Best Rom Com podcasts we could find (Updated May 2019)
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A podcast about rom coms, for rom com lovers and haters everywhere. With Tess Morris and Billy Mernit.
Jackie likes superheroes and comedy. Steph likes rom-coms and TV shows about genius savants. Steph watched cartoons about the Archie characters growing up, and Jackie had never heard of them until she watched the Riverdale pilot. So tag along with these two former college roommates desperately clinging to their bright college years in this wildly unqualified adventure into podcasting and media criticism! We'll go through every episode of The CW's hit drama Riverdale and talk about our favori ...
Meeting Cute
Reclaim the romantic comedy with this podcast hosted by superfan Shiran Lugashi and rom-com rookie Brendan Hodgdon.Intro music credit:"Monkeys Spinning Monkeys"Kevin MacLeod ( under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0
Listen through the Mandarin Chinese New Testament twice in one year. Audio downloaded from from Podcast created by
Born in 1970, Miss Play starts playing music at the early age of 4, playing violin at the Conservatory of Versailles.In 1980, a first major event imprints her life: two days after the death of Ian Curtis (Joy Division), Miss Play discovers the dark universe of the Cold Wave scene and gets influenced by Siouxsie and the Banshees, And Also the Trees, Cocteau Twins … In 1988 comes the time of Acid House and the Garage scene in Detroit and Chicago. In 1994 she adopts the Goa Trance hardhouse sou ...
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We are a zany married couple that loves watching and talking about romantic movies - from rom coms to independent art house gems, we'll discuss them all with a pinch of seriousness and a dash of odd humor. New reviews are released weekly. Send all feedback and movie suggestions to Like us and leave us a review on Soundcloud, Itunes, and Facebook.
Best friends, Oscar and Donnie, have a real passion for film. From Horror to Rom-Coms, casting to costuming, music to scripts, they love it all! After watching a new movie, they chat about their thoughts on varying aspects of the film and whether they loved it or hated it. Sometimes they agree and sometimes they don't but that's what makes it interesting! On The Reel-ists Podcast, Oscar and Donnie share these conversations with you. They will report their movie reviews and discuss how certai ...
To cope with FOMO and separation anxiety three friends reach out across the void of the internet in search of some quality time to review Rom Coms, Teen TV Dramas, and sexually charged Young Adult fiction! We don’t use razors unless they’re pink, we laugh alone with salad, and would like to speak to pizza.
Those Gals
Those Gals are Lynsay and Elaine, BFFs from Glasgow. Join us on our podcast adventures. Expect chat about music, movies, clothing, tiny hats, and pretty much anything else pop culture related. Plus lots of Prince. Mwah!Tweet us at us on tumblr http://thosegals.tumblr.comOr pop us an email
Rae & Renee talk stalker angels, fireplace boning, and the creativity levels of The Goo Goo Dolls.
Bodega Nights
A bunch of friends get together now and then. This makes sure it happens. Welcome to Bodega Nights, a podcast out of the Philippines.
Power Cycle
Sit down with Mike Knowles (@TheMightyMic) & Jack Beran (@TheRed_Beran) from as they host their weekly gaming talk show! Every week we discuss the hottest gaming news over on , run down the game releases of hte week and take audience questions and feedback. You just never know whats gonna happen, who's going to show up or what we're gonna talk about!.... except ya know that its related to gaming.... cause its the genre... and theme.... I mean look ...
It’s the Differing Opinions on Drake Podcast, hosted by Elyse Washington and Ryan O’Connell. A pop culture podcast that's inspiration is the hosts' differing opinions on Drake. That divide helps shape the show's take on the current events in pop culture and more. Follow us on Twitter: @DifferonDrake
Fries With Guys
As the title suggests, this podcast is all about conversations host Ndidi Lalita has with guys about dating while sharing a delicious bag of fries. Inspired by a myriad of things including past and current romantic frustrations shared by her and her friends, Aziz Ansari's Modern Romance, and an unhealthy obsession with Nora Ephron rom-coms, Ndidi shares these conversations in the hopes of uncovering just how the mind of the millennial man works when it comes to lust, love, and everything in ...
3 men and some films
Russian techno label managed by Elay Lazutkin. Demos demo@syncfxaudio.comBookings
The Meet Cute
A podcast for all things romantic comedy, but mostly the bad ones. Hosted by Zach Raffio, HaleyJane Rose, and Edward Precht.
Object to This!
Join two hilarious fandom nobodies and their friends as they talk Ace Attorney - games, anime, fandom, theories, and everything in between.
A Bi-monthly podcast where some pals get together to pick apart old school videogames from a designer perspective to discuss what worked, what didn't and what can be us @ and follow us on twitter @somethingrom
Two Friends Discussing Life in All It's Hilarious Honesty
Retro Fandango
Retro Fandango is a weekly podcast hosted by the opinionated Kevin (Buried on Mars) and the dashing Richard (Ram Vox).
Entertainment & Parenting Show with Emmy Award-Winning Writer Heather Brooker
Did you think there were enough podcasts about TV, or even, about Downton Abbey? Well, you are wrong because we are adding another. Christina and Allison will be chatting Downton Abbey episode by episode and maybe drinking some tea, too. Follow us on Twitter @ringforteapod!
Lauren loves rom coms, and Erin finds most of them too problematic to enjoy. Let's call the whole thing off and agree to fall in love with this podcast!
It’s sometimes funny and sometimes accidentally deep. We’re just two friends talking about stuff they love!
Plot Holes
Movies mocked by synopsis: a monthly podcast of filmic rantings and cinematic takedowns hosted by Joe Revill and Megan Eaves. We expose plot holes so you don't have to.
Dead Kids Club
Three kids who study death, research death, and talk death now also record themselves while talking death just for your pleasure. Holding skulls everyday gives them a fair share of morbid but fun stories and ideas. Tune in to the podcast that discusses everything about death from the academic talk about forensics and archaeology to the fun ways to bury yourself. Disclaimer: This podcast is in no way associated with UCL and represents our thoughts and thoughts of those who wrote the wikipedia ...
At Qouch we like to talk about everything from gender to race, mangoes, bats and pop culture to 90s rom coms. And we do it all from our couch!
A civilized discussion about the best and worst of romcom cinema.
A rom com recap podcast
Geek in News
Each week two Geeks get together and discuss film, gadgets, life and more in this uplift rom-com that takes a deeper look at life itself.
Fumped Hard
Each week I will be bringing you a selection of the fine funny music that can be found at the
The Sleeper Hit
A weekly podcast where guests talk about what's underrated, over drinks. Hosted by Meryl Williams, writer and roller derby girl.
"How to Make Me Come" explores issues linked to and inspired by female orgasm.
"How to Make Me Come" explores issues linked to and inspired by female orgasm.
Hosted by Alana Helbig, Podcast with Heart is a podcast for women who podcast. Stories about women who are rocking the podcast mic. How and why they got started, their stumbling blocks, big lessons and top-secret podcasting secrets. Join the Podcast With Heart Facebook group, a community of vibrant women podcasters. Introduce yourself, ask questions and get the help and support you need. You don’t have to do this podcasting gig alone > >
Screen Burn
Two television addicts say "um" way more often than they thought possible, and talk circles around portrayals of gender and sexuality on television and in the media via podcast in an effort to justify the ridiculous amounts of TV they watch.
Future Show
A weekly talk show about the future with Jonathan Myers and his guests
NotPorn Podcast
NotPorn is the Sex-in-Film podcast where long-time friends, Lyra & Laura, discuss sexuality in mainstream film and television (i.e. not porn.) The discussions are frank, casual and explicit. When discussing specific movies and shows, major plot points may end up being revealed. The entire podcast should be considered SPOILER territory. Each episode description lists the titles involved, in order to give fair warning.
Oh, I Can Dig!
A daily five minute crunch centred around truth where we find it.
Darko 'N' Stormy
Podcast about Darko, Drake, drinking, dank memes, & whatever the hell else is going on in our lives from Shamus Clancy and Anthony Capelli.
Underground Nights is presented by James Mullinger, a comedian and feminist living in Canada, and Paul Field, a Sun reading football fan in the south of England. By all accounts, they shouldn’t be friends and yet they are united by their shared interests in genre and cult films, and vinyl records. In each episode of Underground Nights, James and Paul will take a look at their favourite cult movies that may have slipped under your radar, some of the most popular indie horror film makers from ...
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Mrs. Hughes and Mr. Carson are getting married and it’s just as sweet as you imagined! Mary gets steamrolled by Cora in her attempts to dictate the wedding, and we didn’t mind one bit. Meanwhile, Edith has an independent romantic comedy in the course of the episode - WE. ARE. IN. LOVE. We’re rejoicing that Edith has a plot line that doesn’t inv ...…
A new MP3 sermon from Shalom Church (Reformed Baptist) is now available on with the following details: Title: THE CONVERSION OF CORNELIUS Acts 10:30-48 Speaker: Kah Heng Soh Broadcaster: Shalom Church (Reformed Baptist) Event: Sunday Service Date: 5/26/2019 Bible: Acts 10:30-48 Length: 50 min. Overview: LESSONS ON SALVATION- THE ...…
Although it is not movie, the TV series Game of Thrones ended and Episode 146 will be discussing the final episode as well as the overall show. The show has managed to bring many viewers each season due to its unique and fascinating story and characters. Even though the finale was not considered the best among some viewers, Oscar and Donnie exp ...…
We sure got a lot to say about "John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum" in Episode 145! It brought fresh and exciting action to the latest movie in the franchise that exceeded the guys’ expectation. While the dialogue fumbles at points in the movie, the story and action sequences maintain the entertainment. The supporting characters manage to bring ...…
Something's Gotta Give (2003) /// Freaky Friday (2003)By Plot Holes.
The A-Team, old Burt Reynolds and Peter Fonda movies, Vox-cade update, Resident Evil movies, then we quickly fizzled out.By Retro Fandango.
Grab your best date-for-pay, cause we watched the 2019 Netflix rom com The Perfect Date! We discuss Noah Centineo's teeth, angsty teens who aren't like other girls, and some of the film's absolutely insane character names. Plus - our very first Meet Cute Fashion Moment. Rate, subscribe, and leave a comment! @meetcutecast ( ...…
A new MP3 sermon from Shalom Church (Reformed Baptist) is now available on with the following details: Title: Rom. 12:15 – Love Them With Empathy Subtitle: Romans Speaker: Kah Heng Soh Broadcaster: Shalom Church (Reformed Baptist) Event: Sunday Service Date: 5/19/2019 Bible: Romans 12:15 Length: 42 min. Overview: NOW THAT WE ARE ...…
In Episode 144 of The Reel-ists Podcast, Oscar and Donnie review the newest comedy "The Hustle". Starring Anne Hathaway and Rebel Wilson, this film is actually a remake of the 1964 film "Bedtime Story". Unfortunately, even with the star power from two very talented actresses, the film failed to make a big impression. The humor in the film was u ...…
In Episode 143 of The Reel-ists Podcast, Oscar and Donnie discuss the film "Pokemon: Detective Pikachu." Being Pokemon fans ever since childhood, the duo were very excited about this live action version. Luckily, the film did not disappoint! Oscar and Donnie agree that the film was very strong overall, mainly for its wholesome family fun and nu ...…
Judging by last week's downloads you people really don't care for an episode all about model kits.... Well, here's another.By Retro Fandango.
Good God. We watched 2000's Keeping the Faith and have some stuff to say. Listen as we tackle Edward Norton's strange directorial choices, discuss whether Ben Stiller is hot, and hash out this classic love story. Plus, the Blonde Cinematic Universe, our hot takes on karaoke, and everybody's favorite game, "Do You Believe in God?" Rate + Subscri ...…
I was telling my friend Heather the other day that I interviewed Jamie Denbo who created a show all about the Ren Faire. Her reaction, like mine, was…FINALLY! Why hasn’t this subject been explored and put on display for all to see before? Denbo created “American Princess” which airs on Lifetime on June 2nd. I invited her to tell me about this s ...…
A bunch of friends get together every now and then. This podcast makes sure it happens. Welcome to Bodega Nights. This week with Martin and Joao don't talk about the elections. Download the episode here. --- we're @chFourteen on twitter we're also on Google+ but if you're oldschool, email us bodeganights@channelfourt ...…
A new MP3 sermon from Shalom Church (Reformed Baptist) is now available on with the following details: Title: Romans 12: 13 – Love Them With Generosity Subtitle: Romans Speaker: Kah Heng Soh Broadcaster: Shalom Church (Reformed Baptist) Event: Sunday Service Date: 5/12/2019 Bible: Romans 3:24, Romans 12:13 Length: 45 min. Overvi ...…
We don’t mean to intrude but we ask you check out Episode 142 for our review of "The Intruder"! An interesting premise that could possibly happen in real life. While delivering some good scares and good performances, a lot of believability is lost after the story becomes about extending the premise instead of building on it. Tune in to see if t ...…
Check out Episode 141 for our review of the newest Rom-Com "The Long Shot". An unlikely pair finding love and having a happy ending may seem so Hollywood, but it works for this movie! The chemistry, the jokes and the story all worked well together as you are entertained throughout the movie. While not all jokes land as expected, there’s plenty ...…
Still feeling very inspired after this conversation with Katie Locke O’Brien. She, like many, moved out to Hollywood to be an actress. But in recent years she’s found creative outlets in other areas of entertainment. She applied for the inaugural NBC Diversity and Inclusion Female Forward program, was accepted and recently directed an episode o ...…
Rest in Peaces, MCU! With the Endgame spoiler ban officially lifted today, Jackie and Steph are ready to share their many reflections on the final chapter in the Avengers story. Join us for some thoughts about Tony Stark's arc, gender and representation, our love of deep space Marvel, those gay Captain America boys, and more!…
Get ready for some grade-A Jay Baruchel impressions, because we watched 2010's "She's Out of My League" and have them ready for you, baby. We chat about the film's the very obvious objectification of every female character, Alice Eve's struggle to hide her British accent, and why this is the least diverse comedy of all time. Plus - we let you k ...…
A new MP3 sermon from Shalom Church (Reformed Baptist) is now available on with the following details: Title: Rom 12:12 – Love Them With Enduring Love Subtitle: Romans Speaker: Kah Heng Soh Broadcaster: Shalom Church (Reformed Baptist) Event: Sunday Service Date: 5/5/2019 Bible: Romans 12:12 Length: 46 min. Overview: NOW THAT WE ...…
Titanic (1997)V for Vendetta (2005)By Plot Holes.
Oscar and Donnie continue the discussion of "Avengers: Endgame" on episode 140 of The Reel-ists Podcast! The guys share their thoughts on the latest film from the MCU, including their favorite scenes, attempts to tie up the narratives of some of the characters, and overall what made this film so incredible! Listen to the end to hear if "Endgame ...…
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