the Lukumi tradition that brought me to this point. This episode is a deep dive into the how and why of this deck an dthe role the spirits have played in its creation too. You can see the deck and ...…
Today's show is with Dave Hall, founder of Restore a Muscle Car, lover of Trans Am (and all muscle cars), and even a past show guest (episode 38). Restore A Muscle Car is an impressive restoration business that he and his wife have built together that restores all muscle cars, but is always the one I think of first when it comes to the "Bandit" ...…
The Good Place creator, executive producer, writer and director Michael Schur shoots the shirt with host Marc Evan Jackson. They talk about the season 3 premiere, how his impeccable memory of other TV shows helps him write The Good Place, the writers’ room’s unique approach to packing more story into a season, the writers’ love for Maya Rudolph ...…
On the newest episode of the Main Event, Scott & Nate are joined by old friend Will from Texas, who talks about his wrestling journey into Mexico. Then they talk Hell in a Cell which Will also attended. Was the cell made of twizzlers? Listen and find out!
Your two favorite analysts, John D'Amato and the Cowboy are back with this week's installment of This Week in the NFL. Topics include the Patriots signing Josh Gordon, a look at both Pat Mahomes and Ryan Fitzpatrick and their hot starts, and the trials and tribulations of Giant Nation. Enjoy!
In the 26th episode, Jenny and Mirandia discuss foot injuries, school woes, sexual partners, and weekly alcohol consumption. Found out what the girls have been entertained by during Reads, Streams and Downloads. But the most important thing is the 2nd Birthaversary of Geek and Sassy! Jenny and Mirandia get a litte wispy explaining what the show ...…
This week on Cultivating Place, the third installment in the Seeds of September four part series– we’re joined by Rowen White, founder of Sierra Seeds a seed and seed advocacy cooperative in Nevada County, Calif. Rowen, a Mohawk woman who serves on the Indigenous Seed Keeper’s Network and is current chair of Seed Savers Exchange, shares with us ...…
Are you collecting testimonials from your clients? To make sure you get the most useful testimonials possible, follow along with the tips in this week's episode! Michelle also shares how to manage a Facebook group for your online course and how to know whether your target market is TOO “niche” or not. Tune in weekly to hear more candid answers ...…
This week Sam works on her mentoring skills with an overzealous old friend, Grace shares her love for late 80’s Rick Moranis, and an all new segment called Math Corner with Nixie. @terrapodcast on…
Actress Kristen Bell shoots the shirt with host Marc Evan Jackson. They talk about the joys of acting with Maya Rudolph with her ability to improv, Kristen’s love of Friday Night Lights and Kyle Chandler, the importance of reactions in a performance, why she wants to know what Mike Schur really thinks of her and a shirt-ton more funny anecdotes ...…
Today’s show is with Tom Burden, inventor of the GRYPMAT For those of you that need a clever place to put your tools while working on the car, this is the show you’ve been waiting for. If you’d like an A-Z lesson in taking an idea to market, winning SEMA Launch Pad, winning Shark Tank, and growing a business, this is still the show you’ve been ...…
Fresh back from a trip to the Grand Lodge of Sweden, Grand Archivist Arturo de Hoyos discusses new research and his thoughts on the search for a masonic holy grail.
Chances are, this is probably true about you today: There is a gap between what you have and what you need. Maybe you need more TIME to get it all done. Maybe you need more MONEY to pay for it all. Maybe you need more PATIENCE to listen to it all. Maybe you need more LOVE to put up with it all. Maybe you need more FORGIVENESS to give up it all. ...…
EPISODE 253 I am not against social media, it does have a place in our lives, but the use of social media can quickly get out of hand and cause problems in the work environment. When an employee is spending too much time on social media at work and their performance is suffering, the question becomes what can you as a leader or coworker do?…
Episode 535: Braille Note Takers – 15 September 2018 This week, we discuss dedicated Braille note takers.
Tonight on the Dark Secret Place, Bryan Suits revisits the good old days of the EBS. As well as bringing the latest information on Presidential text alerts. That and more on the Dark Secret Place.
For the latest 'ep' (showbiz podcasting talk) of This Must Be the Place David has a chat with Anthony O'Donnell, one of the three authors of the book Moss Cass and the Greening of the Australian Labor Party. Cass was a minister in the Whitlam government of 1972-75 and made major inroads in the Labor party's embrace of the green movement (so, pa ...…
Part 1 of an interview with Stan Perkins, son of Carl Perkins, fore-father of rock & Roll and Scottish Rite Mason. Mark Oldknow discusses the pomegranate and the longest serving Scottish Rite Mason- over 74 years!
In which Asa discusses her Viking Warrior series, writer's conferences, mermaids, shape-shifting weapons dealers, the Swedish affinity for crime fiction, her writing sisterhood, and the IT magic of orange juice (wait, the last piece didn't make it in -- check my blog for that part),
Mary Robinson, Ireland’s first woman president, is a lifelong force for social justice, says Ciaran Madden, Ireland’s Consul General in New York. And she is admired around the world, adds Geraldine Byrne Nason, Ireland’s U.N. Ambassador: “Say the words Mary Robinson and it lights up at the U.N.” Imagine: mention your country’s president and get ...…
Anne Marie hears about ancient connections between Ulster and Scotland, Helen Mark is in search of the White Bog in Tyrone and opportunities for young rangers in Belfast Hills
On this special podcast Drew (@_burningspirits) Kevin (@stan__hansen) Tomas (@seektheoldblood) & Timothy (@luchaundead) review GCW's Nick Gage Invitational #3.
Director of Photography David Miller and Set Decorator Kim Wannop shoot the shirt with host Marc Evan Jackson. They talk about veteran actors like Ted Danson and Kristen Bell making David’s job easier, how David’s career switched from pharmacy to filmmaking, where Kim gets all the amazing props we see on the show and a shirt-ton more funny anec ...…
Mild-mannered reporters by day, Greg Phillips and Nick Duke share an intense love of comic books that has made them the Hard-Traveling Fanboys. In Off the Page, the boys take a look at comic book media outside the books themselves -- games, TV shows, movies and so forth. This month, the boys cave into peer pressure and return to the Archie Univ ...…
This week on Cultivating Place, the second installment in the Seeds of September four part series – when we’re joined by plantswoman, seed advocate, farmer and author Ira Wallace of the Southern Exposure Seed Exchange and the Heritage Harvest Festival in Charlottesville, VA Sept 20 – 22. Join us!For photos visit The show i ...…
Would you love to be able to go beyond the basics of health coaching and offer more for your clients? If so, you're in for a treat. In this bonus episode, Michelle interviews Dr. Aviva Romm about how health coaches can play a central role to healing in a functional medicine model. They discuss Dr. Romm's professional training program and take l ...…
Welcome to the newest weekly sports extravaganza here at the PTBN Sports Network 2.0. Two of our favorite couch potatoes, John D'Amato and the Cowboy, are here to recap week 1 of the NFL season and take a look ahead to week 2. Topics include: "Is it panic time in Pittsburgh?", "Can the Falcons ever score a TD in the Red Zone?", and "How bad was ...…
In this episode of the Place to Be Podcast, Justin, Scott and John D'Amato are ready for the hottest night of the summer as they dive into SummerSlam 1988 The crew discuss the WWF adding a brand new PPV, Billy Graham as an announcer, real life issues between the British Bulldogs and Rougeau Brothers, Brutus Beefcake getting sliced up, a sloppy ...…
Welcome to the Marvel Age! Each month PTBN Comics' very own Sarcastic Four (Nick Duke, Tim Capel, Russell Sellers and Todd Weber) take an in-depth, year-by-year look at Marvel Comics' publishing history, focusing on 10 significant stories from that year. The team looks at important character debuts, discusses significant comic creators, and pla ...…
Jason Treu is an executive coach who works with executives, entrepreneurs and rising stars to maximize their leadership potential and performance. He also helps them build and execute their career blueprint. He's the best-selling author of Social Wealth, a how-to-guide on building extraordinary business relationships, which has sold more than 4 ...…
This week on There’s No Place Like Terra, The SG-1 team goes off planet for a little race day fun, Sam remembers her need for speed, and Nixie & Grace discuss The Chewy Factor.@terrapodcast on…
Actor Manny Jacinto, writer Tyler Straessle and Tom Zawacki from props shoot the shirt with host Marc Evan Jackson to talk about Tyler writing his first episode of The Good Place, the casts' Comic-Con experience, the comedic specificity of the props, how Manny’s auditions are different now because of the show and a shirt-ton more funny anecdote ...…
It's Kelly. It's Steve. That means it's time for episode 9 of Songs With Friends! First, we examine Billy Paul's "Me and Mrs. Jones." What do they eat at this cafe? Does the waitress know? Is there a Mrs. Paul? After a brief sidebar in which Kelly may or may not have adopted an Ecuadorian child, we cover "Disarm" by Smashing Pumpkins. Does Bill ...…
Have you been considering getting additional certifications beyond your health coach diploma? Hormones, digestion, herbs – you name it, there’s a program out there to teach it. In this episode, Michelle shares how she decided on her own recent continuing education in the area of functional & integrative medicine. She also gives guidance around ...…
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