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Just the Gals is an all-women-guest podcast hosted by comedians Joon Chung and Manny Rondon. The show features women who are doing the damn thing. Sometimes poignant, other times eye-opening, and always fun. Let's be GAL PALS!
As Told By Gabe
As Told By Gabe is a poetry podcast about the life, love, hardships, and happiness of Gabe Rondon. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Marriage after YES
Join Estefani Rondon and Carmen Spangaro as we and our guests, share uncensored honest, direct and hilarious marriage confessions after we said YES! This podcast is a how to guide for marriage. Each show will have tips, tricks, and hacks we gather from experts to help build lasting happy marriages.
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Poem about a girl that has set me on fire. Become a supporter of this podcast:
A poem about appreciating the time I spend with this girl and everything that makes her who she is. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Poem about remembering my worth and who I am as an artist. Become a supporter of this podcast:
A poem about sex and how Id like it to happen with his girl. Become a supporter of this podcast:
A poem inspired by Christine Blasey Ford and how she was treated after coming out about Brett Kavanaugh Become a supporter of this podcast:
A poem about a connection that feels wrong in all the right ways Become a supporter of this podcast:
A poem about this relationship I have with a girl that is still sort of new and exciting Become a supporter of this podcast:
A poem questioning my reason for being in this city. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Poem about realizing my life could be a lot worse than what it is. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Poem about the girl I’ve been dating who has inspired my writing Become a supporter of this podcast:
A Poem about how I want to make this girl feel Become a supporter of this podcast:
A poem about my last relationship and how I feel about it now Become a supporter of this podcast:
A poem about a girl I’ve been dating Become a supporter of this podcast:
A poem about romantic and sexual vulnerability Become a supporter of this podcast:
Poem to my sister addressing issues and how she makes me feel Become a supporter of this podcast:
A poem about a relationship I was in and the breakup Become a supporter of this podcast:
Poem about a relationship I was almost in but backed out of. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Poem about a perfect woman. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Poem about the never ending battle that is drug addiction. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Poem about my therapist. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Poem about self realization and self growth. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Poem about the one that got away due to my own faults. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Memories of my childhood growing up on a ranch in South Texas. Become a supporter of this podcast:
A head-over-heels love poem. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Self growth and acceptance of what is. Become a supporter of this podcast:
A short breakdown of myself and the reason for this podcast. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Glennis LaRoe (@glennis.the.menace) is a NY comedian who started performing in the UK at 8 years old. She's part of the Busch Beans empire, talks British humor, and dives into body dysmorphia. Check out Glennis' work: www.glennislaroe.comEmail us at
Ashley Benedict (@ladyhowl) is a mixed media artist. She talks to us about ghosts, how she avoided escaped convicts, and how much her high school art teacher screwed her over. Look out for the new segment: Lady Truths!Email us at
Introduction to our podcast - Marriage after Yes. (Note: We added some music by Bruno Mars and Beyonce - to spice this up a bit!).
Maggie Buford is a recent Staten Island transplant who's teaching future scientists at SI Makerspace. Listen in on her ghost stories, what it's like living in Montana, and her trip from Texas to Montana. She's a hoot!You can see pics of Maggie's dog here on Instagram at: @mr.korbenEmail us at…
Sharon Chang is a badbass bitch with a capital B! We get into her hate for crocs, dating, and what true love is all about. Email us at and subscribe to us on iTunes!
Jessica Strusman came back from a 6 month expedition through Southeast Asia, where she traveled the tropics and straight up got robbed! Eek! Listen in if you're looking to go on a JOURNEY.Message Jess for any traveling tips on Instagram: @struswomanEmail us at
Beauty writer Patrice Peck (@speakpatrice) is the definition of black girl magic. She's an entrepreneur, writer for Buzzfeed, and a DELIGHT to talk to. You'll love her just like we did. Email us at a rating on iTunes!
Bianca Barajas (@biancab925) is a firecracker! We talk about her love for Dr. Who, how she gets weak in the knees for charm, and her Milhouse impression is going to floor you. Listen in!Email us at
Jehan Madhani ( talks to the Gals about playing street hockey in Doha, her Harry Potter superfandom, and her LOVE for Murphy Brown. She's a talented animator and just getting her feet wet writing for children's television. She's a hoot!Jehan's comics: us at JustTheGalsPodca ...…
Keri Mabrey is a social worker working with low income families to get children the education they need. She grew up a nerd in Texas and couldn't wait to get out to drop in on Mark Zuckerberg in Harvard. And as someone who grew up half-white, half-Navajo, Keri's had her fair share of being made fun of. She's a delight!Follow Keri on Instagram: ...…
Liv Garber hails from Delaware and came to New York for art school. She tells us about her glitter looks, her rebellious freshman year, and how she's scared of sleeping. Liv was a delight!Follow Liv at Joon: @thejooniverseand Manny: @mannyrondonEmail us at…
We talk to actors Sabrina Catuadella and Lydia Fiore from the web series "Lorraine Russo's Family Diaries," which is about a mother desperate to be on Mob Wives. We discuss following dreams at any age, the director's ties to the mob, and the #MeToo movement. They were a blast!Follow Sabrina:@ActorSabrinaCLydia:@theLydiaFiore…
Dee Sader is the boss behind Off Szn, a platform that showcases athletes from around the world during their off season. We caught up with her before she heads out to Bali talking about her travels around the world, her "situation-ships," and just how goddamn inspirational she is to everyone out there. Listen in!Follow Dee at:@dee.szn@off.sznEma ...…
Filmmakers Melissa Pellicano and Flavia Di Bartolo sit down with the Gals to talk about their upcoming film "The Letter J," inspired by Flavia's experiences dating guys with names starting with the letter J. No relation to Joon! We talk dating and why school cookies were so damn good.Check out Melissa's production group: http://www.richmondcity ...…
The MeToo movement is in motion and Manny and Joon are trying to make sense of it. Molly Lisenco is here to guide them through it. Big thing for 2018: LISTEN.Follow Molly on twitter: the guys at
Jen Gallo's in the guest seat and it's a doozy. She gives us some advice for 2018 and Manny talks about the time he was a wise ass to his dad.Intro song: Sabrina Fracchiolla
We're back! And we couldn't be happier. This is just a little tease and to say hi.Thank you for continuing to listen and thank you to those who gave us advice for 2018! Let's do it!
Jay Miller (@midevenings) was a writer and producer for Impractical Jokers. Jay really loves awful comedy and doesn't mind playing the bad guy so everyone else can have a good time. We get into his love for the Beastie Boys, his collection of gift cards, anticipating his family's deaths, and what working on Impractical Jokers was like.Follow Ja ...…
This week it's just two gals. Manny and Joon make up new superheroes, Joon talks his best man speech at his brother's wedding, and Manny thinks going to a restaurant doesn't make you smell like that restaurant. You be the judge. Listen in on Just Us Gals!Email us at
Victoria Priola is a journalist over at SI Live, Staten Island's local news site exploring all things entertainment and food on the island. She also manages the social media for "Lorraine Russo's Family Diaries," a reality show web series in the likes of Mob Wives. Email us at…
Jessica Zed loves traveling and doing things for the story. She went out to Thailand for a year to teach English. There she lived in a flooded house, got into drama with a guy named Randy, and nearly broke her foot riding an elephant. She's our Tinder Abroad!Follow Jessica's adventures: @jesszedEmail us at…
Christine Zaroura is opening up herself to new ideas and new ways of looking at the world. One way is polyamory and how people trap themselves in societal norms when it comes to relationships. Christine grew up in a strict Christian household and since her father's passing, she's changing her views on the world. Listen in as we discuss toxic mo ...…
Joy Regullano is an actor who's been on Supernatural, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, and Comedy Bang Bang. Her viral hit "White Fetish" got her some internet fame, and she's just getting started. We talk about the Sesame Street Writers' Room fellowship, Asian representation in media, and get silly with accents. Get into it!Follow Joy at @joyregullanoEmai ...…
Crystal Maria is a big fan of comedy, but she's not afraid to get in your face! We talk about her Argentinian-Puerto Rico roots, trolling etiquette, and how overrated guacamole is. Listen in!You can follow Crystal on Instagram: @crystalxmethxEmail us at
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