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This Transum podcast features a puzzle of the month as well as information about everything new on Transum Mathematics. Look for the latest episode of the podcast in the iTunes Store
Pints and Puzzles
Pints and Puzzles is on a personal hiatus, but WE WILL BE BACK... in the mean time enjoy our old episodes!Exploring history’s mysterious, unexplained, and strange cases. Craft beer tips and tastes added along the way.
The podcast for all you lateral thinking, logic loving, puzzle solving people. Three puzzles for you to solve every episode and the solutions. Great for all levels of grey matter, featuring easy, medium and Einstein difficulties. Good luck!
The Adventures of Detective Mathema tell the story of Algebrus Mathema, the most famous mathematical detective in the world.Whether it’s sequences or time, weights or algebra, Detective Mathema has the power to solve the puzzles.
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A puzzle (or riddle) about Percy who seems to age very quickly from 13 to 16.By John Tranter.
A riddle about the person most likely to be able to work out the square root of 121.By John Tranter.
Calculate the number of days worth of horse feed that are left for Obadiah Sloop.By John Tranter.
Solve the riddle heard on the radio involving modular arithmetic.By John Tranter.
Of all the permutations of 1 to 9 used to make nine-digit numbers, how many are prime?By John Tranter.
Can you work out what number I used to lock and unlock my hotel room safe?By John Tranter.
Figure out the percentage of choir members that do not have blue eyes from the clues given.By John Tranter.
What do the four digit numbers typed into a calculator using four keys at the corners of a rectangle have in common?By John Tranter.
Work out the house numbers from the clues about the mean, median and mode.By John Tranter.
What time was the clock in the mirror really showing?By John Tranter.
Find a pandigital number that is delightfully divisible.By John Tranter.
Can you find five integers that multiply together to give twelve?By John Tranter.
What is the largest square that can be drawn in the corner of a 10cm by 15cm rectangle that does not cross the diagonal of the rectangle?By John Tranter.
A question about the average speed required for the second half of the marathon.By John Tranter.
Aynuk and Ayli cut half of the lawn each. How long is each side of the square lawn?By John Tranter.
Tonights episode we'll do a little tribute of sorts into the man that was Fred Rogers. It's a shorter, but important episode... especially now ====================================== PARTNER: (Code PINTS) MARCH GIVE AWAY: #pintsandhyperchill (@thehyperchiller) ======== Notes and Sources: 1) ...…
A really wonderful answer to the missing pound puzzle.By John Tranter.
In this episode, we are joined by Chris Williamson, the Project Creator of the podcast and future documentary Chasing Earhart! Chris and I talk about the Chasing Earhart project, some of the mystery and lure around Amelia and her story, as well as her lasting impact, even to this day! Please support and subscribe to the Chasing Earhart project ...…
Split the number 45 into four parts according to the given information.By John Tranter.
Good friend of both myself and show, Dr Chris Cogswell has recently been appointed Director of Research at the Mutual UFO Netowk or MUFON. We have a more formal interview and discussion about what MUFON is and where Dr Cogswell wants to see things going in the future! Dr Cogswell can be contacted on Twitter @ChrisFCogswell MUFON also has a Twit ...…
2018 kicks off Season 3 of Pints and Puzzles! We ease back into things with some off the cuff talk about the late 2017 "alien news" FEATURED BEER: @TheBrewWorks Fegley’s Space Monkey PARTNERS: (Code PINTS) and (Code PINTS) PROMOS: @pretendradio and @doubledensity NOTES : ...…
Work out the weight of the potatoes after they have been left out in the sun to dry.By John Tranter.
Work out the bank balance given information about the transposition error.By John Tranter.
HAPPY THANKSGIVING! We are joined by Dr Cogswell from the Mad Scientist episode where we discuss the real origins of Thanksgiving, family traditions, food, food, and lots of food! Don't forget to check out our partners at for special deals and savings for #smallbusinesssaturday (Promo code PINTS gets you an extra 10% off)…
This fun and lighter episode we are joined by our partner sponsor Fulton for Life... who also happens to be my amazing wife! Questions and fun all around!
Work out the number of sheep owned by Percy and Patsy from the given clues.By John Tranter.
Tonight we sit down with Podcast UFO Consultant Rob Kristoffersen (@YerUFOGuy) and host of the upcoming @ourstrangeskies Rob is a wealth of knowledge and we talk everything from the Lonnie Zamora Encounter and all other ADD UFOlogy... and even a famous podcaster Rob is not a fan of... hmmm Podcasts randomly and shamelessly name dropped -we like ...…
Check out the FULL TRAILER for the upcoming season 5 of @TruthJusticePod! After, enjoy an extended beer review featuring @TapistryBrewing
The Cash-Landrum case in Dayton Texas was different than most. Find out why the witnesses felt compelled to sue the US government in this UFO encounter as we take a look at this compelling case. ========================FEATURED BEER: Anniversary Stout - Vault Brewing - @VaultBrewing PARTNER SPONSOR:@fultonforlife - POD FRI ...…
The Battle of Los Angeles occurred weeks after Pearl Harbor, but what was it...alien invasion or just war jitters and itchy trigger fingers. Come on in for a less spooky and more historical UFO case and let me know what you think! ========================FEATURED BEER: SeaQuench Ale - Dogfishhead Brewing - @dogfishbeer PARTNER SPONSOR:@fultonfo ...…
In our first episode back from the break, we look at the abduction of Travis Walton and talk to filmmaker Jennifer Stein about her documentary TRAVIS: The True Story of Travis Walton - FEATURED BEER: Milkshake Stout - Rochester Mills Beer Co - @Rochmillsbeerco PARTNER SPONSOR:@fultonforlife - P ...…
Can you time exactly nine minutes using the four and seven minute egg timers?By John Tranter.
What is sum of all the four digit numbers containing all of the digits one to four?By John Tranter.
What is the probability that two random numbers are both even if they are not both odd?By John Tranter.
Calculate the number of regions in a circle formed by intersecting chords.By John Tranter.
Hey guys! Just a quick update for those of you not on Twitter regularly. Pints and Puzzles is on a brief break for the summer but will resume production when the kids go back to school and I can properly dedicate the time to the show. Have a safe and enjoyable summer! CHEERS -TJ
Can you work out the number of children in the Numlove family given the clues about brothers and sisters?By John Tranter.
Tonight we look at the strange explosion that happened over the Siberian wilderness in 1908 Some great surprises in store this episode (including EXTRA bonus post-post roll) Friends of the Episode: Partner: (Promo code: pints) Featured Beer/Brewery: Flaming Fury Sour from @cptlawrencebeer Check out our friends at Brewzeit ...…
Tonight we are joined by investigative journalist Jon Walczak to discuss an interesting angle to the strange disappearance of Representatives Nick Begich and Hale Boggs. Friends of the Episode: Partner: (Promo code: pints) Featured Beer/Brewery: Round Guys Brewing - Cyrano @RoundGuysBrewer Check ...…
What mark is required in the last exam to achieve an 80% overall average?By John Tranter.
This episode we talk about the strange disappearance of 24 natives in Nome Alaska! Friends of the Episode: Partner: (Promo code: pints) Featuring: Featured Beer/Brewery: Left Hand Brewing Hard Wired Nitro Coffee Porter @LeftHandBrewing Check out our friends at Brewzeit or @Bre ...…
Where should the last slice of cake be cut to give two equal pieces?By John Tranter.
This episode we take a jump across the pond and back in time and explore the mysterious tale of little green children suddenly appearing in a small farming village. While I am joined in the studio by a couple little people of my own! Episode Sponsor(s): (Promo code: pints) Patreon: We ...…
This is a special release episode done with The Mad Scientist Podcast! Chris from The Mad Scientist Podcast and I sat down for a few hours with a couple adult beverages and a couple great stories from how we got started in podcasting and down the conspiracy rabbit hole to some of our most outlandish conspiracies! Take a listen to that conversat ...…
Calculate the remaining volume of the sphere after a cylindrical hole has been drilled through the centre.By John Tranter.
First Bonus Beer Mini-Episode featuring Sierra Nevada's Snow Pack variety pack! Cheers!
This episode we take a look at the 37 year old disappearance of Dr Margaret Kilcoyne from Nantucket, MA. Joining us to tell the story is reporter Jason Graziadei Episode Sponsor(s): (Promo code: pints) Featured Beer/Brewery: Sierra Nevada Celebration and Sierra Nevada Sidecar -Sierra Nevada @SierraNevada Twitter: @pintsand ...…
Lighter episode to gently ease us back into the fringe after the break. Episode Sponsor(s): (Promo code: pints) Featured Beer/Brewery: Back in Black IPA - 21st Amendment Brewing @21stAmendment Twitter: @pintsandpuzzles Check out our friends at Brewzeit! or @Brewzeit Sites and Sources https://en.m.wikip ...…
How many different places could the flea find itself after 8 foot-long jumps either north, south, east or west?By John Tranter.
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