Best Quadratic podcasts we could find (Updated December 2018)
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Welcome to Dom, where amazing things happen.
Brain On The Brink
Reluctantly released every Sunday.
Only Connect: Stories from the DPS MyTech Digital Coaches is a monthly podcast featuring the great work teachers and coaches are doing to leverage technology to impact instruction in Denver Public Schools.
Bite-Size Math Pi
The Bite-size Math Pi podcast is about math topics in secondary or high school. In each episode, Jeffrey discusses topics like indices, differentiation, binomial theorem, math functions, and others in a quick and easy way to help you understand them. Join him for a bite-sized math pi(e).
Math PapaPodcasts
Videopodcasts based on various Math Concepts such as: Quadratic Functions - Parabolas and Completing the Square - Polynomials - Expanding, Simplifying Exponent Rules - Algebra II
Talking to people who use maths in their work. Aiming to encourage further uptake of maths at A-level and beyond. brought to you by the Further Maths Support Programme. The FMSP supports students and teachers in England with mathematics, and you can find out more at Hosts: Peter Rowlett (Nottingham Trent University) and Katie Steckles.
Introduction to Computer Science and Programming
GMAT Prep Now
GMAT Prep Now combines hundreds of high-quality videos with a step-by-step learning guide to make your GMAT preparation as effortless as possible.
Linear and Quadratic Applications
Get extra help in preparing for the MYP and IGCSE coursework in mathematics
In the world of virtual reality, anything can happen. Watch The Math Dude, the new MCPS video series that helps middle and high school students improve their Algebra skills.
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Nothing was good in this one except for the hiccup.
Not a great podcast but an excellent manifesto.
The episode cuts off at the end because I didn't have memory on the SD card. I cut my tongue off to pay for my haste.
I've made it to another Sunday. My fire burns strong like the dry stuff in California.
I talk about motivation and other wonderful topics.
Only forgot to finish one story!
An archive episode from more than a year ago where I read notes from an old notebook.
High schoolers have big feelings. When it came to teaching Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet, Manual High School English teacher Brian Jackson tapped into those feelings with the help of technology. Working with Digital Coach Rebecca Carr, Jackson learned to use Schoology discussion boards as a simple “Do Now” to ask students questions about love ...…
Another episode of forgotten thoughts and unfinished ideas. Could I use a cohost to get me back on track? Yes. Am I going to do that? No.
In this episode, I talk about the Chain Rule of Differentiation, a very powerful rule which can be applied to find the derivative of many functions.Visit Email at Facebook:
This episode discusses the derivative of function of the form y = mx, Power rule, the Sum Rule and Difference Rule of Differentiation. I also discuss two examples which illustrates how these rules are applied.
In this episode, I discuss differentiation. From the gradient formula, I discuss what is finding the derivative of a function and how this is related to finding the limits of a function. The derivatives of some common functions are also touched on.Visit Email at Facebook:…
The formal definition of limits is discussed in this episode. I talk about how we need to make use of the absolute value between two values to help us define the idea of limits precisely using mathematical notation. Visit Email at Facebook:…
The idea of limits is so important in the study of calculus. To understand how we find the slope of the tangent of a function at a point, listen to this bite-sized episode. I discuss the idea as a variable approaches a certain value when finding the limits of a function. The idea of limits at infinity is also mentioned.Visit ...…
Weightlifting class might be the place where you'd least expect to find technology use, even in a MyTech school. But at South High School, students are leveraging their Chromebooks, Schoology and the power of video feedback to help themselves and their peers at George Washington High School get the most out of their workouts. Veteran Physical E ...…
Quadratic equations are one of the types of equations that you will encounter most often in secondary or high school. Quadratic equations may come in different flavors but they have a standard form and their graphs are usually curves. In part 1 of solving quadratic equations, I discuss how to solve this type of equations by graphing it or compl ...…
The very first episode of Dom!
The concept of logarithms are discussed. I highlight the relationship between the logarithmic form and the exponential form. The product, quotient, power and change base rules of logarithms are discussed, along with the natural logarithm e and how to use the calculator to find the value of a logarithm.Visit Email at bitesizem ...…
In this episode, I discuss surds and the surd form. Rationalising, conjugates and rational numbers and irrational numbers are some of the topics that are discussed.Visit Email at Facebook:
In this episode, I discuss how to solve the index or exponential equations using the laws or rules of indices that were discussed in episode 1. The method of comparing the indices with the same base is discussed.Visit bitesizemathpi.comEmail at bitesizemathpi@gmail.comFacebook:…
It's really important for middle school students to find ways to express themselves in safe, creative ways. At Skinner Middle School, Meghan McKeown's creative writing students have found ways to do just that, with a little help from Digital Coach Robbi Makely and the technology that comes with being a DPS MyTech school. Host is Steve Holz-Russ ...…
In this episode, I discuss indices (or exponents) and the 6 laws of indices. These laws or rules of indices will help us to manipluate the numbers with indices. Questions? Drop an email at
In episode 0 of the Bite-size Math Pi podcast, I talk about what this new podcast is all about. I also tell you how you can get in touch with me to ask questions or give feedback about the podcast.This episode was recorded on Pi Day, March 14, 2018. (3/14)
The very first episode of Dom!
The very first episode of Dom!
The very first episode of Dom!
The very first episode of Dom!
The very first episode of Dom!
The very first episode of Dom!
The very first episode of Dom!
The very first episode of Dom!
The very first episode of Dom!
The very first episode of Dom!
The first ever episode of the Denver Public Schools’ MyTech Digital Coach Podcast! Join hosts Steve Holz-Russell and Mattea Garcia as they discuss Mattea’s work with two math teachers at North High School. “I’m not good at math.” You can hear this a lot from students in high school math classes. There are a lot of formulas and a lot of processe ...…
This week the topic was calculus and differentiation. We talked to Florencia Tettamanti, who’s a mathematician working on fluid dynamics. We talked about how Flo uses calculus to study the motion of fluids like air and water, and what it’s like to be a research mathematician. Show notes and more episodes via…
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