Best Poltergeist podcasts we could find (Updated January 2019)
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The Medium Matters
A weekly podcast filled with supernatural and paranormal stories and experiences as told by host and medium, Shantel. WANT TO HEAR ABOUT hauntings, readings with loved ones that have crossed over, poltergeist activity, ghosts and more? Tune in every Tuesday at 8pm CST and be sure to SUBSCRIBE FOR FREE. WANT TO BE PART OF THE SHOW? Send your written or voice recorded paranormal stories to for a chance to be featured on an episode of The Medium Matters podcast.
Who is Belsebuub and how long has he been exploring spirituality? For more than 45 years author Mark Pritchard — who writes with his spiritual name Belsebuub — has been exploring metaphysical phenomena through first-hand experience. Born in the UK, Belsebuub has always had an interest in the paranormal. He grew up in a home with poltergeist activity, had many psychic and supernatural experiences as a child, and began searching for spirituality from a young age.In his adult years he dedicated ...
X-plorers seekers of the truth is a group of like minded individuals (founded by life long friends Les Sincavage and Chad Charlesworth) who share a common interest in seeking the truth to the worlds mysteries and to find out what goes bump in the night. You can reach the team on our website at or on Facebook at or via twitter @xplorersgroup
iNTO THE FRAY features top-rated guest speakers and discussions in the fields of the paranormal, cryptozoology, UFOlogy, true crime and all other manners of the unexplained. Join Shannon every Thursday at 7pm PST as we examine the many oddities in our little known universe. Visit for blog posts, all archived episodes and sign up for the weekly guest newsletter.
***EXPLICIT LANGUAGE*** A detailed and well researched investigative podcast that dives deep into the unsolved. -True Crime- -Mysteries--Conspiracies--Paranormal - -The Occult--History- With an unpolished and raw “pirate radio” style sound.-Theme music by The Wagner Logic Art by Andrea Moran You can find me on Facebook or...Instagram - @mysterious_podcastTwitter - @podcastMCEmail - mysteriouscircumstances99@gmail.comOr to support the show go to http ...
British born author Mark Pritchard, who writes with his spiritual name Belzebuub, has been exploring spiritual phenomena for over 45 years through personal experience. He had begun searching for spirituality from an early age, having grown up in a home with poltergeist activity and experiencing many psychic and supernatural events.After many years of researching various spiritual practices, he dedicated himself fully to techniques for astral projection and self-discovery, undertaking the pro ...
The Black Tapes
The Black Tapes is a bi-weekly podcast from the creators of Pacific Northwest Stories, and is hosted by Alex Reagan. The Black Tapes Podcast is a serialized docudrama about one journalist's search for truth, her enigmatic subject's mysterious past, and the literal and figurative ghosts that haunt them both. Do you believe?
*EXPLICIT LANGUAGE* A detailed and well researched investigative podcast that dives deep into the unsolved. - True Crime - Mysteries - Conspiracies - Paranormal - The Occult- With an unpolished and raw “pirate radio” style sound.
Two Bros cover all of the mysteries of the universe. Paranormal, Aliens, Conspiracies, Cryptozoology, Famous Murders, Urban Legends, Monsters, Demons, Occult and Strange Occurrences. Nothing is off limits. The Bros are driven by crude humor and the ability to laugh at everything. If you flirt with the dark side of humor and lack maturity, this podcast could potentially change your life. Instagram: @brohiopodcast Twitter: @Brohiopodcast Email:
From the Genesis Communications Network: The Paracast is a paranormal radio show that takes you on a journey to a world beyond science, where UFOs, poltergeists and strange phenomena of all kinds have been reported by millions. The Paracast seeks to shed light on the mysteries and complexities of our Universe and the secrets that surround us in our everyday lives. Join long-time paranormal researcher Gene Steinberg, co-host Christopher O'Brien, and their roster of special guest experts and e ...
Vic Sage and the Projectionist take an in depth look at retro horror TV and film.
Hi, and welcome to Unsolved Mysteries of the World where we explore the unexplained. Our topics include Missing Persons, Unsolved Murders, UFO & Aerial Phenomenon, Ghosts & Hauntings, Legends & Myths, Lost Treasures, Cryptozoology, Urban Legends, Conspiracies, Ancient Archaeological Anomalies and much more. If this is your first time listening to us, and you like our show, remember to subscribe when you get a chance. Each episode we will dive into a topic or case with a descriptive narrative ...
A podcast about mysteries, the paranormal, urban legends & folklore. But ya know, keeping it light. From bro & sis @HauntedSponge & @ChillinKristen 💀✨
Monster Man
A show about monsters, because monsters are great.
Each month, Erik, Kyle, and Sean bring you a discussion about a different classic horror film, ranging from gems of the silent era to modern masterpieces of own time.
We Watch Movies
Do you watch movies? We do. Join us each week for movie talk, movie reviews and other movie stuff.
OTR Mystery, Suspense, & Horror is a podcast dedicated to exploring, analyzing, commentating and critiqing old time radio programs and plays that fall into the genre of mystery, suspense, & horror.
EERIE X is a podcast that discusses human subcultures and the oddities of our world. From the strange to the supernatural, the obscure to the absurd, the paranormal to the peculiar and the uncommon to the unthinkable. EERIE X, flogging the sacred cows of humanity.
Bloody Date Night
Liz & Josh are dating. They like each other and they love each other. Where that stops is with Josh's love of horror films. Join them as they cover a different horror film each episode and get the perspective of a horror film buff vs. a horror film novice. Stay until the end to find out if Liz hates one enough to leave Josh.
Join documentary award winning host and paranormal investigator Tom Spitalere and his friends as they discuss the ins and outs of gathering paranormal data in the Merrimack Valley and beyond.
Scream Girls
Hey, boos! We're Callie and Kaitlin. We watch scary movies and podcast about them. If you like horror or comedy or chit chat or peplums, welcome home.
The films you love, but no one else gets...
Join hosts Lee and Andy as we cover subjects from the paranormal, ufo's, ghosts, cryptozoology, mysteries and more. We will also include some great interviews and listeners true stories of the strange and paranormal, If you have a story for the show please send them to supernaturalpod@gmail.comThank you for listening.
A twice-monthly look at the weird and wonderful world of horror movies as seen through the hosts very gay eyes. ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY named ScreamQueenz one of their “Top 9 LGBTQ Podcasts”. RUE MORGUE Magazine put it on their “Top 25 Horror Podcast” list, And BLUMHOUSE.COM raved: “The funniest movie podcast in this or any other genre.” Listen to us on the RadioPublic app.
Three babes talking and joking about creepy & macabre things that happened in history.While we try to be as accurate as possible, we are not professional historians and we do not claim to be experts.
Chels and Jim are best friends who like to talk about stuff that doesn't have answers in ill-informed ways. More specifically, they're having a chat about British ghosts, myths, and legends. They'll also do murder.Outside of the podcast, Jim presents stuff on telly and Chels has a book out, which makes her feel better about her other soulless job in PR.Formerly 'The Slab'
A satire podcast about all things strange! Conspiracies, myths, legends, cryptozoology, UFO sightings, aliens, fringe science, the supernatural, serial killers, and anything else weird! Just a few people who know very little, trying to learn about everything. The show is also produced by Satan. With a new topic every episode, we try to look over all the facts, and the "facts" about each topic and figure out if its true or not. So come join us as we... TRY TO EXPLAIN... THE UNEXPLAINABLE.
Two licensed therapists discuss horror films, and true crime psychology. In Halloween season we do specific specials on Halloween movies, events and discussion topics.Beware: we discuss the dark side of life with a dark sense of humor.Email: Facebook Page: Become a supporter of this podcast:
Halloween Horror Nights Orlando news, interview and commentary podcast. Hosted by Logan Sekulow with Scott Garland, Christopher Ripley and a myriad of guests each show.
Don't Split Up!
The horror film podcast for horror lovers. Stacey, Mo, Amanda and JR. subject themselves to the latest AND greatest horror films of all time to learn what truly scares us and why we love it so much.
The MacGuffin Men
...because the world needs another podcast about movies.
good but not great, bad but not terrible
Black Hole Films
Jeremy LaLonde hosts this podcast where people finally get around to watching that film they always meant to.
Filmmakers Mike D and Cameron B. Chiles convene weekly to discuss pop-culture fixations and get the skinny from fellow creative folk.
Host's Chelsea, Max, and Sanch get in their Delorean and take us Back to the 80's to share their love on 80's Pop Culture, but mostly movies.
A sporadic podcast about movies hosted by Julian and Tom
The RedRum Podcast
Grab a drink, and sit down with Captain and Wilson as they drunkenly review horror flicks!
Bad-movie podcast in which Dan Brooks, Leila Carrillo, and Sean Haeberman (and formerly Pablo Hidalgo) discuss the weirdest and worst of Netflix.
Three comedy writers sit down with a guest to look back on women in film from a feminist perspective! Each month, Hillary, Sarah, Nicole ask themselves important questions like why is it so funny when men take care of babies? Why do mermaids have such low self esteem? What exactly did Jenny die of in “Love Story”? These questions and many more will be tackled on “The Feminine Mistake Podcast”!
UnHoly Mofos
New podcast weblog
Horrified Chicken
Horror movie enthusiast lightheartedly reviews horror films with her non horror fan husband.
Double Density
Greetings cyberspace. Tune in every Wednesday as Angelo and Brian discuss tech news and issues, as well as the fads and trends of yesteryear. Stick around as they also delve into the strange world of the paranormal.
A podcast to guide, inform, assist , and educate, anyone interested in the paranormal.Hosted by Dan, John, and Dannymusic by Kevin McLeodannouncer Mike B.
A comedy podcast about ghost n' ghoul history starring two idiots who don't know anything but are very good friends.The show is produced by David Freeman and Conner Russell. Theme music courtesy of The Zombie Dandies.
Join Chris and Dave's weekly ramblings about their favorite movie genre, one bloody film at a time. A horror movie podcast.
My 80's Romance
A podcast that chronicles Hannah and Courtney's epic attempt to squash bad Karma and discover interesting stories of murder, magic, and pretty much everything in between.
The podcast where two teams try to fix the bad sequels to good movies.Hosted by Jack Chambers with Stuart Ashen, Alec Plowman, Matthew Stogdon and Tim Maytom.
We decided we should watch every horror movie available for streaming on Netflix from A to Z. For better or worse. Join us on our misadventure and suffer with us! Fun right?
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show series
Hosts Dan John and Danny discuss whistling at night, don't do it!They also Reflect on Mirrors and the art of Scrying and discuss some upcoming projects.Hosts - Dan, John and DannyEditor producer - DannyMusic - Kevin McLeodAnnouncer - Mike B
On Episode 64 of Guide to the Unknown: Will is sponging M. Night Shyamalan’s Unbreakable series, which is all about superheroes! Could they be walking amongst us? But let’s SPLIT the GLASS and look at all the real life genetic mutations that exist! Kristen is straight up telling a bone chilling ghost story. It’s sad, scary, emotional…and it’s j ...…
Nick White of Cage the Darkness...and lead investigator for the A&E show, Cursed: The Bell Witch joins me. We talk haunting's, demons, exorcisms, UFOs, a phantom panther, and more. Find Nick on his YouTube channel, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and his website. If you'd rather leave your encounters on the iTF Hotline, call toll-free anytime. 87 ...…
You asked for it, boos! Callie and Kaitlin dive into their most-requested flick with all the gusto of an involuntarily celibate serial killer in a crossbow store. Join them as they discuss #DeafTalent (for), sliding glass doors (against), and whether evil John Gallagher Jr. is sexy-creepy or just regular creepy (the jury is out!!!).…
This episode covers four more types of troll for Dungeons and Dragons. You might think one was enough, but ... no, you'd probably be right. If you're enjoying the show, why not consider supporting it on Patreon? You'll get access to lots of new bonus content, including my other podcast, Patron Deities! Thanks to Ray Otus for our thumbnail image ...…
In this delightful animated feature produced by GEORGE LUCAS, an unlikely band of otherworldly heroes must band together to stop the evil Synonymous Botch from turning the world into nonstop nightmare party.To help me through this deliciously bonkers plot and the equally confusing legal mess that has kept this film hidden for over 30 years, I'm ...…
It's a special bonus episode to celebrate the beginning of a new season of Patron Deities! Even if you're not a subscriber, enjoy this free episode -- and if you like it, maybe consider supporting the show on Patreon to get access to over 30 more episodes right away.
Prepare yourselves for a tale of revenge that brings a new meaning to the phrase, “Anything for Family.” This week, Cult Film in Review is discussing the 1973 Japanese action cult film, Lady Snowblood. In this episode, Mike and Kyle talk about podcast projects long gone. Don’t forget people, back up your computers. Later, the […] The post Lady ...…
Liz & Josh discuss the much beloved low-budget blood bath, Sam Raimi’s The Evil Dead (1981). Follow Bloody Date Night on Instagram Follow Bloody Date Night on Letterboxd Like Bloody Date Night on Facebook Follow Bloody Date Night on Twitter Help support our independent podcast network by shopping on Amazon using our referral link or make a dona ...…
Enjoy this one from CBS! You can donate here
This month, Kyle, Erik, and Sean get lost in the woods--and in the weeds, coincidentally--about the 1999 found-footage harbinger, The Blair Witch Project, a movie cited as one of the scariest ever made. Is it as terrifying now as it was then, or is it just 80 minutes of people yelling at each other in the woods? We get to the bottom of it!…
True Crime Serial Killers: We discuss and dispel myths about serial killers. There are reasons why these myths are created and it is not that they are inaccurate but that it is more nuanced than a human being is 'this way' or 'that.' Become a supporter: Email: Twitter: ...…
This week, Angelo and Brian take a look at how so much of what is online is fake, be it the content, the metrics, and the people that influence what we see. Then, they have a look at the Moon, and all the strange things about it. Links: iOS - Home Accessories - Apple How Much of the Internet Is Fake? Paul Anka and Lisa Simpson - Just don't look ...…
On this episode Sean & Nicole the 1979 classic Alien. There’s face huggers, horrible belly aches, milky tears and so much more. *This show is NSFW*Follow us on Instagram Facebookhorrifiedchicken.comNicole’s artwork Mealy Monster Land Sean’s Website and showsYou can subscribe on iTunes & StitcherContact us with feedback or Movie suggestions : ho ...…
This is a throwback to one of our favorite episodes!!! We've had more requests for this topic than any other topic over the past year!!! We've included some funny 911's and some not-so-funny 911's. All in all, this was a fun episode and we are happy to have you join us for it!! Support Us:…
It's a weird one as we take a look at three oddball D&D monsters from the Fiend Folio! If you're enjoying the show, why not consider supporting it on Patreon? You'll get access to lots of new bonus content, including my other podcast, Patron Deities! Thanks to Ray Otus for our thumbnail image. The intro music is a clip from "Solve the Damn Myst ...…
Kristin Booth joins Jeremy to watch SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK and have a truly honest conversation about mental health in our own lives…
The twelfth episode of Cinematic Suffering. A podcast in which we watch and critique Netflix horror movies from A-Z. All of them. For better or worse. Continuing with the letter A, the twelfth episode is a discussion of the 2015 low-budget feature, American Poltergeist.Intro and outro music provided by FaceXHugger. Check out FaceXHugger here: h ...…
Max Russell joins the latest episode of the podcast to discuss the werewolf trials of 17th century Europe! Max tells the boys about Peter Stummp, the German cannibal killer suspected of being a werewolf, and the trial of Jean Grenier in 1603. Along the way they discuss Lost Boys, what it was like to be Conner's brother, and that time that David ...…
Hello all, tonight we welcome on Steve Boucher who comes on to tell us about his encounters with aliens, which have been taking place since the age of 2, i found this account amazing & hope you do too. Please keep sending us your "My Weird Story" either by FACEBOOK or EMAIL we look forward to reading those. Keep your fantastic review coming, ha ...…
Grafton, West Virginia is a unique town that showcases its railroad boomtown years and wealthy mining history through extraordinary architecture, landscaped parks and pop-up mansions. The small city center is surrounded by small farms and extremely dense forests. Its big city living in rural America. The humble populace is quick to point out tw ...…
Gene and Randall present a return appearance by scientist Mark Jackson (TDSR in our forums). During this episode, Mark brings us up to date on his ongoing UFO research, and his plans for the future, which include a podcast focusing on newcomers to the field, a place where they can spread their wings. A resident of Austin TX, Mark began working ...…
Today's D&D monsters show two ... very different ways of thinking about the hazards of the natural world. Enjoy! If you're enjoying the show, why not consider supporting it on Patreon? You'll get access to lots of new bonus content, including my other podcast, Patron Deities! Thanks to Ray Otus for our thumbnail image. The intro music is a clip ...…
On Episode 63 of Guide to the Unknown: Will found out the US State that like’s GTTU the LEAST: the great state of Alaska. And to hopefully pander to our friends in The Last Frontier, he’s doing a platter of topics! The Alaska Triangle, The Kushtaka, Spirit Houses, and The Haunted Kennecot Copper Mine! Kristen then takes us for a relaxing weeken ...…
Mike Familant of the YouTube channel, 'In the Shadow of Big Red Eye' talks Bigfoot in the state of New Jersey. Find Mike and his investigations on YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. Links mentioned in this episode: Sasquatch Central: "This Bigfoot is Angry!" Sasquatch Bioacoustics: St Louis County, Missouri vocals High Point State Park If you'd r ...…
Enjoy this one from Suspense starring James Stewart!
Boys. Girls. Do you hear that? That’s the sound of Callie and Kaitlin breaking down the latest post-apocalyptic horror sensation. Our beloved Sandy Bullock stars alongside a curmudgeonly John Malkovich, the Beyond Delightful B.D. Wong, and the epitome of sexiness, Trevante Rhodes (this man is so hawt, he’s welcome inside our Bird Boxes anytime).…
Get ready to Top That with the crew of Cult Film in Review because you’re Never Gonna Be The Same Again after they talk about the classic 80s teen cult comedy, Teen Witch! In this episode, Kyle reminisces about the series that made this movie possible, but where is Salem and Aunt Zelda? Wait… Later, the guys argue […] The post Teen Witch appear ...…
Patron Daniel Lofton brings you this special episode devoted to my froggy boys! Some Dungeons and Dragons monsters set the earth atremble, and some monsters are swamp trash, but I love 'em all. If you're enjoying the show, why not consider supporting it on Patreon? You'll get access to lots of new bonus content, including my other podcast, Patr ...…
First episode of 2019, Host Dan, John and Danny, discuss more and more people opening up to their experiences,-Beer for Fieldstone,, a spirit that came to John , -Junior returns- a grave stone in Danny's Basementand moreHosts-Dan, John, DannyEditor: DannyMusic Kevin McleodAnnoncer: Mike B
Show Notes: Become a supporter: Email: Twitter: Facebook: Become a supporter of this podcast:…
What could have caused Apple's dip in revenue? What is China? Was it the battery replacement program? Have iPhones become too good for their own good? Are other smartphones getting too good? Brian and Angelo discuss what it could be. Then, the duo shifts to talking about what makes up a good conspiracy and Brian reveals the three pillars that h ...…
In this episode the Rehashers discuss probably the most recognizable Arnold comedies and that is Twins Join us as we try to find the resemblance
We've got it all in this episode! Not only are we covering the Siege at Ruby Ridge, we also have a quick interview with Bob Adrian AKA Bill Wilkins from The Conjuring 2! This was a Patreon sponsored episode from our buddy, Josh. The Siege at Ruby Ridge is a story of a family attempting to separate themselves from society. Hidden up in the Idaho ...…
Kate Hewlett joins Jeremy to watch APOCALYPSE NOW and is blown away by the simplicity of epic storytelling.
On this episode Sean & Nicole talk about the 2017 sleeper hit (Sean’s words) Super Dark Times. There’s teenage awkwardness, mischievous behavior, boners and a little incident with a sword… but its only a flesh wound. You have to watch this one, Sean’s words again…OK spoiler, Sean really liked this movie.Trailer HERE Download: Super Dark Timesht ...…
A mean little guy that hates wizards and a big burny worm that just wants to, I dunno, burrow. Oh Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, you're not an ordinary game. If you're enjoying the show, why not consider supporting it on Patreon? You'll get access to lots of new bonus content, including my other podcast, Patron Deities! Thanks to Ray Otus for o ...…
Dave and Conner are back for Season two where we head to court to talk about the Greenbrier Ghost, the first, and only use of Ghost Testimony in The United States. Along the way they discuss Conner's Curse Corner, whats in store for season 2, and the horrible reality of living in Chicago.The Most Haunted Boys in School is produced by David Free ...…
Welcome to 2019! For the first episode of the year, we bring Stan The Man (fresh from the end of Movie Mafia) in to discuss the double feature of movies by John Landis with John Belushi: Animal House and The Blues Brothers. Of course, Stan can say as much as he can without roboting so much. Plus, Jake almost has no voice, one of your hosts is a ...…
As a child I remember my dad having described vivid dreams of airplane crashes that he would later find out were prophetic as the airplane disasters he was witness to in his dreams came to fruition on the next days nightly news cast. My dad was an airplane enthusiast, sometimes going to the airport, just to watch airplanes land and take off was ...…
Today Andy takes a look at the legend of the skin-walkers from the Navajo culture, can people really learn how to shape shift into beasts, these are some stories that tell of just such a thing. Plus check out our new “My Weird Story” part of the show, please get in touch by Email or Facebook if you have a story to share. Big thank to Sarah Hall ...…
Gene and Randall introduce Yovav Gad A.K.A. “The Web Machine,” who established the site in September, 2016. Yovav created the web portal as a front stage for UFO enthusiasts, authors and whistle-blowers to post articles, opinions, theories, sightings and real life experiences to help reveal the truth about unidentified flying objec ...…
Toby gets quizzed on if he really does little to no research like the shows tag line really says. Questions are conspiracy, paranormal, cryptozoology, alien, and more! Can he prove that a little bit of work goes into this show? Support the show
On Episode 62 of Guide to the Unknown: We’re here! We’re in the year 2019! What the hell? Kristen kicks off the show by talking about Skin-Walkers, and how their full story is protected, despite JK Rowling’s best attempts. Will rounds things out with the overlong origin of The Munsters, more specifically the surprising connection to Frankenstei ...…
An imaginary friend, that wasn't. Plus...a troll visits, ghostly activity, and unexplained light phenomenon. If you'd rather leave your encounters on the iTF Hotline, call toll-free anytime. 877-317-9111 Please help support the show by visiting my sponsor, Robinhood! Robinhood is an investing app that let's you buy/sell/trade ALL from your phon ...…
We welcome the new year here on the podcast with a great murder mystery thriller from CBS Radio Mystery Theatre! Sign up here to donate and get Extra Ad Free episodes!
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