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I Love Queso So Much
Reviewing every single queso in Austin, one podcast at a time.Hosted by Daulton Venglar & Bryce Seifert
Casa Del Queso
A group house of twenty-somethings in Pittsburg, Kansas is suddenly rocked when jealousy turns to grief and grief turns to streams of water coming from the face of a former housemate. Can Darrah, the itinerant lesbian, find a way to sto
Champagne And Queso
Champagne and Queso is a bi-weekly (for now!)lifestyle podcast with singer Lindsay Lawler and fashion blogger Carla Antonelli. The title describes the ladies....fancy and casual, and everything in between. The two hosts, who have very different experiences, opinions, and networks, will cover everything from music, to fashion, to food and drink, to body mind and soul wellness, to animal rescue, to....well lots of champagne and queso. Join us for exciting and entertaining guests, lots of opini ...
Chili Con Queso Podcast
The Chili Con Queso Podcast, where three cohorts in cahoots, who make the Three Amigos look like newfangled associates, discuss superheroes, comic book, comic book movies, films, tv shows, pop culture, video games, and technologyMake sure to follow us on Twitter and Instagram at: @QuesoChiliYou can also find us on Google Play Music Podcasts and iTunes.Enjoy!
Cinema Con Queso
Movie reviews the way they should be....from the perspective of the average viewer.
Baked Beans con Queso
Hello We're Archie, Big Wig, and Fofo and together we form Baked Beans con Queso. A PodCast where you get facts about games, politics, movies/comics/shows, etc. We are not Family friendly. You may or may not offended. You've been warned
Taco Time with Tim
Reviewing every taco shop in Orlando, one podcast at a time
Leftover Production
John likes cheese. Francisco gustas queso.
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Monsters In The Morning
FRIDAY 02.09.2017 Who pays for the date? RRR - This ruins relationships. From The Imrov Finesse Mittchell. Angel on the 1s & 2s. To The Top Carlos - Coach Carlos. Savannah the Gator Entertainer. BOTW - KONA KOKO Brown
Any place in KC you can get yourself a taco is fair game on Taco The Town! No taco is off the table! So we hit up the popular chain Chipotle Mexican Grill on this week's episode and give it the T3 Treatment! Dave is joined by Chipotle experts Wayne Cobb and Kyle Hutchings as they break down their Chipotle faux pas and discuss their taco/burrito ...…
En este episodio platicamos Barbarian, (Bárbara Guerra, una excelente coach de hábitos) y yo acerca de cómo cuando tomas decisiones diferentes Sí obtienes resultados diferentes y frecuentemente mejores.Platicamos también de la frustración, de celebrar las pequeñas victorias y las grandes y otras cosas relacionadas a educar a nuestro cerebro.Si ...…
Simple Soul - Creating You, Love your Simple Soul
In light of the holidays, we wanted to share a few of our favorite tips and tricks to make this season memorable and stress-free. We are excited to share ideas about hostess gifts, gift exchanges, party foods, drinks, traditions for kids, holiday games, volunteering, and de-cluttering. Happy holidays from our house to yours. Find out more at ht ...…
Joke and Destroy
Boom, boom, boom, lemme hear you say heyo... Anyone? Crazy lady in the apartment downwstairs, can I hear you say "Heyo?" Well alright, it's Joke and Destroy Episode 33 with Denver comedian John Davis. Somehow, John is actually a native of Colorado and Andres and Pysh learn all about rolling around the mountains chasing Insane Clown Posse, The F ...…
As if the Senate race hasn't been bad enough, we find out that Chipotle has once again put out queso...and it's not any better than the first go round.
Almost Live Almost News
It's episode 100! Ben and Sean try to wrap their heads around the Bitcoin phenomena and what it means for the future of money. Also, Trump continues to cause all the trouble he can around the world and finished an extremely serious speech this week with a hilarious garbled word. (God Bless the United Shersh!) Later, Chipotle takes another crack ...…
Tiki Mike is fresh off his boat-less booze cruise to the Bay Area as he tells tales of the journey. Also join us as we discuss how Vice President once heroically narced his frat bros out about having a keg at their party. If thats not enough we dive deep into some Chipotle queso and reveal that they are ditching the old $hit and have a brand sp ...…
For You Leaders - Business and Leadership Podcast Featuring Kirk Dando
Restaurants have a notoriously high failure rate and the ones that survive often have razor thin margins. 60 percent of restaurants close or change ownership in the first year of business, 80 percent fail within five years. The fact that Kerbey Lane Cafe in Austin, Texas serves food is almost where the similarities end between Kerbey Lane and m ...…
Carl and Joel are left without Tiny this week, but place an emergency call to wish him a happy Thanksgiving. The talk quickly turns to queso and thanksgiving food, culminating with the creation of a new holiday leftover meal. After they let Mike go, Carl and Joel they play a round of Black Friday Price is Right and then, prepare everyone for th ...…
Gentlemen of Leisure: A Podcast of Tangents
In this episode Joe, Ryan, and Larry discuss queso, chili gang bangs, and give Larry a panic attack.
In the wake of Sutherland Springs, should congregants be allowed to carry firearms? Hundreds respond to a Texas church security summit, we’ll have the latest. Also, at Texas prisons its being described as a mass exodus of guards. We’ll hear how bad it is and what’s behind it. File under sign of the times: what do you call it when someone lies b ...…
Queso disappointment! How much do you need to love something to break your own property for it! SEX CULT!By josh ronin.
In Episode 4 of TACO THE TOWN, Dave and his guest review the delicious tacos of Chuy's Tex Mex with The Man Of Many Voices, Kurtis Seaboldt! Topics include eating meals while driving; why does Chipotle's Queso dip taste so bad; what various Kansas City sports figures would sound like ordering tacos; and many many more!…
In Episode 4 of TACO THE TOWN, Dave and his guest review the delicious tacos of Chuy's Tex Mex with The Man Of Many Voices, Kurtis Seaboldt! Topics include eating meals while driving; why does Chipotle's Queso dip taste so bad; what various Kansas City sports figures would sound like ordering tacos; and many many more!…
From Beer Rev, Fisher and Alex take a break from Bomberman to bring another brand new BYOCB. From nostalgic video games to Chinese buffets, to why do kids love Olive Garden so much? Enjoy some episode 99 before we take our talents to the Bad at Business Beerfest for episode 100. On this episode, we discuss - Power Air Fryer 2000 - Chinese buffe ...…
11-7-17-Eric and Cassie-Queso was an extra $3
In this episode of TACO THE TOWN, Dave is joined by filmmaker and owner of Lotuspool Records, Chris Garibaldi as they review RANCHO GRANDE, a family friendly KC Mexican Restaurant. They cover nicknames, the Bathroom Wizard, Johnny Cueto's Queso Dip, Teen Wolf, and what exactly a D.Mags is!
In this episode of TACO THE TOWN, Dave is joined by filmmaker and owner of Lotuspool Records, Chris Garibaldi as they review RANCHO GRANDE, a family friendly KC Mexican Restaurant. They cover nicknames, the Bathroom Wizard, Johnny Cueto's Queso Dip, Teen Wolf, and what exactly a D.Mags is!
If you are aspiring cheese maker or simply love cheese, then Queso Diego is the club for you! Curt Wittenberg talks about club activities and shares his experiences learning to make his own cheese.
I'll Have What She's Having
Most of all, Erica named the episode of this podcast because she loves puns almost as much as she loves creamy, spreadable cheese. Kourtney picks up queso and chips from Homestate, along with the Queso Blanco and fries from Del Taco.
Join Alex and Jess for their fourth installment of "Whatever Happened To?" where they discuss bananas and stadiums. Also in this episode: organ harvesting garages, queso, and Alex's only punch. Enjoy!
Aaron the former Google / Obama / Uber and future Nielsen employee on wedding gifts, how McDonald’s and General Motors are in, Chipotle is out, and whether you need an Apple burner phone 1:40 Monday scaries > Sunday scaries 1:50 Aaron spends a year writing wedding thank you notes. Except I got mine in a week. 3:30 PSA: Send cold hard cash for w ...…
Good Buy Cruel World
Throw on your tiny cone hat because its party time. Welcome to Episode 2!This week, Nick, Jason, and Myles discuss products to help make your party the hit of the decade, whether it's a birthday, backyard BBQ, or unreasonably dangerous dance party. Good luck sneaking that jar of queso cheese by your loving wife! Products featured in this episod ...…
It's time we open up our home and share with the world Omar's ~world famous~ queso recipe! Foodie Call's very special episode features Maddison Hill, Holly Osifat, Daniel Jackson, and Heather Smith for a Kitchen Table App queso party-turned podcast.By Kylie Hodges, Omar Nava, Nerdist School Network.
Harvey Weinstein, a listener's feedback on Candice's Satan comment, awkwardly singing the Pussy Cloud theme song in front of a senior Vice President and another Texas asshole's opinion on queso.We are still taking Pussy cloud pre-orders for our t-shirts. Order at
The Whole Story Podcast
This episode we get inside this thing we call storytelling and mess around with its form. Anita Flores and Brad Lawrence talk to us about how they like playing around and challenge this thing called “storytelling.” We talk about long form, animation, interviews, pacing, and all kinds of tips and tricks and tactics that we use in performances. H ...…
Speaking on Cam Newton, Las Vegas, & Police. Featuring: Varee Gee
Speaking on all fake shit PERIOD. Featuring: Herbs, GuruPoota & Fatboy (Xymerius)
Is cheating a part of today's culture? Featuring: Herbs and John
Hotdish Episode 3: A Chat With the Ladies of Cannon Belles Cheese Welcome Introduction Hello and welcome to episode 3 of HotDish, the Just Food Co-op podcast. I’m Vicki, your host and I am very excited to bring you the latests news from your member owned, democratically run cooperative grocer. The purpose of this podcast is to keep the conversa ...…
First episode! Rock with me 🙌🏾
Curb Your Ruckus
The guys discuss efficient folding, bad queso, and joining the jewish faith as they break down Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 2 episode 9 'The Baptism'.
Sunday Brunch with Megan and Chris
Hop in y’all, we’re going to MegDonald’s! In this week’s episode, we sit down at the table and discuss topics such as: robot body parts, Megan’s missed joke opportunity, thoughts on Kingsmen 2, how important the final score is in a winning ballgame, awards shows + how much they matter, currently-in-theater movies at home, what one dumb thing we ...…
Miguel and Holly Show New Audio
What top trait are people looking for in a partner? It's Free Queso Day. Also, Taco Bell is trying this to seem more "hip".
In an effort to improve on-time arrivals budget airline Ryanair cancels hundreds of flights, Man left unable to get an erection after being scratched by a cat, Chipotle's queso goes nationwide and social media hates it, The 'Cash Me Outside' girl lands major recording contract with Atlantic Records
All natural tampons, Chipotle's queso and Broad City details. Who do you and don't you take advice from?
The gang is officially corporate with the first episode under the direction of Qdoba Multimedia Incorporated. Find out why Joe hates salsa verde, why Mason is in Maryland, and learn all about Producer Shawn's brief stint with sobriety. The guys then get hit with a wave of spicy interruptions including some heartwarming fan mail and strict order ...…
Technically Correct
Christmas in Cupertino is here and we hope you took your change jar to the CoinStar at the Safeway because Tim Cook ain’t f***ing around with these new price points. This week, we cut through all the queso and fake news and review Apple’s September media event, the iPhone 8 and X, and look ahead to 2020. Links: Start-up Bodega learns an importa ...…
Football and Stuff
The guys issue an emergency press conference to detail the breaking news of Football and Stuff being acquired by Qdoba Multimedia Incorporated, presented by Qdoba. Go get your hands on some Knockout Tacos and be sure to try the new Queso Diablo available for a limited time only at any of the many fine Qdoba locations!…
Los episodios de FriendlyFire Podcast
Llegó una nueva semana y nos volvemos a encontrar para merendar, esta vez con frola de batata, medialunas con jamón y queso, y unas Toddy que nos trajo Fonti. Esta semana los Fede (Rulli y Fonti) meriendan con Fran en la merienda más gamer de la historia de los videojuegos. Y los temas de la semana, están acá: ** Se cuela en la intro del progra ...…
Will, Henry and Mom talk to Dad about the boys’ goodnight ritual, next year’s Spring Break vacation and Hurricane Harvey, and the first week of school. Henry talks about starting to learn the trombone and William talks about having Melon Milk in his lunch. In the News, there’s a story about piglets saved from a fire, then served to the firefigh ...…
This is episode 28 of #GetFed: your go to resource for food porn and nonsense hosted by Marcus Bradley Donovan (The Pasteurized Chef) and DJ/producer/fast food addict zacheser.Produced by The OLM Creative Factory.SUBSCRIBE ON ITUNES: News1. Houston Police have been asked to stop using markers from the popular chain Whatabur ...…
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