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Chloe in the Racks
Follow along as Chloe searches through Siren Records racks, explores new and old music, and finds out where they are today.
Racks Podcast
Comic Racks
Comic Racks is two girls talking nerdy.
Somewhere between science and tradition. Trapping, Hunting, Fishing, Cooking, we explore them all with cold beer and good company. Join the conversation and crack a cold one with us
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Chloe reviews some albums from Siren Records, and we learn she can still speak Russian. Also, this podcast is a few(more) days late because of me, the producer.
The guys talk Black Bears with Kevin, who recommends the BMU quotas to the NRC every year in Michigan. We talked about the black bear’s history in Michigan, hunting with hounds, hunting with bait, how the point system works, setting tag quotas, and much more...
Chloe is back for the second week in a row! This week's episode is a little different, and it features Split Squad, the Struts with Kesha, stellastarr*, Buzzcocks, and Ssion
Chloe is back after summer break with Rancid X, Vice Squad, the Nuns, Super Heroines, the Kids, Teenage Head, and Acid PLUS kittens that need a home! ACID Video:
The guys drove 8 hrs to Marquette in Michigan’s U.P. to sit down with the Michigan DNR’s bear and wolf program specialist. Part one is everything U.P. wolves from past to present.
The guys sit down with their buddy Rick Morrison to talk fishing before he left for his BFL tournament. Bass fishing, Perch fishin, and a little Trout fishing!
Brent and Adam sit down with local trapper Chuck Powell to talk about: beaver trapping, mountain men, Brent’s obsession with wanting to eat a whistle pig, eating beaver, the fur trade, and some interesting historical facts about the area Chuck traps in South Bend IN.
Chloe drags herself to the mic to talk about Roxy, American Tears, Werewolves, Laughing Dogs, and Princess Pang
Brent and Adam sit down with Eric Fisher and Ryan lucker to talk about fishing for a variety of species on LakeMichigan.
all bay city rollers as promised. rip alan longmuir :'(
Brent, Mr. Mustachio and Ray Cole continue their conversation with Ryan Johnson to address some corrections. They also attempt to tie up some loose ends while drinking some ice cold...”orgies”?
Chloe is back with Cott Wilk + the Walls, the Raves, the Motors, and Artful Dodger
Ryan Johnson joins the guys to discuss Brent’s (Bert’s) buck that he harvested “ALMOST legally” back in 2014 that led to, well....this podcast.
Chloe is back after a week of with the Vels, the Rockets, the Sports, and the Elektrics
The guys sit down with Ray’s brother Allen Cole and Turkey grand slam chaser Chuck Gooding. TOPICS: The guys recap their 2018 seasons; chuck’s SINGLE SEASON turkey slam chase; lessons learned; Chuck’s Kidney transplants; yotes
Chloe is back with Neon Hearts, Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark, Human Sexual Response, and the Vapors!
The guys talk about why Adam decided to grow such a magical mustache, Bear hunting, fly fishing, “the big lake”, sheds; squirrels as big as bear cubs.
The very first episode of Racks Podcast!
Chloe's back at it with David Werner, the Hitmen, Shoes, and the Suburbs. Plus a special deal for you loyal listeners!
The guys sit down with good old boy and Brent’s high school friend Nathan Brewer to talk turkeys
Chloe is back for Season 2! We're kicking it off with a Record Store Day review, featuring First Aid Kit, The Lurkers, Urban Dogs, Superchunk, and Tom Waits
The guys sit down with local trapping legend and woodsman Chuck Powell.
The guys talk venison recipes, organ meats, and we find out why Ray and Mr. Mustachio aren’t neighbors anymore.
The guys talk coyotes over cold beer...lots of beer
Early days of whitetail hunting, Antler Point Restrictions, U.P. Wolves
2017 season recap, drop tine, what an antler is, and does with antlers.
WOW I FINALLY RECORDED A PODCAST this has the LAMF tribute band or whatever they are, and the Gap Band, and Dave Greenfield & JJ Burnel.
i tried to make this as halloween-y as possible. Snips, Spitballs, the Headboys, and Bugs Tomorrow. - Chloe And if someone hand told me it was a halloween episode, I'd have rushed this a lot faster. Oh well, enjoy! - The Editor
Chloe is still in New Jersey, and listening to Chloe is still in New Jersey, and listening to the Elevators, Dough & the Slugs, the Cretones, and (weirdly) Linda Ronstadt. This episode is late because a new intern took over, and she's still getting the hang of things.
CHLOE'S BACK!!! With her friends Tom Petty, Mondo Rock, Novo Combo, the Riggs, Brian Briggs, and the Swingers.
Riot, Howard & Tim's Paid Vacation, Short Dogs Grow, and the Toms.
Chloe gets deep with this Jimmy Gnecco/Ours centered episode
Chloe: anonymous shoutout to my favorite customer who gets me into all kinds of good shit...the Keys, the Winkies, the Jook, and Marc Bolan. You: cool! Subscribe on iTunes
Chloe puts on her SPACE PANTS and we check out Glen Campbell, Scorpions, and the A's. (Sorry there was no episode last week, our editor was on vacation.) Subscribe on iTunes
This episode is all about siblings in bands...the Kinks, the Stooges, Devo, Oasis, Tegan & Sara, and the Darkness, and CHloe is joined by her sibling! (Which she is not in a band with.) Subscribe on iTunes
Chloe battles her drunk cats, and listens to Blondie, Acid, Ron Gallo, and Tim Moore Subscribe on iTunes
KISS, Jesse Malin, T.Rex, Kraftwerk. Saw Jesse Malin last night(last week), he told a KISS story, and T.Rex because of my whiteboard drawing and Kraftwerk because fuck it I like them. Subscribe on iTunes
Chloe puts out a incredibly average episode, except for the new band at the end, The Whales Subscribe on iTunes
Chloe: "talking about the Dickies controversy so i play a Dickies song, and also the new Kesha which is SO GOOD." (It really is, you need to hear this.) Subscribe on iTunes
Chloe explains why she was absent last week, a fun story concerning an englishman, and a few other rants, plus songs from Chron Gen, Jesse Malin, and Medusa's Disco Subscribe on iTunes
Just a quick local episode, featuring Supergoose and Birdie Num Num & The Spirit Squad. Subscribe on iTunes
More New Wave, plus some maybe audio issues, featuring The Bureau, D.L. Byron, Age of Chance, Felony, Get Wet, The Max! Subscribe on iTunes
shortie today. bday crap + the stranglers + my jon wurster story. Subscribe on iTunes
Chloe is back after *Two Weeks! And she brought some weird stuff with her Subscribe on iTunes
Chloe plays some CD's from her personal collection, featuring locals Bad Bob, The Droogettes, Behn Wolfe, Cait Black and Incident 8. Subscribe on iTunes
Chloe pumps us up for Record Store Day with some stuff from The Kinks, The Ramones, The Wipers, Cleaners From Venus, and Walter Lure & the Waldos. This Saturday, April 22nd, is Record Store Day. Join us at the shop starting at 10 AM and snag some of the records Chloe talks about in this episode (and more!) Subscribe on iTunes…
Chloe plays us some singles from the revamped new wave/punk/post punk 45 section in the store. Featuring Disco Inferno, The Contractions, Ultravox, Red Lorry Yellow Lorry, Exploding White Mice, Delta 5, and Berlin. Subscribe on iTunes
Chloe plays music from the 2000's, "new" stuff. This week's episode features music from The Exploding Hearts, Foxy Shazam, Maserati, and The Fresh & Onlys. Subscribe on iTunes
In this episode, Chloe plays some of her guilty pleasures. No... not Nickelback. She's got Coldplay, Danko Jones, Alkaline Trio and Potap and Nastya for you to enjoy (just, maybe don't tell anyone.) Subscribe on iTunes
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