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Reviewing every single queso in Austin, one podcast at a time.Hosted by Daulton Venglar & Bryce Seifert
Casa Del Queso
A group house of twenty-somethings in Pittsburg, Kansas is suddenly rocked when jealousy turns to grief and grief turns to streams of water coming from the face of a former housemate. Can Darrah, the itinerant lesbian, find a way to sto
The Chili Con Queso Podcast, where three cohorts in cahoots, who make the Three Amigos look like newfangled associates, discuss superheroes, comic book, comic book movies, films, tv shows, pop culture, video games, and technologyMake sure to follow us on Twitter and Instagram at: @QuesoChiliYou can also find us on Google Play Music Podcasts and iTunes.Enjoy!
Champagne and Queso is a bi-weekly (for now!)lifestyle podcast with singer Lindsay Lawler and fashion blogger Carla Antonelli. The title describes the ladies....fancy and casual, and everything in between. The two hosts, who have very different experiences, opinions, and networks, will cover everything from music, to fashion, to food and drink, to body mind and soul wellness, to animal rescue, to....well lots of champagne and queso. Join us for exciting and entertaining guests, lots of opini ...
Hello We're Archie, Big Wig, and Fofo and together we form Baked Beans con Queso. A PodCast where you get facts about games, politics, movies/comics/shows, etc. We are not Family friendly. You may or may not offended. You've been warned
Cinema Con Queso
Movie reviews the way they should be....from the perspective of the average viewer.
John likes cheese. Francisco gustas queso.
Since 1995, Darrell has hosted The Retro Cocktail Hour, which is actually TWO hours - a weekly serving of "incredibly strange music," including everything from lounge music to tiki tunes to swinging soundtracks from the '60s and '70s. Through our website, the show has listeners all over the world, from Bosnia to Japan.The show's spiced with everything from obscure Italian B-movie soundtracks and bossa nova to contemporary bands like Don Tiki, Big Kahuna and the Copa Cat Pack, the Tokyo Panor ...
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Governor Abbott's queso confusion, corny vs. corn-full, and our first brisket queso as we check out Red's Porch's Queso Con Todo.By (Daulton Venglar & Bryce Seifert).
Our current favorite television shows (ie guilty pleasures), upcoming bachelorette finale and Lindsay's mama as a guest! We are obsessed with the Bachelor franchise, Queer Eye, and Handmaid's Tale, amongst others.
"Famous and original" or "especial?" We try both as we head to Trudy's and reveal that there is nothing riding on this podcast.By (Daulton Venglar & Bryce Seifert).
Consistency, grinding, and ad campaigns from the mid-2000s. Oh yeah, and we review Austin-original-turned-national-chain Chuy's Queso Compuesto.By (Daulton Venglar & Bryce Seifert).
We become a science podcast, chill out at Shady Grove with their Double Wide Queso, and try not to get killed by an umbrella.By (Daulton Venglar & Bryce Seifert).
You will not believe how long it has been since we reviewed a queso blanco (not clickbait). We visit Zocalo Cafe to try its Queso Mixta as well as debrief our successful SXSW event.By (Daulton Venglar & Bryce Seifert).
In Episode 15: The Bachelor Finale (and other pop culture madness) we dive in to the past season of Ari's Bachelor shennanigans and dig in to the relationships of the last women standing. Carla and Lindsay have lots of thoughts on this (cause this is basically our Oscars). We also produce some theories on what goes on behind the scenes, make be ...…
Hot tubs, graduations, and tons of toppings as we get back on track with a real queso at Polvos.By (Daulton Venglar & Bryce Seifert).
February 17, 2018 (rebroadcast)
Fraught with queso fatigue, we visit Easy Tiger to review a similar-ish, non-Tex-Mex experience with beer cheese and spend the rest of the episode apologizing.By (Daulton Venglar & Bryce Seifert).
Mushrooms? Gusts of wind? Thicc chips? We check out El Chilito, and torment Alexa while trying to get her to play our podcast.By (Daulton Venglar & Bryce Seifert).
Spreadsheets of queso. A historic campus bar. Surprising spice. We hit up Posse East to see what their queso, lovingly served in a styrofoam bowl, has to offer.By (Daulton Venglar & Bryce Seifert).
Bryce's order gets messed up, Daulton hates the chips, and a bystander asks an important question: "Do you have breakfast tacos?" This and more as we stop by a Sunday brunch at Santa Rita Cantina.By (Daulton Venglar & Bryce Seifert).
In this special episode, we dive into a Texas Thanksgiving staple: Velveeta-Rotel quesoBy (Daulton Venglar & Bryce Seifert).
In Episdoe 14 of Champagne and Queso we are joined by wine expert Todd Johnston who is the Sommelier at the fabulous Marsh House restaurant in the Thompson Hotel in Nashville. He is also the Assistant GM of Marsh House and the hotel's rooftop bar LA Jackson. Todd knows how to drink and how to do it right!! We love Todd and are thrilled to have ...…
It has been exacty one year since we started our search for the best queso in Austin. We look back by parodying a popular three-year-old podcast.By (Daulton Venglar & Bryce Seifert).
IKEA, DNA verified beef, and a conspiracy-laden queso name as we head to Tacodeli in Austin Chronicle's future Worst Local Podcast of 2018.By (Daulton Venglar & Bryce Seifert).
Recorded back-to-back with the Chipotle episode, we try to get a bad taste out of our mouth by visiting the home of Austin's most unreadable menu: Maudie's. We also re-coin the term crockpotting. Please do not Google it.By (Daulton Venglar & Bryce Seifert).
It is finally here: queso at the nationwide chain trying to cover up its E-coli outbreak. We give Chiptole's new queso a try, talk about our two month break, and update Daulton's resume.By (Daulton Venglar & Bryce Seifert).
Episode 12 of Champagne and Queso is our current mini travel guide based on trips our guests Erin and Rebecca have both recently taken to Cuba, Italy and Spain. Erin Kette, who is the director of Food and Beverage for the new, swanky hotel in Nashville, TN gives us tips on Cuba (as well as her hotel!), how to travel and where to stay (and what ...…
A famous sign, Chipotle's queso cold feet, and El Arroyo's happy hour that you would be "stupid to pass up."By (Daulton Venglar & Bryce Seifert).
After a brief hiatus, we are back with a first for the podcast: fries and queso? We see if Hopdoddy's mash-up is worth the buzz and also reminisce about Axe Body Spray flamethrowers.By (Daulton Venglar & Bryce Seifert).
We are joined by Nashville based holistic chef Laura Lea Goldberg on episode 11 of Champagne and Queso. We are totes in loves with Laura Lea of and dying over these YUMMY healthy recipes. With her new cookbook now out we are so excited to make and share these recipes with our listeners and you will absolutely fall in love with La ...…
We sample one of three quesos from Curra's Grill, discuss binge listening, and search for the missing beef.By (Daulton Venglar & Bryce Seifert).
Taco Bell's new chicken chips, Fresa's totally loaded queso, and one very sensual sponsor.By (Daulton Venglar & Bryce Seifert).
Get to know your Champagne and Queso co-hosts, Lindsay Lawler and Carla Antonelli. In Episode 10 the 2 hosts talk about how they got to nashville, their very different crazy wedding stories and how they landed careers in music, fashion, event planning, trucking and media. And Carla gives tips on how to find your personal "lady boss" style, and ...…
We take on chip-related conspiracy theories and Fire Red Sauce as we head to the incorrectly spelled Kesos Taco House to taste their El Don Keso.By (Daulton Venglar & Bryce Seifert).
Fajitas in queso, metaphorical potholes, fake sponsors, and an appearance by a very special musical guest as we head to Hula Hut to try their Queso Compuesto.By (Daulton Venglar & Bryce Seifert).
Episode 9 of Champagne and Queso features Tiffany the Singer...yes THE Tiffany, like from the 80's, yeah that one! We dig deep withTiffany about what 80's stars she is still friends with, what she would change about her career, the pressures of being a woman in the music business, her family and friends, her 8 dogs and her love of Jim Beam and ...…
Chicken fried steaks, stolen shirts, Brooks & Dunn, and a review of the authentic "Choriqueso" from Sazón.By (Daulton Venglar & Bryce Seifert).
Jackson and Fullerton have their first special guest on this episode. Also Fullerton makes music, Jackson is not fond of it.
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