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Core Internal Medicine via following segments:5 Pearls || Clinically relevant pearls on IM topics!Mind the Gap || Why do we do what we do?Hoofbeats || Dissecting clinical reasoning!
The Mindful Kind
The Mindful Kind, hosted by Rachael Kable, shares exciting insights into mindfulness journeys and provides listeners with simple and effective practices to incorporate into their own lives. Being mindful can be a fun and interesting journey and has amazing potential to increase general wellbeing, from managing stress to improving sleep quality. With The Mindful Kind, you will have weekly access to new ideas, personal experiences and practical mindfulness exercises! Thank you for being one of ...
I'm Horrified!
Sam Buntich and Allie Raynor are horrified. Enter an abyss of lighthearted panic and heartfelt hysteria with a podcast that explores the ups and downs of being alive in 2019 (all through the lense of two unconscionably anxious women). The world is chaos: be horrified with us.Follow us on twitter at @ imhorrifiedpod
As one of the most popular talk show hosts in radio history, Dr. Laura Schlessinger offers no-nonsense advice infused with a strong sense of ethics, accountability, and personal responsibility; she's been doing it successfully for more than 30 years, reaching millions of listeners weekly. Her internationally syndicated radio program is now heard exclusively LIVE on SiriusXM's Triumph Channel 111 (M-F 2pm - 5pm ET / 11am - 2pm PT), and is streamed on the Internet and podcast. This podcast off ...
Todd Adkins and Daniel Im ask five leadership questions to different guests, on a specific topic, or on a particular book.
Hi, I'm Paul. This is my podcast where I teach people about productivity, business and self-improvement. I'm completely obsessed with productivity, automation, optimising my time and income so I can live on my terms. I now earn a living as a “virtual consultant” and love sharing what I've learned about how to grow successful and productive businesses. Enjoy the show!
👋 Hi there! I'm Kent C. Dodds ( This is a (week)daily podcast where I give 3 minute answers to YOUR questions about software development that you post on my "Ask Me Anything" at can subscribe on iTunes here: and on RSS here:
I'm Fat Podcast
Overweight Score producers Jay Zawaski and Rick Camp discuss food items, "fat culture" and experiences in a self-deprecating manner. Follow the podcast on Twitter @ImFatPod.
Sorry I'm Not Sorry Podcast, or SINS for short, is our unapologetic view on life, current events, relationships, parenting, and anything else that comes to mind. Stayed tuned in and be enlightened.M'+Peach Merch Sorry I'm Not Sorry Podcast Merch to the World of SINS
Come To Where I'm From with Joseph ArthurSupport us on Patreon:
I’m your host Krista Xiomara and this podcast was created as an audio community for anyone who is on the "Path." Every Sunday I sit down to speak with inspiring guests to share their journey through awakening, spiritual enlightenment and personal development. My hope is that this podcast helps you along your own journey. Follow this podcast on Instagram @ianwpodcast
A podcast about whatever the heck we feel like talking about. Lots of family interviews and stories. Most will be funny. Come check it out.
Welcome to the weekly podcast of Elevation Church led by Pastor Steven Furtick. To learn more visit our website at or download the Elevation App. To support this ministry and help us continue to reach people all around the world click here:
I'm Sorry Dad
Brandon Calvillo and Ry Doon have a podcast! In a world of faux happiness on social media, these two aren't afraid to look bad. Brandon and Ry laugh at the dark side of life, and talk about stuff they might be sorry for one day... I'm Sorry Dad.
A podcast of guys having a drink and talking sports…(with a WVU lean) blog
SH*T I’M 30! Podcast
Conversations on marriage, parenting, faith, and everything in between with your co-hosts Daniel Im and Christina Im.
I'm Still Standing is a podcast that's a testament to God's amazing handiwork in the lives of women worldwide. Listen in to hear firsthand how women have overcome seasons of prostitution, depression, suicide attempts, infertility, sexual abuse and other painful experiences that alone, they wouldn't have survived.
A True Crime Podcast
Down Right Sports presents the podcast "I'm just talking", hosted by Brent Reid. Listen in on Apple podcast, Google play or Soundcloud. New episodes posted on YouTube every Wednesday.Follow all the action on Instagram (@downrightsports) and Twitter (@brentreid18).Music and art submissions please email downrightenterprise@gmail.comFollow Brent ReidTwitter @Brentreid18Facebook @BrentReidInstragram @downrightenterprise
[We have episodes in German and English] How do scientists uncover phenomena and explain their connections? How do engineers design machines, methods and infrastructure? At omega tau, experts give detailed answers. Over the last ten years, we have produced 300 episodes in which we dug deeper, until we ran out of questions. Join us on our journey through the world of science and engineering: the closer you look and listen, the more interesting things get.
Comedian Kevin Shea's daily Monday thru Friday take on pretty much everything from food to sports to sex to his ridiculous life and at the end of every episode he tries to justify it all. Its an easy 20 minute listen, please have at it. For more info check out: & @kevinsheacomedy
wissenschaft und technik im kopfhoerer / science and engineering in your headphones
Todd Adkins and Daniel Im ask five leadership questions to different guests, on a specific topic, or on a particular book.
Style Your Mind is a podcast for women who want to design their thoughts, empower themselves, and build a beautiful life. Hosted by master life coach and bestselling personal development author Cara Alwill Leyba, this show is for every woman on the edge of change who is ready to reinvent herself, elevate her thinking, and transform her life. Join Cara each week for powerful conversations, uplifting interviews, and a mega dose of inspiration.
EMW Podcast #
"Electronic Music Wars" - for friends of electronic music !!!EMW Podcast #Jeden Monat werden neue EMW Podcast's im Bereich elektronischer Tanzmusik von Electronic Music Wars & Friends für alle Freunde und Freundinnen der elektronischen Tanzmusik erscheinen. Enjoy the Mixes and feel the music...Save the Vinyl - Save the DJ !!!Electronic Music Wars ist mit Tim Schönagel schon seit 1993 im Bereich elektronischer Tanzmusik im Geschäft und damals noch unter dem Namen "DJ Taim" und dem "Black Sun ...
Digital Podcast
Der Technologie-Podcast von Schweizer Radio und Fernsehen. Wir sind deine Korrespondenten aus der digitalen Welt. Internet, Smartphones, soziale Netzwerke, Computersicherheit oder Games – wir fassen das Wichtigste und Unterhaltsamste der Woche für dich zusammen. Das ist ein «Enhanced Podcast» im Format AAC (.m4a) mit Kapitel-Unterteilung. Für Abspielgeräte, die AAC nicht verstehen, ist der Podcast auch als MP3 verfügbar. Feed AAC: ...
👋 Hi there! I'm Kent C. Dodds ( This is a (week)daily podcast where I give 3 minute answers to YOUR questions about software development that you post on my "Ask Me Anything" at can subscribe on iTunes here: and on RSS here:
Hi Hungry, I'm Dad
Hi Hungry, I'm Dad is a biweekly podcast where we discusses anything to do with nerd culture, dating, parenting, tech and everything in between. Join Jared & Nathan as they discuss these topics and give advice that they were never asked for.
The Conversation's editors bring you the most insightful, fascinating, surprising analysis and stories from the academic world. We're asking the experts to bust the myths, explain the science and put the news headlines into context. Join us as we take a deep dive into the big ideas driving our world.
Explain Like I'm Five, aka ELI5, is the mini-podcast series where we take the questions you always wanted to ask, and talk about them in a way that is easy to understand. Made possible by the amazing reddit community at r/explainlikeimfive. See episode show notes for user credits.
Money, I'm Home
Join us on a journey from finance to fitness! Discover practical tips and tricks to take control of your financial and physical health from the personal stories of industry experts. Tune in every Monday starting in January!
The I'm Rex Hunt and You're Not Podcast will be going BANG very soon. Stay tuned!
Podcast about love, heartbreak, and all the relationship advice you don't want to hear. Hosted by Sierra DeMulder and Sam Blackwell.
I’M SUPER EXCITED is a weekly podcast hosted by comedian Rory James featuring hilarious conversations with entertainers and media insiders covering all of the latest awesome stuff we’re excited about and laughing at. New episode released every Thursday.
A comedy podcast about failure, fear, and desperation. Hosted by Jhanelle Dennis and Jacob Derwin.
I'm Game
Playing video games is fun, but do you know what's even more fun? Listening to people talk about games! Join us for I'm Game, the bi-weekly podcast about all things gaming. We're all lifelong gamers, and we've got some stories and strong opinions to share with you.
„DW-Reporter“ ist ein Video-Podcasting-Angebot der Deutschen Welle. Hier finden jede Woche Reportagen aus allen gesellschaftlichen Bereichen. DW-Reporter berichten aus Deutschland und aller Welt.
Join Shaun and Ny - whose friendship spans for over two decades - for their weekly podcast covering everything from old school hip-hop, pop culture, dating, sex, entertainment and various social issues - from a mostly "woke" (but sometimes ratchet) perspective:-)FIND US ON iTunes, GooglePlay, Spotify, iHeartRadio, Spreaker, Stitcher , Castpod, TuneIn and Youtube.
A weekly podcast with plenty of inspiration and practices for living and loving with healthy self-esteem.
Sky Sports presenter and author Tony Wrighton goes on a podcast adventure to find more energy, vitality and motivation. Packed with science, health tips, biohacking gadgets, supplements and some of the most respected and well-known experts on the planet. Oh, and occasionally all this experimentation goes wrong - you'll hear those too. It's all about energy, right?
Debate Me Podcast
Im just here to be heard!
I'm In Aegony
A Game of Thrones Podcast
Im ds-Podcast “Startup-Insider” kommentieren OMR-Podcast-Legende Sven Schmidt und ds-Chefredakteur Alexander Hüsing offen, schonungslos und ungefiltert die wichtigsten Startup- und Digital-News aus Deutschland. Zudem liefert der ds-Podcast, der Woche für Woche Szenegespräch in der Startup-Welt ist, regelmäßig exklusive Nachrichten und Insider-Infos, die man sonst nirgendwo bekommt. Der ds-Podcast Startup-News liefert regelmäßig einen Überblick über das aktuelle Geschehen in der deutschen Sta ...
Observe and Report
Im not here to judge. Im not here to hate. Im just here to let u know what the fuck is up. If you are looking for superwokewokanda black man sorry im not him. If you are looking for honest converstsions ,information some laughs and you get to talk a lil shit then THIS IS THE MUTHAFUCKIN PODCAST!!!!! Support this podcast:
Comedians Cody Ko and Noel Miller make you laugh hopefully. Bonus eps on Patreon.
A podcast about what I'm looking at.
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show series
Kevin speaks about topless women in public and inflection is the most important part of comedyBy allimsayin.
Category 5 repeat, to Trump vs John Legend & Chrissy Teigan, Kevin Hart, Jennifer Lopez, Wu-Tang, Malik Yoba and more!!Subscribe, rate and review us on #iTunes and #GooglePlay and WIN FREE PRIZES!!!!! Like and comment on #Soundcloud Like our #Facebook page. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram. Download the iHeartRadio app and follow us on iHeart ...…
Practical tips on smoking cessation! Get CME Credit with ACP! Full Transcript with References and Show Notes Time Stamps 04:50 What questions are important to ask after a patient who contemplative about quitting tobacco? 07:00 Is quitting abruptly on a quit date or gradual cessation to a quit date better? 08:10 How can technology help support p ...…
Not gonna lie I am currently dying of the bubonic plague… okay not really but I might be… any who I don’t remember what either of our stories about so its a surprise for everyone, enjoy! ***** Content Warning ***** This podcast series uses strong language and explicit content. If you are easily triggered by either of these, listener discretion ...…
In this episode of the 5 Leadership Questions podcast, Todd Adkins is joined by Eric Geiger, senior pastor of Mariners Church, and Kent Beshore, pastor emeritus of Mariners Church. During their conversation, they discuss the following questions: What do you most appreciate about the history of Mariners? What has been easy to transition and what ...…
Hey! It’s Jem! Thanks for listening! If you enjoyed the episode, I hope you’ll subscribe and download a bunch of shows! Also, feel free to email me at *Special thanks to God for the vision and direction, my relentless team and the prayer warriors that keep us covered and accountable* GUEST INFO Social Media: @themattiejames ...…
SH*T YOU SHOULD KNOW Felicity Huffman gains favorable probation report in college admissions conviction Brooke Skylar Richardson walks free on probation in daughter’s death DATING 101 How long does the talking period last during cuffing season? Do you think a relationship can last if youre in love but no physical attraction? Would you be ok wit ...…
PLEASE SUPPORT US ON PATREON: Stream of Download the podcast on: iTunes, Google, Spotify, TuneIn, Stitcher, Simplecast and Pocket Casts, please rate us and subscribe.By Joseph Arthur & Ehud Lazin.
The second half of our long episode with the boys talking about many things including throw-back beers and current beers. I'm Not Kevin.
Today is the 1st show of the Sunday edition. Brent talks about the 1st week of the NFl season and how the 2nd week will play out. Then he covers the MLB playoff picture and who he thinks will make it and who will not make it to the postseason. He ends the show talking about Odell Beckham JR.Music:Something by The BeatlesLove On Top by BeyonceFo ...…
How does AC and refrigeration in general work? Why is Freon gas used? Why do some people say that air conditioning is a cause of Legionnaires' disease? ... We explain like i'm five! Thank you to the r/explainlikeimfive community, and specifically the following reddit users whose questions and responses formed the basis of this conversation: the ...…
Rex Hunt sat down with Robert Walls. 0:30 - 1972 Grand final - Rex v Robert. 5:17 - When Robert first arrived at Carlton. 8:13 - The 1970 Grand Final. 12:35 - The time Rex and Robert swapped jumpers. 14:03 - Robert falling out with Coach Ian Stewart and leaving Carlton. 19:13 - The morning of the 1987 Grand Final - Robert's son wants to come to ...…
Your favorite fats -- Jay Zawaski (@JayZawaski670) and Rick Camp (@RickCamp670) -- had their first feedbag episode, which was full of Ask-a-Fat questions. It involved a major podcast announcement, and they discussed their best food pairing with sex, the top M&M varieties, underwear shopping and more. Subscribe, rate and review the podcast and f ...…
To get your 15% off your first pair, free shipping, and a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, go to Just go to, click on the microphone at the top of the homepage, and type in TMG to claim your special offer today! Take your cooking to the next level today! Go to and use promo co ...…
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