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Podcast by Mark Phoenix and Ben Hutchings
Relative Reaction
6 Minute Grammar
Learn English grammar in six minutes. Every Tuesday join two of our presenters and learn a new key area of grammar.Our presenters include Finn, Emma, Rob, Neil, Sophie & Alice.
Welcome to Easy Ear Training Podcast!The musicians training podcast for developing relative or perfect pitch.Practice daily for best results!Let's get going on todays training.You can also practice Ear Training with our playlists on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, Google Play and Amazon music. Click here: And leave a review or a comment so we can make the podcast even better. See you soon. Keep on rocking in the free world!
Hi i'm Toby a Massive Whovian and Welcome to the Gallifreyan Guardian Podcast a Fortnightly Podcast in which i Discuss all things Who
Fee-Only Fiduciary Investment Advisor Financial Planner in Wall, NJ
Barton McNeil discovers his 3-year-old daughter's lifeless body in her bed the morning after breaking up with his girlfriend. McNeil insists that she was murdered by his former girlfriend after pointing to a cut screen in the bedroom window. Police agree a murder has been committed, but arrest him.
Virgin – New and exciting Bond from Virgin Australia providing relative value compared to USD bonds. Plenary – High Yield infrastructure bond , why investors should consider moving out of consumer and into infrastructure bonds.Cash converters – trading halt earlier this week, raised additional equity to repay bond later this year. Interesting ride with the bond trading range.
Welcome to a complete guide to IELTS in Gujarati. Enjoy the lessons.
Relentless Podcast
Information is free. Our mission is to simplify the complicated stuff and give you massive clarity so you can take massive action and get get better every day. RELENTLESS is combining years of experience and knowledge and help you streamline your improvement, help you tailor the abstract to your situation and most importantly...Provide massive clarity so you can take massive action get better every day.
Sebuah Siniar
Sebuah Siniar adalah podcast berbahasa Indonesia yang diunggah sekali seminggu, membahas tentang isu-isu sosial yang terjadi, dengan tambahan "bumbu" perspektif psikologis.
Yes, Ok, But
A Christian and an Atheist and respectful conversations about how we annoy each other.
Keno Radio
New podcasts every week-ish breaking down life and all its adventures through the eyes of a slightly-educated, follicly-challenged, very-average semi adult who's really just here to have some fun
An Introduction to Metaphysics (Introduction a la Metaphysique) is a 1903 essay by Henri Bergson that explores the concept of reality. For Bergson, reality occurs not in a series of discrete states but as a process similar to that described by the Greek philosopher Heraclitus. Reality is fluid and cannot be completely understood through reductionistic analysis, which he said "implies that we go around an object", gaining knowledge from various perspectives which are relative. Instead, realit ...
Accelerating music & culture
CityHill London
CityHill is an Indie Church that meets at Metro opposite Clapham Common Tube station Sundays at 10AM!
Highlights from Talkback. William Crawley and guests discuss the news headlines, chat to the people making them and ask you, the audience, what you think? From BBC Radio Ulster
Forensic anthropologists identify our species, “humans of a mind.” Now we can explore the Universe relative to the geometry of thinking resetting the world stage with accurate information. For centuries humanity has been type cast by misnomers to fit selected roles, specific categories not as a person who has something important to share but only by established contexts for politically correct content. Without being labeled by any terminology that suppresses omnirational thought and consciou ...
Sports talk our way! We Just Talking.. Become a supporter of this podcast:
A weekly recap show covering Yu-Gi-Oh!, the best early-00's anime based on a card game marketed to 7-to-14-year-olds.
At Active Day Trader we have a simple, fun and effective approach to the markets! Tune in to our podcast for some valuable lessons in trading Stocks, Options and Futures. Ditch the unnecessarily complicated (often magic) indicators and grab some REAL tips from career trader (former CBOE Options market maker and CME floor trader) Jonathan Rose and guests. We'll cover, Bond (US Treasury) Futures, owning inexpensive options, relative value trades, position management, volatility, pairs, events, ...
Cutting through the grammar bull to help folks make the best choices in usage, sentence structure, punctuation & more.
A bi-weekly podcast by William Sterling designed to motivate, challenge, and inspire you. From motivational speaking to thought provoking interviews, and scripted content, Will keeps you on your toes. But you'll always be left feeling uplifted.
“Languages”, Sir Arthur Cotton writes, “are usually learnt as if it took a long time to learn the grammar &c., but that to speak with a good pronunciation and expression, and freely, and to catch the words from a speaker by the ear were easily and quickly acquired, but this is exactly contrary to fact.” Cotton’s “Vocal system” differs from the traditional grammatical method of learning languages in that it emphasises the development of correct pronunciation and the gradual acquisition of cor ...
The Art of Charm
The Art of Charm is where self-motivated people, just like you, come to learn from the company’s coaches about to how to master human dynamics, relationships, and becoming your best self with the help of Johnny and AJ, the company’s founders. Johnny and AJ bring their 11 years of coaching experience from their famous Bootcamps, where they host clients in Los Angeles from all over the world and they share their stories, best practices and themselves on this weekly podcast. Not only does The A ...
Have you ever wanted to listen in on your professors while they talked honestly about stuff? Well, now is your chance. I'm a church history professor teaching at Hardin-Simmons University in Abilene, Texas, and this podcast is your invitation to the table. "Professors Talking Skubala" (Greek word used by Paul in Phil. 3:8 politely translated "rubbish") is just that, a group of professors talking about various topics related to current trends. They usually don't at all agree, which is where t ...
harry.barandes uses Narro to create a podcast of articles transcribed to audio.
Cutting through the grammar bull to help folks make the best choices in usage, sentence structure, punctuation & more.
Messages from services at Equip Church International, Melbourne Australia.
We're David and George, and we're cousins (that explains the "Relative" part) that have a lot to say about movies (this explains the subjective part). Listen to us go through the plots of your favorite movies and make sure to let us know if you dis/agree!
A place to know and be known. Love and be loved. Serve and be served. Rockpointe Community Church is a place to feel to explore your faith and ask tough questions.Don't expect to find a stiff collection of plastic saints with painted smiles and neon halos here. Our community is made up of a diverse blend of people from all walks of life with a wide variety of backgrounds. We are real people with real problems who have discovered an exceedingly real God. This discovery has drawn a ...
ADD Sports
On topic and off topic are one in the same when getting sports from the mind of Jamie Mack. ADD Sports to your life.
Rheumatology provides free podcast interviews with experts in the field on key topics.
The latest feed from Red Mills Baptist Church on
At Practically Christian Podcast we believe the life changing power found in the Good News of Jesus Christ, is not simply an academic pursuit. Having a relationship with Jesus is the single most important relationship a person can have. However, just like any relationship, we can have times when we are just going through the motions. We can be “practically” in a relationship, but that isn’t what the Bible teaches about our relationship with Jesus. So, we seek to show everyday “practical” way ...
Career Conversations is a podcast dedicated to those who live in the fuzzy zone between wanting to take the plunge in their areas of passion vis-a-vis staying in their relative comfort zones. The objective is to find your passion, live it, and make the right career choices. Each podcast will feature a conversation with an individual who has been educated in one field but has successfully changed tracks during his career. Their stories will serve to inspire and also find your “Ikigai”.
Jonathan McCrea brings you the latest developments from the world of Science and Technology from robotics in warfare to artificial lifeforms and beyond
Boxcars711 Old Time Radio Pod originates from the 'Heart Of Historic Germantown," Philadelphia, Pa.Bob Camardella began podcasting at Podomatic in October 2005 and at the Radio Nostalgia Network at in January 2006. From 2006 through 2009, in addition to the top ranked Boxcars711 show at Podomatic and Libsyn, "Humphrey/Camardella Media Productions" commanded a top ten slot at Podshow (1.5 million downloads per month), a top 10 ranking at Libsyn (1.7 million downloads per month) and ...
Welcome to Shofar Rondebosch - a vibrant, Bible believing church seated in the heart of the Cape of Good Hope. For more information about us visit
Join the attorneys at Lavelle Law, Ltd. as they discuss legal concepts and issues affecting individuals and small businesses. Submit your legal questions to! We will answer your questions in future podcasts.
School of Surgery
Audio and video podcasts aimed at medical students and doctors in training on a growing range of topics across surgery.We support Core Surgery Prep - Up to date, innovative preparation for core surgical training
Playing on Air is a radio show and free podcast dedicated to short plays by America’s best contemporary playwrights - a new way to experience theater on demand, absolutely free. We are dedicated to increasing the accessibility of high-caliber theater, promoting the work of the stage’s greatest storytellers, and encouraging the next generation of theater-makers across the country.
The TEN Podcast
Set in 19th century New York, this is the story of a wealthy old man who adopts his orphaned nephew and niece after his own four year old son mysteriously disappears. However, under a smooth exterior, the nephew is a conniving and avaricious villain who wants to grab all the old man's wealth for himself. This is also the story of a young boy, who doesn't know he's the sole heir to a fabulous fortune, but grows up homeless in the streets of New York. The villainous nephew proposes marriage to ...
Cornerstone Church of San Francisco weekly message audio podcast. For more information visit
Hosted by productivity strategist Mike Vardy, The Productivityist Podcast is a weekly show that discusses tips, tools, tactics, and tricks that are designed to help you take your productivity, time management, goals, to do lists, habits, and workflow to new heights - both at work and at home. If you're looking to focus your efforts on getting the right things done and start living the good life, then this weekly conversational podcast – crafted in the tradition of Slate's Working, Back to Wo ...
Weekly podcasts from Science Magazine, the world's leading journal of original scientific research, global news, and commentary.
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"If you were to take a coffee cup, and break it in half, then in half again, and keep carrying on, where would you end up? Could you keep on going forever? Or would you eventually find a set of indivisible building blocks out of which everything is made? Jonathan Butterworth explains the Standard Model theory and how it helps us understand the ...…
When was the worst year to be alive? Contributing Correspondent Ann Gibbons talks to host Sarah Crespi about a contender year that features a volcanic eruption, extended darkness, cold summer, and a plague.Also on this week’s show, host Meagan Cantwell talks with Andrea Di Francesco of the National Institutes of Health’s National Institute on A ...…
Today we had a special edition of Talkback as the PM faced scrutiny in the Commons..
Are we heading towards another general election? Is it game-on for another referendum?
On this episode of the show, I speak with New York Times best-selling author Dan Schawbel. Dan is the author of Back to Human: How Great Leaders Create Connection in the Age of Isolation and the host of the 5 Questions with Dan Schawbel podcast. He's also Partner and Research Director at Future Workplace, and the Founder of both Millennial Bran ...…
Drink up as we turn 21, break our hyphen, learn a new version of ring toss, and honor our Veterans this week!
In this episode of Practically Christian Podcast Debbie and Josh discuss how Christians sometimes act like masked superheroes trying to fit into a world they were not made for. As Christians we are called to be in this world, but not of it, not conforming to the image of it but being transformed by the renewing of our minds. Take a listen and s ...…
We talk a 69- year- Old Dutch businessman who's wants to change his age legally to 49.
Learn how to make the zero and first conditionals - and when to use them.
"Can we create a third wave of poverty reduction and get close to eradicating extreme poverty? Bill Gates gave a talk at the foundation’s annual Goalkeepers event where he told the story of progress so far, the challenges that remain, and how we can solve them."Find us at the links below:Website: ...…
A UK firm offering the implants, says it's already fitted 150 of them.
Just a few quick tips to make sure the questions you write are punctuated and written well!
Just a few quick tips to make sure the questions you write are punctuated and written well!
Many of us grew up in a world that praised the idea of having high self-esteem - but what exactly is self-esteem, why have we been wrongly focused on it for so long, and what do we need to focus on moving forward? What to Listen For Why is artificially inflating self-esteem dangerous and how can you avoid doing it to yourself and your kids? Wha ...…
Our faith is sustained when we live with a life-giving passion.
Patriots. Cowboys. MVPs. Lebron James. .. Lets go! Become a supporter of this podcast:
Speaker: Rev. Jim Foti Sunday, November 11, 2018 Our recollections, of our lives and of history, inform our perceptions and our expectations. Text (PDF): Memory-Reality-and-Whats-Next
That which others called glory, Solomon called VAPOUR...So if everything is Vapour, what's left?It is time to search for what is left, when all the vapour dissipates.
Fathers and sons might forgive, but they never forget. Hear two of Broadway's greatest comedians tackle family drama. A sarcastic alcoholic man in recovery (Steven Boyer) tries to prove himself to his father (Bill Irwin), searching for his own way to say I LOVE YOU. Directed by David Auburn (Proof, Playing on Air's Gun Show & An Upset) and writ ...…
David and George spoil the Zombie Nazi Thriller OVERLORD This movie has the right amount of Zombie Nazi Thriller and love Take a listen and let us know if you agree with us
Ps Malcolm MacLeod starts a new STRONG series, speaking on Spiritual Discipline.
Jonathan speaks to Adam Frank, Astrophysicist & author about the fate of our planet. Plus Professor Charles Spence on the science of taste.
Mullooly Asset Management - Fee-Only Fiduciary Investment Advisor Financial Planner in Wall, NJ In Ep. 231 of the Mullooly Asset Podcast, Tim and Brendan break down a few interesting articles from the past week. They talk about the psychology of getting back into the market after moving to cash, why tax-loss selling always seems to take place i ...…
We look back at WW1 to understand how it changed our world and our society.
"Sitting around a campfire, you can feel its heat, smell the woody smoke, and hear it crackle. If you get too close, it burns your eyes and stings your nostrils. You could stare at the bright flames forever as they twist and flicker in endless incarnations… But what exactly are you looking at? Elizabeth Cox illuminates the science behind fire. ...…
A new report suggests a big increase in the use of monkeys in laboratory experiments in the United States in 2017. Online News Editor David Grimm joins host Sarah Crespi to discuss which areas of research are experiencing this rise and the possible reasons behind it.Also this week, host Meagan Cantwell talks with staff writer Adrian Cho about a ...…
The number of women here becoming a mother over the age of 45 has doubled. AndNorthern Ireland's latest batch of pregnancy statistics shows the lowest rate of teenage pregnancies on record. Is that a sign of progress for women's rights or a new social problem in the making? We speak to Hannah Saunders, who had two children in her forties, Lynn ...…
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