Best Romcom podcasts we could find (Updated September 2019)
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The RomCom Effect
Join Katie and Lena as they revisit classic romantic comedies and their effect on...everything! Your quirky best friends/leading ladies/podcast hosts discuss the impact the films have had on their lives and how they fit into the social and political landscape of the modern world. Each week they chat with guests about fave points throughout the story, philosophize about the essential elements of a great movie, and share romcommoms (romcom moments) from their own lives. It's the RomCom Effect!
We love romcoms, and we want you to love them, too. This is romcom commentary, and we are here to analyze and uplift the genre of the beautiful, entertaining romcom.
Dudes Love RomComs
Keep laughing, keep crying...keep falling in love!
Angie and Mike watch and discuss every episode of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Angie's seen every episode multiple times, Mike is watching for the first time.
A variety show for sarcastic people. Part of the Thought Bubble Audio network. New podcast drops every Tuesday!
After watching and discussing the filmographies of Nicolas Cage and Keanu Reeves, Joey and Mike turn their focus to an actress who's shared the screen with both: Charlize Theron! She's a romcom sweetheart, a total badass, and everything in between. WHAT A LOVELY DAY.
Love Bites are re-creations of real deal conversations from comedian Lisa Orkin's love life. Little mini ROM-COM’s for your ears. All the men are played by the one and only Robbie Rist. And don't forget to check Lisa's other podcast, Project Woo Woo. It's a new talk show where Lisa interviews the most inspiring movers and shakers in self-help, wellness, and spirituality living… and not living. Not the actual movers and shakers, no, her famous Hollywood friends playing the actual movers and s ...
This is Questionable, a podcast where we review romcoms and compare it to our own questionable love lives.Join us as we get messy and loud as we try to break down why these romcoms are important (or not) to our own dating history.
Rachel's Reviews
I love podcasting and talking with my friends about movies, TV and anything else that is fun. I especially love animation, romcoms and cheesy TV moviesRottentomatoes approved critic
The Beehive Podcast
We tell stories.
A civilized discussion about the best and worst of romcom cinema.
Chewing the Cud
Weekly LGBTQ+ TV show/podcast. 🏳️‍🌈📺 🎧 Showbiz, trends & chat with a guest. Made in Manchester, shown in Brighton, Belfast and Sheffield on Freeview 7 and VirginMedia 159.
Bros Do Romcoms
Subscribe on iTunes: this weekly podcast, professional romantic comedy watchers James and Kevin watch and discuss a romantic comedies for your amusement and entertainment!
A monthly podcast featuring two blerdy women who love to watch and read a lot of things! Every episode Carolyn (@CarrieCnh12) & LaNeysha (@la_ney_sha) come together to review & recommend what they’ve watched and read over the month. From fluffy romance novels and funny romcoms to gritty comics and dark anime. They don't hold back and get into it all. Subscribe for new episodes and follow us on Twitter @SHWH_Pod to be a part of the #SHWHPod community and share your recs and reviews with us to ...
Listen every week as Kelly Ann and Laura pitch all the perfect shows and movies their favorite celebrities SHOULD star in... including the stars' ultimate arrival in the fictional lady-topia town of Beaver Valley.
Dirty Girl
Everyone has a body, with functions. Yes, even women! So let's talk about it! How does yours work? Because mine gets pretty messy, know what I'm saying? Dirty Girl is a podcast where women talk to women about their disgusting habits, taboo secrets, and unruly pastimes. It’s feminist, body & sex positive, and tells the stories of funny, brave women who like to get dirty.
Dana Schwartz and Max Genecov do deep dives into the movies we all love and love to hate.
Madison Malloy and Tom Ricardo are single. Very single, in fact the kind of single they painfully explore at beginning of any romcom. Seriously Madison was binge watching Lifetime movies yesterday. So like any good comedian, they decided to take their pain and discuss it in front of random strangers.
Drive-Thru Cinema
Buckle up and ride along with Raquel and one of her friends whilst they chat about their expectations for a film on the way to the cinema and rant about it on the way back.
Podcast by PiePanPop
The podcast that'll have what she's having.We're two best friends who never stopped talking about we started recording our converstations.
Podcast by Late Night Double Feature
Jeezle Pete
Amelia and Sarah are best friends looking for God. Amelia is happily an atheist and can list four whole facts about Jesus. Sarah read Jesus/Judas fanfic at an impressionable young age and is constantly on the search for faith. Together, they watch, read, and listen to religious media to understand how people translate religion into horror movies, musicals, and low budget romcoms.
A rom com recap podcast
Weekly Alignment
Get ready to LAUGH your way to a breakthrough. This podcast is for the Creative Entrepreneurs, Rockstars and Unicorns who are ready to SHINE in this world, without taking themselves (or life) so serious. Jenn Lederer, a Motivational Speaker and Leadership Coach, talks about all the ways she's not perfect in Life, Leadership or Business...and yet, things are goin' pretty well. It's amazing what happens when you stop asking for permission and start doin' YOU.
Unpolished Discourse
Do you have a favorite Movie or TV Show and can't find friends to geek out and quote lines with? Tune into Unpolished Discourse - We'll be your friend.Check us out on Instagram: @theunpolisheddiscoursepodcastFacebook:
Curious Apes
Curious apes questioned their surroundings, developed interests and became humans. As far as we have come as a species we are still ignorant of so much of world, and so to some extent we are still blind apes groping in the dark. We have evolved by asking questions, we have developed by being interested. Interested people are interesting. What is your interest?
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Lena and Katie discuss Ang Lee's 1993 feature "The Wedding Banquet" with guest James Sweeney ("Straight Up"). The trio tackles correct pronunciations, queer cinema, and family drama in the kitchen. Be sure to check out James' romcom "Straight Up" in theaters spring of 2020!By Lena Olson and Katie Chilson.
In “George's Tainted Bake Off” – 🧁 The Great British Bake Off returns for its 10th series; 🍿 A new Christmas RomCom featuring music from Wham!; 🍆 Surprising career advice from Mike; And we meet the Indian, trans author of the new autobiography - "Tainted Beauty" - Yvy DeLuca. With special guest host - Sharon West! Catch up now with episode 64.…
We’re talking about Minutes 39 & 40 of The Great Muppet Caper, in which Kermit asks for a tour of Piggy’s house, and they ask John Cleese for the name of a nice restaurant. With special guest Joe Hennes of! Plus: Is this the most low-key John Cleese performance? What if Joe Raposo wrote the score for the Billy Wilder’s The Apartme ...…
We’re talking about Minutes 45 & 46 of The Great Muppet Caper, in which Gonzo takes more photos, Kermit & Piggy dance, and the Holiday siblings argue. With special guest Ethan, a Muppet fan under 30 years old! Plus: The epic tale of Reg Thomason! Does the Dubonnet Club have a floor? Are Muppets funny when they’re drunk? And the secret origin of ...…
The Beehive Daily is a daily podcast hosted by Clint Betts and Chris Rawle. On the inaugural episode, families are crumbling. Obesity is rising. Golden toilets are being stolen. Are these things correlated? Who are the heroes and not heroes? Should we be concerned about teen sex or just teens? Why are we expressing our deepest fears to 18-year- ...…
🏳️‍🌈 The Dark Crystal's gay characters; 🎤 Kylie Minogue at the BBC Strictly Come Dancing launch; 💺 Hide & seek at IKEA; And we meet BBC Radio Lancashire presenter, Maritime Volunteer Service director and town crier - John Spencer-Barnes, who shows us his big bell. Catch up now with Episode 65!By Wilko Productions.
Today on this episode of Talking Disney we are joined by our friend Eli as we talk about the Disney classic Dumbo. Follow Eli on twitter at support the podcast on patreon out the Talking Disney Anchor feed Rachel's Reviews o ...…
This week, we tackle It’s Complicated starring Meryl Streep, Alec Baldwin, and Steve Martin. Classic Nancy Meyers—the set design is so insanely beautiful it’s like a dream. But the plot is, shall we say “complicated”? And Alec Baldwin may be the only man in the world who can carry such a creepy role (and he’s still pretty creepy). Does Meryl be ...…
In episode 96, Chris and Meg rekindle an old discussion about penguins. An intoxicated woman calls 911 to report she is following a drunk driver but it ends up being herself. The topic of bad eyebrows is broached. Another woman visits the Philippines and tries to smuggle a baby through the airport. It does not go well. In her defense, she wante ...…
In Episode 55 Eli and Meg discuss the 1996 classic Matilda. Hot take: Miss Honey is bad?By The Beehive.
We’re talking about Minutes 43 & 44 of The Great Muppet Caper, in which “Night Life” concludes and Kermit & friends enter the very fancy Dubonnet Club. With special guest Jessica Evans! Plus: How many pictures does Gonzo have to take to cover dinner? The true meaning of “dubonnet!” The whole Charles Grodown! And do supper clubs still exist? Hos ...…
Director Honora Talbott (@honorathexplora) has a campaign to make a new short film set in the future, when women rule the world. It sounded so marvelous, we wanted to hear more! // Check out the campaign for Gen XX. She made our favorite crowdfunding video ever:…
Today I am joined by my friend Larry to talk about our favorite stop motion animated films. What are your favorites? Follow Rachel's Reviews on Itunes! the patreon at LCScreenTalk at ...…
Lena and Katie reconnect with guest “Champagne Guy” aka Conner McCabe to discuss Forgetting Sarah Marshall. This week they cover refreshing male nudity, love buddies, and Katie and Conner’s real life meet cute.By Lena Olson and Katie Chilson.
In this episode of “Carolyn Talks…” she speaks with actor Thom Allison about playing Pree, the mercenary turned bar owner with a heart of gold in the hit Sci-Fi series Killjoys.
In episode 54, Eli, Meg, and special guest Cat talk Steel Magnolias and the performances that make it a film that stands the test of time.By The Beehive.
In episode 95, Chris and Meg continue pushing the limits of tampon talk. How much is too much? A woman named Linda threatens a dentist office. Chris gives a lengthy diatribe on sewage, biosolids, and sludge churning – Meg gags and offers her own tale of terrible odors. A woman not named Linda pretends to be her daughter while being busted for d ...…
Your favorite hosts are back and here to unlock the Hallmark Channel algorithm as we dig deep into their HGTV fanfic movie, Flip That Romance. Whether you're into flipping or florist-ing, there's something here for everyone(???) as long as you're not a contractor looking for work in Portland. So pick up some art wood and join us on this adventu ...…
We’re talking about Minutes 41 & 42 of The Great Muppet Caper, in which the whole Muppet gang rocks out in the Happiness Hotel bus. With special guest Jessica Evans! Plus: Tea Lizard vs. Big Chungus! Dave Goelz says “hubba hubba” again! Ryan’s parents go to a Billy Jack movie! And is “Night Life” a terrible song? Hosted by Anthony Strand & Ryan ...…
We're at Impossible Bar to cover the Manchester Pride parade 2019, and this time we're doing it bigger and better than ever! Neil, Leigh and Mike are up on the balcony and Alex Duffy is on the street.By Wilko Productions.
Lena and Katie lean in to the Drew Barrymore fave Never Been Kissed with guest Rachel Chapman ("You've Got Hanks" podcast). They give lip service to high school memories, crushing vs. crunching, and maybe the Ryans Gosling and Lochte drop by...By Lena Olson and Katie Chilson.
Today I go over my recent experience at the 2019 D23Expo. I share everything from purchasing tickets, to reservations, lines, panels and more. I hope you enjoy it! Please support the podcast on patreon out the Talking Disney Anchor feed ...…
In episode 94, Chris and Meg discuss the defining topic of our time: tree sex. A respected historian says, “There's a lot of sex going on in plants that people don't know about." Who's having it? Who isn't? Is it appropriate to watch a YouTube video titled The Sex Lives Of Christmas Trees? When did plants get so raunchy? They progress to a more ...…
In Episode 53 Eli and Meg discuss what they've been watching from The Characters, to Bachelor in Paradise.By The Beehive.
Back to School, Back to Podcast, that's what we always say! We're back from our Second Annual Impromptu Summer Hiatus and we've got hot takes about seasonal beverages as well as the last season of Jane the Virgin. We're totally fine, and everything is fine this episode. We're fine with being done dirty by the format, we're fine with all the cry ...…
David and Rachel are back talking about the summer movies they saw in part 2 of their podcast together. Let us know what you saw!Get a Smile and Frown worthy shirt at our merch store support us and help us make more podcasts at our patreon. Cool benefits! ...…
David and Rachel are back talking about the summer movies they saw in part 1 of their podcast together. Let us know what you saw!Get a Smile and Frown worthy shirt at our merch store support us and help us make more podcasts at our patreon. Cool benefits! ...…
Hold onto your stick-on sideburns ‘cause Lena and Katie are back with Amanda Bynes’ classic She’s the Man with guest, Jillian Davis (The Pemberley Podcast). This week they talk gender norms, soccer gymnastics, and of course debutant balls.By Lena Olson and Katie Chilson.
Today Conrado and Rachel take a look at the summer box office and see how our predictions held up. What did you like this summer? Please support us and help us make more podcasts at our patreon. Cool benefits! to Rachel's Reviews on Itunes ...…
In episode 93, Chris and Meg discuss a story that has everything: a man thong, a taser, a sign, and a misspelled police report. They move onto more important matters, like a questionable traveling couple and an even more questionable moon tree. An agreement is reached on the insanity of local news. They finish with a discussion about hybrid car ...…
In episode 52 Eli and Meg discuss the fall movies they are both excited for, and dreading.By The Beehive.
We’re talking about Minutes 37 & 38 of The Great Muppet Caper, in which Kermit arrives at 17 Highbrow Street, while the residents of the house continue their stimulating chat. With special guest Joe Hennes of! Plus: Do British people love cheese? Anthony makes a quail’s egg omelette! How does Kermit ring the doorbell? And Joe’s ep ...…
It's been a long time, but we're finally back on Watch The Theron! It may not be called Flarsky anymore (bad decision, movie studio), but Long Shot was worth the wait. In this episode, we talk about where the movie falls on the list of all-time great rom-coms, discuss the Charlize/Seth Rogen relationship, and yearn for a world where Charlize Th ...…
In "Ariana's 50p Cactus" - 📺 A new series of MTV Cribs UK; 🏳️‍🌈 Queer As Folk is getting a reboot; 🌵 An update on the man with a permanent erection; And we meet the writer and blogger, Chris Park. Catch up now with episode 62. Recorded on Sunday, 18th of August 2019.By Wilko Productions.
This month for Obscure Animation Stanford and Rachel are talking the underrated animated film based on the series: 'The Wild Thornberrys Movie'Get a Smile and Frown worthy shirt at our merch store Please support the podcast on patreon at see the rest ...…
In this episode of "Carolyn Talks..." she speaks with actor Sean Baek about his role as mercenary - and in her opinion softy at heart - Fancy Lee on Killjoys, and his experience being on stage and television.
This movie had like a billion mediocre storylines woven into one big long confusing and awful story line. Watch at your own risk.By Questionable Podcast.
Lena and Katie try to stretch out the summer by revisiting 500 Days of Summer with guest, Andrew Young (Quick and Funny Musicals). They talk "doing love-things", whether the manic pixie dream girl trope applies, and how tv beats talking on the phone.By Lena Olson and Katie Chilson.
Today I had the treat of interviewing fellow film critic Danielle Solzman about her experience reviewing films and we talk about one of our favorites of 2019 'Blinded by the Light' Follow Danielle on letterboxd out Danielle's on facebook Danielle on ...…
In "Morph's Clear Shorts" - 🧸 Neil meets some fluffy childhood friends; 💃🏽 We analyse the new Strictly line-up 👙 Would you wear clear, plastic shorts? And we meet the DJ, artist, and X Factor auditionee, Ross Alexander. Catch up now with Cudcast 61. Recorded on Sunday, 11th of August 2019.By Wilko Productions.
We’re talking about Minutes 35 & 36 of The Great Muppet Caper, in which our heroes Neville and Dorcas talk about the weather and see a pig climbing up the side of their house. (Did you say “a pig climbing up the side of the house?”) With special guest Leah Papazoglou! Plus: The Creature Shop builds Brendan Fraser! A dramatization of the dialect ...…
In episode 52 Nick and Meg discuss the season premiere of Succession season 2, Bachelor in Paradise, and a reality series out of Australia now available on Netflix called Instant Hotel.By The Beehive.
In episode 92, Chris and Meg take turns being historians, scientists, and bible scholars. A sheep is tackled on the freeway and Meg's cousin bears witness. Dead fish wash ashore and stink bugs overtake a gas station. Is this the end of the world? Chris is sick and wipes his nose on air while Meg watches. A woman jumps out of a moving Frontrunne ...…
As part of my work with I had the opportunity to interview director Thurop Van Orman and producer John Cohen of 'The Angry Birds Movie 2'. They were a ton of fun to talk with and very insightful in laying out the steps of writing an animated comedy. For the written interview go to ...…
In this episode of "Carolyn Talks..." she speaks with Costume Designer Trysha Bakker on the last day of filming for season 5, about creating intergalactic fashion for the characters of hit sci-fi show Killjoys and her career in the film and television industry.
This week, we hope we hit it out of the park with Fever Pitch starring Drew Barrymore and Jimmy Fallon. We discuss idiosyncrasies of dads, bringing a laptop to a sporting event, and what does Drew Barrymore’s character do anyway? It’s the second half of baseball season, folks, and it’s getting real. Can they make it to the postseason?…
In the season 2 finale, Heather invites her three male producers onto the show. She wants to know how working on Dirty Girl has changed them. The boys confess none of them can successfully explain Dirty Girl when talking to other people. And what did they learn? Did they learn things? Let’s find out!…
Conrado and Rachel are back talking about Pedro Almodovar's landmark film 'All About My Mother' We are working to transition to our own separate podcast so we will keep you posted. For now follow our twitter at intro is written by Michael Lloret. Please use him for all your music needs https://www.michael-llo ...…
While at San Diego Comic-Con, Carolyn had the opportunity to speak with Anvar about his role, shooting on location in various cities around the world, and what starring in a film like The Operative in this current political climate, is like.
Lena and Katie get silly this week with guest Katie Gault (Fuller House) doing accents and impressions while discussing TV romcoms, meet cutes over DM, and the Hanks/Ryan classic, Joe vs. the Volcano.By Lena Olson and Katie Chilson.
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