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Best Realestatevaluation podcasts we could find (updated December 2019)
Best Realestatevaluation podcasts we could find
Updated December 2019
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Appraisers are in a struggling profession. Dustin Harris has discovered a way to buck the current trends and be a successful business owner despite the challenges. In this podcast, he shares his secrets with other appraisers and helps them to be more successful as well.
John Wilhoit On Real Estate is the premier podcast for real estate investors, property managers and home-owners. Learn how to use professional market-driven investment techniques like a pro, connect with industry experts, and get the strategies and tools to grow and scale your real estate business. With listeners, readers and customers in countries around the globe, our goal is to become one of the world’s most trusted voices sharing the best of what works in real estate for the individual i ...
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When you have an inspection that a minor or someone of the opposite sex is the only one home, what do you do? Here is a tip.
Everyone seems to be so upset over bifurcated products. Dustin get's it. The controversy runs deep. What do these products teach us about another controversy; comp photos?
Before you think "that's impossible" or "you can't do that," remember we are all wearing our own glasses with our own perspectives. Today, Dustin talks about how to take off those glasses and see things through a different perspective.
Tim Andersen, the USPAP Expert, is here again to answer two questions; what does the word analyze mean - what are we required to do - and what needs to be in our workfile?
Did you know that Dustin used to be a cashier at a university bookstore? What lessons did he learn 20+ years ago that can now be applied to your appraisal office?
Dustin recently had an opportunity to jump out of a perfectly "good" (it will become obvious in the episode why that word is in quotation marks) plane. What lessons did he learn about trust and how do those lessons affect your appraisal business?
What number do you use for total economic life? Why do you use that number? Is there a better number to use? More importantly, why do we do the things we do? The difference between those who are successful and those who are average is this willingness to question why we do what we do.
The age-old question; do you use templates to start a new order or clones. Dustin gives some ideas about why he does what he does. It might change the way you start your appraisals.
Sometimes our mental state is our own worst enemy. How to break down those walls and decide your own success not based on preconceive notion‘s of others
The Editor of WorkingRE Magazine is here to talk about the Appraisal Fee Transparency Act of 2019. This is a big deal to appraisers. We will talk with Issac to learn what it is and why the average appraiser should care - and get involved.
Let's discuss this recent question from Realtor Magazine https://magazine.realtor/daily-news/2018/08/20/should-listing-photos-be-removed-after-the-sale?fbclid=IwAR3TFMiogIsxSpOiNYlDdzPJz1EVC0LSD7nr2T-8zoTrLVF9ULgrJQjPkJU
If you travel, and you should, here are a few tips Dustin Harris has learned over the years you may want to take notes on. Dustin has logged hundreds of flights, ride shares, and hotel nights over the years and has learned a few things that might make your travel experiences more pleasant.
The answer is yes, but it comes with a caveat. Listen to make sure you are USPAP Compliant
A heavy hitter in the appraisal world reached out to Dustin recently and gave him some insight as to some of the reason the lenders are looking more and more to 1004Ps. The reason may surprise you, and it may be something we can do something about.
How does Dustin remain so efficient without cutting corners on quality? Today, he shares just a few helpful hacks.
Part two in a two part series. Today, Dustin walks you through what a profit and loss statement is and why it is essential you are looking at it often.
As appraisers, we deal with it all the time; real estate agents who do not understand our job and get upset when we do what we do. How do we handle that? One way is to jump on Facebook and complain and moan, but maybe there is another way to look at it.
It is one of the fundamental documents a business owner must read, understand, and review regularly. Today, Dustin talks about what a balance sheet is, why you should be reviewing it regularly, and how to do it.
It's the age-old question; can you count a deep garage, or tandem garage as a second or third bay. The answer may surprise you.
Dustin was recently asked by a client if he should be worried that his coach had a coach? Should he be? Dustin actually has many mentors and coaches. Let's talk about them and why he has them.
For the past three months, Dustin has had record breaking volume. However, he still takes time to relax and recreate. He will tell you why today.
At the end of the day, do you feel like you have done an "honest days work?" If so, congratulations. If not, Dustin talks today about some different ways of thinking.
Dustin spend many years living in fear of his clients. Don't say anything to upset your revenue stream is no way to run a business. Today, he will help you get out of that mindset.
Agents have a job; to sell houses. Appraisers have a job; to accurately report the value of said houses. What if the square footage is off? How does it affect the value today and as a comp tomorrow?
Sometimes we are our own worse enemies. We know there is a better way, but we resist change. Dustin talks about getting out of your comfort zone so you can move forward.
What if you know how to appraise the house, but there is a location issue you may not be familiar with? Also, are all three approaches to value required by USPAP? Tim Andersen, the USPAP Expert joins us for the answers.
Tim Andersen, MAI and USPAP instructor joins us today for another version of Dear USPAP Instructor. Today we talk about the word "accurate" when it comes to appraisal and is a house bought for the land underneath truly a comp
It is easy to put off the small changes to become more efficient, but taking time to get off the bike and fix it up will make a big difference in your future success
They say 90% of all appraised values are at or higher than purchase price. Is that okay? Should the contract price influence an appraiser? Craig Morely and Tim Andersen are here to discuss
Most appraisers work in disclosure states and data is fairly easy to come by. But, what is it like to appraise in a non-disclosure state where basically all sales data comes from one source?
We make important decisions every week. Some of them have a bigger impact than others, but what process do you use to make those decisions? Dustin will walk you through the "decision machine," a process he uses with great success
We know the appraisal world is changing. There is not much we can do about it, but we can and should prepare.
Hate your job? Dustin gives you three, real options to change that.
Before you can move forward with the what and how of running a more successful appraisal business, you must do the essential work of deciding the why. What is the difference? Dustin breaks it down.
Steve Jobs created the iPod, but more importantly, he created the idea of 1,000 songs in your pocket. Can we as appraisers learn a lesson from his playbook?
We sometimes complain when our clients ask us to dress the part of a professional, but are they on to something? Today, Dustin tells a true story of how changing his wardrobe changed his net worth.
There is a lot of trepidation when it comes to the future of appraising, but there is a much more positive way to look at it. Join Dustin as he opens up the mind of a bright future for appraisers.
Dustin discusses his big three and his extra credit
Many appraisers are bumping up against the solar thing more and more. Mark Buhler is back to help answer some of the more common solar and green questions.
Over the past several weeks, there have been some major changes in the All Star and Dream Teams that will allow a greater number of you to join us. Listen in as Dustin makes this big announcement
What do two battling convenience stores have to do with running a successful appraisal business? Dustin teaches how reputation matters.
Joining Dustin for a second time is Jacob Brewster. He joined Dustin years ago from California and recently moved his business and family to Utah. It can be done and today, Jacob shares some tips on those who are thinking about moving.
What is the monthly minimum you need to hit in order to keep your bills paid, your employees happy, and you in the lifestyle you have chosen for yourself? Dustin breaks down the numbers in a way that makes it easy to understand.
Do you have "afluent-enza" or a fear of success? Dustin talks today about how to recognize it and more importantly how to remedy it.
Many of us go through life doing what we know to do, but never stopping to figure out why. Why do we do what we do? What is your definition of wealth. Dustin gives his today and explains how that little definition leads his life.
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