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The weekly PM for the Masses Podcast focuses on helping the Project Manager or aspiring Project Manager take their life and career to new levels. The host, Cesar Abeid, interviews Project Managers and other professionals who are doing extraordinary work and as a result are seeing fantastic results that push both their personal and professional life forward. Cesar takes what is working for these professionals and breaks it down into actionable items you can implement right away in your job or ...
In this series, international speaker and author Andy Kaufman, PMP shares lessons to help you radically improve your ability to deliver projects. Andy is the Host of The People and Projects Podcast, available at This series is also available at
Papo de PMP
Este podcast foi criado para discutir qualquer tipo de assunto relacionado à certificação PMP (Project Management Professional). Materiais de preparação, critérios de elegibilidade, dicas de estudo, dúvidas sobre temas específicos, simulados e o que mais for necessário para auxiliar nossos ouvintes a conseguir a certificação.
PMP Podcasts
Project Management for Beginners and Experts. Are you looking to improve your Project Management Skills? Then listen to The Project Management Podcast™, a weekly program that delivers best practices and new developments in the field of project management. The more companies understand the importance of sound Project Management, the more will your skills be in demand. Project Management is the means used by companies today to turn their vision and mission into reality. It is also the driver b ...
Since 2007, Ricardo Vargas publishes the 5 Minutes Project Management Podcast where he addresses in a quick and practical way the main topics on project, portfolio and risk management.
PM Happy Hour is the place for frank and honest discussion about real world issues in project management. We do it in a way that’s not too dry, though it may get a bit salty from time to time. Each episode, we will cover a problem faced in project management today, and share practical advice, real-life examples and the occasional project horror story. Not only that, but every podcast is also an online class! Our host is a PMI Registered Education Provider, who has structured each podcast as ...
PM Lessons Learned
The goal of this group is to Empower Project Managers, and people studying for the PMP test. Increase PM Knowledge Build Business Relationships Increase your effectiveness Increase your marketability Gain Professional Support We have Free Confcalls a month: 3rd Thurs: PM Best Practices - open to all! volunteers need to restart PM JOB SHOP, Weekly PMP Study Group
Projectified with PMI is your guide to the future of project management. Created by Project Management Institute, this podcast is for people who lead strategic initiatives and collaborate on teams to deliver value to their organizations. It features dynamic thought leaders and practitioners who share their real-world experiences and expertise to inform, inspire and prepare you for success.
Bernardo Tirado, PMP from The Project Box reveals all of his strategies on driving profit through process. He shares tips on how to profile team-members at work, the best ways to influence without authority, and drive project success through human performance. Bernardo also covers the latest trends on how social networking tools like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, etc. are impacting how we work. His column in Psychology Today called Digital Leaders focuses on Technology and Leadership.
Mission and Vision: The E6S-Methods podcast series is intended for the enthusiast or practitioner of quality, Lean, Six Sigma and other performance improvement tools. Its mission is to provide specific recommendations and different insights and approaches to some of the classic tools, as well as any new tools that may surface. Best practices, tips, and tricks will be shared as well as exploring multiple approaches to reach the same practical end. As this podcast grows in listener-ship, we wi ...
AMA Edgewise
ProJect Life Podcast
You don't need to be an experienced or even aspiring project manager to benefit from this show. LIFE itself is one big "project" often times with unknown deliverables, unavoidable risks and unforeseen issues. In this podcast we identify the best project practices from a Business AND Life perspective. Brought to you by the founders of Trifold Synergy; Jabin J. Ferrer and Tony Reese help bring understanding to the challenging dynamics of project management. Project professionals and business l ...
Alex S. Brown, PMP IPMA-C speaks on projects and strategy
PMP Exam Motivation is a show about all things project management and leadership. Each week we dive into any subject in project management. See our Podcast in the iTunes Store
Welcome to Manage This, the podcast by project managers for project managers. Every first and third Tuesday of the month we have a conversation about what matters to you as a professional project manager. Andy Crowe and Bill Yates, both well respected thought leaders in the project management industry, cover subjects such as project management certification and doing the job of project management, as well as get inside the brains of some of the leaders in the industry and also hear your stor ...
Enjoy the freedom of earning your PDUs anywhere: Get project management webinars delivered to your iPod and earn at least 1 PDU every month. Automatically and reliably.In this free version of The PDU Podcast™ we offer a small selection of sample webinars. These will give you an idea what the full webinars are like and enable you to make sure that the podcast webinars work on your portable player.Visit for more information.The PDU Podcast™ is a trademark of OSP Internat ...
Down the Aisles Radio with Kevin Laramee A twice-monthly show about the beautiful universe of pro wrestling! LIVE PPV WITH OPEN LINES 11:30 PM E / 8:30 PM P STUDIO LINES 778-400-7761
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Jonathan Hillman speaks on Habakkuk, continuing the minor prophets series. Sunday 24th June 2018 PM.
Peter Glasgow speaks on Acts 17. Sunday 10th June 2018 pm.
Jonathan Hillman continues the study of the minor prophets with a message from Nahum. Sunday 3th June 2018 PM.
On this episode, Jason and Andy sit down with special guest, Robby Bowman. Bowman appeared on Forged in Fire twice (got the most votes as a fan favorite of any contestant) and operates Iron Mountain Metal Craft in the Old Mill section of Pigeon Forge. Robby talks to us about his craft and what's going on in his life right now. The Iron Mountain ...…
Performer and playwright Tayo Talaibi was my guest this week! Like any good interview experience, it started with her threatening to throw shit around the room. Tayo joined me at the Mesa Arts Center to discuss rediscovering acting after giving up on the arts, using the tools the internet provides, and why David Mamet would be great if he figur ...…
Introducing Adam Thuen - Army Major and current Neuroscience PhD student at Montana State University. Father of 2 crazy kids (4 & 5), Adam shares his story, ambitions and recommendations for other parents going through the challenges of small-town life, Army careers and transitions back to school while supporting a family at home. Full of sarch ...…
Lorna Anderson is a PMI certified project management professional (PMP) with an extensive and successful career in the design, implementation, and management of complex programs and projects for Fortune 500 companies. Lorna has focused her career in the Information Technology field and has seen many technology changes and seen how technology ha ...…
Jon Gaunt is delighted that Theresa the Appeaser is toast. There is no way she can survive after the resignations of David Davies and Boris. Jon says that the Tories need to boot her boney arse out of Number 10 tobnight and put Boris, Gove, David Davies or Jacob in as PM. He doesnt think it matters which one. We then need to send a clear messag ...…
Curious about bees? Listen here to learn more about these essential creatures from Thor Hanson, biologist and author of BUZZ: The Nature and Necessity of Bees Bees lie at the heart of the human and natural worlds. In this podcast, and in his book, Thor shares his knowledge about the many varieties of bees -- honeybees, bumblebees and lesser kno ...…
7-8-18 | 6:00 pm Ozark Free Will Baptist Church Mike Bennett
Series: N/A Service: Sun PM Type: Sermon Speaker: Craig Davis Jesus Preached about Entering the Kingdom There Are Two Ways to Go - The Broad Way Two ways to enter the path - Wide vs Narrow Two ways to progress down the path - Easy vs Difficult Two groups of people on the path - the Many vs the Few Two ways the path will take us - Destruction vs ...…
Series: N/A Service: Sun PM Type: Sermon Speaker: Allen EarleyBy Allen Earley.
Series: The Minor Prophets Service: Sun PM Type: Bible Class Speaker: Ken HolladayBy Ken Holladay.
Series: N/A Service: Sun PM Type: Sermon Speaker: Caleb WrayBy Caleb Wray.
Series: The Five Dysfunctions of a Team Service: Sun PM Type: Sermon Speaker: Matt LannomBy Matt Lannom.
Series: N/A Service: Sun PM Type: Sermon Speaker: Patrick CawthonBy Patrick Cawthon.
Series: Beatitudes Service: Sun PM Type: Sermon Speaker: Eric Parker "Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God!" (Matthew 5:8)By Eric Parker.
Series: N/A Service: Sun PM Type: Sermon Speaker: Scott KerchevilleBy Scott Kercheville.
Series: N/A Service: Sun PM Type: Sermon Speaker: Joseph VenusoBy Joseph Venuso.
Series: Denominations Service: PM Type: Sermon Speaker: Duggin, RickBy Duggin, Rick.
Series: N/A Service: Sun PM Type: Sermon Speaker: Tom StocktonBy Tom Stockton.
Series: The Minor Prophets Service: Sun PM Type: Bible Class Speaker: Ken HolladayBy Ken Holladay.
Series: N/A Service: Sun PM Type: Sermon Speaker: Eric Parker Jeremiah was a young and effective prophet of the Lord. In fact, in most standard Hebrew texts, the book of Jeremiah is actually the longest book of the Old Testament, thus demonstrating his importance. His ministry was fivefold in that he was a preacher, writer, intercessor, statesm ...…
Series: N/A Service: Sun PM Type: Sermon Speaker: Joano Batista SantosBy Joano Batista Santos.
AUTHOR. (Photo: Thomas Luny (1759–1837) Blue pencil.svg wikidata:Q1389224 Title Battle of the Nile, August 1st 1798 at 10 pm Object type painting Date 1834 Medium oil on canvas Dimensions Height: 70.5 cm (27.7 in); Width: 45 cm (17.7 in) Current location Private collection) ...…
Jane Canniff and Carrie Fletcher discuss what it takes to be a woman in charge, and Lindsay Scott shares research on gender trends in project management. About our Guests — Carrie Fletcher, Lindsay Scott and Jane Caniff: Carrie Fletcher, PMP, is the senior director of health information management and the enterprise project management office (P ...…
Host Ronn Owens talked with KGO's political analyst, Gary Dietrich about Sarah Huckabee Sanders restaurant woes, Zero Tolerance policy and President Trump's travel ban . The Ronn Owens report is every Monday through Friday at 12:50 pm, 3:50 pm and 9:50 pm.
Don Tucker, Senior Adults Pastor Sunday Night Prayer Service Sunday June 24th, 6:00 PM
‘Our Final Destination’ (Philippians 3: 12-21) by Greg Frost – 24th June 2018 PM. The post ‘Our Final Destination’ (Philippians 3: 12-21) appeared first on Hadleigh Baptist Church.
Series: The Minor Prophets Service: Sun PM Type: Bible Class Speaker: Ken HolladayBy Ken Holladay.
Series: N/A Service: Sun PM Type: Sermon Speaker: Steve Sebree Steve Sebree brings a superb and real life look at the construction and architecture of the Temple and the Temple Mount and what Jesus' cleansing of the Temple at the beginning and end of His ministry would have entailed.By Steve Sebree.
Series: N/A Service: Sun PM Type: Sermon Speaker: John Parker MimsBy John Parker Mims.
Series: Denominations Service: PM Type: Sermon Speaker: Duggin, RickBy Duggin, Rick.
Russian hottest electronic dance music group, Swanky Tunes deliver you a free weekly radio show. The trio gives you a thumping 60 minutes of their biggest tracks, hottest bootlegs, and special guest mixes every month. From Russia with love! Swanky Tunes - SHOWLAND 205 Pendulum - The Island Pt. I (Dawn) (Skrillex Remix) /Earstorm/ Kris Kross Ams ...…
AFTERBUZZ TV — Younger edition, is a weekly “after show” for fans of TVLand’s Younger; this week the hosts Alice L Ford, Taylor Gates, and Tsahai Wilson discuss episode 3. RSS Feed: Younger is an American television comedy-drama series based on the Pamela Redmond Satran ...…
Audio proceedings of the Peoria County Board. The Board meets the second Thursday of each month at 6:00 pm.
We are joined by #MCPaulBarman to discuss his new album #EchoChamber which is available everywhere via #MelloMusicGroup. The Friendly Dad Types also review the now infamous #ChromeBills interview with Barman’s brother #YOUNGMAN (episode 137.) Paul shares some titles from his personal record collection, then discusses the in-depth research and a ...…
‘Principles for Growth: Maturity in Prayer’ (Acts 4: 23-32) by Greg Frost – 17th June 2018 PM. The post ‘Principles for Growth: Maturity in Prayer’ (Acts 4: 23-32) appeared first on Hadleigh Baptist Church.
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