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M Street
A weekly podcast of Mercy Street Reformed Church. Mercy Street Reformed is a Denver area church plant of the RCUS (Reformed Church in the United States). On this podcast you will learn Reformed teaching from Pastor Chris Moulton. Initially the podcast will make its way through the Heidelberg Catechism - a faithful summary of the Bible (God's Word).
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Covenant signs are critically important, but they do not save in themselves.By Dr. Kevin Carroll.
Justification is God's work alone, apart from human effort.By Dr. Kevin Carroll.
Justification by faith alone has great significance for the Christian life.By Dr. Kevin Carroll.
The sacrifice of Christ both satisfies God's holiness and demonstrates his love.By Dr. Kevin Carroll.
Mankind is totally depraved, unable and unwilling to do anything to remedy his spiritual situation.By Dr. Kevin Carroll.
Christ has not only accomplished our salvation, but is working it out to completion, through the Holy Spirit.By Rev. George Syms.
The unfaithfulness of God's people does not nullify his promises.By Dr. Kevin Carroll.
Outward benefits of the covenant cannot save. Salvation is a matter of inward faith.By Dr. Kevin Carroll.
The funeral service for a much-loved elder, Roland Schnabel, who went to be with the Lord on July 22, 2019.By Dr. Kevin Carroll.
God ordains the final salvation of his people, but he also ordains the means of that salvation- perseverance.By Dr. Kevin Carroll.
God relentlessly pursues his elect, effectually drawing them to salvation.By Dr. Kevin Carroll.
Christ died for the Elect, actually purchasing their salvation, not simply making salvation possible.By Dr. Kevin Carroll.
Because man was incapable and unwilling to do anything to save himself, God, from all eternity and merely because it pleased him to do so, chose some for eternal life.By Dr. Kevin Carroll.
Sin has left man totally unable and completely unwilling to do anything to remedy his spiritual situation.By Dr. Kevin Carroll.
The joy of the Lord is the believer's strength.By David Dawn.
God's Moral Law is bound in the heart of every man and displayed in our consciences.By Dr. Kevin Carroll.
Christ has done all that we need for salvation.By Rev. George Syms.
God is completely impartial and will judge everyone by their works.By Dr. Kevin Carroll.
Moral enlightenment does not give one a right standing before God.By Dr. Kevin Carroll.
The heathen world is justly condemned, because it rejects God's revelation in nature.By Dr. Kevin Carroll.
The gospel is God's power to salvation. It transforms us and lays on us an obligation to spread it.By Dr. Kevin Carroll.
Joseph's confidence in God's providence enabled him to forgive his brothers and trust God's promises.By Dr. Kevin Carroll.
Christ died for his people, even though they were not worthy of his sacrifice.By Rev. George Syms.
Successful ministry requires adequate preparation.By Dr. Kevin Carroll.
Jacob's request to be buried demonstrated his faith in God's promises.By Dr. Kevin Carroll.
God's Word reveals to us that Jesus Christ, the Second Person of the Godhead, has come in the flesh, and even though that might be difficult for us to comprehend, it is indeed true.By Christopher F Moulton.
At the very end of his life, Jacob makes prophetic statements about his sons, including the coming of Christ.By Dr. Kevin Carroll.
God keeps his promises, though sometimes they are only viewed with the eyes of faith.By Dr. Kevin Carroll.
Besides the name and titles that we have already considered, Jesus Christ is also called "the only begotten Son of God," and "our Lord." Listen to this week's episode to find out why.By Christopher F Moulton.
Even though the Devil -bruised- the Seed of the Woman's heel, he has never been able to destroy it. The Seed, however, will one day destroy him.By Dr. Kevin Carroll.
Last week we heard about the name Christ while this week we hear about what that name, as it's associated with all true believers in the Gospel of God, means.By Christopher F Moulton.
The name Christ, like the name Jesus, tells us much concerning the person and work of our Lord and Savior. In this week's episode Pastor Chris Moulton discusses the meaning of the name Christ. Jesus, the Christ, is THE anointed Prophet, Priest and King - even the fulfillment of every other anointed prophet, priest and king that came before Him.…
Like the patriarchs, we are pilgrims in this world, looking forward to the fulfillment of God's promises, by faith.By Dr. Kevin Carroll.
In this week's episode Pastor Chris Moulton begins discussing the person and work of Jesus Christ - the one and only Savior given to save mankind from their sin. In Lord's Day 11 of the Heidelberg Catechism the question is asked, 'Why is the Son of God called 'Jesus,' that is, Savior? Followed by this answer, "Because He saves us from ours sins ...…
God does, indeed, keep his promises, but sometimes the path to fulfillment lies through difficulties.By Dr. Kevin Carroll.
God is a God of both mercy and judgment. Both are consistent with his character.By Rev. George Syms.
In this week's episode Pastor Chris Moulton takes a break from the norm and discusses how the Lord has providentially been working in and through Mercy Street Reformed Church in Denver, CO. Please listen in so as to know how to pray for that ministry.By Christopher F Moulton.
Like Christ, Judah offered himself up as a substitute to save his brother.By Dr. Kevin Carroll.
What means did God providentially use in bringing you to salvation in Jesus Christ? In this week's episode Pastor Chris Moulton has us consider that aspect of God's providence, even the work of it in conversion. As John Flavel wrote in his book 'The Mystery of Providence' "This is the subject which every gracious heart loves to steep its though ...…
The doctrine of God's providence should lead to comfort, not fatalism.By Dr. Kevin Carroll.
A biblical look at the office of deaconBy Howard Hart.
God's providence not only relates to all things past and present, but to all things future as well. Our knowledge, and certainly our power over the future is very limited and yet, there are times that we still think that it's all up to us to get things to work out right. Because of that we tend to worry. Knowing and resting in God's providence ...…
Jesus, as a boy, is an example for how our young people should live.By Howard Hart.
God's providence extends to everything and everybody however, the comfort that it affords is exclusive to those that have the gift of saving faith. Two of the greatest aspects of the comfort that a believer possesses when it comes to God's providence are: patience in affliction and thankfulness in prosperity. In this episode Pastor Chris Moulto ...…
Not only does God's providence uphold and govern inanimate objects and irrational creatures, but it also upholds and governs all of mankind. Leading into the subject of the comfort that God's providence affords us, Pastor Chris Moulton helps us to realize that, even though we might think that things happen merely by chance, and that we can righ ...…
God's providence extends to everything - including inanimate objects, animals, angels, and us. In this week's episode Pastor Chris Moulton reminds us of that fact as he looks at a few examples from God's Word.By Christopher F Moulton.
Is it merely by chance that you're reading this, or is it within God's providence that causes you to be doing so? In this week's episode Pastor Chris Moulton begins to explore the mystery, as well as the great blessing, of God's providence whereby He continues to uphold and govern all things.By Christopher F Moulton.
God chastises his people to bring them into closer relationship with himself.By Dr. Kevin Carroll.
Christ is the leader of heaven's armies.By Rev. George Syms.
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