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On this Podcast I review episodes of Star Trek better than any other podcast does!
Join us for weekly reviews and discussions for all things Star Trek: Enterprise and more.
A Star Trek Voyager podcast reviewing each and every episode in broadcast order
Math PapaPodcasts
Videopodcasts based on various Math Concepts such as: Quadratic Functions - Parabolas and Completing the Square - Polynomials - Expanding, Simplifying Exponent Rules - Algebra II
Linear and Quadratic Applications
Learn about the latest releases, the latest standings, and what comes next.
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The final results are in. Congratulations to our winner, as well as our savvy players who made the smart buys (even if it wasn't enough to win it all).
All the movies have been released! We still have a few weeks to watch the scores, but have the rankings changed?
The race to the top may end in a photo finish. Most could make a jump up in the rankings, but the closest race is at the top.
Fantastic Four bombs, leaving Justin locked in the basement. Can Mission Impossible push Paul ahead in the rankings? We approach Jameson's last big push for the top.
Paul owns the box office this week, but did he get a high enough return on his investment? Gavin continues his eye on the bonze medal, while Jameson creeps toward the gold. Justin spends perhaps one last week in the basement.
Gavin holds the top two spots at the box office, making a move to third place. Jameson inches closer to Team Mullen. Justin waits for Fantastic Four while Paul prepares his last big push.
The Ant-Man has arrived, and Gavin is making his move on the charts. Minions drops quickly. Trainwreck does quite well.
Heading into a crucial weekend, Jameson approaches Team Mullen with the top two movies for yet another week. This competition is far from over!
The domination of Team Mullen continues. Paul loses another movie to Fall.
A light weekend at the box office may have been all Team Mullen needed to reestablish dominance in the ranks, but just how far ahead did they jump?
With a growing number of solid movies competing for your dollars, which came out on top? Do we have a new draft leader? Which movie did Mike choose to see over the weekend?
Well, this is it everybody. The time is finally upon us as we give you the final episode of The Delta Quadrant! Join us for our extra-special (and extra-long) wrap up show as we reminisce, read your feedback, and say one final goodbye to a four year project that has been some of the best times we’ve ever had. You, the listeners, were an INCREDI ...…
Nobody went to see "Hot Pursuit", but did enough go to see "Avengers" for Carlos and Mike to take first place? The dynamic duo of the draft thought they were going to own May, but the Mullens seem to have other plans.
Seven seasons, and it all comes down to this! That’s right listeners, after four years of The Delta Quadrant, we have finally arrived at “Endgame,” the series finale of Star Trek: Voyager. 33 years after returning to Earth, Admiral Janeway embarks on a dangerous one-way mission through time in order to bring Voyager home sooner than she was abl ...…
This week on TDQ, we are joined for the final time by friend of the show Takarangolem to review the PENULTIMATE episode of Voyager, “Renaissance Man.” When Janeway’s life is “threatened” by a pair of rogue profit-seeking aliens, the Doctor is “forced” to betray the Voyager crew in order to ensure the captain’s safety. Lots of musing about the t ...…
As we close our the month of April, Mike takes stock of the current standings. "Pan" has been pushed back into the Fall, so a replacement has been made.
This week on TDQ, we say hello to first time guest Philip (aka Bradox on the Forums) and bid farewell to our favorite Talaxian in “Homestead” When Voyager unexpectedly encounters a group of Talaxians, Neelix is overjoyed at the prospect of reconnecting with members of his species. His reunion leads him to make an important decision regarding hi ...…
Mike talks about the biggest release of April, the Star Wars trailer. Team Mullen continues to dominate. Gavin and Jameson get in the game.
This week on TDQ, musings on Chakotay, Seven, and some sweet, sweet Driver’s Ed stories courtesy of special guest Blair aka medic1849 as he and additional guest Carnivore J join Matt & Geno to discuss “Natural Law” When Chakotay and Seven find themselves stranded after a shuttle accident, they must learn to rely on the primitive native populati ...…
This week on The Delta Quadrant, B’Elannagains expert Sarah (aka Sareki) joins the TDQ crew once again…but not for a B’Elanna episode! This time, we’re taking a look at “Friendship One.” Voyager gets its first official assignment from Starfleet in seven years: seek out a probe from Earth’s early post-First Contact space exploration days that wa ...…
With the first week in the books, Mike looks at the success of the Fast and Furious franchise, as well as Team Mullen's head start.
This week on TDQ, a very special returning guest, Justin from the Trekoff Podcast, joins the crew as we take a look at “Author, Author,” or as many people may remember this episode, “The Measure of a Man 2.0”. But does the episode deserve that moniker? The Doctor uses the Voyager crew as templates for a holonovel wherein the main character is a ...…
With one week left before opening weekend, Mike makes the case why each player will win this season.
Join us for a lovely weekday romp, we hope we don’t stomp your hopes and dreams, with ships and things as we strip down to our loins and cloth. Q makes Aunt Kathy babysit his four year old boy. Would you like to know more? As we come to a close we want to encourage all of you who have always, have never, or would still like to again talk to us ...…
A rundown of the draft results. Team Mullen picks up the most movies by far. Mike and Carlos team up and bet big. Jameson and Gavin strategically pick up reliable mid-summer blockbusters. Paul joins the league, and Justin begins the defense of his title.
This week on another exciting episode of TDQ Matt rants, Melissa praises, Geno sits on the fence and Ben tries to hold his bladder all the while special guest Zach maintains his professionalism and composure. 7 falls in love with a hollow soul. Much thanks to Zach for joining us! Much thanks to the patient listeners! And much thanks to Josh for ...…
Mike runs through the movies up for grabs. His commentary is likely mistaken, and could all be a trick. After all, he is competing in the draft.
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