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The Podfest Chronicles gives an inside look into the stories of Podfest Multimedia Expo. From insights, to sessions and even the behind-the-scenes inner workings of our amazing event. Podfest is the conference for podcasters, digital influencers and changemakers who want to grow their brand and audience and maximize their income.
Your source for highlights, special presentations and podcast industry panel discussions from the annual Los Angeles Podcast Festival. For tickets and information on the 2015 festival, taking place September 18-20, visit
PodFast PodFurious
| Minisodes Tuesdays | Full Episodes Thursdays |A Podcast dedicated to the Fast and the Furious franchise as well as the films involving members of the Fast Family. Dave Imboden & Chance Minter crack some Coronas every week and get PodFast and PodFurious for your entertainment.
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The Boys discuss the little-known philanthropy of Ludacris before taking a look at Paramount's recent documentary I AM PAUL WALKER.
The Boys rip off their sleeves Tyrese-style and go nuts with Michael Bay's maniac masterpiece TRANSFORMERS: DARK OF THE MOON.
The Boys take a look at a supposedly "controversial" episode of the original TRANSFORMERS cartoon, but mostly find some good old-fashioned 1980s racism.
The Boys scale Dwayne Johnson's SKYSCRAPER and they don't like the view! Plus: the invention of The Rock Index, a (nearly) complete categorization of every Rock role.
The Boys fire up mid-90s direct-to-video DIE HARD ripoff SKYSCRAPER starring the late Anna Nicole Smith as a helicopter pilot/terrorist killer, and they find it a good deal more entertaining than the recent Dwayne Johnson vehicle of the same name.
it's our last week of BEACH MONTH, and The Boys are revisiting the Paul Walker/Jessica Alba classic INTO THE BLUE. strap in for treasure hunting, Scott Caan rap bars and Josh Brolin's skeleton!
The Boys check out some classic episodes of MTV CRIBS, including Paul Walker's Winnebago, Ludacris' swamp and Ja Rule's house party, which features special cameos by the Fast Family.
Live, poolside at the cabana: The Boys dig into the BAYWATCH movie starring Dwayne Johnson & Zac Efron. they are... not fans!
First, some xXx IV news. then, the boys prepare for Thursday's BAYWATCH movie review by checking out an episode of the series from 1996 co-starring a bevy of wrestling superstars!
E25 - Blue Crush by PodFast & PodFurious
The boys discuss Idris Elba joining the HOBBS & SHAW spinoff. Plus, monkey holes and gang initiations.
Sorry for the delay! We had technical difficulties, but thanks to having a sound guy as our first guest, he had his own recording of the episode that I was able to use to salvage the episode after Audacity fucked my files.
The boys are finally back at it, and its the 4th of July spectacular! Prepare your minds for 5 new hashtags including #LetRockFuck and #ISISisHighlanders
E23 - Eight Below by PodFast & PodFurious
E22 - The Pacifier by PodFast & PodFurious
E21 - Tooth Fairy by PodFast & PodFurious
Bruce Wawa & Tony Sheetz drop by to pay tribute to their late mentor Anthony Bourdain. Then, Chance & Dave scour the cast notices for HOBBS AND SHAW before theorizing about who might join the film.
Today the Podfast boys tackle MEET THE DEEDLES, a 90s Disney comedy where Dennis Hopper lives in a cave and attacks Paul Walker with prairie dogs.
E19 - xXx: The Return of Xander Cage by PodFast & PodFurious
the boys gear up for Thursday's RETURN OF XANDER CAGE episode by revisiting a forgotten short film about... well, about his death.
E18 - Overdrive by PodFast & PodFurious
before they dig into OVERDRIVE on Thursday's full episode, the boys check out Taylor Swift's "Wildest Dreams" music video starring Scott Eastwood (THE FATE OF THE FURIOUS) and directed by Joseph Kahn (TORQUE).
E17 - Annapolis by PodFast & PodFurious
Hickory dickory dock, this man has little cock.
the name's Torque. John Torque.
The boys are back in town and you better believe they're down to clown
GEORRRRRGGGGGGE! The Bad Butt Boyz return to lay into RAMPAGE and hold an intervention for The Rock's career. Alex Jones stops by the show.
The boys discuss the prospect of David Leitch (JOHN WICK; ATOMIC BLONDE) directing the upcoming HOBBS & SHAW spinoff. Chance reveals the #1 grave he'd like to piss on, then rages against A QUIET PLACE. Spoilers, people!!
We were supposed to talk about Paul Walker's acting debut in the little-seen Troma film MONSTER IN THE CLOSET but Chance blacked out halfway through and we went mad. Liberate tutemet ex inferis
The boys spit some hard truth about the Vin Diesel/Dwayne Johnson beef before delving into an extremely #woke review of BLOCKERS.
We're just two boys, standing in front of a girl, asking her to fight us.
Old base ball player ghosts fucking ladies
The boys guzzle brews while cracking wise about Vin Diesel's debut feature film STRAYS, a low-rent ego stroke wherein The Diesel is a sensitive hunk who reluctantly bangs strippers. Chance finds out about Vin Diesel's twin brother Paul.
The boys throw it all the way back and discuss Vin Diesel's acting/directorial debut, MULTI-FACIAL. It's like one of those LOST flashbacks!
The boys crack some brews and break down Justin Lin's indie feature BETTER LUCK TOMORROW, featuring the origin of the beloved Han from TOKYO DRIFT.
Bruce Wawa and Tony Sheetz drop by to review the new TOMB RAIDER movie.
600 million dollars stolen at 600 miles per hour!
The boys, drunker than ever, theorize about the Fast Family traveling into outer space.
E09 - The Rankings by PodFast & PodFurious
The Boys break down and rank the villains of all 8 FAST & FURIOUS movies. blood is shed and feelings are hurt.
E08 - Fate of the Furious by PodFast & PodFurious
Today on PODFAST, the boys test taste some NOS energy drink and take a couple Buzzfeed quizzes to figure out which Fast & Furious characters they are.
The boys had nothing planned for this episode so they just decide to come up with their best ideas for a Fast & Furious porn parody. shout out to Damon Dice.
E06 - Fast & Furious 6 by PodFast & PodFurious
Minisode 5.5 - Supercharged by PodFast & PodFurious
This is big boy stuff! Strap in as Chance & Dave drag the FAST FIVE episode around like a bank vault through the streets of Rio. Might as well enjoy this one while it lasts folks, because it may be the only time our intrepid hosts manage to stay on topic for (almost) an entire episode.
Chance & Dave eat some Taco Bell (we're so sorry) and discuss the FAST spinoff they'd like to see - Dwayne Johnson & Jason Statham hanging out, getting into saloon fights. Dave announces his porn debut "Cock Shots Galore".
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