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Invasion of the Remake Podcast
They are in your theaters, they are in your neighbors homes, and even your own. They have come to destroy your childhood and ruin your future. Only one podcast can protect you from the Invasion of the Remake! Invasion of the Remake is a weekly podcast with hosts Jason, Trish and Sam exploring the cinematic remake. We discuss films that have been remade for better or worse. We will also find those films with a nugget of a good idea that may be worthy of an updating for a new audience with our ...
Remaking Magic
Join Reuben Covington and Dan Felder for Remaking Magic, the podcast all about game design and magic the gathering. In this podcast we talk about general game design principles and apply them to the world of custom mtg card creation.
Remake This Movie RIGHT! – Remaking Classic Films For Modern Audiences
Remake This Movie RIGHT is a bi-monthly podcast where we take a classic film and craft our own version for a modern audience, capped with our remake in movie trailer parody form. By the end of each episode, we will Remake This Movie RIGHT!
Original Remake
On the ORIGINAL REMAKE podcast we discuss and compare an original film and its remake. Does the remake do justice to the original? Ultimately which to watch?
Battle Remake Podcast - Original vs Remake Movies!
Hosts Buzz Meade and Eric Little take Original and Remake Hollywood movies and throw them into a boxing style brawl, comparing everything from scripts to actors to the music used. Which will come out on top? Tune in to find out!
The Remake
Ever watched a movie and thought, "Anyone could make something better than this garbage?" Well so have hosts Josiah and Rob. That's why they started The Remake. On The Remake, they don't just criticize movies; they tell you how they would have made them better. Every week Josiah and Rob are joined by a different guest with a new movie to remake. Whether their ideas are good, bad, or simply strange, they'll find a home on The Remake.
ReMake Me
Listen as Russell takes Justin, a virtual Horror virgin, on a journey through the world of horror.
Remake Rewind
The MDXpods crew talks about movies that have been remade or rebooted. While not strictly deciding which is better, they decide if the remake or reboot should have been made. They also talk about remake/reboot news.
Remakers Mark
Remakers Mark Podcast
Remake This!
Welcome to the Remake This! Podcast! Join James Rosenthal, Ben Rosenthal, and Jon Hess as they review movie remakes and film adaptations, as well as the original material that they're based upon. Likewise, specials may be done on occasion that break the mold of their regular standard format.Have a movie that you would like the Remake This! Podcast crew to tackle? Would you like to tell them how their opinions are wrong? Contact the guys at RemakeThisPodcast@gmail.comSong Credits:Intro Music ...
Remake Factory Podcast
Remake Factory Hostage Situation Podcast - rewriting and recasting Hollywood classics, forcibly starring Jason and Patrick.
Ready Steady Remake
A weekly podcast hosted by Richard Kelly, Rachel Thompson & Paul Moorcroft. Join us as we attempt to REMAKE film classics. Let the battle commence!
I Hate/Love Remakes
Remakes exist. Many are hated, some are loved. This is their podcast.
Prequel. Sequel. Reboot. Remake. -
Bi-Weekly Chris and Andy pitch their ideas for preexisting movies' prequels, sequels, reboots and/or remakes.
Remaking History – An aftershow companion to the NBC series Timeless
What if you could go back in time? What if you could fix mistakes you’ve made? What if you could change things for the better, or prevent someone else from making things worse? What if you could … remake history? Welcome to Remaking History, a podcast about the NBC television show Timeless. Each week hosts Karen Lindsay and Doug Payton will journey through time to unravel the mysteries of NBC’s time traveling adventure, Timeless.
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In episode #5 we discuss one of Alfred Hitchcock's first major films: The Man Who Knew Too Much. On vacation in Switzerland, Bob and Jill Lawrence get caught up in a secretive world of spies and assassins. With time running out, they must follow a cold trail to save their daughter and prevent a world war. Starring Leslie Banks, Edna Best and Pe ...…
Open Line
Hour 1: O.J. gets paroled, another rock and roll suicide and television. Hour 2: Movie remakes, coffee recall and Rapid Fire. Hour 3: Cell phone service, face tattoo guy update and a weird YMCA tradition we knew nothing about. The post Open Line 7/21/17 appeared first on KSCJ 1360.…
The horror community lost a legend and an icon last weekend as the godfather of zombies, George Romero passed away. This episode is dedicated to his memory, as well as that of Martin Landau, Randy Schell, and John Bernecker. RIP. Today we let our Patreon patrons pick our movie reviews and the Kevins came through, for better or worse. First up w ...…
Justin spent the week crashing the server and buying a home, poo tasting, disrobing, old daytime talk shows made Russ question his sexuality, Palm Pilots used to be a thing, Russ doesn’t know phrases or math, OKCupid has weird questions, abginas, this movie makes no sense, Virtual Boy was also a thing, how to get away with murder according to D ...…
Leave it to America to make a proudly Parisian film even more French, this Luc Besson romantic thriller bleeds angst and oozes style. Before the two remakes and equally as many American TV adaptations, this is the breakthrough international piece of cinema which made the EuropaCorp president an action impresario and household name #IdBuyThatFor ...…
The Trump administration releases a blueprint for remaking the North American Free Trade Agreement. The Wall Street Journal's Will Mauldin said the plan calls for preserving "Buy America" provisions, but steps back from some of President Trump's anti-trade rhetoric.
Lots of older games and franchises are coming back on the scene. Listen to what the guys have to say about these remakes and old newcomers. Destiny is back! Manny and David tell Sam what they seen so far. Prepping for next weeks episode! Visit our Podcast Page: Show notes Listen & subscribe at: Apple Podcasts: https ...…
Disney just wrapped up their fifth D23 Fan Expo in Anaheim, and we had someone there! Honorary Fanboy and special correspondent Matthew Hansen joins Andy Farnsworth in studio for this podcast to recap and break down all the amazing stuff he saw over the three days of the Expo; including (and especially) descriptions of the Avengers Infinity War ...…
Invasion of the Remake Podcast
The story of Bufford Pusser is an inspiring one. He returns to his home town to find it has fallen prey to corruption at every level. He stands up to the gangsters running his beloved town and becomes town Sheriff. He uses this position to clear the town of this corruption, but it comes with a tragic price. The story of Walking Tall (1973) is b ...…
Super Best Friendcast!
Hoo? Omoshiroi. Saa, misete... omae no G O U G I da. You can watch us record the podcast live on DBFZ Trunks Trailer - manga comparisons Dragon Ball FighterZ adds Krillin and Piccolo Kingdom Hearts III launches in 2018, Toy Story world unveil trailer Kingdom Hearts III has less Disney worlds than Kingdom Hearts II ...…
TV has changed and so have the shows. Some say "You couldn’t make that show today!" But are we just thin skinned or have we become better people? Don't want to hear our opinions... change the channel!
In this episode of Sites, I walk you through a critical mistake related to SEO that too many website owners are making. Then I will provide you with 3 action steps that will help you compete in the modern, and future, SEO landscape. Listen to Sites: Tips for Building Better WordPress Websites below ... Download MP3 Subscribe by RSS Subscribe in ...…
Sites: Tips for Building Better WordPress Websites
In this episode of Sites, I walk you through a critical mistake related to SEO that too many website owners are making. Then I will provide you with 3 action steps that will help you compete in the modern, and future, SEO landscape. Listen to Sites: Tips for Building Better WordPress Websites below ... Download MP3 Subscribe by RSS Subscribe in ...…
Included in this SpokenEdition: 1) John McCain had a craniotomy to remove a blood clot. Here's what that means 2) Growing List of Accidents Spotlights Safety at Amusement Parks 3) PR Experts: Why Delta’s Response to Ann Coulter Was Perfect 4) The Republican Health Bill Is Dead (For Now) 5) The World’s Largest Burger Costs $8,000 6) Actually, Tu ...…
Nobody thought he had any shot at all at becoming wealthy. A high school dropout… ex-welder… factory worker… with an obsession. While co-workers and family members laughed and put him down, he soldiered on. He admits he was delusional in his pursuit. When he met his wife and they started their direct-marketing company things changed. A copywrit ...…
NEW Episodes every Tuesday at 9:00am Theater IV: The Last House on the Left This week, we’re taking a quick trip to our summer home to relax and enjoy some peace and quiet as a family. Unfortunately when you staying at (the 2009 remake of) The Last House on The Left, the only thing to do as a family is get revenge on those who have wronged you. ...…
Tweet Amelia Earhart is back in the news eighty years after her disappearance. The famous aviator went missing over the Pacific Ocean in July of 1937 along with her navigator Fred Noonan and it’s been one of the Twentieth Century’s great mysteries ever since. Just for a reference, this is Tom Noonan as “The Ripper” in Last Action Hero, who I ke ...…
There Be MOVIES went to WAR FOR THE PLANET OF THE APES and thinks Andy Serkis might win an Oscar. Now, when are we going to get a proper PLANET OF THE APES remake? Sorry Tim Burton. Also, RIP George A. Romero – film nerds everywhere will keep your legacy alive. Find us on iTunes and Stitcher. Leave us a comment and we’ll read it on the Podcast. ...…
Thanks for listening! Click below to hear more episodes. Subscribe on iTunes. LIKE '10 Minutes' on Facebook. Lance Kilcoyne cohosts the Born in the Eighties Podcast with Jon Rowe. He can also be found writing comic book articles on and posting on twitter as @LantzPantzed. They're Us. We're them and they're us. And ...…
This week we saw the cap on what could be our generation’s defining trilogy as it manages to have three films amazing in their own rights that don’t truly have a bad egg in the bunch and tells a complete story of one character’s journey. This movie could be the best of the summer as it also happens to be one of the quieter movies this year. New ...…
Large Nerdron Collider - The Podcast
George Romero, the man who defined the zombie, has passed away So has Martin Landau Who will be the Doctor? WHO??? Tremors pilot on Syfy New trailer for The Tick series Predator News - Like Father Like Son Asmiov's Foundation as a tv show? New Black Panther photos No standalone Hulk film for us, says Ruffalo New Inhumans trailer More Star trek ...…
Dapper Shark's Podcast
I have wanted a remake of Final Fantasy 12 for some time now, and I’m excited to see it get this treatment, you have Final Fantasy 12 to thank for great games like Dragon Age: Origins. after we just spoke about Peter Molyneux and how we wanted him to make a comeback but not t ...…
Welcome to another fantastic episode of Grindcast! In this episode Jaime, joins the guys, and we sit down to discuss several topics including: Castlevania on Netflix Wasp costume for Ant Man 2 Jessica Jones Season 2 Villain Revealed KFC Chinese Phone Pikachu McFlurry in Japan Stranger Things Season 2 Release Date Revealed We then go into a List ...…
NGR Radio! Nerds Gone Rogue Podcast
NGR Radio's Fireside Chats are episodes of the show where Corey and Matt become more personal and open with you, the fans. In their fourth Fireside Chat, Corey and Matt discuss how expanding NGR Radio to curate new ideas and content is a good thing for them, their fans, and their overall idea of what NGR Radio stands for. Also this episode, lis ...…
Cinescopers wants you to go ape! In celebration of the new film War For the Planet of the Apes, we’re going back to the beginning and discussing all five original Planet of the Apes films, as well as the 2001 Tim Burton remake. This week we’re looking at the first and second films in the franchise: 1968’s Planet of the Apes, and the 1970 sequel ...…
Double Toasted Podcast
Disney Expo is making all the news, especially with their live action remakes. With little to nothing shown to the rest of the world we do a little something different and talk about the animated movies Disney WON’T remake. We also watch the new ‘A Wrinkle In Time’ trailer, go over the Top 5 Box Office, and cover some news of the week, includin ...…
This week we talk about a wide variety of topics! Dan reveals to us how much he loves Titanfall 2 now, and Pat talks about his experiences going back into Final Fantasy XII with the remake. And Stoy finally gushes over how good Life Is Strange is. There was a lot to share of what was revealed at Evo 2017, the Castlevania Netflix series (spoiler ...…
It’s Dan’s turn to come up and talk about remaking his favorite movie. This was a tough one because Jayrod had already done a Star Wars movie and on any given day, Dan’s actual favorite could be any number of things. Because of this, he decided on Clerks because it’s the film that inspired him to become the content creator he is today. Overweig ...…
Diminishing Returns
We covered the original Planet of the Apes movies last week, so this week, we're doing the current Apes franchise (Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and War for the Planet of the Apes) starring Andy Serkis as Caesar. We also look at Tim Burton's remake because why not?As always, we cap things off by pitching our own ...…
No Ideas Original Radio Show's Podcast
1. Teraban (Dom Pachino & Bugsy Da God) - Expert Killers2​. Alpha Faktion - Let 'Em Watch3. Fel Sweetenburg & Finale - Spoils Of War4. Dirt Platoon - 48 Bars (DJ Low Cut Remix)5. Windchill - The North East (ft Reef The Lost Cauze, Ren Thomas)6. Big D & Easy Mo Bee - Too Raw (ft Will Porter, Fame of M.O.P.)7. Blacastan & Stu Bangas - Rap Killin' ...…
In honor of Blobfest in Phoenixville, PA, Jessica Ramos and Dave Eves return to look back at the horror classic 'The Blob' (1958) and its intensely gory remake from 1988. Follow Jessica Ramos on Facebook: Follow Dave Eves on Twitter: Follow James Hancock on Twitter: ht ...…
We discuss a topic that has been hot in the gaming industry this week: game critics and scores handed out to games upon release. Having started another podcast years ago where we all rated video games, it was a topic that was divisive among the crew. We discussed the feeling of being left behind in a world of ever-increasing technology, with Tw ...…
The purpose of the process is to break us then remake us.Psalm 32:8-9Psalm 105:18-19 I am the Church.I am called to represent Christ and influence others.I am called to make a difference.I am called to love God and serve people.I am the Church.#connecttoyourcalling#theprocess
Guys on Film Podcast
In this jam-packed episode Iain and Olly challenge taste and decency in this all-you-can-eat buffet of nonsense; which centres on a high-brow Christopher Nolan 4x Deep Dive for the main course, preceded by the unlikely appetiser combination of “Olly’s Movie Remake Porno Titles Quiz” (the name nobody is calling it, not even we do during the show ...…
3Fold Radio
3Fold Radio [208] Broadcast Date: 15 July 2017 Guest: Steph Yeah Yes I Am (Original Mix) - Jonas RathsmanI Live on the Ground (Jose M & TacoMan Remix) - HoltougInchoate (Original Mix) - Aljaz FajmutMeteora (Original Mix) - MoonwalkEye (Original Mix) - Mark BroomMoment (Original Mix) - Mike Dehnertx-M ...…
Am I On The Air?
Season 14 Episode 16 "Apes Together Strong" : On this episode we breakdown the Emmy Nominations, Talk D23, Avengers Infinity War, Wreck It Ralph 2, Live action Aladdin casting, Suicide Squad 2 possible director, Female Doctor Who, David Ayer is out of directing the Scarface remake, Matt Reeves starting over on The Batman without Ben Afflecks sc ...…
Good day Calmlee’s Nation! Who’s ready to conquer the world today! What are some of your favorite Stephen King books and movies? I know I’ve posted a few times recently about Stephen King, But he’s got a lot going on this year! We have The Dark Tower hitting theaters next month and the remake of of the clown movie “It” will be out in September. ...…
Geekvibes Nation
TOPICS: David Ayer drops out of talks to helm ‘Scarface’ Remake featuring Diego Luna as the lea and written by the Coen Brothers Quentin Tarantino is making his next movie on the Charles Manson murders Akiva Goldsman developing 'Rainbow Six' movie, courting Ryan Reynolds to star According to the Mirror, Daniel Craig Will Reportedly Return For B ...…
This week we're wrapping up our summer series of Evil Dead reviews. Our final pick is the 2013 remake of the original classic. Join us as we head back one last time to the cabin in the woods. Was it a fresh take? Or did it fall flat?music by: Nigel Stanford- art by: James Denton-…
Universal’s Dark Universe has launched its reboot of THE MUMMY. Setting up a launch pad to connect all of Universal’s monsters— Dracula, Wolfman, Creature From the Black Lagoon, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, and Invisible Man. The FM crew comes together to address their thoughts on the remake and where the franchise could be going. Followed by what ...…
Why We See Movies Podcast
(Recorded 07/11/2017) NEWS ON THE MARCH Ambiance - The longest film ever made Tarantino will direct a Manson Family style movie David Ayer's "Scarface" remake is too violent Charlize Theron says the, "Mad Max: Furiosa" script is ready to go DCU's next animated movie is, "Gotham By Gaslight" HBO announces Oct. 1 for return of "Curb Your Enthusia ...…
Sines, Co-Sines, & Tangents
Tangents: Diablo III: Rise of the Necromancer – Neat MegaMaker – Summer Games Done Quick – final tally – 1.7 Million Dollars… wow Doctors without Borders wins! Castlevania on Netflix Super NES Classic… sure… okay… Starfox 2… WHAT?! Spider-man:Coming Home with bags of ducats… $250 Mazillion New Nintendo 3DS ends productio ...…
Actual discussion of Spiderman starts around the 12 minute mark. In this episode of the Spoiler Cast, Dan, Tristan, and Bera discuss the new Spider-Man movie, Spider-Man Homecoming, after getting seriously derailed by Edgar Wright’s Baby Driver and the recent remake of the overlooked Final Fantasy – Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age. What did t ...…
We are celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Will Smith classic, Men In Black! This was the movie that really solidified Will Smith as a movie star, but does it stand the test of time? After watching do we wish we could have an MIB agent use a nuerolizer on us? Listen to Ruin My Childhood and find out. Check us out on and ...…
What Were We Watching?
Time travel. Twists. Tim Roth. It's all part of our monkey business regarding Tim Burton's PLANET OF THE APES remake, featuring guest host Sam Stovold!
Space Wizards
THE NICATHON is here. We watched a bunch of Nicolas Cage films in a row and tried to understand them. Is he good, bad, or not even a real human being? We ask the big questions (about Nicolas Cage) in this special episode. 1:37 ‘Nam Saying G Zainabb volunteered with some teens this week and struggles to express the unique kind of joy this brings ...…
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