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The Comedic Pop-Cuture Nostalgia Podcast.
SciFi TV Rewatch
A podcast exploring science fiction television - Past and present
The Rewatchables
'The Rewatchables,' a film podcast from the Ringer Podcast Network, features HBO and The Ringer’s Bill Simmons and a roundtable of people from The Ringer universe discussing movies they can’t seem to stop watching.
Rewatch Podcast
The Rewatch Podcast hosts are Cory, Tom and Nathan who revisit past TV shows and movies. Twitter: @RewatchPod Facebook:
Having survived the long night of Game of Thrones, podcasters Dave Gonzales, Joanna Robinson, and Neil Miller are going back for a massive rewatch of ABC's hit show Lost. Follow along as your faithful hosts guide you back through one of the great storms in modern pop culture history episode by episode. And don't be surprised if a few other major storm-fronts open up along the way.
Join three (and sometimes more) people as they re-visit every episode of Digimon in order, one episode at a time.'s ReWatchable is dedicated to re-watching all your favorite TV shows! To date we've re-watched Agent Carter, Sense8, Angel, Buffy, Avatar: The Legend of Korra, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Freaks and Geeks, Pushing Daisies, Veronica Mars, and Firefly. All TV Re-Watches are available in our feed, so jump right in at whatever show you'd like!Join us for analysis, commentaries, character discussions, and more on each of these shows. This is a spoiler-free podcast, so everyone can wat ...
A Dragon Ball Z rewatch podcast, exploring every nook and cranny of the Saiyan Saga all the way to the Buu Saga
A Transformers G1 rewatch podcast by Kyle Churchill, Abby Denton, and Jordan Mallory.
Columboys is a podcast all about the rumpled, wood-paneled, murderous world of Lieutenant Columbo hosted by Mack and Ben. Mack has seen every episode and Ben is seeing them all for the very first time. Episodes are released every other Sunday. Come along on an episodic journey through the 35 year history of this beloved series.
Our collection of nerdy hosts watch (or rewatch) their way through the Star Wars: The Clone Wars animated TV show, discussing each episode along the way. We bring a modern look at the show that's almost a decade old, finding connections to both old Star Wars media and new. New episodes every other Monday!
Teenagers with attitude is a Power Rangers rewatch podcast where a bunch of adults rewatch every episode of the hit kids show and recap every crazy, insane, and occasionally hilarious and awesome thing that happens. We discuss every episode and crack jokes, create weird fan theories, and generally wallow in 90's nostalgia every Friday! Check us out on Twitter @TeensWithTude and give us a like/subscribe/rate on iTunes, shoot us an email at, or join our facebook group a ...
Episodenbesprechung aller Buffy Staffeln
Case Reopened is a Detective Conan rewatch podcast that goes through every episode, movie and OVA of the successful anime series. Hosted by Justin, Kyle Bradford and Tyler Treese.
A look back at J. Michael Straczinski's epic Sci-Fi TV show! Where it started, how it got there, where it went, and why we still adore it, even 20 years later!
Welcome to the Babylon Project Podcast! Raul and Jim are going to be taking a journey through the wonders of Babylon 5 as they do a rewatch of the series to celebrate its 20th anniversary. You can find us at, on FaceBook at The Babylon Project Podcast or on iTunes. Just remember… No boom today. Boom tomorrow. There’s always a boom tomorrow!
Ashley and Luke exchange roles in a podcast where they watch landmark anime Neon Genesis Evangelion. Along with watching the episodes they discuss it's characters and themes, as well as getting into the usual tangents.
It’s Just A Show
A podcast conversation with Mystery Science Theater 3000, in which Beth and Adam rewatch episodes of MST3K and then talk about them, or about whatever.
Join us as we re-watch 'Psych' and break it down for you.
The Morphin Grid
Join Jake and Josh as they watch and discuss every episode of Power Rangers, starting at the very beginning. You can email us at, and follow us on Twitter: @morphingrid or
Bring Backup is a weekly rewatch podcast about California teen noir Veronica Mars. Longtime Veronica Mars fans Sam NeSmith and Meg Lindsay will be watching and discussing every episode of the show, beginning with the mystery that started it all, the murder of Veronica’s best friend Lilly Kane.
Two Whovians and one newbie are rewatching Doctor Who.
It's All Been Trekked Before is a Star Trek rewatch podcast from the midwestern entertainment network. A rotating group of hosts will discuss each episode and film individually, as well as do larger-scale reviews. Join us on our universe journey!
A rewatch podcast of the 90's cartoon Beast Wars! Join the War and Beast Podcast Crew and their guests as they discuss what makes this show so memorable.
The Mr. Robot recap podcast brought to you by a stand-up comedian and a depressive hacker.
The SpielbergPod is a show where me and some friends rewatch the films of Steven Spielberg going through them one at a time . It's a mix of film discussion, humour and just good ol' fashioned conversation among friends. Features of the show include recastings of the films with current day actors, companion pieces to the film and top five lists.
A podcast for fans of Orphan Black, the sci-fi thriller sensation that combines crazy science with heartfelt sisterhood. Jean MacDonald, who has obsessively watched and rewatched the series, is joined by Kathy Campbell, who is watching it for the first time. We review and analyze one episode per week, looking at what makes this show so emotionally and intellectually satisfying. Watch (or rewatch!) Orphan Black with us!
Bygones is the Ally McBeal rewatch podcast, where we watch each episode through 2019 eyes
Cheers Weekly
George Tsakiridis and Randy Woodbury embark on a weekly rewatch of the classic TV sitcom Cheers! in a podcast that engages classic television, 80's pop culture, and nostalgic euphoria. George is an actor/writer from Chicago, IL and Randy is a screenwriter currently based out of London.
The WCW Thunder rewatch podcast that you didn't ask for, but we did anyway. Dave Ryan and Lee Malone are the Days of Thunder podcast.
Angel On Top
Angel On Top is an Angel rewatch podcast hosted by writers Brittany Ashley and Laura Zak (hosts of Sicker Sadder World), and works in tandem with the Buffy rewatch podcast Buffering The Vampire Slayer. At the end of each episode, Brittany and Laura write an original poem, through the POV of our anti-hero, Angel.
Wheels Up in Forty
A Criminal Minds rewatch/recap podcast.
Closer to Free
Did you realize that the missing piece of your life was listening to a married couple talk about the 90's family drama Party of Five for an hour each week? Thankfully, you've found Closer to Free, a Party of Five rewatch podcast. Join your hosts Jen & Dylan as we relive the trials and tribulations of the Salinger clan each week.
We're rewatching Leverage! Join us as we dive into a world of heists, and confidence tricks.Find us
Every week, Katy, Jacob and Kirk review an episode of the hit NBC TV show Parks and Recreation, with an eye toward the hilarity of local government and politics. Join us for a lighthearted rewatch of this incredible series!
A podcast about the Beast Era of Transformers hosted by Daoud Faquiryan and James Fletcher. Join us as we rewatch one of the earliest fully CGI-Animated TV Series in history.
Did you ever watch movies in the 90's? Ever rewatch them and discover that your favorite movies were actually terrible or maybe extremely problematic?? Or maybe, you haven't rewatched them and you need someone to do it for you Join Thom and Trevor on a cinematic adventure as they rewatch all your favorite movies from the 90's and let you know if it holds up or is a steaming pile of nostalgic hot garbage.
There's No Place Like Terra has been the #1-female hosted-caffeine and alcohol fueled -Stargate- watch/rewatch podcast. I mean, we're just assuming... There's not many out there that can check all of those boxes.We also have a Patreon!
In this podcast mini-series, James & Matt rewatch and review the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe, in the lead-up to Avengers: Infinity War.
A Twin Peaks rewatch podcast examining the quirky details, symbolic meaning, and ancient history of everyone's favorite spooky murder soap.
A Buffy the Vampire Slayer rewatch and discussion podcast. Only slightly off the rails.
Are you still watching "The Office (U.S.)"? If so, this is the podcast for you. Join two new friends as they re-watch NBC's The Office episode-by-episode and talk about it with the perspective that comes from living with The Office for well over a decade. There is no paper, no plastic, and no work talk allowed. It's very exclusive.
Taylor's watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer for the first time, Andrea's rewatching it for the umpteenth time, hilarity is sure to ensue.
Experts bring a psychological breakdown and behind-the-scenes analysis of each episode.
BSG star Tricia Helfer and TV writer/journalist Marc Bernardin do an episode-by-episode rewatch of Battlestar Galactica in its entirety, diving deep into the themes of the award-winning sci-fi classic and revealing behind the scenes details that only a true BSG insider like Tricia would know. In addition, the podcast will welcome members of BSG’s cast and crew into the airlock to share their memories of making the groundbreaking series.
A One Piece rewatch podcast where veteran of the show, Jo, guides Jory through his first watch through of the long and still running shonen series! We try to make episodes monthly! We don't always succeed but we're still goin' we promise!
She-Ra: Progressive of Power is a rewatch podcast with a political twist. Each week, hosts Lauren Faits and Eric Garneau watch an episode or episodes of the 1985 cartoon She-Ra: Princess of Power and discuss its surprising relevance to modern politics — as well as its disastrously ’80s messages.
When your favorite show ends, we're just getting started. LIVE interactive podcasts take place on Youtube, right after the episode ends of shows like THE WALKING DEAD, GAME OF THRONES, 24 plus Netflix original shows like HOUSE OF CARDS. Featuring Rob Cesternino from Rob Has a Podcast. See more at
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It's time to meet the Kudos as Tyler and Kyle have a jolly time talking about two exciting Conan episodes. Plus, a lot of English dub information because Kyle is ruining Tyler's plans.By Kyle Bradford, Tyler Treese.
Welcome to THE STORM: A Lost ReWatch Podcast! Where we watch a new episode of ABC's Lost every week and discuss it for newcomers and those returning to The Island. This week, Joanna, Dave, and Neil are hunting for Ghost Boar in Season 1, Episode 16 "Outlaws" - Sawyer has a gun and a vendetta against a wild pig while Charlie has some light murde ...…
The ReWatchable hosts have come together to discuss Veronica Marsseason 4, episode 2, “Chino and the Man.” Fun Facts: Kendra’s dog does an incredible Hopper impression. Kristen is fangirling over her most anticipated book of the year, Rage by Cora Carmack, which comes out VERY SOON. It’s WAY too hot for Ariana to record in her car like the old ...…
It's hot outside, so this week we cool off with a tall glass of Bobby Boucher in THE WATERBOY! Yes, it's the classic Adam Sandler sports comedy also featuring Kathy Bates, Fairuza Balk and Henry Winkler about a humble who learns to channel his anger and rage and really hurt some people! Also featuring a guy who looks like Colonel Sanders and Ro ...…
Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) welcomes his Welcome to Westworld podcast co-host Jo Garfein (@jopinionated) for the first-ever bonus episode of LOST Down the Hatch. In this podcast, Jo reports back from her own experience rewatching LOST, what she's gleaned from her decision to hop back down the hatch thus far, and more. They also discuss Jo's work ...…
There are ice queen metaphors in this episode. Digi Hosts: Shin Garrett and Kit Cat Digi Notes Nope, power went out they are lost in the digi ether.By The Riceball Network.
In this weeks episode of The SeaQuest Rewatch, Cory and Tom dive to new depths as they discuss the series pilot "To Be or Not To Be." Blog Post
Tish and Juliana talk about "Day of the Daleks" from Classic Who, Season 9 Episodes 1-4 with the Third Doctor. We talk about how different television was back then, what we think of the Third Doctor and his companion, 22nd century fashion, and time travel paradoxes between tangents about overpopulation and power outages. Nice to meet you, Third ...…
Hallo Herzzerreißer und Selbstlose, diese Woche haben wir so viel Titel, da bleibt kaum Platz für einen Text. Nein, im Ernst. Ich versuche ja Texte zu schreiben, aber die Audio-Episoden im Feed sind doch wichtiger. Es hat mir noch nie jemand gesagt, “Wow, tolle Shownotes” oder sowas. Also bis in zwei Wochen zur Kommentarfolge zu “Him”. Bye bye, ...…
Our hosts watch Season 2 Episode 22, Lethal Trackdown. The hosts discuss this episode’s imitation of Ennio Morricone style leifmotif and the style of Jedi Jammies. They praise the presentation of Aurra Sing as merciless and terrifying but critique Boba’s inconsistent character arc through this trilogy of episodes.…
Luke and Ashley have come back around to Evangelion and while they're happy to be back on familiar ground it's perhaps too familiar. In fact for all the episodes that could do with remake episodes 1-8 are probably the least needed. Especially when you're adding even more uncomfortable content. At least we got our fav death diamond Ramiel and th ...…
Lords of the Deep sinks Adam and Beth’s hopes at completely overcoming their Summer of Technical Difficulties. On this episode, we encounter undersea aliens, Roger Constantius Corman, Three’s Company, Fantastic Voyages, and kombucha cocktails. Show Notes. Lords of the Deep: IMDB. MST3K Wiki. Trailer. On Netflix. The Abyss [trailer]. DeepStar Si ...…
Yo ho me hearties, there's a boat monster in this episode! Jake and Josh watch "Wishes On The Water" and get absolutely enamored with Boat Man. They also get way off track and talk about time travel, zip-off shorts, and the song that changed Jake's life Patreon: Website: Archive: heyjakeandjosh. ...…
In this special 200th episode of TWA, the crew uses Pen and Paper game “If Not Us Then Who” by Riley Hopkins (@Revryebread on twitter, to create their very own power rangers season! Thanks to everyone for listening with us this far, and thanks to @ShenKun99 for his cameo this episode!…
The LOST: Down the Hatch rewatch begins right here, right now, as Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) and Mike Bloom (@AMikeBloomType) head back to the island and all the way back to the two-part series premiere, "Pilot: Part 1 + Part 2." In a sprawling conversation that spans over three hours, Josh and Mike dig into every nook and cranny (okay, not eve ...…
Technical difficulties pushed our next guested episode to next week, but that's okay! Lauren and Eric have a lot to unpack from the news coming out of last weekend's Power-Con convention, including new toys, a sweet new comic from our friend Tim Seeley, and an animated sequel to the original He-Man!By She-Ra: Progressive of Power.
Join Dave and Wayne for genre television show news, a Tip of the Week, commentary and a final analysis of Season 2 of the German Netflix production Dark, and our listener feedback segment. This week on SciFi TV Rewatch we examine each of the means by which characters travel through time to one of the five temporal destinations. Is it possible t ...…
This week we discuss more Dick Casablancas, selfie murder videos, we get - or excuse me, we HAVE - to see Mercer and Tim again, ew. But all of this is boring because the real reason to watch his episode is to see Leo D’Amato, fully grown up suit wearin FBI hottie. And also Vinny Van Lowe! Check out our website! Follow us on Twitter and Instagram.…
The mysterious forces of the internet did not want us to record. But what do we say to the God of Skype? Not today! On the show this week:*So much Jericho, for which we are thankful.*Hennig vs. Duggan, for which we are not.*Actual characterization in a main event story!*Dave turns a corner of Buff BagwellAs always, we’ll be back in two weeks fo ...…
It's All Been Trekked Before #130 Season 5, Episode 2 Quark: The Complete Series Stephen and Jimmy-Jerome suffer through this 1970s sci-fi sitcom, which does not hold up at all. You can find the episodes yourself on YouTube. Thankfully, it was short-lived. It's All Been Trekked Before is produced by IABD Presents entertainment network. http://i ...…
Welcome to THE STORM: A Lost ReWatch Podcast! Where we watch a new episode of ABC's Lost every week and discuss it for newcomers and those returning to The Island. This week, Joanna, Dave, and Neil are hunting for Ghost Boar in Season 1, Episode 16 "Outlaws" - Sawyer has a gun and a vendetta against a wild pig while Charlie has some light murde ...…
Episode sixty eight of Destructo Discourse, covering episodes 202-204 of DBZ, wherein we get our Frank Frazetta starter kits, hurt our hitting bones, and drink some purely distilled liquid capitalism Your hosts this week are: Tyler, Jayson, Gordie, Erin You can also check out Tyler and Gordie's other podcast, What The Folklore…
In this MASSIVELY IMPORTANT episode, well... we don't wanna say too much but.... *Spoiler Alert*: SOMEONE kisses SOMEONE and we are LIVID. Game face people, take a deep breath... this episode we're discussing s2e14: Pyramids on the Nile. *** Find Bygones: On TWITTER! @bygonespodcastOn FACEBOOK! Search Bygones Podcast On INSTA! @bygonespodOn EMA ...…
We’re Watching the Rundown Job, we’re talking about Thrillers, Pork, and the Antiseptic Method. There’s some discussion of squick/gore from 28:57 to 29:24 We also discuss Catwishes (based on a real story), Cass’ group video assignment, Pub trivia, trans required watching, the manga is unfortunate, Let’s plays but TV, Pepper is the ONLY doggie i ...…
Fish in the Percolator is hosted by: Eric @curiorambles Lilly @cubmoth and Sarah @hmsnofun If you have theories of your own, why not tweet at us? @fitpcast You can also send us a tip at Fish in the Percolator is proudly hosted by the Lunar Light Studio Network Find more information about us and our sister podcasts at www.luna ...…
Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) and Emily Fox (@emelette) break down Succession season two, episode two, "Vaulter." They podcast not because their dads told them to, but because they genuinely want to do it for reasons they cannot explain — like a kid taking candy from a candy store, or a grown adult stealing a pack of batteries from a bodega for no ...…
The Ringer’s Bill Simmons and Mallory Rubin and The New York Times’s Wesley Morris hop up on the kitchen counter to rewatch the 1987 thriller ‘Fatal Attraction,’ starring Michael Douglas, Glenn Close, and Anne Archer.
The Ringer’s Bill Simmons and Mallory Rubin and The New York Times’s Wesley Morris hop up on the kitchen counter to rewatch the 1987 thriller ‘Fatal Attraction,’ starring Michael Douglas, Glenn Close, and Anne Archer.
It Unification Day and Mal would like a job to keep himself occupied. It’s fast-thinking times on the train that brings out important parts of the crew’s characters. Listen in to also see a comparison between the pilots “Serenity” and “The Train Job.”
This week on there’s no place like terra: Selmak & Sam make a new friend to help with puzzles, Daniel gets inside the matrix, and Nixie & Grace are in particularly weird moods.@terrapodcast on…
Welcome back to ye olde Battlestar Galacticast. Tricia is recovering from bronchitis, Marc played D&D for nine hours straight … but did they have any epiphanies watching Season 2, Episode 13: Epiphanies? Also, what's the opposite of "pulling out"? Beware the Scarlet Pimpernel (and budget concerns!) and listen on.…
Alyssa's in the spotlight today when Jake and Josh watch "Ancient Awakening". Turns out she's a great Power Ranger, who knew? Listen in for the boys to be excited about Wild Force, talk about Kirby villains, and pitch some backstory for Princess Shayla Patron Thanking: 00:05:55 - 00:18:11 Patreon: Website: MorphinGrid ...…
Starting with this episode, we see three consecutive episodes about telepaths, then have a break from the telepath storyline, followed by a fourth episode that essentially culminates the main storyline of the human teeps. In this episode, we watch Byron and his crew make a final attempt to gain a homeworld of their own. It’s done badly as we le ...…
The bar is open and ready for Season Five!! Cheers Weekly is back baby with a super-sized episode covering where our hosts have been this summer, exploring who Sam was proposing to at the end of Season Four and how close Frasier came to committing a felony. And since it's the season premiere, we have a Happy Hour Special...George's fantastic in ...…
In this episode of The Office, Michael gets to be in Phyllis’ wedding and oh boy is he excited! When it turns out he’s not really needed, Michael takes it all in stride and enjoys the wedding anyway…jk. Enjoy!By Blowing Up Media.
Get ready for a gut pumping adrenaline rush full of Sandy B., Keanu Reeves, Jeffy D., and King Koopa himself, Dennis Hopper. Thanks for listening! Please share and give us a rating, it helps us get discovered!
"Never Give Up!" is a rough episode of Wild Force y'all. We learn things about Danny and get inferred things about Max that are weird and confusing. Also, Josh recounts the plot of you got served, Jake makes a plea to find a pair of BK Ratch Techs, and they both reminisce about SoBe Life Water. Patreon: Website: Morph ...…
This week, we watched episodes 7, 8, and 9 of season 10. Topics include: a trip to the inconvenience store, friendly kidnapping, surprise wigs, Rossi doesn't know what Comic Con is, selfies will get you killed.
Power Rangets bungles the story of king midas, does some good old fashioned gay panic jokes, and then redeems it all with the stupidest zord fight in recent memory!By Teenagers With Attitude.
Ashley & Luke get in-depth on the 2016 Shin-Godzilla, the biggest live action movie directed by Hideaki Anno. Bringing Godzilla back to it's original role as a symbol for disaster the film looks into how modern Japan would react. We talk about the wonderfully gross designs of Godzilla, how the cinematography matches Anno's animated work and whe ...…
This week, we unpack the rich and evolving Catra/Scorpia dynamic with guest Katie Utke, a student of fan culture, Disney, and especially of queer coding in animation! Plus, New Adventures of He-Man makes a surprising impact on the Princesses of Power.By She-Ra: Progressive of Power.
Join Dave and Wayne for genre television show news, a Tip of the Week, commentary and analysis for this week’s episode of the German Netflix production Dark titled “Endings and Beginnings,” and our listener feedback segment. This week on SciFi TV Rewatch we discuss the revelation of the Many-Worlds Interpretation that now appears to exist withi ...…
LOST is over, but we have to go back! Introducing LOST: Down the Hatch, a new podcast series on Post Show Recaps. Josh Wigler (@roundhoward) and Mike Bloom (@AMikeBloomType) are your hosts, guiding you on a walkabout through every single episode of LOST, from the beginning through "The End." A new weekly series, Down the Hatch aims to infuse yo ...…
Download - Kyle Bradford, Tyler Treese.
This episode gives us Veronica dancing to No Scrubs, the return of the Logan Echolls Inspirational Quote, and we even get to see Weevil! But it’s not all fun and games because people also get blown up. Perhaps we should talk about that. Visit our website! Follow us on Twitter and Instagram.By Sam NeSmith and Meg Lindsay.
It's All Been Trekked Before #129 Season 5, Episode 1 Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope Stephen and Jimmy-Jerome cross franchises to talk Star Wars. What does a Star Trek podcast have to say about the non-scifi competitor? Listen and find out! It's All Been Trekked Before is produced by IABD Presents entertainment network. ...…
Welcome to THE STORM: A Lost ReWatch Podcast! Where we watch a new episode of ABC's Lost every week and discuss it for newcomers and those returning to The Island. This week, Joanna, Dave, and Neil are turning things around with Season 1, Episode 15 "Homecoming" - Claire is back and can't remember anything, Charlie is left out of making an Etha ...…
Welcome to THE STORM: A Lost ReWatch Podcast! Where we watch a new episode of ABC's Lost every week and discuss it for newcomers and those returning to The Island. This week, Joanna, Dave, and Neil are turning things around with Season 1, Episode 15 "Homecoming" - Claire is back and can't remember anything, Charlie is left out of making an Etha ...…
Episode sixty seven of Destructo Discourse, covering episodes 199-201 of DBZ, wherein we do the Anime Cool Boy Wave, try on some Bumpkin Rolexes, and discover the snakes of the vegetable world Your hosts this week are: Tyler, Jayson, Erin You can also check out Tyler and Gordie's other podcast, What The Folklore…
The ReWatchable hosts have come together to discuss Veronica Mars season 4, episode 1, “Spring Break Forever.” Fun Facts: Maj has been watching Bob Ross on Netflix. Kendra is going full-on Harry Potter. Karen is hoping to eat some Indian food. Danielle crashed a 30th birthday party. Veronica Mars season 4, episode 1, “Spring Break Forever”: -Ho ...…
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