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Podcasts and Resources on the Contemporary Social-Scientific Study of Religion
Good Life Project
Inspirational, intimate and disarmingly-unfiltered conversations about living a fully-engaged, fiercely-connected and meaning-drenched life. From iconic world-shakers like Elizabeth Gilbert, Brene Brown, Sir Ken Robinson, Seth Godin and Gretchen Rubin to everyday guests, every story matters.
The Bible Project
The creators of The Bible Project have in-depth conversations about the Bible, theology, and history. A companion podcast to The Bible Project videos found on
Project Management for Beginners and Experts. Are you looking to improve your Project Management Skills? Then listen to The Project Management Podcast™, a weekly program that delivers best practices and new developments in the field of project management. The more companies understand the importance of sound Project Management, the more will your skills be in demand. Project Management is the means used by companies today to turn their vision and mission into reality. It is also the driver b ...
Project Leven Show
Biohacking, health en technologie podcast. Door Peter Joosten, biohacker, blogger en menselijk proefkonijn. Afleveringen over zelfontwikkeling en persoonlijk leiderschap, training en gezondheid, voeding en supplementen, technologie, innovatie, quantified self, apps, duursport, wearables, CrossFit, mindfulness, allerlei diëten (van paleo tot ketogeen tot veganistisch) en nog veel meer.Ik probeer er achter te komen wat peak performance is (en hoe je dat kan bereiken) door gesprekken met echte ...
Capturing the nation in conversation to build a unique picture of our lives today and preserve it for future generations.
Fire was our first true piece of technology. Around its warming glow, we would tell stories, share our thoughts, and bond with the people we love. Centuries later, our fires have been digitized, and thrown into everyone's pocket. They are infinitely more powerful. This is a podcast dedicated to exploring the intersection of technology and storytelling, from two writers connected by circuits, wires and a passion for writing.
The People and Projects Podcast, where we bring interviews and insights to help you deliver projects and lead teams.
The MFCEO Project
Do you really want to fulfill your own true potential? Learn how to build a real business with Andy Frisella on The MFCEO Project. Andy is an entrepreneur, CEO, author, and public speaker. He's built a $100+ million empire from nothing; and on the MFCEO Project he's going to show you how to do that, too. His podcast covers entrepreneur basics like money, marketing, and management. But Andy also takes your business to the next level with goal setting, productivity, the success mindset and mor ...
Posted on Tuesdays, Norm and Will discuss topics of interest with Adam--nothing is off-limits! Still Untitled covers everything from hot-button issues within the maker community to experiences from Adam's life to questions from the audience. Enjoy!
Earwolf producer Matt Gourley (Superego) and Andy Daly (the upcoming Comedy Central series Review) have spent months sifting through podcast pilots to curate this collection of noteworthy efforts. Together they’ll bring you podcast pilots submitted by a beloved cowboy poet, a theatrical director who specializes in girls, a satanist game show host, a water skiing legend and many more. All of these would-be podcasters have, oddly enough, taken advantage of the open door policy on Comedy Bang B ...
Project Bodybuilding is the home base of bodybuilding media podcasting, breaking news, and intelligent and entertaining community conversation. It leads the charge in innovative content and informative industry news. The podcasts feature some of the top names in the business.
The Projection Booth has been recognized as a premier film podcast by The Washington Post, The A.V. Club, IndieWire, Entertainment Weekly, and Filmmaker Magazine. With over 300 episodes to date and an ever-growing fan base, The Projection Booth regularly attracts special guest talent eager to discuss their past gems. The podcast features discussions of films from a wide variety of genres with in-depth critical analysis.Follow us on Twitter @proboothcast and visit us at www.projectionboothpod ...
People face threats of violence every day, ranging from large-scale terrorism to one-on-one assaults. Most people are unprepared, unequipped, and untrained to respond effectively. This weakness in the flock allows the wolves to attack with great ease and success. There are a chosen few who have the courage to place themselves in harm's way between the wolves and the flock. They are known as Sheepdogs. Tim Kennedy, combat proven Special Forces Sniper, Airborne Ranger, and Mixed Martial Arts f ...
Podcast & magazine featuring first-person stories told by people from around the world that help to broaden our understanding of the human experience. Storyteller’s portraits and other images from each interview can be found on our website and in our quarterly print magazine.
The ATP project takes a look under the skirt of the Science,media and hype and real breakthroughs surrounding the Health industry. Like Watson & Holmes, Matt and Jeff search for the truth and provide it in a fun and irreverent way. It may shock you, excite you or even make you mad - but The ATP Project will entertain you. All show notes and podcast transcriptions can be found by heading to the website
Project Oncology®
Project Oncology® presents a wide array of oncology topics designed to educate and enlighten practitioners on late-breaking discoveries, novel treatment options, evolving methods of patient management, and more. This series provides cutting-edge updates on cancer biology, diagnosis, and multidisciplinary management, as well as evidence-based recommendations to achieve optimal patient outcomes.
The Knowledge Project takes you inside the heads of remarkable people to explore the frameworks and mental models you can use to make life more meaningful and productive. Learn more at
This podcast delivers real project management insights from experts around the world.
Project Management Insights delve below the surface of Project Management. We explore those areas that aren't covered in standard project management training. The aim is to up-skill you as a PM to be more effective as a leader and project manager. If you like to learn and be challenged, we're here to do that.
The World of Productive Laziness
You live in a land of light and warmth for a third of your life, Another third is spent in the loving embrace of the darkness. But there is a THIRD portion, seperate and distinct from the others, a land of shadow and mystery. A place where your wildest imaginings can become Night Terrors.An Anthology of Horror and Suspense from - Audio Theater in a Darker Shade
Hello everyone, and welcome to the Disney Film Project Podcast! This is the show that creates magic for one and all, by all of us talking about your favorite Disney films, and some of your not-so-favorite films. Whether it’s Tangled, One Magic Christmas, Condorman or Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, we’ll capture it all here… eventually. Hosted by Ryan Kilpatrick, Todd Perlmutter, Cheryl Perlmutter, Rachel Kolb, & Briana Amberger. If you like the show, tell your friends. Tell 572 other peopl ...
PM Happy Hour is the place for frank and honest discussion about real world issues in project management. We do it in a way that’s not too dry, though it may get a bit salty from time to time. Each episode, we will cover a problem faced in project management today, and share practical advice, real-life examples and the occasional project horror story. Not only that, but every podcast is also an online class! Our host is a PMI Registered Education Provider, who has structured each podcast as ...
21st Century Buddhism, The IDP Podcast, features weekly lectures and discussions by IDP Teachers, Interviews with well known authors and personalities and artful explorations of Buddhist teachings in the form of sound collages, and spoken word pieces. Recent Guest Lectures have included Reverend Billy, Simran Sethi, Sharon Salzberg, Brad Warner, Susan Piver, Sera Beak, David Nichtern, Arawana Hayashi, Daniel Goleman, Eric Spiegel, Dr. Miles Neale, Elizabeth Reid, Gina Sharpe, Chas DiCapua, C ...
Let’s talk movies.
Welcome to The Bollywood Project! We are Hani and Uzma, two brown girls living in the diaspora who love anything to do with Hindi films. This podcast includes reviews of films, discussion of current issues in the industry or affecting the industry, as well as some discussion on gossip. We hope you enjoy!
Does the word ‘budget’ make you microsleep? Have you never, ever looked at your super? Do you avoid dealing with your finances because it seems too hard, and boring, and annoying? Welcome. You’re not alone. Join Comedian Claire Hooper on her mission to get it together with money.
The Project Management Debate Podcast is a weekly podcast that explores different topics related to project management, transformation, strategy, and leadership. The format of this 20-25 minute podcast includes a key question that is debated by Philip and Mary Elizabeth Diab. The structure includes a brief introduction, opening statements, questions and answers, and closing statements. The podcast is hosted on SoundCloud and in the process of being published on the iTunes store. Listen and t ...
The Project Censored Show is a weekly public affairs program that airs Fridays from 1-2 P.M. Pacific time on KPFA Pacifica Radio. The program is an extension of the work Project Censored began in 1976 celebrating independent journalism while fighting media censorship and supporting a truly free press. The program focuses on The News That Didn’t Make the News. Each week, co-hosts Mickey Huff and Peter Phillips conduct in depth interviews with their guests and offer hard hitting commentary on ...
Since 2007, Ricardo Vargas publishes the 5 Minutes Project Management Podcast where he addresses in a quick and practical way the main topics on project, portfolio and risk management.
The Dad Edge Podcast (formerly The Good Dad Project. Podcast) is a movement. It is a strong community of Fathers who all share a set of values. Larry Hagner, founder of The Dad Edge Podcast (formerly The Good Dad Project Podcast), breaks down common challenges of fatherhood, making them easy to understand and overcome. Tackling the world of Fatherhood can be a daunting task when we try to do it alone. The mission of The Dad Edge Podcast (formerly The Good Dad Project Podcast) is to help you ...
Hosted by Mark Bell, inventor of the Sling Shot and World & American record holding professional powerlifter. Topics range from Powerlifting, nutrition advice, mind bullets and Poop Stories. Join Mark on his journey to "Make the World a Better Place to Lift".
The Media Project
The Media Project is an inside look at media coverage of current events with The Times Union's Rex Smith, WAMC's Alan Chartock, University at Albany Professor Rosemary Armao, and Daily Freeman Publisher Emeritus Ira Fusfeld.
The Film Project
The Film Project podcast is a weekly show made by filmmakers for anyone who has a love of movies, filmmaking, and the arts. Hosts Jason McKee, Tom Dineen, Juan Mas, Shaun Springer, and Brandon Smith discuss topics like Hollywood cinema, film industry news, indie-film projects, while also highlighting local filmmakers, projects, art events and hosting special guests from the film industry and arts community.The Film Project podcast is an extension of the Spokane Film Project, a non-profit org ...
The Elysium Project follows those who are pulled into the world of a powerful formula that allows its subjects to manipulate the world around them based on thought and desire.
This blog is dedicated to The Glee Project Podcast, a podcast about Oxygen's hit show of the same name, It is a spin-off of Oral Intensity, A Glee Podcast. During season 1 we integrated Glee Project episodes into our normal Oral Intensity feed but this year it's getting its own podcast. All of the Oral Intensity episodes of TGP season 1 have been reposted here. Hope you enjoy listening!
The podcast for rehab clinicians that work with older adults. The Senior Rehab Project is here to help you step up your game. Whether you’re a physical therapist, PT assistant, student, or seasoned veteran, the Senior Rehab Project will prove to be helpful for you in your practice, regardless of setting.
Project Management Training Podcasts from Parallel Project Training
An exploration of the cinematic literary… or something
Weekly discussions and interviews on self-improvement, fitness and well being niche topics and exciting and influential minds. Join us on a journey of exercising the muscle inside your head.
The Amelia Project
The Amelia Project offers a very special service: Faking its clients' deaths! Its eccentric clientele includes cult leaders, politicians and celebrities, all desperate to disappear and start over... But how long can the secrecy last? For credits, release schedule and more information see Start with episode 1.
Welcome to Manage This, the podcast by project managers for project managers. Every first and third Tuesday of the month we have a conversation about what matters to you as a professional project manager. Andy Crowe and Bill Yates, both well respected thought leaders in the project management industry, cover subjects such as project management certification and doing the job of project management, as well as get inside the brains of some of the leaders in the industry and also hear your stor ...
Desde 2007, Ricardo Vargas publica o 5 Minutes Project Management Podcast, onde aborda, de uma forma rápida e prática, os principais temas da área de gerenciamento de projetos, portfólio e riscos.
Stefan James from the Project Life Mastery blog reveals his very best strategies to mastering and living life fully; everything from how to be motivated, his secrets to success, how to make money online, making passive income online, how to change your beliefs and mindset, being healthy and physically fit, being happy and productive, life management, cultivating relationships, spirituality, and much more! This podcast contains Stefan's very best strategies and principles that he's shared in- ...
Project Camelot
To provide researchers, activists and ‘whistleblowers’ with access to all forms of media in order to get the truth out.
The Digital Project Manager is the home of digital project management inspiration, how-to guides, tips, tricks, tools, funnies, and jobs. We provide project management guidance for the digital wild west where crazy clients, tiny budgets and stupid deadlines reign supreme.
Join us as we chart the long and often arduous journey between Hulkamania and The Attitude Era! Starring Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, Diesel, Razor Ramon, Lex Luger, Yokozuna and... Mantaur??
Nightside Project
End your commute happy with Ethan Millard and Alex Kirry from The Nightside Project. Each episode features a feel-good #ZenHeadlines story submitted by the audience.
Guest DJ Project
KCRW's Guest DJ Project invites an array of cultural luminaries to share and discuss songs that have inspired and moved them with a KCRW DJ.
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In an edition of Nightside Court from the Vault, Ethan and Alex talk about a couple that were fined for feeding the homeless.
Play Now: For Project Management Professional (PMP)® Students: PMP Exam Prep : Justin Fraser and Cornelius Fichtner For the last several years, there has been a focus on helping senior people in the workplace connect with and manage the newest generation in the workforce. Millennials. However, this new generation is now moving from entry-level ...…
Total Duration 53:40 Download episode 207 Your Agile Journey If you spend enough time leading projects, you can't miss the fact that agile approaches continue to gain in popularity. What seemed initially relevant to only software development projects is now increasingly being used outside of software. Whether you're a believer or a skeptic, agi ...…
When a parent is on their phone all the time, what is the effect that this has on the children? Ethan and Alex discuss the effects and how it affects them in their lives. From the Nightside Vault, a friendly reminder entering the weekend: get off your phone.
Ethan Millard and Alex Kirry Join Utah's Morning News on KSL Newsradio to battle one another on questions about Bugatti Veyron's oil changes, taxes, the richest man in the world, Avengers Infinity War, Donald Trump and much more. Who will win this week?
The News That Didn’t Make the News. Each week, co-hosts Mickey Huff and Peter Phillips conduct in depth interviews with their guests and offer hard hitting commentary on the key political, social, and economic issues of the day with an emphasis on critical media literacy.
From the Nightside Vault, Ethan and Alex talk about an interesting question: should the smoking age be raised? In Utah, the smoking age is 19, but what benefit would we have from raising the age to 21?
The RISE of the Masters Athlete and return to sport considerations after hip replacement! Watch the video at Be sure to check out Modern Management of the Older Adult - an 8 week online course led by Dustin Jones and Christina Prevett. This course is approved for 16 CEU's and is sure t ...…
In today’s podcast, Elements of Truth, Matt, Steve and Jeff answer chemistry questions you are probably too embarrassed to ask. They discuss the difference between organic chemistry and organic farming, why does acid and base fizz when you mix it together and what happens when this occurs inside your body. As always, this information is not des ...…
This week we address a massive issue we are all guilty of... consuming too much information. In the age of information it becomes very easy to constantly learn new stuff but how much are you doing? We give you the best ways to learn lesss and do more for better long term success.
On this special episode, director Travis Stevens and writer Bomani Story join Mike to discuss the 2018 film Rock Steady Row. This modern play on the Yojimbo / Fistful of Dollars story pits a freshman against two rival frats at Rock Steady University. Find out more at…
What I Learned Today We continue our series of short videos talking about an idea or observation that was learned or taught this week. In this episode, I share some thoughts about not missing out on some of the most important learning opportunities. When we're feeling defensive, anxious, or upset, we often miss the fact that this is an enormous ...…
From the Nightside Vault, Ethan and Alex talk with Dr. Terry Sellers about the effect of opioids on a young family. How do opioids effect the children, the parents, and how does a family get out of that situation?
Ethan and Alex get together to talk about the epidemic that is sweeping across Utah. How does this affect our communities? Ethan and Alex weigh in on this vault episode of Nightside.
I've quoted Lombardi on the podcast before: "chase perfection." Problem is, most people emphasize the second word when the focus is really on the first. Perfection is an impossibility. We're supposed to chase it, not expect it. That's sounds counter-intuitive to a commitment to excellence, but it's not. In fact...perfectionism actually undermin ...…
Why is it that men tend to shut down and hide instead of asking for help? As the founder of The Dad Edge Alliance, I have talked to thousands of men, and I can tell you we all struggle with the same issues. We suffer physical, mental, and emotional problems. We deal with affairs, addiction, fear, anger, identity crises, and major life changes. ...…
Teaching your kids to navigate the digital realm can be tricky. Is there a right way and a wrong way to help monitor your kids cell phone activity? Ethan and Alex discuss cell phone monitoring in this episode from the Nightside Vault. Later, to cap off the episode, they will discuss a study that weight how effective computers in schools are for ...…
Never ones to shy away from a conspiracy, Ethan and Alex come from the Nightside Vault to talk about a plan to install a system that would scan your license plate for a greater database.
Alyssa shares a sample of the collective intervention knowledge of the everyday heroes of SRP - the clinician members! Theres no reason to keep up the same old- same old heading into the end of the week. ------------ SRP is brought to you by the generous support of the SRP Game Changers. If you want to Join SRP, Crush Mediocrity, Join the Month ...…
Douglas Fruchey is an AFPA certified personal trainer and coach. He is also a super heavy weight power bodybuilder and a Physique Inc. athlete. Douglas provides in-person and online consulting for diet, cardio, weight management, and contest prep.➢SHOP NOW: Discount code, "POWERPROJECT" at checkout and receiv ...…
Leading remote teams can be tough - but is it because our teams suck, or because we're not leading our remote teams well? Find out as Ben talks to Wayne, simple rules you can apply to be a better remote leader.
Guest: Denise Rokitka, MD, MPH In this segment, Dr. Rokitka describes the Adolescent and Young Adult (AYA) cancer population including what makes them unique and why they need special attention. Also discussed will be the more common cancer types seen among AYAs and what action(s) to take if a malignancy is suspected in an AYA patient. This act ...…
If you have ever driven outside, you may know that Utah roads aren't great. Some are better than others, but some are just plain terrible. Ethan and Alex get together to discuss and vent from the Nightside Vault.
Adam's back from two weeks of travel and catches us up on his time as an artist in residence in Colorado making a bronze Maltese Falcon (and collaborating with Tom Sachs!). We also talk about the influence of Akira on its 30th anniversary, and Adam's release of the plans and patterns for his EDC TWO bag. A big episode before we head down to Com ...…
Released in 1961, Akira Kurosawa’s Yojimbo was an international sensation and put jettisoned star Toshiro Mifune into the pantheon of cinematic badasses. It’s the story of merchants who manipulate two factions of gangsters in a small town. Our main character -- a man with no name -- comes to the town and after sizing things up decides that he’l ...…
On the eve of After Show 100 we are shocked with a huge round of positive doping results. We discuss what this means for those athletes and the Sport in general. We also manage to squeak in our usual Netflix and Monday's interview reviews.
As the temperatures start heating up, a Nightside episode from the Vault is more prevalent now than ever. How does this happen? How can it be prevented? Don't leave your kids in the car. Alex and Ethan are here to explain.
When Scotty Johnson answered an ad in the paper to spend 4-months in the Arctic Circle, he never imagined it would forever change his life and lay the foundation for a stunning living filled with adventure and impact. In the two decades since, he's taken everyone from elite leadership teams and executives, to international sports teams, student ...…
What I Taught Today We continue our series of short videos talking about an idea or observation that was recently taught. In this episode, I share some thoughts about one of my favorite ways to coach someone. Let Me Hear From You! What have you been learning lately? What are you reading? Please e-mail me (show [AT] PeopleAndProjectsPodcast [DOT ...…
From the Nightside Vault, Ethan and Alex discuss a parent whose kid racked up a $500 phone bill. What should the parent do? Ethan and Alex weigh in.
We underestimate the value of good and clear communication on project success, so let's dive into why it is THE KEY to successful delivery.
If a too warm room or home makes it hard to plan a session, imagine the impact on your patient. Erinn & Tali lay it all out as we roll through the dog days of summer. --------- This episode is sponsored by the Academy of Geriatric Physical Therapy. Struggling with managing or preventing falls with your patients? Check out AGPT's Clinical Guidan ...…
This is our first episode in our new series on the Bible’s portrayal of God! We are currently working on a theme video about God that will be released later in 2018. In part 1, (0-8:33) Tim overviews the whole subject. He says later on in the discussion they will talk about the Trinity in the Bible, but for now, they will just focus on the deve ...…
Justin Lovato is a trainer at Gold’s Gym in Venice, California. He and his wife Stephanie Lovato specialize in nutritional plans, wellness coaching, weight loss, contest prep, posing and sports supplements and both run their company I AM BUILT. At 22, Justin obtained his natural professional bodybuilder status, and competed at the National leve ...…
In this podcast, I talk about 3 ways to improve your communication skills. Communication skills are important in every aspect of our lives. In simplest terms, communication is the act of transferring information from one person or place to another. People communicate in order to facilitate the spread of knowledge and share messages with one ano ...…
Most of us say that our marriage is a priority, and usually it starts off well, but then the kids come. Time alone with our spouses becomes rare. Our children's needs must constantly be met. Life gets hectic and patience runs thin. The happily ever after we imagined can turn into a nightmare. This is an episode all dads and moms need to hear. T ...…
Accepting what you can't change later in life, and getting on with what you can change.
Back by popular demand and ready to drop a nuclear bomb of knowledge on his own solo show. Evan dives into why our old conditioning models are broken and what the new science and programming is doing to create the fittest athletes in the world.
During the Trump Presidential Campaign, after some statements were made concerning about the then-candidate Donald Trump, Ethan and Alex ask: What is the white agenda? Hot and fresh from the Nightside Vault.
A while ago, the Governor was taking meetings with lobbyist, and Ethan and Alex wanted to meet him. They have law pitches that you never knew you always wanted. From the Nightside Archives, Ethan and Alex, a special kind of lobbyist, are interested in some law pitches.
Ethan Millard and Alex Kirry join Utah's Morning News and Brian Martin and Amanda Dickson to challenge one another at another round of News Masters of the Universe to answer questions concerning President Trump, The FBI, Nano Cars, Tim Horton's Coffee Shops, World Cup Soccer players diving and much much more, can you beat these two chuckle heads?…
NICK WALKER: Welcome to Manage This, the podcast by project managers for project managers. Every other week we get together to talk about the things that matter to you as a professional project manager. And it doesn’t really matter whether you’re a PM veteran or someone simply exploring what the field is all about. We’re here to offer some idea ...…
The News That Didn’t Make the News. Each week, co-hosts Mickey Huff and Peter Phillips conduct in depth interviews with their guests and offer hard hitting commentary on the key political, social, and economic issues of the day with an emphasis on critical media literacy.
From the Nightside Vault, Alex Kirry and special guest Dave Noriega talk about the U.S. rent based economy and ask what people are charging for rent.
Cueing & Feedback: What To Say & When To Say It Watch the video at Be sure to check out Modern Management of the Older Adult - an 8 week online course led by Dustin Jones and Christina Prevett. This course is approved for 16 CEU's and is sure to help you improve how you treat and view ...…
Most people who want to be millionaires don't see the connection between today & someday. Young kids don't think that killing it at their job at Burger King has anything to do with making millions in the future. Adults don't think how they cut their grass or wipe their @ss has anything to do with achieving their "dream life." The people who *ac ...…
In today’s podcast, Acid Reflux and Corrosive Bacteria, Matt, Steve and I talk about Helicobacter Pylori. It is a bug found in 50% of Australians. Mostly it does nothing but in some people this bug causes massive grief. It can cause conditions such as ulcers and chronic reflux. In this podcast we unpick Helicobacter Pylori and how it affects us ...…
A study found that Facebook can leave people more depressed. Ethan and Alex already knew, and they way in on it in this episode from the Nightside Vault.
Dr Sean from the Active Life is again here to take us through his favourite personality test which as he puts it has given him "more money, better relationships and an unfair advantage"
In this episode from the Nightside Vault, Ethan and Alex tackle this burning question: Is Utah boring? Would you agree with what they say?
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