Best Playstation 3 podcasts we could find (Updated July 2019)
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Listen to 3 guys in a basement (Adam, Ben and Shane) talk gaming, fatherhood, and everything in between in this Bi-weekly family friendly podcast. Interact with our Videogame Book Club segment where they play and discuss games that are often overlooked. From retro to modern, handheld to console they love em all. Game hunting, collecting, memories, nostalgia, are discussed each episode and with 5 young kids, and 7 thousand games between the guys it's never a dull moment.
Super Co-op Squad is a weekly talk show all about discussing gaming, comics and the movies and TV's show that spawn from them with unique perspective, from the minds of three very different gamers. Johnnie, Garrett & Joshua are a crew of 3 friends who love chopping it up about games and all the media they love and thought, "Hey, we do this all the time anyway so lets do it in a podcast!". Join the Super Co-op Squad as they talk about current gaming trends, upcoming titles, movies & more, and ...
Video Games, Sports and Pro Wrestling chatter with journalist, voice actor, author and professor Patrick Hickey Jr.
Shart Select
Podcasts about gaming, there's loads of them, right?So why subscribe to this fecund mess? Well it's hosted by 3 long time friends (2 of them are even brothers) and we like to think that our naturally scatalogical and anarchic angle on video games and movies makes for unique and entertaining listening!
Citizens Band is an audio-only gameplay stream to help you fall asleep. Each week, we'll play an hour of a game, either in a continuing story like The Witcher 3 or a one-off with interesting scenarios like Hitman, describing what we come across along the way. Add in some talk show, a bit of radio play, and some good sleepytime vibes, and you've got Citizens Band. Intro/Outro Music: Healing - In Love With A Ghost
All Gen Gamers
We take pride in ourselves as video game enthusiasts and collectors of the hobby. Every week Pete Dorr, Gamester81, Jason Heine, and MetalJesusRocks talk about Retro and Modern video games from systems such as the Tubro Grafx, Neo Geo, Genesis, SNES, NES, to the Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Wii, Wii U, DS, PSP, 3DS, Vita, PC, iOS and many more. Each week we try and bring on a guest to keep things unique for each and every episode. If you are looking for a video game podcast that is more about th ...
The latest news, previews and gossip in the world of PlayStation 3 – brought to you by PSM3, the UK's number one independent PlayStation magazine. Get exclusive industry insight from PSM3's Dan, Andy H, Andy K, Milf & Rich.
Gaming Cyclones' Trailers and Gameplay video podcast for the Playstation 3
PlayStation 3, Wii, Xbox 360, Nintendo DS, PSP, and PC news, reviews, interviews, podcast, and discussion forums.
IGFY: 3 Guys 1 Mic
this is a fairly pointless podcast where three friends chat about useless stuff that is relevant to virtually nobody. Starring Ross, John, Sean and a microphone we bought from Maplin
3 Youtube "legends" just shootin' the shit about videogames.
Opening The Vault
Hey Guys and Gals,ClearConscious here from, a US owned PlayStation 3 website. Check out our podcast for all things PlayStation related. Don't forget to check out
Gamercast Network Pirate Radio launches for Grand Theft Auto IV on Tuesday, April 29th, in conjunction with the launch of the retail game for the Xbox 360 and the PLAYSTATION 3. GNPR presents a new audio outlet for the scum and villainy of Liberty City, offering them their first alternative audio solution to the clutter of Grand Theft Auto IV's FM airwaves. Gamercast Network Pirate Radio consists of shows dedicated to bringing a unique voice to Liberty City.
Josh and Ali discuss the Playstation 3 Trophies they are working on, plus tips and tricks for the Trophies that have been giving you trouble.
Craig and Bobby present a podcast dedicated to achieving trophies on the Playstation 3
Forced Feedback
Forced Feedback is a weekly podcast about gaming and current video games news. Includes the 3 regular presenters; Captain Wizard, Freckled Moon and The Orifister.
"Well Played" is hosted by college student George Collins. WP is a video game review podcast with a new song played at the end of every episode. Each episode will be no longer than 15-20 minutes long. Each episode will cover between 1-3 video games not including other important video game news. It all depends on the depth of each game. This is a Summer project I ( George Collins) hope will be noticed and hoping to get guest on the show as well.
AristoGamer is a sophisticated video game review website. J. Wellington Rommefeller and Colonel D. O'Dubhshlaine deliver quality video game reviews and gaming news as well as a monthly video review and podcast. We cover everything from Xbox 360 to Playstation 3 to Wii down to handhelds like the 3DS and Vita. Our reviews are thoughtful, video game news punctual, and clothes immaculate, so have a spot of tea and enjoy Aristogamer.
Techies Talking Tech Tonight is the weekly, more free form podcast from Tech's Last Call. Were our weekly news podcast, Tech's Last Call, is more about delivering news and analysis, T4 is about talking about whatever is on our minds that happens to usually be related to technology
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show series
The Shart Console Tier continues, who will be crowned king? and who will be cast into the void and Sony and Microsoft go head to head! --- Send in a voice message:
The boys start the Shart Console Tier off by ranking Sega and Nintendo consoles out of 5, who will be Shart Tier and who gets thrown in the Fart tier? --- Send in a voice message:
In this episode, the guys take an in-depth look at the Atari 2600, discuss the Videogame Book Club picks of Panzer Dragoon Orta for the OG Xbox and Ghost House for the Atari 2600.
There was an idea called The Gaming Podcast Alliance. The idea was to bring together a group of remarkable video game podcasts, to see if they could become something more. To see if they could work together when we needed them to, to have the video game discussions that nobody else ever could In Episode 1 We discus the best console of all time. ...…
With Winstolf still away Ryan and Stu discuss Apex Season 2, E3, Robert Bat-ington & the Magic the Gathering Netflix show. --- Send in a voice message:
Ryan and Stu take the wheel and discuss their favorite split screen and multiplayer while "Winstolf" is away with the Tetris man --- Send in a voice message:
Arthur Morgan has lost his way, and Kyle and Patches guide him to take on a bunch of nasty boys in Doctor Drugs' office, embrace the evils of capitalism, and start performing random acts of kindness. Twitter: @KyleLMarshall & @youngicarus Music: Healing - In Love With A Ghost
Join Adam and Ben as We Talk about the Microsoft e3 Conference, Google jumps into gaming, An snes racer with kickin' toons, a Metroid lite, and much much more.By Videogame Dads.
The boys join forces with the excellent Pixi Gaming Podcast.--- Send in a voice message: Shart Select & Pixi Gaming Podcast.
Kyle and Mikhail discuss how 'Buff Stuff' is the new 'Brutal,' get farted on by Matthew McConaughey in Improv Town, seek buried treasure on the high seas, and level up. Also, they're in stereo! Twitter: @KyleLMarshall & @LeaderGrev Music: Healing - In Love With A GhostBy Skybox.
The boys discuss villains and...some weird stuff involving Tetris 99...--- Send in a voice message: Shart Select.
In episode 44, the guys dive into Red Star for the PS2, discuss more released games on the mini Genesis list, and talk about coop games that are good to play with your kids.By Videogame Dads.
The guys discuss phase one of the MCU--- Send in a voice message: Shart Select.
Kyle and Patches talk about Punxsutawney Phil for a long time, and then find themselves trapped in purgatory with no foreseeable way out. When they return to camp, they come to discover Arthur Morgan has certainly broken out... and landed in Hell. Twitter: @KyleLMarshall & @youngicarus Music: Healing - In Love With A Ghost…
Join the Dads, Ben, Adam, and Michael as we discuss the best looking Genesis game ever??, XIII for ps2, Arcade 1 up's Killer new cab, Sonic the KILL IT WITH FIRE, A new Player 2 has entered the game !! ANTS!!!!, and much much more.By Videogame Dads Podcast.
Manchester Anime & Gaming Con adventure--- Send in a voice message: Shart Select.
Kyle and Mikhail guide Geralt as he levels up, solves a logic puzzle, find a magic lamp, decides whether or not to crash a boat, summons the game horse, argues with a drawbridge, slaughters an unnecessary amount of ghouls, travels to Family Matters, lets an innocent man burn to death, and punches the Bloody Baron in the face. cw: domestic abuse ...…
is anyone out there? help me patches aloha youre my only hope Twitter: @KyleLMarshall & @youngicarus Music: Healing - In Love With A GhostBy Skybox.
In this Follow Through the boys discuss their favorite scenes from comedy movies--- Send in a voice message: Shart Select.
Kyle and Patches encounter their greatest enemy yet and are thrust into a moral crisis, uncovering powerful secrets and societal truths along the way. They also want to remind you to do your taxes. Twitter: @KyleLMarshall & @youngicarus Music: Healing - In Love With A GhostBy Skybox.
In this episode, the guys discuss the VGBC Pick of Claymates, the upcoming Sega Mini console, and the Analogue Mega Sg!
This very special episode can also be used as a drinking game for any time Mikhail says "Brutal." Hard mode is adding in every time he says "Rough." Geralt continues through the elven mage's secret cavern with Keira Metz (and that isn't a double entendre even though she'd probably make it herself). Along the way, Kyle and Mikhail talk about a b ...…
We're back! After a bit of a hiatus and technical (and other difficulties), the Squad is back in action and the boys are talking Pokemon! Sword and Shield are coming and the squad talks about just what sort of upgrades and new things they want (and need) to see from the pocket monster-collecting franchise This is the Super Co-op Squad video gam ...…
Indie game reviews and our favorite RTS units--- Send in a voice message: Shart Select.
Kyle and Patches set Arthur free to prove what kind of man he will be out in the wilderness as he establishes his divine calling. Along the way, they discuss Erich von Stroheim’s Greed, the Simpsons’ pets, fair-trade coffee and fruit gushers, Breath of the Wild, and eventually fall asleep. Twitter: @KyleLMarshall & @youngicarus Music: Healing - ...…
Our video game podcast has gone Oops, All Movies! After a successful break-in at AMPAS, Kyle managed to get an exclusive sneak peek at the best picture nominations for 2020. Good news, everyone, it's Green Book all the way down! Mikhail will find any excuse to roast his co-host, even for enjoying potatoes. Crucify him. Oh, also, we play The Wit ...…
In this episode we discuss the book club picks Crash Team Racing, another NES action title, what we are playing, Handheld Holla, Apple autocorrects a troll, Playstation 5 wants and desires oh my.
The Shart Select Crew Follow Through on Terminator 2--- Send in a voice message: Shart Select.
Kyle and Patches have a rough start in guiding Arthur's new life of Good Samaritanship and eco-terrorism, but learn a lot about morality and justice along the way. And game-ruining bugs. There are a lot of those too. Twitter: @KyleLMarshall & @youngicarus Music: Healing - In Love With A GhostBy Skybox.
The Rumor Mill just keeps on churning! Reports are beginning to release that Microsoft will be announcing it's brand new consoles at the 2019 E3 convention. Garrett, Joshua, and Johnnie discuss what this means for Xbox One, Microsoft and it's console competitors. This is the Super Co-op Squad video game podcast. Every week Garrett, Joshua, and ...…
Our favorite music from games and reviews of Spellbreak and Pacify--- Send in a voice message: Shart Select.
Kyle and Mikhail get cozy, do some investigating, and work on some minor quests in their search for any kind of lead in their search for Ciri. Stay tuned for a major revelation about the Bloody Baron's dark past! (Or maybe you'll be asleep by that point. We almost were, no one's judging.) Every Bar in the Witcher 3, Reviewed on Kotaku Twitter: ...…
The Squad breaks down everything from great to good and the bad about the February 2019 Nintendo Direct. Did the announcements live up to the high expectations the big N has set for the quality of games releasing for the Switch? Johnnie gives some insight into why he thinks this may top the best direct list ever, Garrett geeks over Fire Emblem ...…
In this episode, the guys discuss the Videogame Book Club Picks of The Horde for the Sega Saturn and Shatterhand for the NES. We also discuss some thoughts on micro-transactions in modern games and some of our favorite open world gaming experiences. We also discuss some real life dadding issues. Please join us!…
Kyle and Patches have discovered what will provide Arthur Morgan with a fulfilling life: pursuing righteous retribution against environmental ills. Thus begins his transformation into pick-your-poison combo of Travis Bickle, John Wick, and Reverend Ernst Toller of the First Reformed Church. Twitter: @KyleLMarshall & @youngicarus Music: Healing ...…
Apex releases with barely any notice at all! The Squad discusses what that means for video game marketing going forward and how likely it will be that other publishers employ the same method...oh yea.....and we talk about the game and if it's good or not. This is the Super Co-op Squad video game podcast. Every week Garrett, Joshua, and Johnnie ...…
Kyle and Mikhail visit the Bloody Baron in Crow's Nest, try to incept a pizza recipe in his mind, and then can't find their way out of a discussion on whether or not the Wolf King exists when HE'S RIGHT THERE ON THE SCREEN Twitter: @KyleLMarshall & @LeaderGrev Music: Healing - In Love With A Ghost Streaming on Twitch Mondays at 11 pm ET…
Shart Select Follow Through on RoboCop--- Send in a voice message: Shart Select.
NPCs, gaming news and awful jingles!--- Send in a voice message: Shart Select.
Join the dads as we discuss Potty training, Wii Shopping no more, Mickey Mouse, Kiddo Ninja game that dads can play, Cereal from a fan. As always our Patented VideoGame Book Club and Handheld HollaBy Videogame Dads.
This is the Super Co-op Squad video game podcast. Every week Garrett, Joshua, and Johnnie Mac sit down and discuss the latest video game new, trends and games. Join the Squad as they love, hate and have some laughs about everything going on in the video game industry. Come and enjoy the great banter between great friends about all the topics yo ...…
Kyle and Patches have finally made it out of the tutorial, so they immediately head off into the wilderness. While getting to know the real Arthur Morgan, they are confronted with the somber truth that Arthur lacks self-esteem. Thus begins a journey to put some well-needed pep in our cowboy's step. Twitter: @KyleLMarshall & @youngicarus Music: ...…
The Squad breaks down all the expectations they have for games coming out this year. Some of them are hilarious. Some are just sad. You be the judge of which is which. This is the Super Co-op Squad video game podcast. Every week Garrett, Joshua, and Johnnie Mac sit down and discuss the latest video game new, trends and games. Join the Squad as ...…
In this episode, the guys talk about recent pick-ups, look forward to releases of 2019, and discuss the VGBC picks of Sega Bass Fishing for the mightly Dreamcast and Broken Sword: Shadow of the Templars for the Playstation/Wii/Mobile/others.
The Squad takes a look ahead at 2019 and all of the most anticipated games, movies, and tv shows that await us in this new year. We discuss and give our opinions on over 30 movies, 30 games, and 10 tv shows and let you know which we're looking to dive into....and which we wouldn't engage in at all. Here's lookin' at you, 2019. This is the Super ...…
The Super Co-op Squad takes a look back at our favorite games, movies and tv shows from 2018. The squad also looks at some of the events that shaped the year and the things that will stay with us in the new year. This is the Super Co-op Squad video game podcast. Every week Garrett, Joshua, and Johnnie Mac sit down and discuss the latest video g ...…
Kyle and Patches ring in the new year by learning to hunt, robbing a train, and finally getting out of the cold. Their New Year's resolution is to be able to talk more once they break away from their chatty gang and get up to some nonsense in the wild west. Twitter: @KyleLMarshall & @youngicarus Music: Healing - In Love With A Ghost Streaming o ...…
A week before Christmas and we're already given our first lump of coal....The Sonic Movie poster. The Squad sits down to discuss just how bad video game movie can get, why it happens and can be done to make a GOOD video game movie. This is the Super Co-op Squad video game podcast. Every week Garrett, Joshua, and Johnnie Mac sit down and discuss ...…
It's Bro-op time! Joshua is away so Garrett and Johnnie get to play (Smash Bros. Ultimate). But in between sessions the guys chat about The Game Award 2018 and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate This is the Super Co-op Squad video game podcast. Every week Garrett, Joshua, and Johnnie Mac sit down and discuss the latest video game new, trends and games. ...…
Kyle and Mikhail finally get stuff done as they journey to Velen, encounter the Priest of the Eternal Flame, and uncover new leads on where they might find their lost ward, Ciri. We also discuss generative art, including a short film I made, which you can find here: Check out The Learning Curve, Kyle's YouTube series ...…
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