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SEGA AGES is on air every Friday night taking a look back at the soundtracks to the games that define the history of SEGA. Whether we're looking at a specific year, console or other SEGA-related theme, SEGA AGES is the place to celebrate the history of the gaming company we all love! This RadioSEGA-enhanced podcast includes chapter support and per-game album art on compatible players/devices.
Every Monday night, KC plays you the 40 most requested songs by our listeners in the RadioSEGA playlist on the previous week. Want to change the outcome of next week's chart? Go to and start requesting now!
Apart from the high quality shows that regularly invade your ears through our station, we at RadioSEGA also produce some one-off specials dedicated to games, soundtracks or even special times of the year. Check them out here!
Foreversonic's Random Hour shows are unplanned, unscripted and bring you tracks from all known corner's of the SEGA universe.
If you like music, then you will love Triple Trouble! Come and join supersega, Jamie64326, and MusicClues on an awesome music trip filled with epic mash-ups, dazzling remixes, and killer retro tracks. We'll also discuss current news and what games we've been playing.
Grab your coins and come in to Club SEGA where we celebrate the best of the SEGA arcade scene. Playing music from the 80's all the way to the present day, experience the sounds of some of your favourite arcade games. There's competitions and high scores to beat as well as some discussion on the hardware that changed gaming forever.
Want to go on an adventure? Sword of SEGA celebrates all SEGA based Role Playing Games, past and present. Join our party to hear music ranging from Phantasy Star to Yakuza! (This show is currently off-season.)
SEGA Generations
SEGA Generations is the show that takes its listeners through the ages of various SEGA game franchises, exploring what made them so popular, different facts from throughout their runs and, of course, the music that helped to make them great.
Last Call
Back for Summer 2015, Last Call is your Friday late night mix to get you moving into the weekend! Every week, a different community musician will showcase a 1-hour long DJ set featuring (mostly) SEGA funkyness.
The Blue Zone
The Blue Zone is RadioSEGA's Sonic-centric show, playing the best Sonic game music and remixes and sharing some interesting facts about everyone's favourite blue rodent.
Phantasy Star Beats
A series of special shows dedicated to playing you music in the Phantasy Star series, from the Master System onwards, including some spin-offs, and also remixes.
Saturday Night SEGA is a late night mixture of classic SEGA tunes and the best remixes. And the worst!
Sega Addicts AM
(Listener Discretion Advised) The Sega Addicts have their very first live radio show, and god help us all. Every Tuesday night, join Brett, Stevie, and maybe some special guests as they deliver everything you came to expect from Sega Addicts After Hours, plus some choice tunes!
FiGHTS: into Streams... takes you down memory lane by playing the sounds and stories of the best fighting game series ever to grace our old SEGA home hardware. But worry not: newer SEGA-produced games have their special place in!
The SEGA Lounge
RadioSEGA's very own talk show with different guests every week, music, news and whatever else we can think of. Come on in and have a seat! Hosted by KC and friends.
Chaos Control Center is a show that essentially revolves around the title. CD brings the Chaos, and BDX brings the control. Structure? Who needs that? Certainly not these two!
Your requests, your favourites, your radio. The Chart Toppin' Show is dedicated to play what you want the most, be it the weekly chart or your own personal favourite list. But there's more!
Topical Resort
Welcome to the Topical Resort. A place to relax and discuss all things SEGA, whether that be a series of games, a genre, or an opinion to do with SEGA!
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As a surprise, ViPER took to the air on a Friday night just like the days of old to host an episode of the classic One-Off show. Enjoy the usual blocks, and this episode's mystery block!
For one night only, SEGA AGES returns to celebrate the 8th anniversary of RS LiVE. Join host GreenViper8 for chat, In Reverse, and for the first time in years, lots of Sonic music!
RadioSEGA Presents returns for the first time in almost 2 years to talk about Sonic newest outing, and a 2D one at that. Join Resort owner ViPER for the next 2 and a half hours as he plays you the stunning soundtrack to Sonic Mania!
For the first time in 2017, The SEGA Mix returns, and with a special one-time host! It's Ravsieg of The Chart Toppin' Show fame, and there may be an announcement relating to that, but mostly this episode is focused on great SEGA music!
Back for another year, SEGA AGES, hosted by KC, is here to celebrate seven years of RadioSEGA LiVE shows as well as the music form games released in 2016.
On the day of Summer of Sonic, we did a little post-SoS party of our own with an episode of The SEGA Mix dedicated to the blue blur. Enjoy classic and modern Sonic music as well as a segment filled with Crush 40 goodness!
RadioSEGA's new Triple Trouble show takes off with a blast, full of excellent tracks and laughable technical difficulties, like murders, people not knowing their mic is off, and terrible music switches. The music was still hopping and everyone stuck around for it!
Welcome to another yearly edition of RadioSEGA's Top 40 Countdown, qthis time dedicated to your most requested tracks in 2015. As per usual, a short pre-show aired before the actual episode and that's included in the podcast for your enjoyment.
Reveal the winner of RadioSEGA's Fan Choice Song of the Year with this special podcast!
Celebrating the release of Yakuza 5 in the West, RadioSEGA presents the game's soundtrack. Get ready for some highway drifting, idol pop singing and more!
With just 2 days and a few hours left in the Shenmue III Kickstarter, KC took to the airwaves with the #SaveShenmue Special, to create awareness towards the series. He was joined by The Shenmue Collective, who brought along some vuvuzelas and Nozomi's... panties?Support Shenmue III here:…
Where to start? It's been an absolute blast to host this show for 2 whole seasons and see everyone's positive feedback and how it suddenly turned requesting tracks on RadioSEGA relevant again. To celebrate, here's a rundown of the most requested tracks ever since the show started until now. Thanks for listening! Here's to the future...…
As part of the RadioSEGA Grand Prix, this special edition of The SEGA Mix was entirely dedicated to driving games: classic, modern and even third party games on SEGA consoles. And we managed to celebrate NiGHTS' 19th birthday as well!
The people have spoken and, for the last RSTop40 Special, we're playing the 40 most voted tracks from both Project DIVA F and F 2nd. Get ready for some surprises along the way including an appearance by who is probably the biggest vocaloid fan in the world (not).
In the 2nd of the Final Four RSTop40, KC set out to destroy his beloved Shenmue. How? Download this to find out. Also, music! New tracks and fan favourites. It's all here!Remember to vote for next week's Project DIVA Edition here:
To celebrate the announcement of the Kickstarter for Shenmue III and it being funded in less than 9 hours, we had a special show dedicated to the music of the first 2 games and some remixes. We also shared some reactions to this unexpected reality: Shenmue is saved!Support Shenmue III's Kickstarter project: art can ...…
It's the first of the Final Four and the second installment in the ongoing RSTop40 vs EA's E3 Conference series! Yes, once again EA's conference started halfway through our show and our listeners debate between listening to the show or watching SPORTS! and SHOOTERS! Thankfully, we have perfume. Confused? Listen and understand.To vote for the up ...…
This week on RSTop40, we look into the most recent chart, play some SoTSS '15 tracks and share Madekuji-san's favourite official Sonic remixes. EsperK also comes by to read your answers to the Question of the Week!
Welcome to another special RSTop40! This time, we dedicated a whole show to your favourite tracks from the main Virtua Fighter arcade games. But that's not all as a surprise guest joined KC during the show and Lion's secret was discovered...
KC's back for a new countdown and brings along two new RadioSEGA edits of Rez tracks, a new Guest Top 5 and the usual randomness. All good fun!To vote for next week's RSTop40 Virtua Fighter Edition go to
This week on RSTop40, we have a giveaway and open the voting process for the next Special: the Virtua Fighter Edition!For a chance to win a code for 3D Thunder Blade, send an email to kc [at] radiosega [dot] net mentioning which version you want (US or EU) and the answer to the following question:- Which vehicle do you control in 3D Thunder Bla ...…
KC's throat hurt, but his ability to embarass himself on air was still intact on this week's RSTop40. Find out which tracks made it to the Top 40 and what the next Special will be dedicated to.
Monday night, dream delight! It's the first of three Specials before RSTop40 comes to an end and we're dedicating it to the NiGHTS series. 51 people voted and these are the most voted tracks from both games. #DontForgetNiGHTSArt by yamakarasu:…
We support the Portland Pickles! I mean, welcome to this week's RSTop40, where Dankey Kang tracks reign supreme, we speak with a particular part of our anatomy you usually don't use to do that, and we love metal! Confused? Good!Don't forget to vote for your favourite NiGHTS tracks for next week's show:…
As RSTop40 Season 2 draws closer to the end, it's time to announce the first of 3 Specials airing before the grand finale! We also celebrate the 20th anniversary of Knuckles' Chaotix and talk about our favourite SEGA accessories/peripherals.
The show that brightens up your Mondays is back for another week, playing the top 40 requests. This week, we also celebrate the upcoming release of 3D Fantasy Zone II and talk about games we've been playing.
It was a special night: Donnie was with us in the chatroom! So expect abuse of the 'Donnie' SFX to go along with the amazing lineup of songs you guys requested throughout the week. We also talk RPGs.
JAPAN! RSTop40 is back after the Streets of Rage Special and this week we talk prequels, play the top 40, some new Extra tracks and there's JAPAN! Yes, JAPAN!
Join us as we head to the streets and fight Mr. X and his henchmen on this special Streets of Rage Edition of RSTop40! Find out what the most voted SoR tracks were and enjoy the funk.Podcast art by Wilustra:
Yakuza Zero (or Ryu ga Gotoku Zero) was released in Japan last week, so what better way to celebrate than playing (almost) the entire soundtrack of game? Can you spot the Japanese versions of Bananarama, Michael Jackson, David Bowie and other 80s artists?
It's back to a regular RSTop40 show this week, as we have great music, including first plays of Yakuza Zero tracks, announcements, a review and a giveaway of 3D OutRun.Don't forget to take part in the Streets of Rage poll to influence next week's show:
Right after SEGA AGES, Simon decided to extend the RadioSEGA LiVE anniversary celebrations for a while longer with an impromptu Random Hour show. Along the way, Mr. Social joins the stream for some fun.
Five years ago, on the 12th March 2010, ResidentSD made RadioSEGA history by hosting the first LiVE show on the station: SEGA AGES. On the 12th March 2015, KC and Simon teamed up to bring you a one-off return of that same show dedicated to the music of SEGA games released in 2014.
Five years ago, on the 12th March 2010, ResidentSD made RadioSEGA history by hosting the first LiVE show on the station: SEGA AGES. On the 12th March 2015, KC and Simon teamed up to bring you a one-off return of that same show dedicated to the music of SEGA games released in 2014.
We like experiments, so this week we mixed things up a bit with what we called the Manic Monday Edition. With less focus on the actual Top 40 tracks, we still played the Top 5, had some fun with guest Awinnerwasyou and celebrated Happy Miku Day!A sign of things to come? Who knows?!
RSTop40 is back to play the tracks that GOT TO THE TOP last week. But that’s not all. This week, we talk about the upcoming Top 40 Special, Audio Sprite’s Charity Album (download and donate here: and review 3D Fantasy Zone. Don’t forget to enter our giveaway!
This week on RSTop40, we share some Sonic & SEGA All-Stars Racing memories, as we celebrate the game's 5th anniversary. We also play some Phantasy Star Nova tracks, including a blast processed cover of a... Simon & Garfunkel track? All of this with special guest Ryo Hazuki!
RSTop40 is back to the regular countdown after the JSR Edition last week. And what a countdown we have this time! We also read some #SEGAPickUpLines shared on the 14th February, and have a worldwide exclusive first play of the new track by the Zone Runners!
Anticipating World Radio Day 2015, we celebrate it by playing your 40 favourite tracks from the Jet Set Radio series. Get ready for the true meaning of "Funky Radio", in an episode sponsored by... BUM Travelz.Find out more about World Radio Day by visiting
Happy Hedgehog Day! To celebrate the 21st of the American launch of Sonic 3, we play some appropriate SEGA tracks. Apart from that, we finally find out what the critics have to say about RSTop40 and announce a very special edition of The SEGA Lounge that will please Anarchy Reigns fans. RSTop40: It's better than a chicken dinner!…
It's the return of the "Kick Blue Monday in Da Ballz" edition of our show! They say it's the most depressing day of the year, but surely they're not listening to SEGA music on RadioSEGA! Cheer yourself up, listen to new RadioSEGA idents based off classic SEGA adverts and find out more about the upcoming special.You can vote for the Jet Set Radi ...…
It was another great week of requests and our amazing listeners got some SEGA classics to the chart. Listen as KC guides you through another wild ride through SEGA tunes and finds out why Carbuncle from Puyo Puyo is a "magical beast"!
New records in request numbers were achieved this week and that resulted in a more varied Top 40 chart. KC also played a couple of tracks to celebrate the upcoming release of 3D After Burner II on the 3DS eShop, and a new track by friend of the show Mister Wilson. GET TO THE TOP by downloading this podcast or Gangsta Segata will punish you!…
RSTop40 is back for another week, in the first regular episode of 2015. This time, our listeners shared what SEGA games they want to play this year and we talk #MisheardSEGAlyrics. Good fun!
Another year, another year in review edition of RSTop40. Join KC as he plays the 40 most requested tracks of 2014, some new additions to the playlist and discusses the best SEGA moments of 2014. This podcast includes the 25 minutes of pre-show party featuring even more new additions to our playlist.
In the last episode of 2014, KC is back to countdown the most requested tracks of the week and play some of new aditions to the playlist. And joining us for a 3D Classics take on the Guest Top 5 is Ryan.Follow Ryan on Twitter: @brawndwarf
In the aftermath of RadioSEGA's WinterFest 2014, RSTop40 is back with another episode filled with music and crazy stuff! Find out KC's own thoughts on the WinterFest and what the listeners enjoyed the most. Also back is Guest Top 5, with the help of the magnificent SEGA Nerd that is Köpke! Follow Köpke on Twitter: @Kopke…
It's almost time for RadioSEGA's WinterFest 2014 and KC took the time to announce the guests that are joining RS hosts for the event. On top of that, the countdown was filled with Phantasy Star... beats!Don't forget to vote for RadioSEGA's Top 40 Countdown - WinterFest 2014 Edition here:…
Welcome to Take 2 of this week's episode of RSTop40. Yes, the show was LiVE on RadioSEGA on Monday as usual, but a very tired and mentally disturbed KC forgot to record it! Never fear, though, here's the podcast version with extra Gizoogling... Oh my! Vote on the WinterFest 2014 poll here:…
This special edition of RadioSEGA Presents showcases the music of Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal and Rise of Lyric!
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