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James, Tyler, and Jeremiah talk about games, their collection organization methods, Earth X, and throw some congratulations out to the HeroClix World Champion: Tylor Spees.
James and Jeremiah host the Thanksgiving episode where they discuss the night's games, the annual Zombie Game, and a few other exciting things leading up to Worlds.
Rob and Jeremiah discuss the 2018 Fall WKO, Game Knight's annual Zombie Game, and spotlight the Battleworld keywords!
James and Jeremiah talk about this week's 600 point games and discuss all the great Fall WKO prizes!
James and Jeremiah talk games, and then dive deep into the Battleworld Evidence Thread!
Tyler and Jeremiah go over a few gamnes they played and start to geek out pretty heavily for Battleworld previews.
James, Tyler, and Jeremiah talk about their 600 point tournament, upcoming monthly OP Kit figures, and the first few dials from Secret Wars: Battleworld
Tyler and Jeremiah bring it back with a new episode that attempts to cover a lot of ground. Let's see how they do!
Tyler and Jeremiah review the Ogre Game teams, our 600 point Golden Age teams, and shine the Spotlight on the Detectives of the HeroClix world.
The guys gather to talk about the week's games, Origins 2018, and the newly announced Earth X set.
James and Jeremiah put up a short pre-Origins show to talk about some games and the LE dials coming out of this year's conventions.
James and Jeremiah discuss this week's 600 point game, finally chat about the ST:TNG set, and bid farewell to some of their favorite figures that have left the modern age.
Jeremiah and special guest Weston Steiner discuss teams, strategies, balancing competition and fun, and spotlight the Spider-Man Family keyword. Super sized episode!
Tyler and Jeremiah return to talk about this week's teams, ponder the fluctuating values of the Clix market, and analyze the intricacies of building the right kind of team for your event.
Tyler and Jeremiah talk about bizarro tourneys, this week's game, their most wanted figs for Battleworld, and some of the unboxing spoilers.
The guys get together to talk games, Infinity previews, and to geek out hard on the Battleworld announcement.
James and Jeremiah discuss their games, shine the spotlight on the Robot keyword, and take a look at the first three official previews from the upcoming Avengers: Infinity.
Tyler and Jeremiah discuss the nastiness that Jeremiah played this week and celebrate the heroines of HeroClix.
The guys get salty about the week's events but then find their happy place with news out of GAMA.
The guys gather to talk about their games, get hyped for this weekend's WKOs, and to answer some listener questions.
James, Tyler, and Jeremiah take a look at the games they played this week and examine some of the games best X-Factor pieces.
James and Jeremiah welcome Tyler back to the show to talk about our Xavier School Pre-Release.
James and Jeremiah triumphantly return to discuss the amazing news that is Batman: The Animated Series HeroClix!
James and Jeremiah return to talk teams, Apokolips, and Trek!
James and Jeremiah start to look at the Harley Quinn set, talk about their games, and possibly ramble just a bit.
Dylan and Jeremiah discuss the newly announced Avengers: Infinity, some of the Harley Quinn dials, and shine the Spotlight on Legion of Monsters.
James allows Jeremiah to rant a bit, and then they talk teams, spotlight some Martial Artists, and look at the first three dials previewed from Harley Quinn and the Gotham Girls.
Jeremiah introduces us to the newest member of the ClixCast family and they discuss competitive play, the teams that they've recently fielded and shine the spotlight on a maple flavored favorite.
Dylan and Jeremiah reunite to talk Rules, Inhumans, Harley Quinn, and a few other things. This is a good one!
James and Jeremiah discuss some Warriors of legend and start to get excited for all that Harley Quinn might have to offer.
Jeremiah owns up to playing something awful, James takes Beta Ray Bill out for a test drive, and the guys spotlight their favorite Deities.
James and Jeremiah celebrate the epic release of The Mighty Thor, talk about Gen Con, and hint at things to come.
James and Jeremiah play some games, cast the spotlight on Marvel's First Family, and Jeremiah gets excited for GenCon.
James and Jeremiah start what is sure to be a month long series of podcasts dedicated to the forthcoming Mighty Thor set. Strap in!
James, Tyler, and Jeremiah chat about some great games, get preemptively excited for X-Men First Class, and reminisce about the last 100 episodes.
Dylan and Jeremiah get the party started with the first half of this week's ClixCast!
James and Jeremiah talk about some really great games, give tips on how to handle young players, and start to dig into the Elseworlds set.
James, Tyler, and Jeremiah return after a two week break to tell some stories and tease the forthcoming Elseworlds set.
James and Jeremiah start to play some of the What If? figures with pleasant results and Jeremiah gets hypes for his upcoming event game.
James and Jeremiah talk about some really good games and the pros and cons of the What If? set.
Dylan and Jeremiah talk about some games, review the first couple What If? packs, and shine a spotlight on those shadowy Hydra agents.
James and Jeremiah talk teams, Atlanteans, What If?, and take a closer look at some of the Wonder Woman dials.
Dylan and Jeremiah talk ADW pre-release, spotlight the Dark Avengers, and play Pump It and Dump It with the ADW set list.
James, Tyler, and Jeremiah dig into the new set: Avengers/Defenders War, and discuss a bunch of their likes and dislikes.
Tyler, James, and Jeremiah play some games, spotlight the Maggia, and start to really get hyped for Avengers Defenders War!
James, Tyler, Jeremiah, and special guest Ken Small discuss their games, spotlight the Cosmic keyword, and point out a few figures who will be worth a second look when the new rules go into effect.
Dylan and Jeremiah talk teams, GotG Vol. 2, and play a game of "Would you Rather."
Dylan and Jeremiah are back after a week off to play catch up and discuss a bunch of exciting stuff!
The gang's all here to discuss the week's happenings and all the great, and not so great, things coming to HeroClix in 2017!
Tyler and Jeremiah talk about their games, the New Mutants, and give their thoughts and opinions on the 2017 Rules roll out.
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