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We discuss News, Politics, Economy, Crybaby snowflakes, Culture Wars, and add gasoline to the political/social fire.
We cover our family’s journey from suburbia to the American Redoubt, the politics of why we are moving, homesteading and more self-reliant living. I believe one way to rediscover the Libertarian Christian roots of this republic is to look at moving to “deep red” states, or areas that are very conservative, such as the American Redoubt.
The world is a crazy place these days. Our safety will depend largely on predicting what will happen next and being prepared for it. What is next? how did we get here? These are some of the things that we explore on the Arch--Advocate podcast.
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The lazy, weak and pathetic people in the government are walking themselves into the light of Truth for all to see.
The Left says we need to be an example to China because China has a long history of taking leadership from America. The Left says that Donald Trump is going to take the deal on the border wall. Do they even know who he is?
Ever notice how leftists can't seem to figure out why the man who competes against women in weightlifting always wins? Have you ever wondered why leftists cheered when 9 month baby murder was legalized in New York? Find out why on today's episode!
Hey Scotland! If someone is born with a ding dong then they are a man! Come arrest ME, you cowards. Tommy Robinson is having a big day on the 23rd of this month. Democrats and other leftist communists can't seem to help but to tip their hand even further.
Hey Scotland! If someone is born with a ding dong then they are a man! Come arrest ME, you cowards. Tommy Robinson is having a big day on the 23rd of this month. Democrats and other leftist communists can't seem to help but to tip their hand even further.
Hey Scotland! If someone is born with a ding dong then they are a man! Come arrest ME, you cowards. Tommy Robinson is having a big day on the 23rd of this month. Democrats and other leftist communists can't seem to help but to tip their hand even further.
California leftists chock to death on their own smug sense of self importance as TYPHUS!!!, yes typhus is on the loose in Los Angeles. Joe Rogan continues to hymn and haw explanations as to why he didn't know to ask Jack Dorsey anything of importance. And AOC might just be a republican plant sent to insure a Trump 2020 victory!…
AOC submits a wish list of socialist dreams and Joe Rogan has yet another guest on in which he can engage in a circle jerk with, Sam Harris.
What does Oprah and "john of god" have in common? what is the connection between these people and two former Presidents? Why is the so many allegations of child sex slavery surrounding ALL of these people? Find out on today's episode. *Sabrina Bettincourt is still alive
Our great President delivers a message that leftists unemployment at an all-time low, money to cure childhood cancer, child sex traffickers being deported back to their poop-hole country and making it illegal to murder a baby (just to name a few). enjoy this recap of the SOTU address on the Arch-Advocate podcast.…
People who lie are weak. They only seek to weaken the rest of us. Lies are easy to spot and once you see the pattern, you will be assured that these weaklings are only capable of self destruction.
some people will demand that you change your behavior and use the law to try to control you. Is civil discourse dead? Have people lost the ability to just make their argument and let the chips fall where they may? Not so on this episode of the Arch-Advocate podcast.
Liberals love 2 things...Dreaming about an apocalypse, and sacrificing babies to Moloch.
New York and now Virginia are sacrificing children to the god who grants political power to it's faithful. California and Colorado will be next. The true and living God has only one response to this.
When the decree goes out to kill the babies, then comes the deliverer. followed by blood, plagues, and even national destruction. You had better figure out what side you are on.
focus is what it takes to hear the voice of God. You will NOT learn how to hear if you wait until it's too late.
focus is what it takes to hear the voice of God. You will NOT learn how to hear if you wait until it's too late.
Get ready for the jackboot to come akickin' down your door because Bob Mueller, that old drunk who swore to protect the Constitution with his life, has weaponized the FBI against a man who has been accused of fibbin'.
The media can't decide what is virtuous but that won't stop them from telling YOU what is or is not. If you are going to navigate the web of lies in the age of shadows you better learn how to pray.
New York has gone full blown Moloch worship. pay attention folks.
New York has gone full blown Moloch worship. pay attention folks.
When you say "the high school kids were right and the fake vietnam vet indian guy was wrong" the left will crucify you. When you say that these 10 year old children who dress like a 70's whore are being sexually exploited by the media, the left will crucify you. The list goes on and on. Jesus said "just remember that they hated me first". The T ...…
It is easy to fail to see that we are all standing on a battleground right now. The two kingdoms that are represented are that of Darkness and that of light. One king desires to see the destruction of both his enemy and even his own men, the other takes no joy in even the destruction of the wicked.
so an Indian runs up to some kids so that he can bang his little hippie-drum in their faces. The media calls the kids (wait for it)...a bunch of RACISTS! Is it possible that there are beings at work that we don't see who are prosecuting a planned out war? Find out on today's show.
What does Nancy Pelosi, Ms. cortez, and Donald Trump have to do with prayer? what does the government shutdown and Mike Tyson have to do with meditation? Find out on today's episode.
Netflix has released a Demonic show that gets the user accustomed to the idea of murder, suicide, and convincing others to kill themselves. They also bought Veggie Tales and removed God from it. In light of the recent talks from Owen Benjamin and Vox Day about Wizardry, I have decided to throw my two cents in on the topic as it applies to Netflix.…
The fight is coming and is already here. Though is appears that the battle is against the evil doers, the fact is that the battle is for your soul. Fight hard.
The towering darkness of lies and political posturing can be confusing and depressing if you don't have your eyes focused on the Truth. Today we go a bit deeper on prayer with a little help from King David.
We're going deep today.
What a wonderful year it has been. I am looking forward a to a year full of opportunities and coming together in community. Let our mindset be right as we step into 2019!
Jack Conte has tried to use his gold to harm those who speak freely and take their gold. Sounds like a job for a dragon slayer! The IDW is already at work to create competitive alternatives to Patreon and Paypal. Gosh, How I love Capitalism!
A Boycott almost always has the opposite effect than the one the boycotter wants. The only time it works is when the individual understands what they are doing, and most importantly, why.
Jack Conte is right now learning about how capitalism works to weed out the evil-doers. Leftists just found out from buzzfeed that there are actually more slaves in the world right now than ever before in history, and progressives applaud as a 10 year old boy is sexually exploited in New York city.
Has the Holliday season got you down? Are you feeling not-so joyous? Well you might not be as alone as you feel. Tune in to the Arch Advocate podcast.
Is the fact that politicians are crazy driving you crazy? hashtag me too. Here is one way to keep your eyes on what is important.
California liberals are running out of things to tax, Europe is running out of things to make illegal and France is running out of white flags! Gavin Newsom is hoping to cover California in human feces so that San Francisco doesn't feel so all alone.
Whelp, my dad just died, and also, I need some duct tape and there is none on this mountain I live on. Which one am I more broken up about? Find out on this exciting episode of the Arch Advocate podcast!
With the Crypto-Currency markets down as big as they are, I have been the recipient of some of the anger and frustration. It's been a while, but here is where we are as far as the evolution of currency goes. enjoy the show.
On Today’s episode…IT’S RUFIO!!! That’s right, the man with the most epic knock-out ever recorded joins us on the show! Friend of the show and friend of Rufio Aaron Williamson comes back on the show and gives us a bit of an update on what is actually happening in the Pacific North-West. Merry Christmas everyone. Enjoy the show.…
Yet another virtue signaling liberal has found a cause that is worthy of devotion. You guessed it...Candy! Running drinkable water? Meh. Women's rights in the middle east? Meh. The cast system in India? Meh. banning Candy canes? "I'M ALL IN" says this virtuoso of virtue. Merry Christmas everyone!
Proud Boys are NOT terrorists according to the FBI and the democrats are the party of the KKK
Now the demons are parading autistic children who they are attacking in front of us. How do we fight? What are the weapons? Find out on today's episode. Hit Subscribe!!!
What can C.S. Lewis teach us about these times that we are living in? What does it mean that there are riots in France and the U.S. as well? How can we take it all in without going mad? Find out on today's episode.
France is on fire, Germans have conquered Europe for the third time, Hitlery Clinton is like Bill Clinton herpes and America's youth has lost their minds. How did we get here? has it all been an evil plan?
Dr. Peterson returns to the Joe Rogan experience to say some really profound things and also duck and dance around the question as to his own spiritual identity.
With an article written about Xenos Church, Pastor David and I sit down and talk about cults, control freaks and spiritual abuse.
What will be the end of these politicians who thirst for power? what is it that they are really after? find out on today's episode of the Arch Advocate show.
The Cult followers of Dr. Jordan B. Peterson were out in full force yesterday after the episode. Will the Cult grow even larger? find out on today's episode.
Dr. Jordan B. Peterson has been getting a little too big for his britches. Money and fame can and will distort any man. His work is still good, but let's keep our eye on him and make sure that we don't fall into the trap of hero worship. How do we do that? find out on today's episode of the Arch Advocate show.…
John Allen Chau was Killed by a tribe of people who have never been contacted by the modern world. what can we learn about the western world from this? find out on today's episode.
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