Best Renaissance Festival podcasts we could find (Updated June 2019)
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Twice monthly music and entertainment from Renaissance festivals with Celtic music, Irish folk music, Scottish bagpipes, English folk, Gypsy music, Pirate, Sea Shanty, Renaissance music, and comedy from groups performing this week at a faire near you.
The Bawdy side of the Renaissance Festival.
The Bawdy side of the Renaissance Festival.
Electronic music trailblazers THE CRYSTAL METHOD. Throughout the past two decades, the musical landscape has continually merged, morphed, and matrixed, fractured in countless directions while intersecting at the most unexpected points. Electronic music underwent a renaissance in the aughts, rising out of the warehouses and blank spaces and overtaking the biggest festival fields in the world. THE CRYSTAL METHOD followed a similar trajectory since their formation in 1993. The Grammy Award®-nom ...
Renaissance Recall
Enjoy listening to the tales of Renaissance-era reenactors as they recount their greatest experiences of yesteryear while creating for you, our patrons, the town-sized time machines that transport us all back over 400 years. We are a podcast that interviews actors, directors, vendors, and Entertainers who create renaissance fairs on the Eastcoast.
A podcast from that loveable bardic duo playing folk music and novelty music with humor. No kidding!
Horror / Comedy / Sci-Fi / Ghosts / Aliens / UFOs / Occult / Metal / Conspiracy Theory / Travel / Podcast
Rude Tudors
A raunchy jaunt through the historical--and hysterical--elements of the English Renaissance. Get Liz Rodriguez and Nicole Keating's rude take on the best bits of history and literature, including William Shakespeare, courtly manners, sex, Elizabeth I, war, politics, Henry VIII, poetry, true crime, witches, astrology, theater, and much more. Perfect for the Ren faire enthusiast or the adventurous educator hoping to inject some edgy comedy into their history.
Tronus is a Barcelona based techno project with a unique, intense and emotional sound.A singular project defined by an unbound vision of music that mirrors a philosophy built up over the lives of Albert Díaz and Víctor Quintana. An evolution from classical techno rawness into a 21st century complex sound, layering hypnotic harmonies, rich atmospheres and unforgiving bass lines.Since their debut album ‘Infra LP’ on 2017, every release has been supported and charted by top techno artists aroun ...
Millennial Pagan PodCast is a voice to the growing number of Pagan Millennials and our brand of Witchcraft, Magic, Practice, and Worship. Our goal is to explore the future of Paganism through the tough and controversial topics that effect Pagans, Witches, Polytheists, and Occultists in our ever-changing world. Promoting a peaceful understanding of Paganism in media.
A series of short video journals documenting my visit to the Castle of Muskogee for the Oklahoma Renaissance Festival in May of 2007, 2008 and 2009. They contain interviews with various merchants and performers and other silliness. Recorded in HD (but then converted down to teeny tiny online format). Newer videos are available in HQ format on YouTube, too.
A series of short video journals covering the continued construction at Iowa's first permanent renaissance festival site. The Des Moines Renaissance Faire at Festival Park opens the first three weekends of September. It resides on 20 acres of land near the Iowa State Fairground behind Sleepy Hollow Sports Park. Visit for more details and updates.
Renaissance festival interviews and news.
Welcome to the Brainfoodinator podcast by Charlotte Zhao. The ultimate aim is to create a safe space for adult learners to find inspirations and become empowered to teach themselves new skills.Podcast format will be a daily personal audio journal, I00% unscripted and unedited. There will be ordinary days with small lessons & reflections, as well as accelerated learning projects detailing the insecurities, frustrations, and progress. Story Time episodes will be with guests. For corresponding ...
A series of short video journals documenting my visit to the Nebraska Renaissance Faire at Scary Acres in Omaha in May of 2007. Interviews with various merchants and performers and other silliness. Recorded in HD (but then converted down to teeny tiny online format).
KXOJ Morning Show
Podcast by KXOJ
Welcome to Arrows to the Knee: A Spoken Collection of Skyrim Stories - After years, we've picked our swords back up and once more find ourselves slaying dragons, casting spells, and fighting bugs. Once a month we get together to share our stories. Support this podcast:
Every episode, Greg, Zain, and Ryan pick three things to talk about — a movie, an album, and a miscellaneous piece of pop culture. After a heated discussion, the guys rate each pick as well as reveal their picks for the next episode — so you can watch, listen, and join in on the discussion along with us!
RenAFaire Podcast
Devoted to all things Renaissance faire, RenAFaire is hosted by three faire enthusiasts who are excited to be a part of building faire community.
SSW Radio
Stories and interviews from the people of the South Side of Chicago. Send submissions, story ideas, comments, or questions to or mail to:Attn: South Side Weekly RadioExperimental Station6100 S. Blackstone Ave.Chicago, IL 60637MastheadHosts: Erisa Apantaku, Andrew Koski, Sam Larsen, Lewis PageProducers: Andrew Koski, Sam Larsen, Bridget Vaughn, Julie XuEditor: Erisa Apantaku
When not performing at Midwest Renaissance Festivals and Faires, the Pirate Comedy Show will be wasting bandwidth with silly podcasts featuring their music and attempted comedy. (We are currently busy with non-podcast projects, but episodes will resume as soon as we have some time! Come see us in person, instead ;-)
HELLO and Welcome to our podcast! Here you will follow the journeys of Thomas Wood and Dreamie through their wacky lives. We will be interviewing whoever we come across, and topic is prone to chaos.First a little about the 'casters:Thomas Wood aka the Pyrojugger has been performing for audiences for over 20 years. He was born in Long Beach, CA, and grew up in both Huntington Beach and Lake Tahoe, NV. He was initially brought to Renaissance Festivals by his father in 1972, and vowed then he w ...
How have writers, illustrators, film makers, and musicians shaped the American experience? In this podcast series historian Dr. Darren R. Reid explores American history through the lens of the artist. From classic comics books to music and film, this podcast examines how art and artistry has reflected and informed the American experience. Featured iTunes podcast (January and February 2014), #1 episodes in Education and Higher Education. Current series, "Comic Book Studies" explores the histo ...
Chriss Ronson, a man who has been working hard as a DJ/Producer since the mid nineties. He's been resident in clubs like Pacha, Home where he got support from Sasha, Digweed & Nick Warren. Over the last 15 years he has travelled the globe from Tokyo to Amsterdam, playing in the world's super clubs like Fabric in London and playing at such events as Winter Music Conference, Berlin's Love Parade, Sziget Festival or Balaton Sound. The first invitation to Tokyo came to Anthony Pappa's Global Und ...
BEN Around Philly
Produced by 95.7 BEN FM "BEN Around Philly" is a weekly show highlighting fun, interesting and important events and trends happening around Philadelphia, PA.
Grace Gedeon
Grace Gedeon is an International Life Coach. She has a unique capacity to intuitively and clinically diagnose the psychological factors that stand in the way of your success and fulfillment and teaches effective techniques to help you transform any area of your life – health, relationships, career and finances – in a deep and long lasting way.Grace assists you to resolve current life issues through her ability to tune into the repressed psychological and emotional traumas from your past. Onc ...
Touring the South | Covering Local Events | Discovering Southern Surprises
Welcome to DJ Kervyn Mark's "The Real NYC Podcast". Sweet, soulful melodies and a profound, jazzy vibe are what you can expect from internationally acclaimed DJ Kervyn Mark. After 30 years of devotion to the underground music industry, he has carved his niche as a renaissance man who has done it all. The boundlessness of his skills does not go unnoticed in his hometown of New York City where he is labeled “the world’s busiest DJ”. In terms of his music library in term of deep soulful house a ...
The Royal Shakespeare Company in Stratford Upon Avon is one of the world's best-known theatre ensembles. It focuses on works by Shakespeare but also performs work by renaissance dramatists as well as contemporary writers. This podcast looks at what makes Shakespeare's plays exciting to today's audiences as well as following the transformation of the famous Royal Shakespeare Theatre over the next three years.
The ongoing West Kowloon Cultural District project generates gravity that pulls public focus onto arts and cultural development of Hong Kong. Since 2013, the West Kowloon Cultural District has gradually become a community talking point. From folk programs such as Renaissance Concert and Clockenflap Music and Arts Festival, to official events like Freespace Fest, Bamboo Theatre, and Mobile M+: Inflation hosted by West Kowloon Cultural District Authority, the awakening district has found its w ...
Theatre Beyond Broadway is a platform created to promote and support independent artists working beyond the bright lights of Broadway. The independent artist creates in the realms of Off-Off Broadway, local theatre, community theatre, the festival circuit and even the one night show.
son:DA belogs to that area of art characterised by linking of various technologies and media, as well as a new approach to the group work. son:DA is active in the fields of space installations, computer drawings, audio-video performances and different gallery project. Since 2000 son:DA has shown their work internationaly.Their solo exhibition were in Razstavnem salonu Rotovž Maribor, Kibla Maribor, Galeriji Meduza Koper, Likovnem salonu Celje, Galerij Kapelica Ljubljana, ARCO Madrid, Turner ...
Screw It!
a podcast about wine
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VISIT OUR SPONSORS: Louisiana Renaissance Festival Renaissance Magazine SONGS Johnny Come Down to Hilo by Rambling Sailors from Ports of Call Santiano by Marooned from Dance Macaw Paddy Doyle's Boots (Live!) by Chuckawalla Rhythm Kings from No Bedrolls or Backpacks The Dreadnaught by Captain John Stout from Songs from the Water's Edge Rose Red ...…
This week on Three Dicks' Picks, the guys talk about a childhood favorite: The Brave Little Toaster. After that, they chat about A River's Invitation by The California Honeydrops and try to figure out what "Bay Area R&B" is and if it's any good or not. Finally, they discuss their recent trip to the Tennessee Renaissance Festival and on pressing ...…
Rambling on~ p.s. Tried ravioli in Bergamo style yet? :P
Beautiful Italian city near Milan~ Great wedding and fantastic friends~ Also, lessons on “fighting well” :)
Timeboxed team challenges! Had a lot of fun and saw diversity in thinking working out brilliantly~ also #trusttheprocess - divergence before convergence ;)
Dan Threlkeld Talks About The Summer With Dave And Katie by KXOJBy KXOJ.
The Fathers Day Quiz With Dave Weston by KXOJBy KXOJ.
Millennial Pagan Podcast Episode 27! In this episode Jera and Autumn discuss etiquette and how to prepare for your first pagan gathering. To follow Millennial Pagan Podcast,, and Instagram @paganpod. Email us at To find Jera: http ...…
People interested in the problem area of continuous learning! Super awesome beginning - excited :)
Kristen speaks with the creators of Jerks Productions (and her longtime friends), Brandon Tanczak and Jill Trager about Art In the Sky, an event at One Liberty Observation Deck on Wednesday, June 12th from 7-10pm. The event features 30+ local artists and their work celebrating PRIDE month in Philly and themes of love, diversity and inclusivity. ...…
Fun and exciting day! Antler’s first London cohort~
Erik’s Adventures At The Dead Show / Ancient Psychedelia Meets Ancient Websites / Into The Musk Continuum / 95-Year-Old Canadian Defense Minister Exposes UFOs / Again Into The Musk Continuum / Post Malone vs The Dybbuk / The Musk Continuum Never Ends
Super cool exhibition at the Barbican Centre!
Opera Figaro was composed by Mozart and supposedly the BEST opera ever according to many! It was an all day event, very british style - people dressed up all fancy and brought their own picnic 🧺 A pretty memorable day~ Forgot to mention that the estate was in a very interesting state - barely holding together, strong Shoreditch vibe on the inside 😂…
Came out of emotional funk! New super organised and productive phase starts today :D
Fun sketchnote session today! Great chat with Julia about life and art. Then the news that broke Chinese social media today!
Some thoughts on Ellen’s comedy style. Life is random, very often, and there will be knots you can’t untie~ so it’s best to just do and the answers will come :)
The cofounder of Quintessentially Aaron Simpson shares his story and how they grew to what they are today - 5000 employees with a quarter customers who pays at least 20k membership fee per year!
Had a meeting with my friend, and I was reminded of the type of corporate misery and the stifling feeling I once had too. It’s important to remind yourself of why you walked away from something! Once determined, the journey ahead becomes exciting :)
In this episode: - Trivia? - Flame Atronachs - And not much else ----- If you have a favorite host, follow them on social media: Killian McMurphy: FB/Insta - killianmcmurphy, Twitter - @TheShooterKM Dorian Mitchell: FB - dorian.mitchell, Insta - dorianm48, Twitter - @DorianM48 Lee Stetson - Twitter - @stetsonthree Follow show updates too - @dov ...…
Some reflections on arts and society~
A strong reaction triggered by me mishearing a number. Vivienne Ming talks about prioritising your purpose in all decision making. It’s not always easy, but will be worthwhile when looking back on your life :)
My youngest auntie is in town! Getting to know her as an equal adult and also had an epiphany on how life needs to be constantly fine-tuned :)
The Book of Mormon is here in Philly through this Sunday, June 9th at the Academy of Music. DON’T MISS IT. The show is perfect. The writing (Robert Lopez, Trey Parker and Matt Stone), the choreography, the music, everything. It’s ridiculously funny, and this cast is exceptional. Go and see it. Kristen had the opportunity to catch the show and ' ...…
Had a long call with my high school Chinese teacher, attempting to find my pace and North Star again! Key realisation: modularise my days going forward.
#FreeLatifa is a campaign for freeing imprisoned Dubai princess who despite having access to riches lacks the most basic human rights... We have the perception that we live in a society where there is free media, but the truth isn’t so simple! Check out to see details of the story yourself! Let’s be grateful for the freedom we ha ...…
Waiting for epiphany to hit~ perhaps the best thing I could do is to just take a step back and create some space for it :)
Millennial Pagan Podcast 26! In this episode Jera and Autumn discuss with Izzy how to reconstruct ancient Celtic religion into a modern practice. To find Grove of the Rising Phoenix:, To follow Mil ...…
VISIT OUR SPONSORS: Louisiana Renaissance Festival Renaissance Magazine The Renaissance Cruise SONGS Drink it Down performed by Pirates Inc from the album Fools Gold (2018) Here's a Drink performed by Beerside Scoundrels from the album Duel! Cooper's Rum performed by Ye Banished Privateers from the album First Night Back In Port Simple Gits per ...…
Quite long and detailed accounts of our experience and some reflections. Warning - I totally vented :P It’s a very honest personal experience of what it’s like there rather than only showing you the pretty parts!
Join Will and me for a free-wheeling conversation on nature of the Men In Black and the history of sightings and encounters over the years. Also featuring: EXTREME SYNCHRONICITY!
We are gearing up to launch a Kickstarter for our first studio album in over ten years. How do you stand out in a world where streaming rules? How do you get your music heard? Years ago, we gave away all of our music on We're gonna do it again. You can now download all of our music for free on Bandcamp. We're giving it away so that YOU ...…
This week on Three Dicks' Picks, the guys discuss Damien Chazelle's first screenplay, Grand Piano; we also talk about a definitive album of the progressive rock genre, Jethro Tull's Thick as a Brick; finally, we talk about the recent CBD oil craze and drink some CBD-infused tea on air!At the end of every episode, we reveal our picks for our nex ...…
Cruel Intentions: the 90’s musical is touring the country right now. Catch the show in Philly from Wednesday, May 29th through Sunday June 2nd at the Kimmel Center’s Perelman theater. Kristen Herrmann had the chance to speak with Betsy Stewart, who stars in the show as Annette Hargrove, the incoming new headmaster’s daughter (played by Reese Wi ...…
Figuring out life - always a journey, and it’s never too late :)
Inspiring story of one’s journey back to faith and meaning in life! Also, a great case study as a charity! I feel very inspired and have renewed faith <3
Millennial Pagan Podcast 24! This episode, Jera and Autumn start a How-To series on circle casting. To follow Millennial Pagan Podcast,, and Instagram @paganpod. Email us at To find Jera: To find Aut ...…
We all live in our own bubbles! There are all these other worlds that we are utterly unaware of. I was reminded of the fact by Brandon Wade, this “online dating entrepreneur” who has created a lot of niche dating sites that are basically all about sugar daddy setups... And he did it to solve his own problem 😂…
Melissa Levy, Executive Director of PAWS (Philadelphia Animal Welfare Society) joins Kristen in the studio to talk about this year’s Philly Loves PAWS Day. In its fifth year, Philly Loves PAWS Day is a day held each May where nearly 100 local businesses donate 10% or more of proceeds to support PAWS’ lifesaving efforts. Support these businesses ...…
VISIT OUR SPONSORS: Louisiana Renaissance Festival Renaissance Magazine SONGS Don't Follow Willow Wisps performed by Below the Gaff from the album Songs of Warship Seven Drunken Sailors performed by Below the Gaff from the album Songs of Warship No Quarter Given performed by Crossed Cannons from the album Skull And Crossed Cannons Ballad of Ol' ...…
Eric Schmidt’s new book details the lessons learnt from legendary coach Bill Campbell. Bill coached teams of business executives and created collaborative culture like he did with sports teams! Human psychology works the same in all context ;)
Sarah is back for another episode! Featuring Astrology Chat, Tarot Chat, Pope Chat, Hero’s Journey Chat—ALL THE CLASSICS, ALL THE TIME.
Pop music is becoming increasingly sexualised > < Songs about prostitution ends up becoming top of charts and kids sing along to those... Does it bother you?
The documentary on Alexander McQueen showed you the life story of amazingly talented Lee McQueen. I also realised through his story, instead of worrying about working with the best, just work with your friends :)
Know what you want and manifest it!
Resilience is generally a good thing, but sometimes it might also mean you tend to push yourself further than what’s good. Try to listen to your body for signals!
Renaissance Festival 2019 On KXOJ by KXOJBy KXOJ.
Small wins are important and the ritual of celebration actually makes a difference! Tonight was a night of celebration for women in software, and it was very nice to be surrounded by people who recognise your contribution <3
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